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Descendants of Abraham Dugast Dugas

Generation No. 8

21. JOSEPH LEONAR (JEAN)8 DUGAT (JEAN JOSEPH7 DUGAS, JEAN6, CHARLES5, CLAUDE4, CLAUDE3, ABRAHAM2, ABRAHAM DUGAST1) was born December 12, 1812 in St Martinsville, St Martinsville Parish, Louisiana, and died 1884. He married SIDNEY PERMELIA DUNCAN November 1836 in Liberty County, Texas, daughter of WILLIAM DUNCAN and JANE OGDEN. She was born 1821 in St Martinsville, St Martinsville Parish, Louisiana, and died December 13, 1888 in Beeville, Bee County, Texas.

Notes for J
Doing a family research on the Dugat Family
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 12:43:49 -0600
Bill Powitzky <>

I got this out of a book in Beeville,Texas Library.Who put
in the book.I do not know.

The Dugat family which came to Liberty
County,Texas, in the
colonial period was, according to Judge Russell, descended
from Jean
Dugas, one of the Acadians transplanted by the British to
members of this family were colonists, coming to Texas
from Louisiana.Of
the children of Baptiste and Mary Dugat, of Liberty
County,there came to
Refugio County, four sons and one daughter;the sons being
L.,Charles E.,Zumaler and Peter, and the daughter being
the wife of
Toups.All of these excepting Peter [ who settled above
Refugio], were
residents of the Saint Mary's community.
Joseph L. Dugat was reared in Liberty County and was
a soldier in
the Texas Revolution.He served under General Thomas Green
in July 1836,
and received land grants in Liberty County for his
services.He married
Sidney Duncan in Liberty County and all of his nine
children were born
before the family moved to Refugio County.This family
settled at
St.Mary's after the Civil War.Dugat farmed for several
years in the Quo
Warranto Bayou section, then finally moved to Bee County,
where he
acquired a ranch.There he and his wife died.Their
1.Julia,married in East Texas,Basil Crow Brashear.They
came with Joseph
L. Dugat's family to St.Mary's
2.Josephine,married in East Texas to a Mr.Stockings.They
lived and died
in East Texas
3.Jennie,married at St.Mary's,George Howard,later county
clerk and was
his first wife.She died at St.Mary's.Howard subsequently
Elizabeth Doughty,daughter of Captain Daniel C. Doughty.
4.Jessie,married at St.Mary's to William Sidney Howard,son
of Thomas J.
Howard.They later moved to Beeville,where Howard was
died in Bee County.
5.William Dugat,married at Galveston,Ella Mitchell.They
later moved to
Bee County, where both died.
6.Joseph Dugat,married in East Texas.Said to be living in
7.Wilbert A.,married in East Texas,Emma Duncan.They later
moved to Bee
County,where both died.8.Wesley Dugat never married.Now
living out West.
8.Wesley Dugat,never married Now living out West.
9.Ross Dugat,married in Bee County,daughter of a former
sheriff of that
county.Both lived and died in Bee County.

Charles E. Dugat was reared in Liberty County,Texas,and
was a soldier
of the Texas Republic, receiving land grants for his
services.He married
in Liberty County,Mary Ann Tear.He and his family came to
Refugio County
prior to 1853, and settled at St.Mary's where he had a
farm on Quo
Warranto Bayou.Charles E. Dugat was one of the most
substantial citizens
of the county, and was highly respected.He was prominent
in civic
affairs, and was on almost every jury list from 1853 until
his death.He
never aspired to public office,but was usually on the
election boards
for St.Mary's precinct, and served several years as road
was a prominent Mason and a leader in the Methodist
church.He and his
wife died at St.Mary's.There children:
1.Martha Dugat,married at St.Mary's John G. Maton.[For her
see Maton family.] She died at St.Mary's in 1881
2.Jennie Dugat,married at St.Mary's, Basil Crow Brashear
being his
second wife.They later moved to East,Texas,where they both
3.Susan Dugat,died, unmarried, at St.Mary's
4.John Dugat, married at St.Mary's Emma Peets,daughter of
Peets.They later moved to Bee County,where they both
1.Martha Dugat [2]Clara Dugat married John Hawes [a]
Maurine, died at
Beeville 1936, [b] Dorothy. [3] Charles Dugat married a
Singler.[4]James Dugat. [5]John Dugat,died unmarried

5.Charles Alexander [Alex] Dugat, married in Bee County,
Elizabeth Page,daughter of the first sheriff of Bee
County.Alex Dugat
became a prominent lawyer and public man of Bee County.He
died on his
ranch in that county in 1911.One of his children is Gentry
prominent attorney and journalist, and a veteran of the
World War.

