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Ancestors of Renee Michelle Bates

Generation No. 7

      64. Alexan Bates, born 1784. He married 65. Mahayne Bates.

      65. Mahayne Bates
Children of Alexan Bates and Mahayne Bates are:
  32 i.   Barry Bates, born 1813 in South Carolina; married Kishiah Bates.
  ii.   Andrew Elisha Bates, born Abt. 1817 in South Carolina; died Bef. 1880 in Warren County, Tennessee; married Sarah Orrick.
  Notes for Andrew Elisha Bates:
Andrew Elisha Bates was a laborer.

      68. Isaac Snow, born June 14, 1814 in Liberty, DeKalb Co.,Tennessee; died September 13, 1878 in Searcy Co., AR. He was the son of 136. Joseph Snow. He married 69. Margaret Elizabeth Cummings Abt. 1837.

      69. Margaret Elizabeth Cummings, born June 28, 1816 in Tennessee; died January 20, 1884 in Searcy Co., AR. She was the daughter of 138. Clayborn Cummings.

Notes for Isaac Snow:

Marriage Notes for Isaac Snow and Margaret Cummings:
Another source says death on Jan 14, 1884
Children of Isaac Snow and Margaret Cummings are:
  i.   Josephine Snow, born December 30, 1839; married Joseph Drewry.
  34 ii.   Benjamin Franklin Snow, born February 22, 1841 in Liberty, Dekalb, TN; died February 20, 1933 in Snowball, Searcy, AR; married (1) Adeline Perfert Giles; married (2) Mary Lucinda Garner January 22, 1861 in Searcy, AR, Searcy Co..
  iii.   Andrew Jackson Snow, born December 3, 1843; married Annie Loudermilk.
  iv.   Maryann Amanda Snow, born April 11, 1845; died March 11, 1931; married Barzeal Drewry February 14, 1870; born April 22, 1847; died January 2, 1918.
  v.   Sarah Helen Snow, born February 28, 1847; married Port Hensley.
  vi.   Elizabeth Jane Snow, born September 3, 1850; married Tom Hendrix.
  vii.   Talitha Snow, born April 9, 1853.
  viii.   Susan Margaret Snow, born June 16, 1857; died March 11, 1951.

      70. John Garner, born Abt. 1808 in Tennessee; died Unknown. He was the son of 140. ??? Garner. He married 71. Ruth Yancey Abt. 1830.

      71. Ruth Yancey, born 1805 in South Carolina; died Unknown.

Notes for John Garner:
From the 1860 census of Searcy Co., we think that John
Garner is the father of Mary Garner, the wife of Benjamin F. Snow.

Children of John Garner and Ruth Yancey are:
  35 i.   Mary Lucinda Garner, born June 10, 1835 in Tennessee; died February 15, 1893 in Snowball, Searcy, AR; married Benjamin Franklin Snow January 22, 1861 in Searcy, AR, Searcy Co..
  ii.   Susanna Garner
  iii.   A. Jackson Garner
  iv.   John Garner
  v.   George Garner

      72. David Hays, born 1815. He married 73. Susanna ?.

      73. Susanna ?, born 1824 in North Carolina.
Children of David Hays and Susanna ? are:
  i.   Elizabeth Hays, born 1839 in North Carolina.
  ii.   Charlotte Hays, born 1843 in Rock Springs, Walker Co., Georgia; married Elije Dockings.
  iii.   Joseph Hays, born 1845 in Rock Springs, Walker Co., Georgia; married Mandy Gill.
  iv.   Washington Hays, born 1846 in Rock Springs, Walker Co., Georgia.
  v.   George Hays, born 1848 in Rock Springs, Walker Co., Georgia.
  vi.   Mary Hays, born 1850 in Rock Springs, Walker Co., Georgia; married John Humpries.
  36 vii.   Thomas Nelson Hays, born 1853 in Rock Springs, Georgia; died 1931 in Maude, OK, Pottawatamie Co; married Mattie Carroll.
  viii.   Charlie Hays, born 1854 in Rock Springs, Walker Co., Georgia; married Betty Morgan.

      76. Bennett Springfield, born March 20, 1806 in Greenville, S.C., Traveler's Rest; died April 17, 1877 in Murry, GA. He was the son of 152. Thomas B. Springfield and 153. Laodicea Langston. He married 77. Mary Ann Willbanks December 14, 1835 in Murry Co., Georgia.

      77. Mary Ann Willbanks, born July 14, 1814; died November 14, 1855 in Spring Place, Georgia.

Notes for Bennett Springfield:
He was a Civil War confederate.

Children of Bennett Springfield and Mary Willbanks are:
  i.   William Henry Springfield, born 1836.
  ii.   Laodicea Springfield, born 1837; died 1905.
  iii.   Thomas Jackson Springfield, born 1839; died January 8, 1910.
  iv.   James Bennet Springfield, born April 13, 1841; died January 8, 1911.
  38 v.   George Washington Springfield, born January 17, 1842 in Spring Place,GA, Murry Co.; died 1888; married Mary Jane Stroup January 17, 1869.
  vi.   Hugh Springfield, born 1846; died 1848.
  vii.   Aaron Springfield, born 1848.
  viii.   Rebecca Malinda Springfield, born 1849.
  ix.   Mary Ann Springfield, born 1853; died 1862.

      79. Irene Stroup
Child of Irene Stroup is:
  39 i.   Mary Jane Stroup, born 1846; died September 21, 1906 in Pottawatomie Co., St. Louis, OK; married George Washington Springfield January 17, 1869.

      84. Ora Zuber, born in Switzerland. He married 85. Johanna Baumgar.

      85. Johanna Baumgar

Notes for Ora Zuber:
Came by boat from Switzerland. Landed in Canada. One daughter
died at sea. Changed named from Zuber to Sober.

Children of Ora Zuber and Johanna Baumgar are:
  i.   August Sober
  ii.   Godfrey Sober
  iii.   John Sober
  More About John Sober:
Fact 2: Faye, OK

  iv.   Alfred Sober
  v.   Daughter Sober
  Notes for Daughter Sober:
Died at sea coming from Switzerland to Canada as an infant. She was
born on the ship and buried at sea.

  42 vi.   Joseph Benjamin Sober Zuber, born November 23, 1856 in Hamilton,, Ontario, Canada; died March 25, 1947; married Annabelle Moore June 21, 1878 in Toledo, Ohio.

      88. Samuel Lane, born 1800 in Amherst, VA; died April 10, 1840 in Knox, TN. He was the son of 176. Joseph Lane and 177. Rebecca Bowman. He married 89. Emily Judith Robertson January 26, 1824 in Roane, TN.

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