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Ancestors of Mary Lou Bagwell

Generation No. 12

      3072. Garret (Jansz) Janszson, born Abt. 1635 in Netherlands; died 1662 in Netherlands. He married 3073. Lysbeth (Elizabeth) (Hendriksz) Hendrickson.

      3073. Lysbeth (Elizabeth) (Hendriksz) Hendrickson, born in Netherlands.

Notes for Lysbeth (Elizabeth) (Hendriksz) Hendrickson:
August 31, 1662: LYSBETH HENDRIKSON departed Amsterdam in Holland aboard the ship, The "D" VOS, with her two youngest son's, HENDRIK and PAUL, for the Colony of New Amstel, DELAWARE. Her oldest son Jan (John) had left for Delaware earlier.

November 1662: LYSBETH HENDRIKSON, Widow of GARRET JANSZSON (1635-1662), arrived in New Amstel, DELAWARE, (American Colony) in November of 1662 as a WIDOW, with her two youngest sons, HENDRIK and PAUL.

1693: The Census of the Sweedes of the Delaware in 1693 identified LYSBETH HENDRIKSEN and her sons Henry and Paul.
Children of Garret Janszson and Lysbeth Hendrickson are:
  1536 i.   Jan (John) Gerritsen Garretson, born Abt. 1654 in Gelderland, Holland, The Netherlands; died 05 Mar 1695 in Mill Creek, New Castle, Delaware, AGE 41; married Ann Prior Abt. 1673 in New Castle, Delaware.
  ii.   Hendrik (Henry) Garretson, born Abt. 1657 in Netherlands; died 13 Nov 1721 in New Castle, Delaware; married (1) Ann Pawl; born Abt. 1664; married (2) Annike (Anne) (Anna) Abt. 1699 in Delaware; died Abt. 1727 in Delaware.
  Notes for Hendrik (Henry) Garretson:
HENDRIK was raised by his Step-Father, SWART JACOB JANSEN, and later lived near Bread and Cheese Island with his younger brother, PAUL.

New Castle, Delaware Records, Volumn 1, page 160 identified HENDRIK GARRETSON as a Colonist.

November 1677: New Castle, Delare Records, Volumn 1, Page 163, SWART JACOB JANSZ and his two sons, Poul & Hendrik, living at Christine Kill, were FINED 20 Guilders each for refusing to work on Mr. BLOCK's dike.

November 1677: Page # 177, SWART JACOB and two sons were taxable, and were ordered to make Wolf Traps.

October 14, 1679: Jacob JANSEN and Henry GERRETSON signed an agreement for building a new sawmill on White Clay Creek, near Bread and Cheese Island. Both men signed with "Marks".

May 31, 1681, Hendrik (GERRITZEN) GARRETSON was granted the right to 12 acres of marsh by the New Castle Court.

October 4, 1681: Henry (GERRITSON's) GARRETSON's, mother, ELIZABETH HENDRICKSON (HENDRICKS), widow of SWART JACOB JANSEN of Christiana Creek, deceased, conveyed to BROER SINNEX, a neighbor, a piece of marshland near Christiana Creek.

September 5, 1682, Hendrik (GERRITZEN) GARRETSON was approved to take up 150 acres near White Clay Creek and Christiana Creek.


March 1683: HENRY and PAUL GARRETSON were taxed for 200 acres of land.

November 28, 1721, HENRY GERRITZEN's will named four sons and three daughters as follows:

Son HENRY, to get 100 acres and house.
Son JOHN, to get 100 acres, house, and two cows.
Son, GARRETT, to get 100 acres and Pine Tree Swamp, and two oxen.
Son, PETER to get 100 acres of land between John & Garrett's land.
Daughter, Catherine, to get 1 cow, 1 bed & sheets.
Daughter, Anne, to get 1 cow, 1 bed & sheets.
Daughter, Elizabeth, to get 1 cow, 1 bed & sheets.

