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Ancestors of Dean Andrew Enderlin

      61. ? Myre540,541.

Notes for Otto Christian Stengel:
      "Christian Pingel" (Stengel) was enumerated in the 1803 Volkszahlregister for Wewelsfleth, Duchy of Holstein (then part of the Kingdom of Denmark), under the household of his father "Christian Pingle." The name misspelling may be a transcription error. Christian was listed as single, age indecipherable (age 8, when the census was taken 13 February 1803).
      "Otto Christian Stengel" was enumerated in the 1865 folketelling (census) for Røraas Bergstad, Norway, as a head of household on the west side of the town proper. He was listed as "Berglæge ved Røraas Værk" (mine doctor at Røros works), age 71, born at Holsten (Duchy of Holstein, in the Kingdom of Denmark, now part of Germany). His household included his wife, Gunhild, and two children, namely "Gunhilde L. Cathr. Stengel" and "Lauritz Aschenberg Stengel", ages 21 and 13, respectively. In addition, the household included two servant women, one named Anne Halvorsdatter Løkken (age 40, born in Røraas Bergstad) and the other named Anne Sofie Petersdatter Laulo (age 21, born at Røraas Bergstad). The household also included two unrelated lodgers named Sophus Johan Schøning (age 16, born at Hammerø Prestegjeld) and Amalie B. D. Schøning (age 15, born at Vaagens Prestegjeld). In total, there were eight members of the household. His household also listed 8 cattle.
      "Otte Christian Stengel" was enumerated in the 1875 folketelling (census) for "Røros Bergstad" in the municipality of Røros as "huusfar" (head) of a household of six persons. His household included his wife "Gunhild Stengel f. Kjelsberg," son "Lauritz Achenberg Stengel," and (so-called) foster daughter "Henning Gea Christine Stengel." The latter is undoubtedly the granddaughter of Otto Christian Stengel and step-granddaughter of Gundhild Kjelsberg. The household also included two servants. "Otte" (Otto) was listed as "Berglæge ved Røraas Værk, Jordbruger. (Selveier og Byxelmand)" (mine doctor at Røros works, farmer (both farm owner and tenant farmer). He was listed as being born in 1795 at "Holsten i Danmark."
      "Berglæge Stengel" appears in the land tax register (gårdsmatrikkelen) of Norway for 1886 with four areas of grazing land, all in Røros district. He was taxed 1 skilling for his paddock ("græshage") in the Kvitsandhagerne (the paddocks at Kvitsand, northwest of Røros, gnr. 134, bruksnr. 22, possibly including the lake known as Doktortjønna), 1 skilling for each of two paddocks in the Østerhagerne (the eastern paddocks, gnr. 137, bruksnr. 101 & 102, probably including the farm known as Dokterløkkja), and 2 skilling for his paddock in Djupdalshagerne (the paddocks at Djupdal, south of Røros, gnr. 138, bruksnr. 78, probably including Paskå farm).

      According to Dagny Louise Jacobsen (as told to her by her mother, Marthine Stengel), Emil Gonsales Stengel was the son of Dr. Stengel, who was District doctor for the copper mines at Røros, Norway. There is no doubt that the father of Emil Stengel was Doctor Otto Christian Stengel of Røros (the family story is supported by Emil's baptismal record). Family lore states that Emil was the son of the doctor and a woman known only as the doctor's housekeeper. Further research revealed that her name was "Madame" Myre. When Emil was adopted by Madam Leigh (the recent widow of Morten Leigh, a merchant in Røros), it appears that the father and son severed their relationship. Until recently, our family was unaware that Emil had half-sisters and half-brothers from the doctor's later marriages.
      Several landmarks in Røros-Bergstaden preserve the doctor's memory, including his old home (Stengelgården), which still stands on the street called Bergmannsgata (a.k.a., Hyttegaden). There is also a street called Stengelveta at the south end of the old town center. In addition, a nearby outdoor recreational park is named in his honor. It is called Doktortjønna or Doktortjernet (the Doctor's Lake), and features a pond and nearby land that was once owned by Dr. Stengel. Another landmark in the Røros area is Dokterløkkja (the Doctor's paddock), also known as Doktorlykkja or Doktorvolden, located northeast of Røros town center, and on the western shore of the lake called Hittersjøen. - D.A.E.

      During his 61-year tenure (1821-1882) as doctor at Røros, Otto Christian Stengel distinguished himself as being the earliest to record a rare children's disease called Batten's disease, the most frequent form of a group of disorders called neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses. According to Norwegian medical journals regarding Spielmeyer-Vogt's Syndrome (Batten's disease): "Doctor (legen) Christian Stengel was the first in Norway who described a corresponding type of illness, with four children in the same family in Røros in 1826."
The reference for C. Stengel's published account is:
      Stengel C. (1982) Account of a singular illness among four siblings in the vicinity of Røraas, in Ceroid-lipofuscinosis (Batten's Disease), eds. Armstrong D, Koppang N , Rider JA (Elsevier Biomedical Press, Amsterdam), pp. 17-19. Translated from: Beretning om et mærkeligt Sygdomstilfoelde hos fire Sødskende i Naerheden af Røraas. Eyr et medicinsk Tidskrift 1826 (Christiania); 1:347-352. The original account was published in Eyr volume I (Norway's first medical journal) in 1826, pages 347-352. Other medical papers by Christian Stengel appear in Eyr volume II, pages 134-137, and in Eyr volume III, pages 229-230.

      A complete biography of Berglæge Christian Stengel appears in Norges leger (Norway's Doctors), a compilation of biographical information related to Norway's doctors from 1700 to the present. The volume in which Christian Stengel's biography appears was published in 1996, Øivind Larsen, editor. The full text (originally in Danish) was translated to English by Dean Enderlin, March 2001.

      An obituary appeared in "Tidsskrift for den norske lægeforening" (Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association) in 1890, pages 142 and 143.

