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Ancestors of Andrea Kay Warner

      6680. Herman OP DEN GRAEFF, born Nov 26, 1585 in Aldekerk; died Nov 27, 1642 in Krefeld, Germany. He was the son of 13360. Abraham OP DEN GRAEFF. He married 6681. Grietjen PLETJES Aug 08, 1605 in Krefeld, Netherlands.

      6681. Grietjen PLETJES, born Oct 16, 1588 in Kempen; died Jan 07, 1642/43 in Krefeld, Germany. She was the daughter of 13362. Driessen PLETJES and 13363. Adelheid (Alet?) GOBELS.

Notes for Herman OP DEN GRAEFF:
Herman op den Graeff was a linen dealer from Krefeld. Bishop of the Krefeld Mennonite church, Herman attended the Dortrecht Convention which, on April 18, 1632, drew up the Mennonite Articles of Faith. A window from his house, now in the Krefeld Museum, says in German "To be God-fearing, devout and of good morals; zealous, hospitable and truthful in speech--is Christian, and pleases the Lord; brings favor, and sets many a one to great honor. Herman op Den Graff und greitgen lein hoffrow. A 1630." Translated from the German.

Because the German tradition was to name the oldest son after the father's father, many researchers speculate that Herman's father was named Abraham.

He is said to descend from one de Aldekerk. An unsubstantiated typewritten sheet says: "Made up from genuine document by Pieter de Graeff, Baron van Zuid Polsbrook (Polsbroek) Purmerland in Lipendam, living 1661, continued by Pieter de Graeff, Gerritsz and after that by Dirck de Graeff von Polsbroek (Holland). In the Diploma of Nobility loaned to Andreas de Graeff. It was affirmed that the family de Graeff was formerly called von Graben, which is the same as de Graeff. This family today shows the same Coat of Arms as the DeGraeff family. The following is from the works of Gabriel Dinci Bincalini. Printed in Ulm, Germany in 1662.
1339 Frederikus De Groben was married to Catherina De Sommeroch
1441 Lennardes De Groben was married to Marie De Norhelm (Northein) They had three children.
a. Ernetua De Groben in 1508 married Margarethe De Ritsches (Margarita de Ritonen) Died 1510
b. Virgilina De Groben born 1467. Died 1507.
c. Wolfgang De Groben married 1483 moved to Holland where he remained, remarried and from whom the Op den Graeffs - Pieter Op den Graeff (married Grietz Pieters Berents (Grieta Pietirz) Abraham Graeff born 1490 - Dutch Reformed, estates seized by the Pope in 1561, died at Dusseldorf a few years later.

Wilhelm Niepoth, "The Ancestry of the Thirteen Krefeld Emigrants of 1683," PENNSYLVANIA GENEALOGICAL MAGAZINE, Vol XXXI, No 3, 1980, p 193
John L. Ruth, MAINTAINING THE RIGHT FELLOWSHIP (Herald Press: Scottsdale, PA 1984), p 48
Clyde Updegraff Shank, Manuscripts, PA State Library, PA Genealogical Society

Children of Herman DEN GRAEFF and Grietjen PLETJES are:
  i.   Alletjen Op den Graeff.
  ii.   Fricken Op den Graeff.
  iii.   infant Op den Graeff, born 1606.
  iv.   Trinken Op den Graeff, born Bet. 1607 - 1608.
  v.   Hester OP DEN GRAEFF, married Isaac VAN BEBBER.
  vi.   Abraham Op den Graeff, born 1610; died 1656; married Eva van der Legen 1641.
  vii.   Trinken Op den Graeff, born Bet. 1611 - 1658.
  viii.   Hallerkin den Graeff, born Bet. 1614 - 1691.
  3340 ix.   Isaac Herman OP DEN GRAEFF, born Feb 28, 1615/16 in Krefeld, Germany; died Jan 17, 1668/69 in Krefeld, Germany; married Grietje PIETERS.
  x.   Jacob Op den Graeff, born Bet. 1617 - 1618.
  xi.   Alletjen Op den Graeff, born 1619.
  xii.   Infant Op den Graeff, born 1620.
  xiii.   Dirck Op den Graeff, born Bet. 1620 - 1635.
  xiv.   daughter Op den Graeff, born 1622.
  xv.   Andreas Op den Graeff, born 1625.
  xvi.   Susanna Op den Graeff, born Bet. 1629 - 1714.
  xvii.   Andreas Op den Graeff, born 1631.
  xviii.   Jacob Op den Graeff, born 1634.

      6684. Isaac VAN BEBBER, born ca 1609. He married 6685. Hester OP DEN GRAEFF.

      6685. Hester OP DEN GRAEFF. She was the daughter of 13370. Herman OP DEN GRAEFF and 13371. Grietjen PLETJES.
Child of Isaac VAN BEBBER and Hester DEN GRAEFF is:
  3342 i.   Jacob Isaacs VAN BEBBER, born 1630 in Krefeld (Germany) Holland; died Sep 1705 in Cecil Co, MD; married Christina.

      6752. Thones COMES (van der Hegge), born 1596; died 1688. He was the son of 13504. Gottschalk COMES and 13505. Sophie VIET.

