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View Tree for Sr. James RoweSr. James Rowe (b. 1753, d. 1830)

James Rowe2423, 2424 was born 1753 in Culpeper, VA, USA2424, 2424, and died 1830 in Pike, KY, USA2424, 2424. He married (1) Bertie McKensey Chapman on 1791 in Giles, VA, USA2424. He married (2) Elizabeth Tracey on Bef. 17742425.

 Includes NotesNotes for James Rowe:

Facts about this person:

Fact 1 1781
left nc, appears in botetount co., va 1790 census

Fact 2
along with Benjamin and George Rowe

Fact 3
(probably brothers)


Culpepper County Rowe's

James Rowe the father of Stephen Rowe and grandfather of Solomon Rowe was from Culpepper County Virginia. *James, William Tracy Sarver along with others moved from Culpepper County Virginia to the Haw Patch in North Carolina where they joined themselves unto the King’s Army, before 1780.

George Rowe of Culpepper County Va. was in all likelihood the father of James. As he was the only Rowe in Culpepper county at that time old enough to be the father of James. George purchased property from John Frogg and his wife Mary, On August 16, 1753 in Culpepper County. James was born approximately in the year 1755/60. There was a Benjamin Rowe in the same vicinity of Culpepper County who bought property in the year of 1754 probably a brother of George.

These people were English and all were Patriots except James and Possibly Solomon Rowe who appears in Chatham County North Carolina in 1771. James settled on the Haw River in, Burkes County N.C. He moved into what was known as the Haw Patch, a level area below the peak of Fork mountain in north Mitchell County (Mitchell County was formed from Burkes co. after the war). When the loyalist army began recruiting soldiers for the Crown, James joined. Burkes County seemed to be a stronghold for the loyalists. On February 25, 1781 there was a battle on Haw River. James was with Col. John Pyle in an offence against General Pickins and Col. Lee. Pyles was defeated. General Pickens and Col. Lee had 600 men (Patriots) Col. John Pyles had 400 (Loyalists). No Patriots were killed in this battle but, 90 loyalists were killed and 250 wounded. James Rowe received a saber wound in his leg that left him lame the rest of his life.

After this battle in 1781 James and William Tracy Sarver (the father of Samuel Sarver who married James’s daughter Mary in 1791 in Botetourt co. Virginia.) settled on Wolf creek valley in Botetourt county Virginia. James lived there for 26 years until 1807. William Wilburn, David Hughes, from North Carolina, and John and Benjamin White from Amherst County Virginia settled on Sugar Run in 1780. It may be added that the New River valley received a large number of inhabitants in the Years between 1775 and 1782 from North Carolina. A large part of who were Tories, but from who have descended a large number of highly respectable and honored people.

In North Carolina in 1771 to 1781 the years James appears there, there are several Rowe’s including Solomon Rowe and his son John (also a Benjamin Rowe in Craven County, N.C.) who lived in Chatham County. Solomon was of an age to have been a brother or cousin to George Rowe of Culpepper county Virginia. (Remember these North Carolina men originally came from Culpepper county Va.) The name Solomon Rowe seems to have been only in the Culpepper Co. Rowe line. As I have found no other Solomon in all my search except one in Connecticut. The name must have passed down the line from the original in England.

James in Botetourt county named one of his sons (the oldest) Solomon and the next one John (remember Solomon and John in N.C.) They undoubtedly were cousins of his children.

These people in Culpepper County were mostly Episcopalians the Church of England but, some were Baptists. The following is Culpepper Deeds and a Will of George Rowe:
Note: In Botetourt county Benjamin Rowe is in the 1788-89 and 1790 tax lists and George Rowe is in the 1796 tax list (George is mentioned in the 1790 Will of George Sr. in Culpepper County)James Rowe, his children, Benjamin and George Rowe are all the Rowe’s in Botetourt county at that time except Walter Rowe of Baltimore county Md.


In Culpepper County Virginia there was only one man old enough to be the father of James or Solomon, and that was George Rowe.