Zumaler Dugat, was reared in Libert Co.,Texas, where he
married Julia
Ann Winfrey.In the late 1840's or early 50's, they moved
to Gonzales
Co.,Texas where they farmed on Peach Creek.The family
moved to Refugio
Co., prior to 1853.A few years afterwards Zumaler died at
St.Mary's, and
his wife died there a day later.It was believed that they
accidentally poisoned.They had only one child:
1.Theopholis Dugat, born Sept.-14-1852-on Peach
County,Texas.Upon being left an orphan, he was reared by
the Charles E.
Dugat family at St.Mary's.At that place, on Dec.-11-1873,
he married
Clara Lemore,daughter of Joseph A. Lemore.Theopholis was a
stockman and
farmer, and lived at St.Mary's until 1922, when the family
moved to San
Antonio where he died May-21-1927.For four years following
the death of
Major John H. Wood's wifw.Theopholis Dugat was ranch boss
of the Bonnie
View Ranch, and Mrs.Dugat kept house for the
major.Theopholis and Clara
Dugat had only one child:
1.Walter Allen Dugat, who was born at St.Mary's
Feb.-28-1875.He married
Lula Theriot of Victoria.She was a sister to Captain
Theriot of
Victoria, who sered in the Spanish-American War.They
afterwards moved to
Rockpot.She died in January,1922.They had one child, a
son, Emory Allen
Dugat, born at Rockport, and married Grace Ratcliff.They
now live in San
Antonio, and have one child,Joyce Marie.Mrs. Clara Dugat
makes her home
with them [1937].
Peter Dugat, was reared in Luberty Co.,Texas, and
came to Refugio
Co., prior to 1853.He never lived at St.Mary's, but had a
ranch 10 or 15
miles above the town of Refugio.His wife Suzanne Winfrey,
sister to the
wife of Zumaler Dugat.Peter substantial citizens of his
time.He never
sought public office,but, like his brother Charles
E.,served on almost
every jury from 1853 to the time of his death.He was road
overseer in
1857.Both he and his wife died in Refugio Co.Their
1.Sevan Dugat
2.Joseph Dugat
3.Peter Dugat-[Who ever put this in the book put
Mrs.Coleman as Peter
Wife.But her real name is Julia Newman Coleman.She was
never married
when she married Peter Dugat.Peter Dugat was her first and
husband.]And Peter Dugat was killed in San Antonio.
4.Sidney - [girl]

Mrs. Clara L. Dugat
Mrs. Clara Dugat,who lived at St.Mary's from about
1859 until
Jan.-1922 and who has contributed much to the information
contained in
this history, is a lovely and intelligent lady,now 82
years old.

There is still alot of pages on the Dugat's in the
book.If you ever
in Beeville.You have to read the book.And there is still
alot of Dugat's
in Beeville and Victoria that is kin to you.But i live in
Victoria,Texas.I do not know none of the Dugat
families.Just one here in
Victoria,Texas.And i just meet him once.I would like to
meet all some
time.And i hope this will help you on the Dugat side
to.And in St.Mary's
some Dugat's in the Cem.And it is old.It is over in
Bayside,Texas next
to Refugio,Texas.About 30 miles from Refugio,Texas.We been
there once.
Shirley Powitzky

e married Sidney P. DUNCAN in Liberty Co., TX, November 1836. Sidney was born in South Carolina March 20, 1820
and was the daughter of William DUNCAN and Jane ODEN. Sidney died December 13, 1888 in Beeville, Bee County, TX,
at 68 years of age. Her body was interred Greenwood. Joseph was listed as the head of a family on the 1840 Census in
Liberty Co., TX.. Joseph was listed as the head of a family on the 1850 Census in Liberty Co., TX. Joseph was listed as the
head of a family on the 1860 Census in Liberty Co., TX. Joseph was listed as the head of a family on the 1870 Census in
Refugio Co., TX. Joseph was listed as the head of a family on the 1880 Census in Bee County, TX.. Joseph registered to pay
taxes in Republic of Texas, 1836 and applied for bounty land in Chambers County, TX, November 8, 1837. Joseph applied
for a military pension in Refugio Co., TX, 1874. Joseph L. Dugat was reared in Liberty Co., TX. and was a soldier in the
Texas Revolution. He served under General Thomas Green. In July 1836 he received land grants in Liberty Co., TX for his
services. After the Civil War he settled in St.Mary's, Refugio Co., TX. and farmed there for several years.