Notes for Thones COMES (van der Hegge):
Thones Comes was a weaver and cloth merchant from Goch. He was born in Munchen Gladbach Venn but because of religious persecution lost his estate in 1654 and fled to Goch. He was the son of Gottschalk Comes and Sophie Viet.
Another researcher has suggested, with good logic, that the three youngest children, born between 1678 and 1688, were the children of a second wife.
Wilhelm Niepoth, "Early Ancestsors of Jacob Gottschalk", MENNONITE QUARTERLY REVIEW, 1947 (Information provided by Jeanne W. Jackson, Ukiah, CA): Thones Comes (Viet ander Heiden) or Von der Hegge. The oldest son carried the father's surname along the Rhine. By carrying that extra neme it insured that they had a claim to the estate of that name....All Mennonites were expelled from Munchehen Gladbach Venn and moved to Goch. (Some books say Goch, Holland as it was near the Holland border.) Maps show it to be in the northern part of West Germany today. Thones daughter married Coen Hecken, their son Thonis Hecken Kuender came to Germantown, PA in 1683.
Child of Thones COMES (van der Hegge) is:
  3376 i.   Gottschalk THUNIS, born 1625; married Lehntger HENRICH.

      6768. Hendrick GERRITS.

Notes for Hendrick GERRITS:
The Kriegsheim Quakers resisted paying taxes to support the state-sponsored Reformed church. According to John L. Ruth, "Holding out agaisnt the taxes, [they] finally saw seven of their men jailed, with heavy confiscations made on their property. Eight cows were taken....Hendrick Gerretsehn, whose son would one day live in America, lost two cows. Cabbage and turnips and sheep and swine were likewise forcibly taken and sold to satisfy the guard-duty and meeting taxes in the spring of 1664....Their experiences of years past, when their cattle and crops had been confiscated had toughened them so that they were not easily intimidated. One of the prospective emigres was, in fact, the elderly Hendrick Gerrits, who had lost two cows in 1663, and was now ready to go to Germanatown with his young son, GErrit Hendricks. By August 16 (1685) we find the Hendrickes and old widower Peter Schumacher in the seaport of Rotterdam...."

John L. Ruth, MAINTAINING THE RIGHT FELLOWSHIP (Herald Press, Scottsdale, PA 1984), pp 38, 68

Child of Hendrick GERRITS is:
  3384 i.   Gerhard HENDRICKS, born ca 1654 in Kriegshiem; died ca 1691 in Germantown, PA; married Maria.

      6824. Hendrick VAN SINTERN. He married 6825. Elizabeth QUINS.

      6825. Elizabeth QUINS.
Child of Hendrick VAN SINTERN and Elizabeth QUINS is:
  3412 i.   Peter VAN SINTERN, born Apr 22, 1628 in Holland; died Mar 25, 1669; married Sara De VOSS.

      6826. Peter De VOSS. He was the son of 13652. Jan De VOSS and 13653. Prientje BATTEN. He married 6827. Jannecke VAN DER MERS.

      6827. Jannecke VAN DER MERS. She was the daughter of 13654. Michael VAN DER MERS and 13655. Jannecke DAMMAND.

Notes for Peter De VOSS:
To escape religious persecution, Peter & Jannecke fled to Colchester, England, where they joined the Reformed Church and had three children. They later moved to Amsterdam where they joined the Mennonite Church and had three more children. Peter had a brewing business.

Gysbert van der Smissen, "A GENEALOGY OF THE FAMILY OF DE VOSS, arranged in order by Hendrick van den Berg and his son Jan van den the year 1791." Rearranged by Samuel W. Pennypacker, 1876. (Translated from the Dutch.)
Children of Peter De VOSS and Jannecke VAN DER MERS are:
  i.   Peter De Voss, born Aug 23, 1622 in Colchester, England.
  ii.   Isaak De Voss, born 1624 in Colchester, England.
  iii.   Abraham De Voss, born Feb 03, 1626/27 in Colchester, England.
  3413 iv.   Sara De VOSS, born Oct 1629 in Amsterdam, Holland; married Peter VAN SINTERN.
  v.   Janneke De Voss, born Bet. 1631 - 1691.
  vi.   Jacob De Voss, born 1633.

      7328. Luur, born 1590 in Wageningen HOL.
Children of Luur are:
  3664 i.   Jacob Luursen VAN KUYKENDALL, born 1616 in Waggeningen HOL; died Apr 29, 1655 in Albany NY; married Stynje DOUWES Aug 28, 1638 in Amsterdam HOL.
  ii.   Urbanus Luursen, born 1618 in Wageningen, Gelderland, HOL; married Jannetje Claes.

      7330. Douwe WIGGERSZ, born 1592. He married 7331. Agniete COENSEN.

      7331. Agniete COENSEN, born 1594.
Child of Douwe WIGGERSZ and Agniete COENSEN is:
  3665 i.   Stynje DOUWES, born Jan 22, 1616/17 in Fukhuizen HOL; died Aft. 1720 in NY; married Jacob Luursen VAN KUYKENDALL Aug 28, 1638 in Amsterdam HOL.

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