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Ancestors of Floyd Emmet Eby

Generation No. 8

      128. David Ebi, born Mar 1700/01 in Zurich, Switzerland. He was the son of 256. Theodorus Durst Ebi and 257. Unknown. He married 129. Maggie Davis Abt. 1739 in Roland's Mills, Pennsylvania.

      129. Maggie Davis, born 1720 in Roland's Mills, Pennsylvania or Germany.
Children of David Ebi and Maggie Davis are:
  64 i.   David Davis Ebi, born 01 Jan 1739/40 in Roland's Mills, Pennsylvania; died 20 Dec 1823 in Nemishellen, Ohio; married Catherine Kulp 1780 in Pennsylvania.
  ii.   Samuel Davis Ebi

      132. Johannes Friedrich Deg, born 10 Jan 1735/36 in Weiler, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany; died 1796 in Washington, Pennsylvania. He was the son of 264. Andreas Deeg and 265. Anna Maria Pfaltzgraff. He married 133. Sophia Schmitt 02 Jun 1755 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

      133. Sophia Schmitt, born 1734 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania; died 1759 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Children of Johannes Deg and Sophia Schmitt are:
  66 i.   Michael Dague, born 10 Dec 1758 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania; died 1821 in Washington Co., Pennsylvania; married (1) Anna Maria Geysler; married (2) Margaret Swinehart 1790 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  ii.   Catherine Elizabeth Dague, born 18 Feb 1757 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

      134. Gabriel Swinehart, born 1720 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; died 22 Jun 1805 in West Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He was the son of 268. Johann Georg Swinehart and 269. Anna Maria Margaretha. He married 135. Barbara Ripling 1749 in Washington Co., Pennsylvania.

      135. Barbara Ripling, born 1730 in Frederick, Maryland; died in Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania.
Children of Gabriel Swinehart and Barbara Ripling are:
  67 i.   Margaret Swinehart, born 1761 in Frederick, Maryland; died 22 Dec 1838 in Rittman, Ohio; married Michael Dague 1790 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
  ii.   Jacob Swinehart, born 1752 in Washington Co., Pennsylvania; died 1753.
  iii.   Joseph Swinehart, born 1758 in Washington Co., Pennsylvania; died 1759.
  iv.   Gabriel Swinehart, born 1754 in Washington Co., Pennsylvania; died 1820 in Preble, Ohio; married Salome Leatherman 1767.
  v.   Mary Swinehart
  vi.   Peter Swinehart, born 12 Feb 1756 in Washington Co., Pennsylvania; died 02 Oct 1829 in Washington Co., Pennsylvania; married Anna Mary 1774.
  vii.   Christina Swinehart
  viii.   Adam Swinehart, born 30 Jun 1760 in Washington Co., Pennsylvania; died 08 Apr 1852; married Margaret Lassle 1777.
  ix.   Anna Swinehart, born 09 Dec 1764 in Frederick, Maryland; died 11 May 1835; married Peter Leatherman.
  x.   George Swinehart, born 1754 in Washington, Pennsylvania; died 1755.

      160. Pherril Littleton316, born Abt. 1740 in England ?316; died Abt. 1775 in Loudoun county, Virginia316. He was the son of 320. John Littleton I.

Notes for Pherril Littleton:

rumored to have been killed by a falling tree
Child of Pherril Littleton is:
  80 i.   John Littleton II, born Abt. 1760 in Loudon county, Virginia; died Sep 1836 in Sanford, Fleming county, Kentucky; married Martha Leanor Goddard Abt. Oct 1787 in Virginia.

      176. David Kennedy317,318, born 22 Jul 1764 in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland; died 08 Sep 1824 in Nicholas Co., Kentucky. He was the son of 352. William Kennedy and 353. Grizel Lindsay. He married 177. Hannah Kassaneur 02 Jun 1791 in Aberdeen, Ohio.

      177. Hannah Kassaneur319,320, born 06 Feb 1769 in France321,322; died 28 Aug 1835 in Nicholas Co., Kentucky.

Notes for David Kennedy:

from History of Nicholas County by Joan Weissinger Conley, 1976
pgs. 389-390
David Kennedy
David Kennedy was born in Scotland July 22, 1764 and died in Nicholas County September 8, 1824. He first arrived in Virginia at the time of the Revolution, so for almost three years he served in the war. About 1790 he came to Kentucky and made arrangements to purchase half interest in 545 of good wooded land in the section of Nicholas County that later became Mt. Carmel-Headquarters from a surveyor William Kennedy (unknown if related). David paid 37 pounds and 16 shillings for the property. William was to give him a deed, but he moved to Campbell County and died in 1799 without having given David the deed. Since his will directed that this be done, the deed was given to David by the administrator in 1816. Part of the land was lost because of faulty title. Before his death, David deeded the land to his two elder sons, James and William. Some of this property remained in the hands of the Kennedy's until 1916.
In addition to clearing the land, farming part of it, and raising a great number of hogs, the records show that David was overseer of roads being constructed in the heavily wooded section of the county. Periodically he drove the hogs to Maysville for sale. On one of these trips, he met in Aberdeen, Ohio, a beautiful French Huguenot girl, Hannah Kassaneur, with whom he fell in love and married about 1791. He brought her home to his roughly hewn log cabin in Nicholas County. David and Hannah (Feb. 6, 1769-Aug. 28, 1835) were buried on the Kennedy farm in a little lot behind their log cabin. Today the cemetery is between the E. V. Delaney and Bowe farms. A small stone marker, with David's name and date of death carved thereon by one of his sons, marks the grave. Other members of his family were buried there and have only unmarked stones.
David and Hannah Kennedy were the parents of the following children, all of whom were born in Nicholas County: Elizabeth (Nov. 25, 1792-Apr. 15, 1817), James (Apr. 17, 1794-Jan. 16, 1875) married Elizabeth Ashbrook, William (Sept. 6, 1797-Dec. 11, 1831) married Nancy Brooks, daughter of Zachariah and Frances (Overby) Brooks, on Mar. 7, 1821. William was a stone mason and an influential farmer but died in his youth leaving five small children; Alfred James (b. Dec. 26, 1821) married Sarah Ann Hillock on Dec. 23, 1841 in Nicholas County; John Harrison (b. 1824) wife's name Elizabeth; Sally Jane (b. 1826) married George W. Wood on Apr. 7, 1848; Mary Frances (b. 1828) married Willis Gaunce on Aug. 17, 1848; and William Sanders (b. 1830) married Abi Ashbrook on Sept. 15, 1858. After William's death, Nancy married Leason Barlow on Apr. 3, 1834 and became the mother of five Barlow children.
Other of David Kennedy's children were: Cassandra (b. Oct. 20, 1798) married Daniel Goodrich on Jan. 1, 1835. Thomas (b. May 1800) married Polly Culp on Mar. 25, 1827, Sarah (b. Feb. 14, 1802) married John Goodrich on Aug. 3, 1829. Harriet (b. Jan. 31, 1805). Polly (b. June 7, 1806) married Joab Yates on Mar. 25, 1828, Clabourn (Oct. 15, 1807-1857) married Sidney Taylor, daughter of George Taylor, on Mar. 1, 1831. He and his wife were buried on the Kennedy farme near where his parents were buried.
The Kennedys were influential citizens of Nicholas County for many years. Practically all were of the Methodist faith, being members of the Mt. Carmel and Headquarters Methodist Churches. In most instances they were very opposed to slavery. Some served the county as officials, some were teachers, ministers, lawyers, farmers, stock dealers, stone masons, etc. Few by the name of Kennedy are left in Nicholas County today, but several descendants of David and Hannah Kennedy are to be found claiming Nicholas County as home; Frances Barlow, Beulah Shaw Cannon, Dorothy Coldiron, Thomas Cook Darrell, Martha Kennedy, Matthew Daley Kennedy, Ruth Kennedy Lambert, Jean Ward Mattox, Blanche Shaw, Clara Shaw, and Ada Snapp.

-- mother's last name was possibly Fite
-- served in Captain Robert George's Company of Artillery in the Virginia and Illinois Department from July 14, 1777 to October 22, 1781 during the American Revolution

More About David Kennedy:
Burial: Kennedy Family Cemetery, Headquarters, Nicholas county, Kentucky323,324

  Notes for Hannah Kassaneur:

-- other spellings for last name may be Kasaneur, Cassaneur
-- some research suggests her last name may have been McCarty
-- some research suggests she was a French Huegenot

More About Hannah Kassaneur:
Burial: Kennedy Family Cemetery, Headquarters, Nicholas county, Kentucky325,326
Children of David Kennedy and Hannah Kassaneur are:
  88 i.   William Kennedy, born 06 Sep 1797 in Nicholas Co., Kentucky; died 11 Dec 1831; married Nancy Brooks 07 Mar 1821.
  ii.   Elizabeth Kennedy327,328, born 25 Nov 1792 in Nicholas Co., Kentucky; died 15 Apr 1817.
  More About Elizabeth Kennedy:
Burial: Kennedy Family Cemetery, Headquarters, Nicholas county, Kentucky329,330

  iii.   James Kennedy331,332, born 17 Apr 1794 in Nicholas Co., Kentucky; died 16 Jan 1875 in Nicholas Co., Kentucky; married Elizabeth Ashbrook 06 Jan 1825 in Nicholas county, Kentucky333,334; born 1795 in Kentucky335,336.
  Notes for James Kennedy:

from History of Nicholas County by Joan Weissinger Conley, 1976
page 390 and 391
James Kennedy (b. Apr 17, 1794) was the eldest son of David and Hannah Kennedy. On Jan. 6, 1825, he married Elizabeth Ashbrook in Nicholas County. They were the members of the Mount Carmel Methodist Church and were buried in the Church graveyard. Their children were two sons and two daughters; William, a teacher; Thomas, a lawyer; Dulcina; and Elmira.
William Kennedy married Caroline Stokes, and they lived in Headquarters where he had a store. He was an elder in the church and occasionally preached locally. They moved to Carlisle about 1862 and lived in the brick house at the corner of Mulberry and Sycamore Sts. Their only son, Hanson Kennedy, was a lawyer, educated at Kentucky Wesleyan College and Vanderbilt University. Hanson married Kate Lander of Fleming County. Their daughter Marguerite Kennedy Norton, now lives in Orange City, Fla. About 1890 Hanson built the large white frame house on Sycamore St. presently owned by Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Knapke. Thomas, the younger son, was a lawyer and a farmer. He married Amelia Frances Pickrell, daughter of Henry Pickrell, a Carlisle merchant. In 1865 he bought a 150-acre farm at the edge of Carlisle on the Moorefield RD and built a large brick home. John McMurtry, well known Lexington architect and builder, drew up the plans for this house. Mrs. Kennedy died in 1897, and the home was sold to George Secrest. It has been sold many times over the years and is now owned by Mrs. William Layson.
Thomas Kennedy had four sons: Harry, James, Thomas, and Frank. Harry, the eldest, was a lawyer, farmer, cashier of the Farmer's Bank of Carlisle, and County Judge of Nicholas County. He married Lizzie Fishback, and they had two sons who died in infancy and two daughters, Ruth Kennedy (Mrs. Oliver H. Lambert) who lives in Carlisle and Louise Kennedy (Mrs. Hobart Walker), a resident of Charlotte, NC.
James and Thomas Kennedy moved to Mt. Sterling and opened a pharmacy. James married Mayme Thompson, and they had no children. Thomas married Annie Prewitt. Their daughter, Frances, now lives in Mt. Sterling; and their son, Thomas Nelson, owns a farm in Montgomery County. Frank married Nancy Waller of Carlisle, and they went to California to live. Their daughter, Dorothy K. Pierce now lives in Palm Springs, Calif.
Dulcina Kennedy, daughter of James and Elizabeth, married Lewis G. Earlywine on Sept. 25, 1845.
The other daughter, Elmira married Preston W. Talbert. These marriages are recorded in Nicholas County. Dulcina had several children, among them Sarah, who married John Tarr of Bourbon County.
This story was written by Ruth Kennedy Lambert

  More About James Kennedy:
Burial: Mt. Carmel Methodist Church Cemetery, Mt. Carmel, Nicholas county, Kentucky337,338

  More About Elizabeth Ashbrook:
Burial: Mt. Carmel Methodist Church Cemetery, Mt. Carmel, Nicholas county, Kentucky339,340

  iv.   Cassandra Kennedy341,342, born 20 Oct 1798 in Nicholas Co., Kentucky; died 01 Jan 1835; married Daniel Goodrich 01 Jan 1835 in Nicholas county, Kentucky343,344.
  v.   Thomas Kennedy345,346, born May 1800 in Nicholas Co., Kentucky; married Polly Culp 25 Mar 1827 in Nicholas county, Kentucky347,348.
  vi.   Sarah Kennedy349,350, born 14 Feb 1802 in Nicholas Co., Kentucky; died 03 Aug 1829; married John Goodrich 03 Aug 1829 in Nicholas county, Kentucky351,352.
  vii.   Harriet Kennedy353,354, born 31 Jan 1805 in Nicholas Co., Kentucky.
  viii.   Polly Kennedy, born 07 Jun 1806 in Nicholas Co., Kentucky; married Joab Yates; born 29 Nov 1807 in Frankford, Nicholas county, Kentucky355,356.
  ix.   Clabourn Kennedy357,358, born 15 Oct 1807 in Nicholas Co., Kentucky; died 20 May 1857359,360; married (1) Sidda Taylor; married (2) Sidney Taylor 03 Jan 1831 in Nicholas county, Kentucky361,362; born 19 Jun 1806 in Nicholas county, Kentucky363,364.
  More About Clabourn Kennedy:
Burial: Kennedy Family Cemetery, Headquarters, Nicholas county, Kentucky365,366

  x.   Mary Kennedy367,368, born 07 Jun 1806 in Nicholas county, Kentucky369,370; married Joab Yates 25 Mar 1828 in Nicholas county, Kentucky371,372; born 29 Nov 1807 in Frankford, Nicholas county, Kentucky373,374.

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