Children of J
31. i.   JOSEPHINE LAVINIA9 DUGAT, b. November 23, 1837, Liberty , Liberty County, Texas; d. November 26, 1924, Beeville, Bee County, Texas.
32. ii.   WILLIAM STANWOOD DUGAT, b. September 13, 1840, Liberty County, Texas; d. November 01, 1933, Beeville, Bee County, Texas.
  iii.   ALBERT GERMELIA DUGAT, b. Abt. 1842, Liberty County, Texas; d. August 29, 1862, Manassas, Virginia.
Henry GRIFFITH, Albert Gamelia DUGAT, Dugat WILLIAMS and Blair JOHNSON served together
during the Civil War in Hoods "Texas" Brigade, 5th Texas, Company F. During the Second Battle of
Manassas (Bull Run) on August 30, 1862, Henry GRIFFITH of CHAMBERS COUNTY, TEXAS,
according to his cousin Lucinda DUNMAN of COLEMAN COUNTY, TEXAS, witnessed the death
of both Blair JOHNSON and Albert G. DUGAT. Henry GRIFFITH was wounded himself at the battle
and taken to Yorktown, Virginia, presumably for medical treatment. I deduce that Henry GRIFFITH
was incapacitated and unable to report back to his Company F of Albert's death, leaving it up to
others to discover that he had indeed perished in the battle. It was Albert DUGAT's first cousin, Dugat
WILLIAMS, of LIBERTY COUNTY, TEXAS, who searched for Albert DUGAT the following day.
Dugat WILLIAMS' Civil War letters back to his fiancee Laura BRYAN in Texas are in the possession
today of Anne Parker. Dugat WILLIAMS had the sad task of discovering the body of his first cousin
Albert Dugat. He buried him within a few feet of where he fell.

Are there any letters or other documents that survive today from (Dr.) Henry GRIFFITH which might
shed some additional light on the events of the 5th Texas and circumstances surrounding the death of
Albert Gamelia DUGAT? I have read the transcription of Henry's letter to Lucinda DUNMAN that is
recorded in Flavia Fleishman's "Old River Country" book. Does anyone know who Blair JOHNSON
was? The known written accounts describing where and when Blair and Albert died on the battlefield
that day vary. Also, the wound that killed Albert Dugat has been vividly described in two separate
accounts as decapitation by an artillery shell and a wound clear through his right breast.

  iv.   JULIA C. DUGAT, b. Abt. 1844, Liberty County, Texas; d. Abt. 1867; m. BASIL CROW BRASHEAR; b. February 12, 1843, Marksville, Ayolles Parish, Louisiania.
33. v.   WILBUR MEREDITH DUGAT, b. March 06, 1847, Liberty , Liberty County, Texas; d. January 31, 1915, Bee County, Texas.
34. vi.   JOSEPH ADDIBERRY (BUFFALO JOE) DUGAT, b. November 20, 1850, Liberty County, Texas; d. April 25, 1932, Uvalde, Texas.
  vii.   JANE PAMELA (JENNIE) DUGAT, b. August 12, 1853, Liberty , Liberty County, Texas; d. September 22, 1872; m. GEORGE HOWARD.
  viii.   WALTER DUGAT, b. Abt. 1859.
35. ix.   JESSIE DUNCAN DUGAT, b. April 29, 1859, Liberty , Liberty County, Texas; d. January 03, 1898, Beeville, Bee County, Texas.
  x.   SIDNEY WESLEY DUGAT, b. March 13, 1860, Liberty , Liberty County, Texas; d. February 13, 1938, Mission, Hidalgo, Texas.
36. xi.   ALBERT ROSS DUGAT, b. February 14, 1863, Liberty County, Texas; d. Bef. October 16, 1914.
  xii.   CHARLES CARROLL DUGAT, b. February 14, 1863, Liberty County, Texas; d. Abt. 1863.
  xiii.   MATTIE DUGAT, b. Abt. 1864.

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