Noteworthy events in his life are summarized as follows:
1794 - Born at Wewelsfleth on 3 March 1794.
1810 - Became a surgical scholar at the hospital in Glückstadt.
1812 - Departed for Copenhagen to study surgery. Became Company Surgeon in the Danish army the same year.
1813 - Came to Holstein, where he served duty at the military hospital in Kiel. In about December of that year, he became a prisoner-of-war when Kiel was invaded and occupied by the Swedish army. He was shortly discharged, and continued to serve in the military field hospital there.
1814 - Ordered to Copenhagen, and then sent to Norway to serve in the Norwegian army. Served as Company Surgeon in the artillery at Christiania until 1 October 1821.
1816 - Took the Preliminary Examination (III).
1821 - Took the Norwegian Medical Examination 22 May 1821.
1821 - Came to Røros in the autumn of 1821 to serve as berglæge (mine district doctor). He continued to serve in that function for sixty-one years.
1827 - Married Henningea Aschenberg in July 1827.
1830 - He was conferred by Royal Decree as berglæge at Røros on 16 April 1830.
1844 - Married Gunhild Kjelsberg on 20 October 1844.
1862 - A great gift of honor in silver was presented to him by the citizens of Røros.
1871 - Celebrated his 50th anniversary at Røros with a public ceremony on 10 October 1871. A legacy or memorial was established in his honor.
1881 - Became a Knight (ritter) of the Royal Order of St. Olav (den norske Sanct Olavs Orden) on 15 September 1881.
1882 - Retired from his position as berglæge in April 1882.
1890 - Died at Røros on 27 February 1890.

More About Otto Christian Stengel:
Burial: 08 March 1890, Røros kirkegård, Røros, Søndre Trondhjems amt (Sør-Trøndelag), Norway542
Cause of Death: Cerebral apoplexy
Knighted: 15 September 1881, Royal Order of St. Olav543

  Notes for ? Myre:
      The baptism record for Emil Gonsales Stengel states that his parents were "Hr Doktor Stengel og Madamme Mÿre." Note that Myre was written in the archaic style, with the "y" derived from the combination "ij" (hence, the dots over the "y"). The child was born "Uogte" (uægte, uekte... illegitimate). Although her first name is not given, Madame Myre's last name appears to be a farm name. This is a clue to her family origin, however, the name Myre is quite common ("myr" is the Norwegian word for bog or marsh).
      There is a curious inconsistency between the parish record and our family lore. It is said that the mother of Emil Stengel was the housekeeper of the doctor, yet, in the parish record she is given the title, "Madame." Women of lower social status were generally not addressed in that manner.
      According to the 1801 folketelling (census) for Norway, a farm of that name was located in Renneboe (Rennebu) sogn, Meldal prestegjeld, Trondhjem amt. Heads of households on the farm were Svend Lødensen, Jon Pedersen, Svend Jørgensen, Anders Ingebrigtsen, and Ole Hansen. Of these, only three families had young daughters: Jon Pedersen and his wife Ane Knudsdatter had a daughter Marit (age 4). Ole Jonsen (son-in-law to Svend Jørgensen) and his wife Marit Svensdatter had two daughters, Brit (age 5) and Kari (age 2). Ole Hansen and his wife Kiersti Rasmusdatter had a daughter Giertrud (age 3).
      Another Myre farm is reported in the vicinity of Tynset (Tønset), Hedmark. It is listed in the 1865 folketelling. There is also a Myre farm at Os, southwest of Røros.
      Parish records for Røros show a number of entries for the Myre name and its variants. An Ole Paulsen Myre married Anne Margrete Ericsdatter on 8 June 1772 in Røros. A Halvor Joensen Myre married Lucia Svendsdatter on 28 April 1780, and a Jon Jonsen Myre married Marit Svendsd on 5 May 1793. These could be related families, however, farm names can be deceptive. Also of note, on 12 October 1794, a daughter Ingebor was baptized to John Isacsen Myren and Johanna Tørisdatter. The name also appears in the records as Myhe and Myhre.
Child of Otto Stengel and ? Myre is:
  30 i.   Geo Emil Gonsales Christiansen ("Emil") Stengel, born 12 September 1823 in Tønset (Tynset), Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway; died 07 June 1915 in Sem farm, Øvre Eiker, Buskerud fylke, Norway; met (1) Kari Michelsdatter Skomerud Abt. December 1846; married (2) Oline Christophersdatter 14 December 1847 in Vang, Hedemarkem amt (Hedmark), Norway; met (3) Helene Christophersdatter 1858; married (4) Danelen Villumsdatter Lie 04 November 1888 in Haug, Øvre Eiker, Buskerud fylke, Norway.

      62. Christofer Helgesen Diesen544, born 15 September 1802 in Stor-Imislund farm, Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway545,546; died 16 February 1876 in Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway546. He was the son of 124. Helge Olsen Stor-Imislund and 125. Olive Olsdatter. He married 63. Karen Amundsdatter Ovren 10 April 1828 in Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway546.

      63. Karen Amundsdatter Ovren547, born 14 April 1808 in Gausdal, Kristians amt (Oppland), Norway548,549; died 09 December 1887 in Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway550. She was the daughter of 126. Amund Olsen Ovren and 127. Anne Guttormsdatter Midtvold.

Notes for Christofer Helgesen Diesen:
      "Kristofer Helgessøn" was enumerated in the 1865 folketelling for Furnæs and Vang, Norway, as head of household for Disen østre farm. He was listed as "Føderaadsmand" (pensioner upon his own estate), married, age 64, born in Vang. His household included his wife, Karen Amundsdatter; his son Adolf Krostoferssøn; his mother-in-law Anne G. Ovren (age 83); his grandson Julius Kristianssøn (age 7, son of Helene Christophersdatter and Emil Stengel); a servant girl, Kari Halvorsdatter (age 16); and a lodger, portrait painter Mathias Stoltenberg (age 70).

      "Christopher Helgesen" is listed as the owner of "Diisen østre" farm in the 1838 gårdsmatrikkelen (tax list) for Vangs hovedsogn in Hedmark (data courtesy University of Tromsø). The farm was assessed at 13 Daler, 2 Ort and 17 Skilling.

      Parish records for Vang indicated that Christofer Helgesen was born on 17th September 1892. Research by Alf Christophersen (see below) indicates that he was actually born 15 September. Alf Christophersen had access to family records, so his information is assumed to be correct.

