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View Tree for John or Peter GraybillJohn or Peter Graybill (d. date unknown)

John or Peter Graybill was born in , , Germany, and died date unknown.

 Includes NotesNotes for John or Peter Graybill:
1. The exact parentage of John Peter Graybill seems to be divided between two opinions at this point: (1) John Graybill born abt. 1727 in Germany and possibly d. bef 7 Oct 1766 in Mannheim, Lancaster, PA and (2) "Old" Peter Graybill, b. 16 Oct 1727 in Switzerland or Germany and d. after 11 Mar 1811 in Johnsville, Frederick, MD. Some speculate that "Old" Peter may actually be John Peter or that both may have been brothers. It should be noted that in german tradition, it was not unusual to give children several first names with sometimes some of the first names being used for more than one child. There does not seem to be any doubt, however, that he is of Swiss/German Palatinate heritage. I give notes, but no conclusion either way, for these two directions as follows:
A. John, the father of Peter: mentioned in greatgreatgrandson William's biography per two sources: and FHL book 977.747-H2n, partial excerpt: "History of Harrison County, Iowa," 1891, pp. 686, 687: "William A. Graybill... To learn something of his early career the reader will be informed that he was born July 28, 1840, in Adams County, Ill., and accompanied his parents, who were among the early pioneers to locate in Pottawattamie County, Iowa, coming, as they did, before Council Bluffs had an existence, that location then being known as Miller's Hollow. Our subject remained with his parents until 1864. For nine years prior his father, himself and brothers A. J. & L., kept bachelor's hall in Pottawattamie County. [His father] Simeon P. Graybill was born March 26, 1816, in Jackson County, Ohio, and was the son of Mr. Graybill, a native of New York and of German ancestry. The father, Michael Graybill, was the son of Peter Graybill, who was born in Pennsylvania and married Christena Wampler, who had been taken prisoner by the Delaware Indians when a child and kept with the tribe for seven years and then returned to her parents. Peter Graybill was a son of John Graybill who came from Germany in the days of [before?] the Revolutionary War. Simeon Graybill's father, Michael, was married to Polly Stoker, in Ashe County, N. C., May 1811, removed to Jackson County, Ohio, and reared a family of eleven children: David, Catharine, Simeon, Levi, George, Lenore, Julian, Michael, Mary Ann, Elizabeth and Sidney."
B. "Old" Peter, possibly John Peter: mentioned in the book "Graybill/Stoker/Eller/Smith/Koons/Pitt Connections," by Norman E. "Gene" Pitt, 1996, FHL book 929.273 P658pn:
Pp. 3-6: The first two generations below, namely John and Christian are presented with some trepidation and should not be considered absolutely valid.
John Graybill: b. probably in Switzerland; md. to ___. He emigrated to the German Palatinate, probably about 1690. Their children may have included Christian.
Christian Graybill [son of John above]: b. abt 1690, probably in Switzerland or the German Palatinate; md. to Mary ___. He and John Graybill emigrated to America in 1727 aboard the ship Friendship which sailed from Rotterdam. Their children may have included John(?) Peter, aka Old Peter by some current family researchers who still are trying to unravel Old Peters ancestry. Possibly John(?) following, is Old Peters brother instead of Old Peters first name. This mystery is left to future researchers to resolve.
John(?) Old Peter Graybill [possible son to Christian above]: b. 16 Oct 1727, probably Switzerland or Germany; d. bef 11 Mar 1811, Johnsville, Frederick Co., MD; md. abt 1750 to Mary ___. She was b. abt 1730; d. bef 1815, Johnsville, Frederick Co., MD. Peter apparently lived Friendship, York Co., PA and Lancaster Co., PA before moving to Johnsville, Frederick Co., MD. Their children included Elizabeth, John, Saree, John Peter, Francy and Joseph. Some of the children may have taken the names Grabel, Grabill, Graybeal, and Grable... The records of Old Peter and his children, other than Michael Peter, are courtesy of Paul Phipps, a descendant of Henry Graybeal and Celia Henson, who acquired them from various sources. [Children:]
a. Elizabeth Grabel, b. abt 1754, probably PA; md. to Joseph Eller. He was b. abt 1754, probably Lancaster Co., PA.
