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Ancestors of Curtis Allen Dunn

Generation No. 7

       80. Nathan Jr. Rought, born Abt 1788 in PA; died Aft 1860. He was the son of 160. Nathan Sr. Rought.

       Children of Nathan Rought are:
  i.   Abagil Rought.
ii.   James Rought.
iii.   Mary Ann Rought.
iv.   Rhuma Rought.
v.   Sarah Rought.
40 vi.   Washington Leroy Rought, born April 16, 1827 in Wyoming County, penn.; died September 27, 1901 in Rising Sun, Wood County, Ohio; married (1) Bessie A. Purdy; married (2) Armillia Elizabeth Williams October 19, 1848 in New York.

       Children of Nathan Rought and Mary are:
  i.   Leonard Addison Rought, born February 27, 1817 in Nicholson, Wyoming Co., PA; died May 26, 1892 in Nicholson, Wyoming Co., PA; married Dorcas Statton May 05, 1839 in Factoyville, Wyoming Co., PA.
ii.   Jacob Rought, born 1819; married Phoebe Clark.
iii.   George Rought, born 1820; married (1) Mariette S. Vargeson; married (2) Lydia A. Goodwin; married (3) Eliza Briggs.
iv.   Peter Rought, born 1823.
v.   Benjamin Franklin Rought, born January 1825; married Susannah D..
vi.   Washington L. Rought, born April 1827 in Clinton Twp (?)., Wyoming Co., PA; died September 29, 1901; married (1) Amarilla E. Williams; married (2) Bessie A. Purdy.
vii.   Ebenezer Rought, born April 1834 in Clinton Township, Wyoming County, PA; died September 15, 1906 in Perry, Lake Co., OH; married Lydia Eliza Williams September 18, 1851 in Clinton Township, Wyoming County, PA.
viii.   Sylvester L. Rought, born April 16, 1827 in PA; died in Benton Twp., Lackawanna Co., PA; married (1) Elizabeth Cortright; married (2) Laura.

       82. Amos L. Williams, born January 12, 1806. He married 83. Charolette Williams November 24, 1823.
       83. Charolette Williams, born June 10, 1806; died August 07, 1881.

       Children of Amos Williams and Charolette Williams are:
  i.   Abel L. Williams, born July 04, 1825.
ii.   Enos m. Williams, born April 20, 1827.
41 iii.   Armillia Elizabeth Williams, born February 23, 1832; died May 23, 1898; married Washington Leroy Rought October 19, 1848 in New York.
iv.   George w. Williams, born May 29, 1837.

       96. William Carol Gammons.

       Child of William Gammons is:
  48 i.   Joe Gammons, married Cindy Bugsby.

       112. Jeremiah Rucker, born 1812 in South Carolina. He married 113. Sarah Hendrix.
       113. Sarah Hendrix, born October 1828 in Georgia. She was the daughter of 227. Amy Hendrix.

       Children of Jeremiah Rucker and Sarah Hendrix are:
  i.   William Rucker, born 1846 in Al..
ii.   Louisa Rucker, born 1847 in Al..
56 iii.   Josiah Six Rucker, born 1850; married Mary Susie Kirkland.
iv.   Martha Rucker, born 1852 in Al..
v.   Almeda Rucker, born 1854 in Al..
vi.   John Rucker, born 1858 in Al..
vii.   Daniel Rucker, born 1862 in Al..

       114. William Benjamin Mims, born October 1849 in Dale County, Alabama. He married 115. Sarah Baggett.
       115. Sarah Baggett, born January 1846 in Alabama.

       Child of William Mims and Sarah Baggett is:
  57 i.   Mary Susie Kirkland, born October 15, 1859 in Geneva, AL; died September 24, 1956; married Josiah Six Rucker.

       116. James Crawford Birge, born February 1859 in Georgia. He was the son of 232. William R. Birge and 233. Ziltha/Zilpha Youmans. He married 117. Sarah Buckner 1877 in Alabama.
       117. Sarah Buckner, born April 1861 in Alabama. She was the daughter of 234. Pleasant Buckner and 235. Sarah Ross.

       Children of James Birge and Sarah Buckner are:
  i.   Theodosia Birge, born September 1877 in Alabama.
ii.   Delia Birge, born December 1879 in Alabama.
iii.   Martin Birge, born April 1881 in Alabama.
58 iv.   George Reason Birge, born April 16, 1882 in Alabama; died July 03, 1953 in Caryville, Holmes, Fl.; married Allie Miller November 09, 1919 in Old Rutherford, Place.
v.   Sarah Birge, born March 1890 in Holmes, Florida.
vi.   Early Birge, born February 1892 in Holmes, Florida.
vii.   May/Mary Birge, born May 1894 in Holmes, Florida.
viii.   James Lonnie Birge, born September 1897 in Holmes, Florida.

       118. Ashley H. Miller, born April 1861 in Holmes, Fl.; died in Bethlehem, Holmes, Fl.. He was the son of 236. Samuel J. Miller and 237. Mary C. Williams. He married 119. Mary C. Henderson.
       119. Mary C. Henderson. She was the daughter of 238. John M. Henderson and 239. Amy Or Laura Henderson.

       Children of Ashley Miller and Mary Henderson are:
  59 i.   Allie Miller, born October 1881 in Holmes, Florida; died 1954 in Holmes, Florida; married George Reason Birge November 09, 1919 in Old Rutherford, Place.
ii.   John Wesley Miller, born October 17, 1883; died September 26, 1957 in Bonifay, Holmes, Fl.; married Sallie Faircloth October 22, 1905.
iii.   William H. Miller, born October 1885 in Fl.; married Lucinda Lucy Birge October 12, 1905.
iv.   Samuel G. Miller, born August 15, 1887; died September 15, 1965; married Carrie.
v.   Andrew J. Miller, born March 07, 1890; died February 22, 1975; married Margie Faircloth January 08, 1911.
vi.   Lilly Miller, born November 1893.
vii.   Jack Miller, born February 1895.
viii.   Richmond Miller, born May 1898.
ix.   Drew T. Miller, born Abt 1902 in Fl..
x.   J. C. Miller, born Abt 1904 in Fl..

       122. Henry J. Adams, born August 1845 in Al.. He married 123. Sarah Martin Abt 1877 in Al..
       123. Sarah Martin, born September 1855 in Al.. She was the daughter of 246. Bob Martin.

       Children of Henry Adams and Sarah Martin are:
  i.   James Adams, born December 1878 in Al..
ii.   Bennie F. Adams, born July 1881 in Al..
61 iii.   Minnie Lee Adams, born February 1884 in Al.; died 1955 in AL; married William Wesley Lamb.
iv.   Oben Adams, born June 1885 in Al..
v.   Joseph Adams, born September 1887 in Al..
vi.   Sarah Adams, born April 1892 in Al..

       126. Henry Joseph Railey, born Abt 1860. He married 127. Melinda Hughes Kirkland.
       127. Melinda Hughes Kirkland.

       Children of Henry Railey and Melinda Kirkland are:
  i.   Henry Railey.
ii.   James Railey.
iii.   Clayton Railey.
iv.   Nancy Railey.
v.   Lumy Railey.
vi.   Emily Railey.
vii.   Gene Railey.
63 viii.   Minnie Caroline Railey, born February 12, 1885; married (1) Ira Bowen; married (2) Charlie Thomas Shira.
ix.   Harriett Railey, born October 20, 1888.
x.   Dowling Riley Railey, born September 09, 1897.
xi.   Euell Railey, born January 02, 1905.
xii.   Clyde Railey, born Abt 1908.

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