According to the First Record, compiled by Alf Christophersen in 1918 (translated to English by Dean Enderlin, 2000):
      "Christopher Helgesen Diesen was born at Stor-Imislund in Vang at Hedmark, 15/9 - 1802. (Standing in the church book: born 17/9 and baptized 19/9 - 1802). On the division of his mother's estate in 9/10 - 1811, he inherited 5337 Riksdaler, 3 Ort and 9.1/5 shilling, besides a part of his father's farm, Stor-Imislund, with 5300 Riksdaler. 14/12 that same year he and his siblings released the farm to brother Ole. On 20/6 - 1830 he bought from Anstein Eriksen, Östre Diesen farm in Vang, assessed at 2 skpd. [skippund] and 111 pd. [pund] -- 13/12 - 1817, for 1800 Speciedaler . Then he sold it again, 7/12 - 1850 to his brother-in-law Ole Anton Ovren for 2800 Speciedaler. The same day he [Ole] sold the entire farm to Lieutenant Bögh for 3000 Speciedaler, with the simultaneous stipulation that Bögh provide living privileges to Christopher Diesen and his wife with an annual income of 100 Speciedaler, of which 50 Speciedaler must stand in the farm until they died.
      "Lieutenant, later rittmester [Captain of Horses], Lt. J. Stenersen Bögh also bought Borstad farm in Vang, and both properties were later sold in 1876 by his widow to cand. min. Jacob Roll. Christopher Diesen died 16/2 - 1876. 10/4 -1828 Christopher Diesen married Karen Amundsdatter Ovren in Vang, who was born in Gausdal 14/4 - 1808. They had 9 children."

      Christopher Helgesen took his name from the farm that he lived on for most of his life: Diesen (more commonly spelled Disen). There were two farms by this name: Disen vestre (west) and Disen østre (east). Christopher's was Disen østre, located in Vang (matrikkelnumer: 126, gårdnumer: 4). It was combined with Børstad farm, as mentioned above. Christopher was born at another farm in Vang, called Stor-Imislund, also called Imeslund store or Imerslund store (matrikkelnumer: 159, gårdnumer: 29). The word "stor" means big or great. There are also farms called Imerslund vestre and Imerslund østre in Vang.

More About Christofer Helgesen Diesen:
Baptism: 19 September 1802, Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway551
Burial: 28 February 1876, Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway551

  Notes for Karen Amundsdatter Ovren:
      "Karen Amundsd." was enumerated in the 1865 folketelling (census) for Furnæs og Vang, Norway, under the household of "Kristofer Helgessøn" at Disen østre farm in Vang. She was listed as Kristofer's wife, age 58, born in Gausdal.

      The listing of "Gravlagde i Vang 1886-1900" (Burials in Vang 1886-1900), compiled by Asbjørn Røsbak and presented on the Digitalarkivet website, lists "Karen Amundsdtr Diesen" as being buried 19 December 1887 in Vang. Her late husband was noted as "Kristofer Helgesen Diesen." She was listed as "Føderaads Enke" (pensioner widow), born 1808, died 9 December 1887.

More About Karen Amundsdatter Ovren:
Baptism: 01 May 1808, Gausdal, Kristians amt (Oppland), Norway552
Burial: 19 December 1887, Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway553
Confirmation: 1823, Gausdal, Kristians amt (Oppland), Norway554
Children of Christofer Diesen and Karen Ovren are:
  31 i.   Oline Christophersdatter, born 03 November 1828 in Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway; died 27 July 1881 in Sem farm, Øvre Eiker, Buskerud fylke, Norway; married Geo Emil Gonsales Christiansen ("Emil") Stengel 14 December 1847 in Vang, Hedemarkem amt (Hedmark), Norway.
  ii.   Anders Christophersen555, born 18 March 1832 in Disen østre farm, Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway556; died 21 March 1897 in Røros, Søndre Trondhjems amt (Sør-Trøndelag), Norway557,558
  Notes for Anders Christophersen:
      "Anders Christofers." was enumerated in the 1865 folketelling (census) for Røraas, Norway, for the east side of the town proper. He was listed as "Handelsfuldmægtig" (head clerk) under the household/store of Magnus and Johan Magnus Engzelius. Anders was listed as unmarried, aged 34, born at Vang in Hedmark. Anders' nephew, Bertrand Stengel was also listed in the census as working in the same store.
      "Anders Christophersen" was enumerated in the 1875 folketelling for Røros Bergstad, under the household of Johan Magnus Engzelius. He was listed as born 1832 in Hamar, occupation "Handelsfuldmægtig" (head clerk).

      According to the notes of Dagny Bergersen (The Second Record), Anders "came to M. Engzelius and Son's in Røros as a young boy, probably stayed with Madam Leigh to begin with on account of the acquaintance he had with Emil Stengel who became his brother-in-law. Later he came into the firm as 'ekapeditør' (clerk) and later to be authorized agent and 1/3 part owner in the firm. The first years of part ownership he credited himself with his earnings and thought it was too much -- later he let it be 'acceptable'. He never married and died 1897."
      Dagny Bergersen's account suggests that Anders was somewhat uncomfortable with the amount of earnings he was entitled to in his position at the Engzelius store. He no doubt became a very wealthy man. He was generous with his wealth, however, and helped other family members who were in need. For example, he gave a considerable sum of money to his sister, Oline, to establish a millinary shop in Hamar when her husband left home.
      According to research by Randi Borgos, Anders worked for Johan Magnus Engzelius (1821 - 1893), the son of Magnus Engzelius (1791 - 1868). Johan Magnus was the heir to the Engzelius business in Røros, formerly "M. Leigh & Co." He was an extremely active business man (educated as a mining engineer). He held large landholdings in Sweden, which often required his personal attention, and he also often traveled to Oslo. Because of his frequent absence from Røros, Engzelius delegated management of the business to his "appointed confidential clerk," Anders Christophersen.

      According to the emigrant list of Vang prestegjeld, Hedmark ("Utflytterlister for Vang prgj. 1816-1902", courtesy Digitalarkivet on-line), "Anders Christophersen" was registered as an emigrant from Vang in 1849. He was listed as a bachelor, born 18 March 1832, residence Disen østre farm. His destination was Røros, and his departure date was 1 January 1848.