Deed Book B, page 1

5 July 1753 16 August 1753,

John Frogg and Elizabeth his wife of Prince William county, Va.

to George Rowe of Culpepper county Virginia.

5 S. 416 acres
On a branch of Robinson River at the great mountains of the Rappahannock River.


Fron. + Tidewell his mark

Finley + Mockalester his mark

John Frogg Elizabeth Frogg

Deed Book, E page 5 15 August 1765

Richard Ship of Culpepper county Virginia to Benjaman Rowe of the same.

60 pounds 100 acres

On Mountain Run near Mary James Pendleton’s line.


Roger Dixon Richard Ship

Deed Book E, page 15 15 August 1765

John Nolle and Elizabeth his wife of Culpepper county Va. to Benjaman Rowe of the same.

125 pounds 680 acres

On mountain Run next to Richard Ships line.


Roger Dixon John Nolle

Elizabeth + Nolle her mark

Culpepper County Deeds
1776 Benjaman Rowe to James Garnett E---214
1767 Benjaman Rowe to Hunter and Glassell E--415
1768 Benjaman Rowe to Hunter and Glassell E--567
1768 Benjaman Rowe to Richard Stevens E--579
1769 Benjaman Rowe to Ambrose Camp E--581
1769 Benjaman Rowe to Robert Garnett E--739
1771 William Robertson from Benjaman Rowe F--381
1772 Benjaman Rowe to Robert Garnett F--569
1773 Benjaman Rowe to William Camp F--680
1774 George Rowe to Robert Bender G--320
1774 Benjaman Rowe to Andrew Johnson G--310
1790 George Rowe Est. to Heirs P--369
1795 William Rowe to Jno. Mason S--320
1797 William Rowe to Benjaman Rowe T--148
1753 George Rowe from John Frogg B-1-3
1754 George Rowe from Alex Campbell B-183&5
1765 Benjaman Rowe from Rich and Ship E--5
1765 Benjaman Rowe from John Nolle E--15
1767 Benjaman Rowe from Ambrose Camp E--570

In 1790 the will of George Rowe, the Heirs are listed as follows: George, Sarah Render, Mary Hughes, Ann Rowe and Frankey Rowe.

Deed books say these men are of Culpepper county Va.
As these are the oldest listed Rowe's, George must be the father of James Rowe. It may be that his family was loyal to the colonies and they might have been ostracized and purposely left him out of the will and their estate.


North Carolina Rowe’s

In the year of 1771 the Rowe's seemed to have migrated to North Carolina in Particular John Rowe, Solomon Rowe and James Rowe. These men apparently were closely related to one another. John and Solomon acquired land in Chatham county N.C.

Deed Book A, page 28 12 February 1771

John and Mary Rowe of Orange county N.C. to Robert Rutherford of the same.

76 F 125 415 acres

Land in Orange county on Harland creek. marked by trees and markers


William + Polly John + Rowe
his mark his mark
Melore + Pelly Mary + Rowe
his mark her mark

W. Malone

Deed Book A, page 65 27 November 1771

Thomas Stanton of North Carolina to John Rowe of Chatham county N.C.

8O P. 136 acres

On Mill creek of Rockey Run and marked by trees.


William Geray Samuel Adkerson

Thomas Stanton

Deed Book F, page 111 7 June 1792
Aug. 1792

Lemuel Harwell of Chatham county N.C. to Solomon Rowe of the same

50 P. 278 acres

At side of Rockey River and marked by trees.


Simon Wright
W. Knight
Lemuel Harwell

Deed Book G,page 155 28 November 1792

(Grant) State of North Carolina to Solomon Rowe.
10 P /100 A 250 acres

On Rockey River in Chatham county near Evan’s line and John Rowe line.

Alex Martin


Chatham County North Carolina Wills

Will Book A,page 23

Will of John Rowe of Chatham county N.C.
Will Dated 9th September 1799 Will Probated Feburary 1800
Wife Mary -land they now live on and all personal property.
Granddaughter - Mary * one cow and 20 pounds.
The rest of property to be devided with all my heirs.
Executors wife Mary and Solomon Rowe.