b. John Grabill, b. 13 Mar 1758, probably Lancaster Co., PA; d. 13 Feb 1844, Johnsville, Frederick Co., MD; md. to Anna Garber. She was b. abt 1764; d. aft 1829, Johnsville, Frederick Co., MD. Their children were Christina, Magdalin, Abraham, Susanna, Charlotte, Hannah, and Peter [see book for more detailed downline].
c. Sara Saree Grabel, b. abt 1760, probably Lancaster Co., PA; md. 17 Feb 1811 to Adam Smith. He was b. abt 1760.
d. John Peter Graybill, b. 3 Oct 1762, probably in Lancaster or York Co., PA... [see his notes for more information; also note there is no actual documentation given in the book definitely tying this individual to the other siblings or noted father].
e. Francy Grabel, b. abt 1765, probably Lancaster Co., PA; d. abt 1838, probably Randolph Twp, Montgomery co., OH; md. abt 1783, Frederick Co., MD to Henry Eller, Jr. He was b. Abt 1760, probably Lancaster Co., PA; d. 1832, Randolph Twp., Montgomery Co., OH. Their children were a daughter name unknown, Daniel, Christina, Mary, Abraham, Frances, Henry, Sarah, Elizabeth, Anna, and Joseph. [See book for more on these children and there descendants.]
f. Joseph Grable, Sr., b. abt 1770, Frederick Co., MD; d. 1844, Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co., PA; md. abt 1792, Frederick Co., MD to Barbara Garber. She was b. 1771, Frederick Co., MD; d. 1851 West Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co., PA. Their children were Nancy, Daniel, Samuel, Susanna, Rebecca, Elizabeth, and Joseph. [See book for more on these children and their downlines.]
Pp. 8 and 9: Transcription of Old Peter Graybills Last Will and Testament follows: I Peter Grabill of Frederick County and State of Maryland being weak in Body but of sound and disposing memory and understanding do therefore make and publish this my last will and Testament in manner and form following after just debts and funeral charges are paid it is my will and I order that my beloved wife shall hold one third of my money now by me and what is owing to me and it is my will and I order that my Executor hereafter named shall pay my daughter Saree fifteen pounds yearly for taking care of her mother and then fifteen pounds which is to be paid to my Daughter Sara shall be taken out of my estate before the money is Divided and after it is my will and I order that my Executor shall Divide the remainder of my cash now by me and make my children all Equal share and Share alike unto my son Peter one share unto my son John one Share unto my Daughter Elizabeth one share unto my Daughter Francy one share unto my son Joseph one share my Daughter Francy one share unto my son Joseph one share my Daughter Francy has received one hundred pounds more that the rest of my children and them hundred pounds shall be in part of her share and my son Joseph had fifty pounds more than the rest and that shall be in part of his share and Daughter Elizabeth had received fifteen pounds more and that shall be part of her share. And it is my will and I order that my wife shall hold all my Household and kitchen furniture and cows and every thing about the House and Barn during her life and after her Decease my Executor shall sell my property and the money Equaly to be Divided among my parcel of children-And Lastly I do hereby constitute and Appoint my son John Grabill to be the sole Executor of this my last will and Testament revoking and annulling all former wills by me heretofore made ratifying and confirming this and one other to be my last will and Testament - Whereof I have unto my hand and fixed my seal this Eleventh Day of March in the year one thousand Eight Hundred and Eleven. His Peter X mark. Signed Sealed and Delivered by Peter Grabill the above named Testator as and for his last will and Testamont in the presence of and who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witness thereto. Johannes Wampler, Martin Garbor."