      Anders never married, and had no known children.

      His grave marker in Røros churchyard describes him as "Forretningschef" (business manager).

  More About Anders Christophersen:
Baptism: 08 April 1832, Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway559
Burial: 25 March 1897, Røros kirkegård, Røros, Søndre Trondhjems amt (Sør-Trøndelag), Norway560
Confirmation: 04 October 1846, Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway561

  iii.   Ole Christophersen561, born 26 March 1835 in Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway562,563; died 29 April 1873 in Røros, Søndre Trondhjems amt (Sør-Trøndelag), Norway564,565; married Johanna Maria Cecelie ("Hanna") Schamvogel 24 July 1862 in Røros, Søndre Trondhjems amt (Sør-Trøndelag), Norway565; born 25 May 1839 in Røros, Søndre Trondhjems amt (Sør-Trøndelag), Norway566,567; died 1910568.
  Notes for Ole Christophersen:
      "O. Christophers." was enumerated in the 1865 folketelling (census) for Røraas Bergstad, Norway. He was head of household under "Lillegaden" farm, married to "J. C. M. Christophers. f. Schamvogel" with one son. Ole was listed as "Handelsmand og Selveier" (merchant and farm owner), age 31, born at Vangs Prestegjeld in Hedmark. His wife was listed as 27 years in age, born at Røraas Bergstad. Their son was listed as "H. G. Christophers.," age 1 year, born at Røraas Bergstad. Gustav Christophersen, Ole's brother, was also enumerated in Ole's household. He was listed as a "butikdreng" (shop servant), age 19. The household also included another shop servant, Hans A. Graadahl (age 18) and two servant girls, Ingeborg Sophia Larsdatter (age 22) and Margrete Oldsdatter (age 22), all born at Røraas Bergstad. In all, there were seven individuals in the household. The household also listed 2 cattle.

      According to the notes of Dagny Bergersen (The Second Record), Ole "came as quite a young boy to Røros and got his training in the M. Engzelius store. Later he opened his own store for Colonial goods, groceries and all kinds of wines and liquor for which he had acquired a license to sell. He became his own best customer and died an alcoholic at the age of 35."
      "He married a photographers daughter Hanna Schamvogel. They had two sons: Henrik and Axel. (When Martine (mama) was 16 years old she and her young Uncle Gustave, about the same age, were sent to Røros to work in Uncle Ole's store. Aunt Hanna proved to be very miserly about the food they were served, so they suffered from hunger which she never forgot. Even the servants had better food than they had. Mama left there to work in her Aunt Karoline's Millinery shop and Uncle Gustave left also.) Aunt Hanna ran the business for some time after her husband's death -- a tragic one."

      According to the emigrant list of Vang prestegjeld, Hedmark ("Utflytterlister for Vang prgj. 1816-1902", courtesy Digitalarkivet on-line), "Ole Christophersen" was registered as an emigrant from Vang on 28 February 1852. His date of birth was listed as 26 March 1835. He was listed as a bachelor, son of a farmer ("Gårdmannssønn"), residence Disen østre farm. His destination was Røros.

      One of his grandsons was Alf Christophersen, the author of an unpublished family history known to our family as the "First Record."

  More About Ole Christophersen:
Baptism: 26 April 1835, Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway569
Burial: 07 May 1873, Røros kirkegård, Røros, Søndre Trondhjems amt (Sør-Trøndelag), Norway570
Confirmation: 30 September 1849, Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway571

  Notes for Johanna Maria Cecelie ("Hanna") Schamvogel:
      "J. C. M. Christophers. f. Schamvogel" (f. = født = born) was enumerated in the 1865 folketelling (census) for Røraas Bergstad, under the household of "O. Christophers." She was listed as age 27, born at Røraas Bergstad.
      "Johanna Maria Cecelie Christophersen" was enumerated in the 1875 folketelling for Røros Bergstaden, Søndre Trondhjems amt (Sør-Trøndelag), Norway. She was head of household in a house located at 33 Bergstadens Lillegade. She was listed as female head of household (husmor), widowed, born in Bergstaden in 1839. Her occupation was merchant and landowner (Handlende, Jordeier). The census noted that the household also owned 2 cows. Her household included her sons "Henrik Georg Christophersen" (born 1865) and "Axel Christopher Christophersen" (born 1867), and three other individuals: "Anne Maria Olsdatter" (born 1860, working as a store helper -- "butikpige"), "Cathrina Olsdatter Langen" (born 1854, working as a maidservent -- "tjenestpige"), and "Edle Cathrine Strue" (born 1806, a lodger on pension -- "logerende, pensionistinde").

      Her father was Henrik Georg Schamvogel, who operated the apothecary of Røros. Her first son was named Henrik Georg, no doubt in honor of her father.

  More About Johanna Maria Cecelie ("Hanna") Schamvogel:
Baptism: 21 July 1839, Røros, Søndre Trondhjems amt (Sør-Trøndelag), Norway572
Burial: Røros kirkegård, Røros, Søndre Trondhjems amt (Sør-Trøndelag), Norway

  iv.   Annette Christophersdatter573, born 22 September 1837 in Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway573; died 07 June 1850 in Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway573
  Notes for Annette Christophersdatter:
      Annette was a twin to Helene Christophersdatter. She died on June 7th, 1850, at Disen østre farm at the age of 12 3/4 years, and was buried on June 17th.

  More About Annette Christophersdatter:
Baptism: 20 October 1837, Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway573
Burial: 17 June 1850, Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway573

  v.   Helene Christophersdatter573, born 22 September 1837 in Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway574; died 21 February 1923 in Selbu, Sør-Trøndelag fylke, Norway575; met Geo Emil Gonsales Christiansen ("Emil") Stengel 1858; born 12 September 1823 in Tønset (Tynset), Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway576,577; died 07 June 1915 in Sem farm, Øvre Eiker, Buskerud fylke, Norway578.
  Notes for Helene Christophersdatter:
      Helene could not be found in the 1865 folketelling (census) for Norway.
      "Hellena Christofersen" was enumerated in the 1875 folketelling for Selbu, Søndre Trondhjems amt (Sør-Trøndelag), Norway, under the household of her brother, Gustav, at Marienborg farm. She was listed as single, born 1838 in Vangs Prestegjeld in Hedmark, occupation "Husholderske" (housekeeper).
      "Helene Kristoffers." was enumerated in the 1900 folketelling for Selbu, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway, under the household of her brother "Gustav Kristoffers." at Hove nordre farm. She was listed as single, housekeeper (husholderske), born 1837 in Hedemark, occupation "Hosholdningen" (manager of the house).