(Wi tness)
John Gaines
John stoke Jurot

John + Rowe his mark

Will Book B, page 137
Will of Solomon Rowe of Chatham County NC
Will dated 29 April 1827
Will probated May 1827
Proceeds of my estate to be divided among all my children

except Nancy Elles -------recieved their share already.

Son John (decease~)--------

Daughter Sarah Marplies wife of John to be paid their debt.
Son Joseph Rowe to pay debt of Robert Marsh.
Executors: John Peoples and William Stedman, friends


Cornelius Woreble
Henry Hill
Solomon Rowe

Note: John Rowe in N.C. had a son ,John who is listed in the 1819 court records as having bought land in Chatham county. This proves they rema.ined in N. C. when James left in 1781. All these names of John, Solomon would indicate a relationship between James and these men..And the fact that they held ownership in their land after the war would indicate they were Patriots.




In 1788 James Rowe, Sr. appears in Botetourt County in Virginia, along with Benjaman Rowe and George Rowe. These men apparently were related, possibly brothers, as no other Rowe men show up in the county, and they all appear in the same year. Benjaman and George disappear from the county after 1796. They could have moved on to another state.
James remained in Botetourt until 1807 when he moved to Spruce Run, a branch of New River.

While in Botetourt County (Seed Bed of the Republic, History of Botetourt County, Va.), Benjaman Rowe served as Attorney of Botetourt in 1790. William Hite and Benjaman Rowe acted as deputy clerks in 1788. James Rowe is mention-.
ed in a court case of 1809 as being previously of the county, and as obstructing the public highway (the Salem Road).

James and his wife (grandparents of Solomon Rowe) had seven children that are known: James, Jr.; Stephen; Thomas;Solomon; John; Nancy and Mary. They had one other child, the youngest, but could never learn his name.

Mary Rowe married Samuel Server, December 7, 1791 -- *James Rowe - Security.

James Rowe married Sop~ia Huffman, June 26, -1799 -- *John Huffman - Security.

Stephen Rowe married Barbara Huffman, April 4, 1801 -- *John Huffman - Security.

Nancy Rowe married William Cosby, September 5, 1807 -- *James Rowe - Father.

Solomon must have married shortly after 1800. He was paying taxes in 1807 and his wife's name was Doulvia.

Thomas Rowe married Theodosia Plymale, August 25, 1809.

Deed Book A, pages 208-209, Giles County, Virginia.
Between James Rowe, Sr. and his wife Elizabeth of Giles County to Joseph Garnes of the same, for $200.00, 80 acres, being part of a tract of 130 acres granted to James Rowe, June 30, 1808, in the aforesaid county on Spruce Run, a branch of the New River, 25 December, 1810.

- *The father of the bride was usually security on the marriage bond.

Deed Book A, page 42, Giles County, Virginia, April 13, 1807. Between James Rowe, Sr. and Solomon Rowe, his son, of Giles County, 60 acres, being a part of 80 acres granted to said James Rowe, Sr. by letter patent March 28, 1800, in Giles County, formerly Montgomery County, on the east side of New River, on bank of River below an old Salt-Petre camp, running N. E.

Stephen Rowe and Barbara Huffman Rowe were the parents of Solomon Rowe. While all of Stephen's brothers and his father moved from Giles County, Stephen and his family remained in Giles County. Stephen is the only Rowe listed for eleven years, beginning in 1818 until 1828 when he had a son old enough to be married.

Stephen and Barbara purchased land the 24th day of April, 1810 from George Williams and his wife, Margret, for an unnamed amount. Described as follqws:

Deed Book A, page 183

24th, April, 1810

George Williams, Sr. and wife, Margret, of Giles County to Stephen Roe of the same.


___________dollars 80 acres

Land, original patent, 5th of Aug., 1800, being formerly in Montgomery County. Land on Spruce Run,"'a branch of New River, marked by tree.

(Witness) Daniel French

George Williams Margret Williams

Stephen Rowe lived on Spruce Run until 1837 when he sold his property to Henry Diamond. This same property was purchased by him in 1836. As follows:

Deed Book E, page 72

2nd, Sept., 1836

Joseph Garnes and Peggy, his wife, of Jackson County, Virginia, to Stephen Rowe of Giles County, Virginia.


