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Ancestors of Renee Michelle Bates

Generation No. 5

      16. Sewell Solomon Bates, born August 31, 1860 in Hickman Co. TN; died November 22, 1927 in Fort Smith, Sebastion Co., AR. He was the son of 32. Barry Bates and 33. Kishiah Bates. He married 17. Hilly Jane Snow February 12, 1885 in Peter Point, AR.

      17. Hilly Jane Snow, born April 3, 1864 in Arkansas, Searcy Co.; died April 6, 1932 in Oak Cemetery, Fort Smith, AR. She was the daughter of 34. Benjamin Franklin Snow and 35. Mary Lucinda Garner.

Notes for Sewell Solomon Bates:
His last residence was 1615 Q Street, Fort Smith, AR. The newspaper and the
death certificate said he died of a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head.
He lived with Heley M. Butler, his daughter. His wife lived in the same town.

More About Sewell Solomon Bates:
Fact 2: Fort Smith, AR, Sebastion Co., Oak Cemetary

  Notes for Hilly Jane Snow:
At the time Sewell Solomon Bates died, she lived at 2113 South Sixteenth St.,
Fort Smith, Ar. She had been seriously ill since suffering a paralytic stroke
on March 27.She was a member of the Park Hill Church of Christ.

More About Hilly Jane Snow:
Fact 2: Fort Smith, AR, Sebastion Co, Oak Grove Cem.
Children of Sewell Bates and Hilly Snow are:
  i.   Deory Bates, born March 18, 1885 in Arkansas; died October 5, 1895 in Arkansas.
  More About Deory Bates:
Fact 2: October 5, 1895

  ii.   Willie V. Bates, born July 11, 1886 in Arkansas.
  iii.   Ruthie L. Bates, born July 5, 1887 in Arkansas; died March 17, 1919 in Yell County, Arkansas.
  iv.   Martha K. Bates, born December 7, 1888 in Arkansas; died December 11, 1888 in Arkansas.
  v.   Hily Maybelle Bates, born February 5, 1890 in Arkansas; died December 14, 1968 in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.
  vi.   Eva A. Bates, born January 8, 1891 in Arkansas; died March 18, 1891 in Arkansas.
  vii.   Ellen Arbina Bates, born February 8, 1892 in Arkansas; died April 12, 1892 in Arkansas.
  viii.   Aaron Marvin Bates, born August 8, 1893 in Arkansas; died March 6, 1978; married Collo Etta Studebaker; born October 26, 1890.
  ix.   Willie Bates, born March 18, 1895 in Arkansas; died 1941.
  Notes for Willie Bates:

  x.   Rosetta Bates, born March 26, 1897 in Arkansas; died August 27, 1897 in Arkansas.
  8 xi.   Amon Oazies Bates, born April 27, 1900 in Fayetteville, Reed Township, Washington Co., AR; died September 19, 1976 in Stillwater, Payne County, OK; married Ethel Daisy Hays September 9, 1917 in Chickalah, Ark., Yell County.
  xii.   A. J. Bates, born April 6, 1904 in Arkansas; died 1986.
  Notes for A. J. Bates:

  xiii.   Connie Bates, born February 18, 1906 in Arkansas.
  Notes for Connie Bates:

      18. Park Hall Hays, born December 25, 1873 in Walker,GA. He was the son of 36. Thomas Nelson Hays and 37. Mattie Carroll. He married 19. Nora Mae Springfield November 17, 1899.

      19. Nora Mae Springfield, born September 20, 1887 in Webb City, AR, Franklin Co.; died June 26, 1950 in Tecumseh, OK, Pottawatomie Co.. She was the daughter of 38. George Washington Springfield and 39. Mary Jane Stroup.

  Notes for Nora Mae Springfield:
She belonged to the Church of Christ.
She had resided in Pottawatomie County since 1924, at first in
Asher and two years later in Tecumseh.

More About Nora Mae Springfield:
Fact 2: Tecumseh Cem.
Children of Park Hays and Nora Springfield are:
  i.   Ella Hays, married Moundy.
  ii.   Florence Hays, married Bivins.
  iii.   Leola Pauline Hays, married (1) Sanderfur; married (2) Tippetts.
  iv.   Roland Hays
  Notes for Roland Hays:
His name is either Roland or Ronald.

  v.   Norman Hays
  vi.   Calvin Hays
  vii.   Roy Hays
  9 viii.   Ethel Daisy Hays, born August 14, 1900 in Charleston,AR, Sebastian County; died March 2, 1973 in Stillwater,Ok; married Amon Oazies Bates September 9, 1917 in Chickalah, Ark., Yell County.

      20. Joseph Delaney He married 21. Mary Pearl Sober/Zuber.

      21. Mary Pearl Sober/Zuber, born April 29, 1887; died June 29, 1968. She was the daughter of 42. Joseph Benjamin Sober Zuber and 43. Annabelle Moore.

  Notes for Mary Pearl Sober/Zuber:
The year she died is either l968 or l958. We don't know yet.
During the dust bowl years, Mary and her children planted crops
in a damp pond and then harvested the crops. Other info says her
year of birth was 1888 and her death was 1960.

Children of Joseph Delaney and Mary Sober/Zuber are:
  10 i.   Archie B. Sober, born March 12, 1906 in Fay, OK; died in Ponca City,OK; married (1) Unknown; married (2) Bertha Ellen Lane November 24, 1925 in Faye, OK; married (3) Mary Eaton February 14, 1938 in Winfield, Kan..
  ii.   Joseph Wilson Delaney, born June 22, 1913; died May 20, 1959.
  iii.   Anna Dora Delaney, born September 23, 1915.
  iv.   James Aaron Delaney, born September 18, 1917.
  v.   George Raymond Delaney, born April 14, 1919.
  vi.   Lillie Fern Delaney, born May 9, 1923.
  vii.   Benjamin Lee Delaney, born October 4, 1925 in White Eagle, OK; married Trannie Wanema Rutherford December 16, 1945 in Winfield, Kansas; born October 30, 1929.
  viii.   Thomas William Delaney, born January 27, 1929.

      22. George Thomas Lane, born March 3, 1866 in Edgar Illinois; died July 20, 1928 in Ponca City, Kay, OK. He was the son of 44. Thomas Lane and 45. Rebecca Outland. He married 23. Viola Jane Hack March 1886 in Kay County OK.

      23. Viola Jane Hack, born January 14, 1866 in Kansas; died in April 5 1951. She was the daughter of 46. Henry Hack.

  Notes for Viola Jane Hack:
aka: Lola Hack

More About Viola Jane Hack:
Fact 2: Glencoe, OK
Children of George Lane and Viola Hack are:
  11 i.   Bertha Ellen Lane, born June 29, 1909 in Glencoe OK; died November 24, 1991 in Chico,Ca, Butte County; married (1) Ed Baker; married (2) Boyd Borrowman; married (3) Archie B. Sober November 24, 1925 in Faye, OK.
  ii.   Earl Wesley??? Lane

      24. David Elias Elston, born September 18, 1843 in Madison Co. TN; died December 6, 1893 in Kaufman Co. TX. He was the son of 48. Jesse John Conger Elston and 49. Unice MCNEAL. He married 25. Sarah Elizabeth PEEL December 24, 1868 in Henderson Co., TX.

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