      According to the notes of Dagny Bergersen (The Second Record), Helene "when a young girl came to stay with her sister Oline after they lost Ry farm and was staying at Stafford farm for a time. An unfortunate affair occurred there for her." The unfortunate affair was a sexual assault by her bother-in-law, Emil Stengel, which resulted in her becoming pregnant. The child born of this pregnancy was Julius Alfred Christiansen (aka, Christophersen), a beloved "uncle" to Marthine Stengel.

      The parish entry for "Hellene" indicates that she was a twin. The other child was "Annette," who died young.

      Helena spent most of her later years helping her brother, Gustav, with his affairs in Selbu, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway. She died from influenza and bronchitis on 21 February 1923 at Hove farm in Selbu.

  More About Helene Christophersdatter:
Baptism: 20 October 1837, Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway579
Burial: 03 March 1923, Selbu, Sør-Trøndelag fylke, Norway580
Cause of Death: Influenza and bronchitis
Confirmation: 05 October 1851, Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway581

  Notes for Geo Emil Gonsales Christiansen ("Emil") Stengel:
      "Emil Stengel" was enumerated in the 1865 folketelling (census) for Hamar, Norway. He was listed as head of household, "Arbeidsmand" (laborer), age 40, born in Røraas. Emil and his wife Oline were listed with five children, namely, Karl Albert, Christian Ditløv, Martine Lovise, Emile Olivie, and Anna Hilda Sofie, ages 17, 13, 14, 9 and 5, respectively. All the children were listed as having been born in "Wang" (Vang in Hedmark) with the exception of Anna who was born in Hamar. There were no other members of the household besides Emil, Oline and the children. The household also listed 1 horse and 1 pig. The family was one of several on the parcel of land (which was located in the 38th quarter of Hamar). The total number of people living on the parcel was 50.
      "Emil Kristian Stengel" was also enumerated in the 1900 folketelling for Øvre Ekers, Norway, as head of household for Sem farm, with his wife Danelen. Emil was listed as "Pensjoneret jernbaneformand, grindvogter" (railroad foreman on pension, gatekeeper), born at Tønset in Hedmark in 1823. Emil and his wife were listed with two children, Vilhelm Emil Stengel and Tora Stengel, born in 1890 and 1891, respectively. The census noted that the farm had corn or potatoes, farm animals (no poultry), a vegetable garden, and a fruit orchard.

      According to Dagny Louise Jacobsen (as told to her by her mother), Emil Stengel was the son of Dr. Stengel and his housekeeper. Parish records for Tønset, where Emil was born, reveal that the mother's name was Madame Myre. Emil's mother left him with his father and vanished. He was later adopted by Madame Leigh, the wealthy widow of Morten Leigh, who brought Emil up in luxury.
      Emil grew up to be a handsome man, but with little regard for money. His adopted mother had wealth, and as the only heir, he assumed he would always live well. Madame Leigh sent Emil to Agricultural College in Trondheim.
      While Emil was in college, a heavily veiled woman came to his room one night and wanted to talk with him. She said that she was his mother, and left a remembrance of some sort for him to keep. It was said by Marthine Bergersen, that Emil was not sentimental toward her during the visit, and he never saw her again. There were some who suspected that Madame Leigh was Emil's mother, but that because she was a widow she wouldn't admit to it. This, we now know, is incorrect. According to his baptism record in the Tønset Kirkebok, Emil's mother was Madame Myre.
      After he finished polytechnic school in Trondheim, Emil came to Sahli farm (also called Sæhli or Sæli, located in Vang, Hedmark) for a while. That was where he met Oline, who lived on nearby Olsrud farm. They often rode together on horseback. When they married, Madame Leigh bestowed Ry farm (in Vang, Hedmark) on him, complete with equipment, stock and help. Emil did not give the farm the attention it deserved, however, due to his uncontrolled drinking. It was said that he knew how to do better, but didn't. After the children were born, Emil was abusive. He beat the boys most of all, especially Albert, who was the most outgoing.
      In the course of years, the farm was either sold or lost due to neglect. In the meanwhile, Madame Leigh died [1859], but her estate was seized by a partner, Engzelius, who claimed it over Emil. This was a terrible blow to Emil.
      The family moved to Stafford farm, and while there, Oline's sister Helene stayed with them. In 1858, Emil, who was more or less perpetually intoxicated, sexually assaulted Helene. She became pregnant after the incident, and was so depressed she attempted suicide by trying to jump into a well. The child, who was born in July, 1859, was named Julius. He was given the surname, Christophersen (or Christiansen), because of his scandalous parentage.
      Emil left home after the scandal became known (circa 1861). It is said that during his absence, he worked on the railroad where drinking was not allowed. This caused him to sober up and become a better man. Emil returned home after eight years, and was forgiven by Oline, contrary to the advice of others in the family. They moved to Øvre Eiker in Buskerud fylke (on the Drammen River, about 30 miles southwest of Oslo), and lived the remainder of their lives on Sem farm in the parish of Haug (Hokksund). Emil continued to work for the railroad, and their living accommodations at Sem were probably provided by the railroad. In 1885, he was described as district foreman for the railroad (source: marriage record for his daughter, Mille). He also served as a gatekeeper for the railroad.
      In November of 1888, Emil married Danelen Villumsdatter in Haug. She was a native of Holum in Vest-Agder fylke, and was the daughter of Villum Thoresen Lie. Danelen was over 30 years younger than Emil. They had four children, two of whom died young (one stillborn). The children who reached adulthood were Vilhelm Emil and Thora (Tora) Julie. Both children emigrated to America, but eventually returned to Norway. Vilhelm took over the house in Øvre Eiker after his mother died in 1923.
      Emil's granddaughter, Dagny Bergersen, referred to him as "Emil Gonsales Stengel." In life, he used the name "Emil Christian Stengel." He was baptized "Geo Emil Gonsales Christiansen." Witnesses to his baptism were: "Hr. Prof. Hagrup" from Trondhjem, "Lieut. Ramm" (probably Lieutenant Nikolay Hersleb Ramm of Tønset, the forest inspector -- "skog-inspektør"), Lo__se (sp?) of Tangen, "Mdm. Østgård", and "___ Brokorp."