80 acres

Being part of 130 acres granted to James Rowe, Sr. by patent June 13, 1808, on Spruce Run, branch of New River. Two hundred yards from an old mill.

(Witness) R. A. French

his mark Joseph + Garnes Peggy Garnes

Deed Book 5, page 352

11th, Nov., 1837

stephen Rowe and Barbary, his wife, to Henry Diamond, all of Giles County.

$150.00 80 acres

Being part of 130 acres granted to James Rowe, Sr. by patent June 10, 1808, on Spruce Run, branch of New River. Two hundred yards from old mill.

(Witness) Isaac Brown

his mark Stephen + Rowe Barbary + Rowe her mark

Henry Diamond apparently was Stephen Rowe's son-in-law as Henry Diamond married Elizabeth Rowe.

Stephen and Barbara had ten children that are known:
Solomon; Jonathon; Jacob; Reuben; Stephen, Jr.; Barbara;
Elizabeth; Sophia; Joseph and one unnamed. There could have been other children as he still had seven children at home in 1830. The 1820 census lists him as having ten children.

Can the reader imagine the home life of Stephen and Barbara in 1810-30 with ten children, in a home carved out of the wilderness? In all probability, it was a log house, as most houses oh the frontier were at that time. They were usually one and one-half stories high and put together with wooden pegs instead of nails. The main room usually had a fireplace, a wooden table, chairs and benches, the loom, a must for every household, as they had to weave all the material for their clothing. One would see a spiQning wheel in a place of prominence, as it was in use constantly. Usually the parents slept in this room. Also, they cooked over the fire on a crane from which hung a kettle.

The children slept in the loft or half story. It was kept warm from the heat from the fireplace. Life was simple then. If they wanted to go somewhere, they rode a horse or walked. Still, in their own way, they were a happy people. They must have loved Virginia as Stephen and Barbara lived there all their lives.

Their children started marrying with the marriage of their son Reuben.

Reuben Rowe married Clary Fry, January 24, 1824 -- * Daniel FrySecurity.
Sophia Rowe married William Mays, August 12, 1825.
Elizabeth Rowe married Henry Diamond, December 13, 1827.
Jonathon Rowe married Elizabeth Fry, August 24, 1830.

NOTE: Elizabeth Fry and Clary Fry probably were sisters.


Barbara Rowe married William Maze, December 25, 1841.
Solomon Rowe married Juliena Diamond in 1832.

NOTE: Juliena and Henry Diamond, most likely, were brother and sister.

I believe that the Charles, Grandfather Giles spoke of in the document, was, in fact, Juliena's brother Charles, as there . was a Charles Diamond, and I could find no trace of a Charles Rowe in Giles County, but the one in Floyd County (now Pike County), Kentucky, could have been a cousin to Solomon and a nephew of Stephen.

James Rowe, Sr. and all his sons except Stephen moved to Floyd County, Kentucky, in 1817, and are on the 1820 and the , 1830 census for Floyd County (now Pike County), Kentucky.

Floyd County, Kentucky Deeds

1817------James Rowe from James Morgan B - 101
1818------James Rowe to Spencer Adkins B - 101
1819------James Rowe from Spencer Adams B - 102
1820------James Roe from David Morgan B - 112
1820------James Rowe to John Hall B - 112

All this is evidence that James, Sr. and all his children except Stephen left Giles County in lS17.