"Frederick County to wit on the 2 day of November 1812 then came John Grabill and solomnly and sincerely affirmed and declared that the foregoing instrument of writing is the true whole will and Testamont of Pete Grabill lat of Frederick County Deceased that hath come to his hands and possession and that he dothe not know of an other. Signed, Dick Butler. "
"Frederick County to wit on the 2 day of November 1812 then came Martin Garber one of the subscribing witness to the signing last will and testament of Peter Grabill late of Frederick County Deceased and Solemnly and Sincerely Affirmed and Declared that he did see the Testator therein named sign and seal this will he heard him publish pronounce and declare the same to be his last will and testament that at the time of his signing he was to the best of his apprehension of a sound and disposing mind and memory and understanding that he subscribed his name as a witness to this will in the presence and at the request of the Testator and that he did also see John Wampler the other subscribing witnesses sign his name as a witness to said will in the presence and at the request of the Testator and all in the presence of each other. Dick Butler, Sign.
[Note: if Old Peter Graybill turns out to be the correct ancestry, then review the following website which has much information on Old Peter's children and their descendants: WorldConnect database ":480580".]

2. In regards to "Old" Peter Graybill being this individual, additional comment in the online "Eller Chronicles":
A. Vol. IV No. 4. p. 4 Nov. 1990, by the Eller Family Association, has the following additional comments: "Madeline Fletcher of Ft. Collins, CO. shared some research material collected by her late mother, Chloe Louisa (Welker) Evans, in the 1950's:
"Peter Grabill, Sr. will dated 11 Mar 1811 and proved 2 Nov. 1812 Frederick Co., MD. By witnesses Johannes Wampler and Martin Garber. Daughter Saree was to care for her unnamed mother; children Peter, john, Elizabeth, Franey, Joseph. WILL LIBER R.B.I., FOLIO 327.
"Final account by Executor John Grabel filed 26 Apr. 1813. Fanny w/o Henry Eller, Joseph Grabel, Elizabeth w/o Joseph Eller, Peter & John Grabel."
"Note: The widow nor Saree are here named. Administrators Accounts for Estates 1812-7, pp. 192-3."
"I feel that a deed issued by Peter the same day his will was written provides the name of his wife as Mary. A 40 acre tract was being sold to John Grabill. DEED LIBER W.R. 39, FOLIO 561. Born in 1858, John died in 1844 and was buried on his farm along the Molasses Rd. near Johnsville, MD."
"Peter, Jr. wed Christina Wampler and moved to Ashe Co., N.C. Among their children, Barbara and Michael respectively wed David and Polly, children of Michael & Catherine (Eller) Stoker)"
B. Vol. VII NO 4, Nov 1993, p. 308, excerpts of a talk given by Paul J. Phipps of Orting, WA. on 17 July 1993 at the Eller Family Association Conference held in Portland, OR [note that Paul believes "Old" Peter to be correct]:
"Two of 'Old' Peter Grabill's daughters married two of Henry Eller Sr.'s sons. Namely, Elizabeth Grabill married Joseph Eller, and Francy Grabill married Henry Eller Jr." [Note: Henry is in my database.]
"I do have a framework of the 6 children of 'Old' Peter and Mary Grabill. I think the first 5 children were probably born in Lancaster Co.. PA. The youngest child was probably born in Frederick Co.. MD. a. Elizabeth b. abt 1754. married Joseph Eller. I have very little on this family.
b. John b. 13 Nor 1755. married Anne Garber. They lived and died in Frederick Co.. MD. There were 4 children.
c. Sara b. abt 1760. married Adam Smith Jr. I have very little on this family.
d. Peter Sr. b. obt 1760, married Christina Wampler. They moved to VA in abt 1780 and were in Wilkes Co.(now Ashe Co.), NC in abt 1785. I have over 4000 descendents in my computer. There were 10 children.
e. Francy b. abt 1765. married Henry Eller Jr. They moved to Washington Co.. PA in abt 1787. then to Montgomery Co.. OH in abt 1815. There were 11 children.
f. Joseph b. abt 1770. married Barbara Garber. They moved to Washington Co.. PA in abt 1805. There were 7 children.