      Emil is buried in Haug cemetery in Øvre Eiker, Buskerud fylke, along with his wife, Danelen, and son Vilhelm (Wilhelm) Emil Stengel. Acording to the transcription on the DIS-Norge website, they are buried in Block (Felt) 00D, Row (Rad) 04, Grave number (Gravnr.) 8.

More about Madame Leigh...
      Madame Leigh (1776 - 1859), was a prominent member of the Røros community. She was the widow of the merchant, Morten Leigh (1779 - 1816). She adopted Emil Stengel at an early age. Her husband, who had died 16 April 1816 (seven years before Emil was born), left Madame Leigh with considerable wealth. The most important of the assets was Leighgården in Røros.
      Madame Leigh's birth name was Bereth Martha Beenberg. She was born in Trondhjem (Trondheim) in 1776, and was the daughter of Johan P. Beenberg and Ingeborg Olsen Ellberg (source: IGI). She married merchant Morten Leigh, the son of Hieronymous Leigh and Anne Sophie Steen, in Røros around 12 March 1802. Hieronymous Leigh (1747 - 1807) was a church pastor, living in the nearby village of Tønset (Tynset). It is interesting that, prior to the marriage, Bereth Martha was living with the Leigh family in Tønset. She was listed in the 1801 census as "Berte Marte Benborg", age 25, unmarried, lodging free ("gratist") in the household. Hieronymous Leigh was listed in the census as "Pastor emeritus - har 200 rd aarl. af kaldet - grd bruger".
      Morten Leigh was born 28 October 1779 at Lom in what is now Oppland fylke. He originally settled in Tynset with his parents, and established his first business in Røros in 1800 on Bergmannsgata. He was enumerated at this business in Røros in the 1801 census, described as "handelsmand logerende" (merchant - lodger), age 22, with no family (ikke beslægtet). The business grew quickly, and he soon needed larger quarters. In 1806, he purchased a property across the street, at what would later be known as "Leighgården." The property had previously been owned by Peter Schnitler Krag. Leigh purchased it for 1,500 riksdaler. The mercantile that was developed on this property became known as "M. Leigh & Co." According to Andreas Lund, Morten had a large liquor distillery in Sweden, and the store in Røros sold this liquor with all sorts of other commodities to the copper miners. Morten Leigh died 16 April 1816, and was buried in the cemetery of the Røros Church (by the famous "Bergstadens Ziir"). It is said that his grave marker was one of the first to be erected in the cemetery, alongside that of his father. A cast iron marker, honoring his memory and that of Madame Leigh, still stands in the Engzelius plot in the Røros churchyard. Morten Leigh is also depicted in Johan Falkberget's novel, "Den fjerde nattevakt" (The Fourth Night Watch, published 1923), in which he appears as the landlord Morten Leich.
      Morten and Bereth Martha were parents to one child -- a little girl named Ingebor Sophia. She was born 13 December 1802, and baptized 23 January 1803 in Røros. She was buried on 2 August 1809, after a sudden death, leaving the Leigh family with no children to be their heirs.
      Madame Leigh, as she was known in Røros, continued to manage the business after Morten's untimely death in 1816. In May 1819, she and two other merchants were granted privileges to conduct business in Røros (which was essentially a company-run town). She was considered to be a clever businesswoman, and the license to operate the mercantile gave her considerable power in the community.
      Madame Leigh conducted the business with the assistance of her Swedish store clerk, Magnus Engzelius (1791 - 1868). Engzelius became a partner in the business in 1820, when he invested 5,000 silver speciedaler into it. When Madame Leigh died in 1859, Engzelius asserted his claim to full possession of the business, and ultimately prevailed over Emil Stengel's claim as an heir to her portion. After Engzelius acquired the store, it was renamed "M. Engzelius & Sønne." The store is still owned by the seventh generation of the Engzelius family (2006), however, it is still affectionately known as "Leigh-bua," in honor of Morten and his wife.
      According to the parish record for her death, "Madame Berthe Martha Leigh" died in Røros on 18 February 1859 at the age of 82. She was buried on 28 February in the Røros churchyard.

  More About Geo Emil Gonsales Christiansen ("Emil") Stengel:
Baptism: 24 September 1823, Tønset (Tynset), Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway582
Burial: 14 June 1915, Haug, Øvre Eiker, Buskerud fylke, Norway583,584
Cause of Death: "hjertelammelse" (heart failure)

  Marriage Notes for Helene Christophersdatter and Geo Stengel:
According to Dagny Jacobsen (undated), Helene Christophersdatter was sexually assaulted as a "young girl" by her sister Oline's husband, Emil Gonsales Stengel. Emil, who was more or less in a state of constant intoxication, committed the act while Helene stayed with him and Oline at Stafford farm. Helene conceived and gave birth to Julius Christophersen. -- DAE 1999

  vi.   Karoline Christophersdatter Diesen585, born 22 August 1842 in Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway586,587; died 28 August 1894 in Ljøstad vestre farm, Romedal, Hedmarken amt (Hedmark), Norway588; married Martinius Pedersen 09 May 1872 in Stange, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway; born 10 November 1842 in Stange, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway588; died 12 July 1923 in Ljøstad vestre farm, Romedal, Hedmark, Norway588.
  Notes for Karoline Christophersdatter Diesen:
      "Caroline Christophersd." was enumerated in the 1865 folketelling (census) for Hamar, Norway under the household of "Modehandlerinde" (fashion tradeswoman) "Elise Tøstie". Karoline was listed as "Syerske" (seamstress), unmarried, age 24, born in Vang in Hedmark. It is interesting to note that "Aunt" Elise Toste is mentioned in The Second Record as being the operator of the millenary shop in Hamar where Oline Christophersdatter sought work after Emil Stengel left her. "Elise Tøstie" was listed as unmarried, age 42, born at Stange in Hedmark.
      In the 1885 folketelling for Hamar, Norway, "Elise Tøstie" appears again as a "Motehandler," born 1823 in Stange. Karoline is not listed under her shop/household in the 1885 enumeration.