Stephen lived in the vicinity of his father's home place all his life, as evidenced by his purchase of land granted his father in 1808 on Spruce Run, a branch of the New River.
Stephen lived on Spruce Run. Stephen bought and sold land several times between 1810 and 1837, as follows:

Giles County, Virginia Deeds

1807------So1omon Rowe from James Rowe, Sr. Book A, p 42
1810------Solomon Rowe to David Williams Book A, p 168
1810------Stephen Rowe from George Williams Book A, p 83
1822------Stephen Rowe to David Chapman Book B, p 443
1836------Stephen Rowe from Joseph Garnes Book E, p 72
1837------Stephen Rowe to Henry Diamond Book E, p 352
1858*-----Solomon Rowe to John W. Mullins Book K, p 406
1806------James Rowe, Sr. from Ralph Begle Book A, p 26
1807------James Rowe, Sr. to Solomon Rowe Book A, p 42
1810------James Rowe to Joseph Garnes Book A, p 208
1812------James Rowe to Joseph Stanley Book A, p 272
1815------James Rowe to Jacob Gray Book A, p 399
1815------James Rowe to David Millions Book A, p 438
1817------James Rowe to Joseph Garn~s Book A, p 487
1816------James Rowe from Michael Drake & Heirs Book A, p 494/495
1817------James Rowe, Sr. to Michael Croy Book B, p 242
1834------John Bowe from Daniel Fry Book D, p 453
1834------John Rowe to David Chapman Book D, p 465

Deed Book K, page 406 29th September, 1858

Solomon Rowe to J. W. Mullins, trustee. Solomon grants 3/5 (after paying rent) of a tobacco crop, raised this year, partly housed and partly standing in trust for H. G. Dennis whom Solomon is indebted to for $98.44.


Solomon Rowe
J. W. Mullins

Deed Book B, page 242

17th October, 1817

James Rowe, Sr. and Elizabeth, his wife, of Giles County to Michel Croy of the same.

$250.00 98 acres

N. E. side of New River, land above the mouth of Spruce Run.

Joshua Copley George + Lauks his mark James Rowe
David + Millions his mark; Elizabeth Rowe

Deed Book A, page 494/495 (1 Nov., 1816) June, 1817

James Ross, George Drake, Solomon Rowe and Elizabeth, his wife, Charles Drake, Isom Atkins and Jane, his wife, Polly McCombs, John Drake, Michael Drake, Huldy Drake, William Elswick and Nancy, his wife, heirs and legatees of Michael Drake, deceased, of'Floyd County, Kentucky, to James Rowe, Jr., of Giles County, Virginia.

180 pounds

(1) 100 acres
(2) 80 acres

(1) Lying on Spruce Run---Marked by trees and marks.
(2) Lying on Spruce Run---Marked by trees and rocks.

(Witness) Signed by:
All the above mentioned.
David French

In the 1840 census, Solomon Rowe is listed as living next door to Judith Diamond, who had five children and a woman living with her, the woman being between 60 and 70 years old. This Judith most likely was a sister or sister-in-law of Juliena and it was probably their mother living with her. In the 1827 taxes, Melinda Diamond was too old to pay taxes.

More About James Rowe:
Date born 2: Abt. 17502425
Died 2: WFT Est. 1793-18422425
Fact 1: See Note Page.2425

More About James Rowe and Bertie McKensey Chapman:
Marriage: 1791, Giles, VA, USA.2426

More About James Rowe and Elizabeth Tracey:
Marriage: Bef. 17742427

Children of James Rowe and Elizabeth Tracey are:
  1. Mary Rowe, b. 1774, Botetourt Co., VA, d. 1810, Botetourt Co., VA.
  2. John Rowe, b. 1776, Va2427, d. 05 Oct 1864, Harrison Co., Iowa2427.
  3. +James Rowe, b. 1777, Chatham, NC, USA2428, d. 05 Oct 1864, Harriston Co., IN2429, 2430.
  4. +Solomon Rowe, b. 07 Aug 1779, Russell Co., Va2431, 2432, d. 07 May 1842, Pike, KY, USA2432.
  5. +Stephen ROWE, b. 1780, Botetourt, VA, USA2432, 2433, 2434, 2434, d. Bef. 1844, Spruce Run, Northumberland, VA, USA2434, 2435, 2436.
  6. Nancy Rowe, b. 17872437, d. WFT Est. 1788-18812437.
  7. Thomas Rowe, b. Abt. 1788, d. date unknown, Wayne Co., WV.
  8. +Joseph Rowe, b. Abt. 1790, Virginia2437, d. 16 Nov 1864, Cameron, Warren Co., Il2437.
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