  More About Hendrik (Henry) Garretson:
Will: 1721, Will dated October 24, 1721, Proved November 28, 1721

  Notes for Annike (Anne) (Anna):
December 1721: Communion Records of Old Swede's Holy Trinity Church in Wilmington, Delaware state that Old Henry GARETSON's wife, ANNIKE, and son Hendrik (Henry) attended.

Other Church entries stated that the Widow ANNIKE attended services regularly until 1727. It is possibe that she died in 1727.

  iii.   Pal (Paul) (Gerretsen) Garretsen, born Abt. 1659 in Netherlands; died 08 May 1734 in Baltimore, Maryland; married Elizabeth in Delaware.
  Notes for Pal (Paul) (Gerretsen) Garretsen:
Lived in Delaware and then nearby Maryland, the Baltimore Basin Area.

      3076. Captain Christopher Hussey, born 18 Feb 1599 in Surry, England; died 06 Mar 1667 in Hampton, New Hampshire. He married 3077. Theodate (Batchilier) Bachiler 15 Jan 1628 in Hampshire, England.

      3077. Theodate (Batchilier) Bachiler, born Abt. 1610 in England; died 20 Oct 1649 in Hampton, New Hampshire. She was the daughter of 6154. Reverand Stephen Bachiler.
Children of Christopher Hussey and Theodate Bachiler are:
  i.   Stephen Hussey, born 08 Jun 1632 in Lynn, Essex County, Mass.; died 02 Apr 1718 in Nantucket County, Mass; married Martha Bunker 08 Oct 1676 in Nantucket County, Mass.
  1538 ii.   John Hussey, born 31 Dec 1635 in Lynn, Massachusetts; died 1707 in New Castle, Colony of Delaware; married Rebecca Perkins 21 Sep 1659 in Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.
  iii.   Mary Hussey, born 02 Apr 1638 in Lynn, Mass.; died 21 Jan 1733; married Thomas Page.

      3078. Isaac Perkins, born 26 Jan 1611 in England; died 13 Nov 1685 in Hampton, New Hampshire. He married 3079. Susannah Wise.

      3079. Susannah Wise, born in England.
Child of Isaac Perkins and Susannah Wise is:
  1539 i.   Rebecca Perkins, born 29 Feb 1636 in Lynn, Massachusetts; died Abt. 1711 in New Castle County, Colony of Delaware; married John Hussey 21 Sep 1659 in Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.

      3584. John Chandler, born Abt. 1600 in London, ENGLAND; died Aft. 1658 in Virginia. He married 3585. UNKNOWN.

      3585. UNKNOWN

Notes for John Chandler:
John CHANDLER Arrived in Jamestown, Virginia in June of 1610 Aboard the Ship "Hercules of Rye" at the age of Nine (9). John was listed as a Single Gentleman. The Ships MUSTER listed JOHN CHANDLER as a Servant of Thomas WILLOUGHBY.

It is NOT known if other Relatives came with John, or if He was an Indentured Servant or a Cabin Boy.

John Survived Epidemics, Indian Raids, and the "Starving Time". John was listed on the 1620 Census of Jamestown, One of 1200 People. He was also listed on the 1623/1624 Census of The Living and the Dead. The Original 1200 People had been reduced to 60 Still Living.

In 1632 John was farming land that He owned, and in 1636 He patented 1000 acres for Himself and His "NOW WIFE ELIZABETH", on Harris Creek in Elizabeth City, Virginia, (Today part of Hampton, Virginia).
NOTE: Noting His "NOW WIFE" indicates that John had been Married Before, and that the First Wife was the Mother of ROBERT CHANDLER.

John CHANDLER became a prosperous planter, and Represented Elizabeth City in the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1646-1648. John was Justice of the County Court in 1646-1658.
Child of John Chandler and UNKNOWN is:
  1792 i.   Robert Chandler, born Abt. 1626 in York County, Virginia; died 1669 in York County, Virginia; married Elizabeth Davis.

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