      According to the notes of Dagny Bergersen (The Second Record), Tante Karoline, as she was called, was mother of the noteworthy writer C. Mauritz Diesen. "She started a Millinery Shop when quite young which turned out to be a very successful one in Hamar. Her sister, Trina, came to assist her. After a few years she married Martinius Pedersen and Trina took over the shop with her niece Martina's (my mother) assistance. Martinius Pedersen became father of the noted writer, who chose to use the name Diesen in the honor he held for his much loved grandfather (presumably)."
      "Before Martinius Pedersen's marriage, he was with the office of Superior Court barrister Norstadt in Elvrum [Elverum]. From there he came to Sheriff Bay in Hamar, later with Kirhn as attorney. After this position he became Mayor in Romsdal."

      Karoline is listed in the Hamar Borgerbok for the year 1869: "Caroline Christophersdatter Disen, 27 år, handelsberettiget 20/4."

      She was baptized "Caroline" in the parish records for Vang, Hedmark. Family lore states that her full name was "Anette Karoline," but this appears to be incorrect. When she died in Romedal in 1894, her name was noted in the parish record as "Karoline Pedersen, f. Kristofersen Diesen."

  More About Karoline Christophersdatter Diesen:
Baptism: 28 September 1842, Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway589
Burial: 04 September 1894, Romedal, Hedmarken amt (Hedmark), Norway590

  Notes for Martinius Pedersen:
      "M. Pedersen" was enumerated in the 1900 folketelling (census) for Romedal, Hedmark, Norway. He was head of a household of 5 individuals on Ljøstad vestre farm in Romedal. He was listed as married, born 1842 in Stange, occupation "Lensmand, Herreds- og Sparebankk." His household included his wife "Agnes Pedersen" (born 1856 in Christiania), daughter "Elise Pedersen" (born 1880), a servant named "Kirste Pedersen" (born 1874), and a woodcutter named "Karl Kristiansen" (born 1886) from Stange.

      According to the notes of Dagny Bergersen (The Second Record), "Before Martinius Pedersen's marriage, he was with the office of Superior Court barrister Norstadt in Elvrum [Elverum]. From there he came to Sheriff Bay in Hamar, later with Kirhn as attorney. After this position he became Mayor in Romsdal." Parish records indicate that he was "lensmand" in Romedal in the 1880's continuing until his death in 1923.

      According to birthday lists preserved by Cathy Carpenter-Bartley, the birthday of M. Pedersen was November 10, 1842.

  More About Martinius Pedersen:
Burial: 18 July 1923, Romedal, Hedmark, Norway590

  vii.   Cathrine ("Trine") Christophersdatter591, born 10 November 1844 in Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway591; died 19 September 1882 in Hamar, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway592; married Andreas Olsen Lund 16 October 1877 in Hamar, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway592; born 20 August 1849 in Næs (Nes), Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway593; died 1949594.
  Notes for Cathrine ("Trine") Christophersdatter:
      According to the notes of Dagny Bergersen (The Second Record), Tante Trine, as she was called, "ran the Millinery Shop with Martina from 1872-3 until the winter of 1877 when she married Uncle Lund. She then turned over the shop to Martina, who had her sister Milla for assistance.
      "She passed away after five years of marriage. They had two children, Kristofer and Katherine.
      "Both Tante Trine and Martina were very good looking ladies and Uncle Lund was always with them both before his marriage, when at the singing meetings and on their frequent tours around town with the Chorus of singers. (Mama told me how delightful it was for themselves and for others to listen to. They were very much in demand and kept on the go.)
      "On one of these excursions to Ottestad Church, on their way back home, Uncle Lund tells how he had Tante Trina lag behind the rest of the group with him. Then he proposed to her and she accepted and gave him his first kiss. There had been considerable speculation in Hamar for some time which one of these two lovely ladies Uncle Lund would eventually end up with."

      Cathrine appears in the Hamar Borgerbok in business listings for the year 1874 as follows: "Cathrine Christoffersen, 29 år, handelsberettiget 18/12."

      The birth and baptism dates for "Catrine," daughter of Christopher Helgesen and Karen Amundsdr, were recorded in the parish records for Vang, Hedmark. According to family lore, she was born in 1843. Parish records indicate that she was born in 1844 and baptized in January 1845.

  More About Cathrine ("Trine") Christophersdatter:
Baptism: 05 January 1845, Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway595
Burial: 26 September 1882, Hamar, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway596

  Notes for Andreas Olsen Lund:
      An "Andreas Ols." was enumerated in the 1865 folketelling (census) for Hamar, Norway. He is possibly Andreas Olsen Lund. He was enumerated under the household of the painter, "Johan Nicolais." in the 43rd quarter of Hamar. He was working as a "læredreng" (apprentice helper), single, age 16, born at Næs.
      "And. Lund" was enumerated in the 1885 folketelling for Hamar, Norway, along with his new wife, Emilie and two children by his first marriage, "Christopher Lund" and "Thrine Lund." Andreas was listed as born in 1849 at Nes, Hedmark. His profession was "Vognfabrikk" (wagon builder).
      "Andreas Olsen Lund" was enumerated in the 1900 folketelling for Hamar, Norway as a head of household. He was listed as born at Næs, Hedmark in 1849, married to Emilie Olivia Lund (born Stengel). His occupation was listed as "Vognfabrik & Kalkfabrikker" (wagon-builder & mortar-maker or plasterer). Included in his household were his wife, Emilie Olivia, and five children, Olga Karoline, Betze Elida, Anders Gustav, Einar Arthur and Signe Augusta. Andreas' father, Ole Christophersen Lund, born 1816, also resided in the same household.

      An Andreas Olsen Lund appears in the Hamar Borgerbok in business listings for the year 1872 as follows: "Andreas Olsen Lund, maler, frimester 8/2. He appears again in 1873 as "Anders Olsen Lund, 24 år, malermester 22/10."