"Pertinent Wills and Deeds all recorded and filed In Frederick Co.. MD are as following:
a. Deed of Old Peter Grabill. dtd. 21 Aug. 1769
b. Will of Old Peter Grabill. dtd. 11 Mar. 1811 [Quoted above.]
c. Will of Peter Wampler Jr., dtd. 9 June 1792 [Quoted in Peter's notes.]
d. Deed of Joseph Eller (son of Henry Sr.). dtd. 21 Apr. 1794
e. Will of John Grabill (son of Old Peter). dtd. 12 Mar. 1829"

3. There is a pay website by Richard W. Davis in Provo, Utah in which he indicates that he has been able to identify the European origin of most of the Krehbiel/Graybill/Crabill emigrants who arrived in Pennsylvania between the years 1725 and 1800. They settled principally in Lancaster, Lebanon, and York Counties in Pennsylvania and spread to Maryland and Virginia before 1750. Most of these Krehbiels were Mennonites and emigrated from the areas around Weierhof, Treschklingen and Altleiningen in Germany. He says he has followed them back further to Switzerland. He also mentions other cities in Germany: Ibersheim, Muckenhhauserhof, Alsheim, Obersulzen, Gerolsheim, and Dirmstein. I have not spent the $60 fee so I am not familiar with what he has. At the least this gives a clue on an avenue to search.

1. The book "Graybill/Stoker/Eller/Smith/Koons/Pitt Connections," by Norman E. "Gene" Pitt, 1996, FHL book 929.273 P658pn, p. 3: "The Graybill name is of Swiss and German origin, and today there are many variants of the name including Grabil, Grabill, Grabel, Grable, and Graybeal. The name originally seams to have been Kraehenbuehl. The name Kraehenbuehl is found in Switzerland today and was used at the time or our ancestors as it is today with several variations. However, they all have the same literal meaning: Kraehen = crow and buehl = hill. At the Swiss Reformed Church at Grosshoechstetten inside the parsonage is a stained glass panel dated 1669 which depicts a crow on a blue shield for two members of the Kraehenbuehl family. There also is a village named Kraehenbuehl in Aargau, Switzerland. In his book, The Homeland of the First Settlers in Lancaster Co. (PA), Prof. Oscar Kuhns writes that the Kraehenbuehls lived in the Canton of Berne, Switzerland. One Hans Kraehenbuehl was one of many Swiss Brethren (later called Swiss Anabaptists) involved in a dispute with the Swiss government in 1538. In 1664, the Elector Karl Ludwig of the German Palatinate granted a concession permitting Mennonites to settle in his territory under certain restrictions. The archives in Baden, Germany of the Palatinate Mennonite census lists after 1664 include the Kreybeuls, Krayenbuels and Krahenbuhls, ancestors of the Graybills. They were members of the various peace churchesof that time. Considerable data on these and Graybills and their descendants is included in a book on the Graybills by Edward Earl Reeves-Graybill of Spencerville, MD. The Graybills left the Palatinate with many other Swiss-Germans for the port of Rotterdam, where they sailed for America. John and Christian Graybill were among those Palatinates aboard the ship Friendship which came to America from Rotterdam in 1727. [Many Palatines sailed through Holland on English ships.] Other relatives were in this same movement of people from the peace churches of the Swiss area to the German Palatinate, then (from Dutch ports) sailing to the German communites in Pennsylvania. They settled mainly in Lancaster and York Counties in PA and, as more land waas needed, they moved to other German settlements around Frederick Co., MD and Rowen Co., NC. (Rowen later was divided into smaller counties of Ashe and Wilkes.) These other relatives included the neighboring families of Gatrost, Eller, Koons, Dick, and Wampler."


More About John or Peter Graybill:
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Children of John or Peter Graybill are:
  1. +John Peter Graybill, b. 03 Oct 1762, York, York, Pennsylvania, d. 11 May 1842, , Jackson, Ohio.
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