      According to the notes of Dagny Bergersen (The Second Record), Andreas Lund was "born on Nes, Hedmark 1849 - confirmed 1854. When he was 16 years old he came to Wagonmanufacturer G. Norseng in Hamar to learn the trade and was there for 16 years until he started his own firm in Hamar in 1881. He was very successful and became a wealthy man."
      The gravesite of G. Norseng "Vognfabrikant" lies near the Lund plot in Hamar churchyard. The grave marker indicates that G. Norseng was born in 1832, and died in 1883.

      According to a letter, written by his granddaughter Else to Dagny Jacobsen, "...grandfather doesn't live any more though, he passed away in the spring 1948, which saved him having to go through the war and occupation. He was at very good health until the last 3-4 months, and didn't suffer much fortunately. He was such a a grand old man, and we missed him tremendously, and still do."

  viii.   Gustav Christophersen597, born 19 August 1847 in Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway597; died 1937.
  Notes for Gustav Christophersen:
      "Gustav Christophers." was enumerated in the 1865 folketelling (census) for Røraas, Norway, under the household of his older brother "O. Christophers." Gustav was listed as "Butikdreng" (shop servant), unmarried, age 19, born at Vang in Hedmark.
      "Gustav Christofersen" was enumerated in the 1875 folketelling for Selbu, Søndre Trondhjems amt (Sør-Trøndelag), Norway, as head of a household at Marienborg farm. He was listed as a "logerende" (lodger), single, born 1847 in Vangs Prestegjeld in Hedmark, occupation "handelsmand" (merchant). His sister, "Hellena Christofersen", was enumerated in the same household. Others in the household were "Mette Sessilie Myhre" (born 1834 in Trondhjem) and shop clerk "Ole Olsen Kuraas" (born 1859 in Røros). Three travelers were also lodging there.
      "Gustav Kristoffers." was enumerated in the 1900 folketelling for Selbu, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway, as head of household at Hove nordre farm. He was listed as husfar (hf), single, born 1847 in Hedemark, occupation "Handel Gaardsbrug S" (merchant farmer/farm owner). The farm included one outbuilding (uthus), which served as a servants' quarters (drengestubygning). The farm raised corn/potatoes, livestock, poultry, vegetables, and fruit, but no bees. These were all catagories of agriculture noted in the census. Gustav's household contained six individuals, besides himself. These included his sister "Helene Kristoffers." (housekeeper, born 1837 in Hedemark), and servants "Ole Kuraas" (head shop clerk, born 1859 in Røros), "Knud Ols." (baker, born 1856 in Bergen), "Mikal Jons." (farm hand, born 1868), "Dorde Eriksd." (milk maid, born 1854), and "Karen Andersd." (kitchen maid, born 1867).

      Gustav's future brother-in-law, "Herr Emil Christian Stengel paa østre Disen," was named as his godfather in his baptismal record. Emil married Gustav's sister, Oline, two months after Gustave was baptized.

      According to the notes of Dagny Bergersen (The Second Record), Gustav "came to Røros when very young to work in his brothers store (mama (Martina) 16 years old, came at the same time). He left there and worked for another storekeeper until he started his own store in about 1870 in Selbu. His sister Helene came up there to manage his household for him."
      According to the online Selbu bygdebok, Gustav operated his store at Marienborg (Bind 4, page 368, Gnr 64/2) in the years 1875 to 1877, then removed to Hove farm along with the members of his househole, which included his sister Helene, Sesilie Myhre, and shop clerk Ole Olsen Kurås. The original text reads as follows: "1875-1877 Gustav Christophersen drev handel her i disse åra, men flyttet til Hove sammen med husholderne sine, søstera Helene og Sesilie Myhre og handelsbetjent Ole Olsen Kurås."
      The Selbu bygdebok goes on to discuss Gustav's involvement with Hove nordre farm (Bind 4, page 547, Gnr 68/2). He purchased the place in 1876 for 1,650 speciedaler. Afterward, the farm came to be known as "Kristoffersgarden," named after him. The original text from the bygdebok reads as follows: "I 1876 kjøpte handelsmann Gustav Christophersen bruket for 1650 spd. Etter ham ble bruket kalt Kristoffersgarden." Gustav owned this farm until his death in 1934. The property and business were then taken over by Oskar Bjørnsen Fuglem from Uglemsfletten.
      The bygdebok also notes that Gustav purchased a part of the original Nesta farm (known as Kvellomyra vestre, Gnr. 67/8) from Peder P. Berge and Peder Norbye in 1891.
      The bygdebok describes Gustav as follows: "1876-1934 Gustav C. Christophersen, f, i Hedmark 1847, d. 1937, handelsmann, se bind 2, side 155." The reference is made to page 155 in volume 2 of the bygdebok, which is not online. His sister, Helene, is also noted: "Søstera Helene, f. 1837, stelte huset for ham."

      According to the emigrant list of Vang prestegjeld, Hedmark ("Utflytterlister for Vang prgj. 1816-1902", courtesy Digitalarkivet on-line), "Gustav Christophersen" was registered as an emigrant from Vang on 31 October 1862. His date of birth was listed as 19 August 1847. His residence was Disen farm, and his destination was Røros. A note in the record states that he served notice ("konf.") on 6 October 1861.

  More About Gustav Christophersen:
Baptism: 24 October 1847, Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway597

  ix.   Adolf Christophersen Diesen597, born 17 June 1851 in Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway597; died Bet. 1876 - 1900 in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana, USA; married Marie Flor Samuelsen 08 May 1876 in Hamar, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway598; born 05 August 1843 in Bergen, Norway599,600; died Aft. 1900.
  Notes for Adolf Christophersen Diesen:
      "Adolf Kristoferssøn" was enumerated in the 1865 folketelling (census) for Furnæs of Vang, Norway, under the household of "Kristofer Helgessøn" (Christopher Helgesen Diesen) at Disen østre farm in Vang. He was listed as Kristofer's son, unmarried, age 15, born in Vang.

      Adolf's brother-in-law, "Emil Stengel paa Rye," was named in his baptismal record as his godfather. Emil was also godfather to Adolf's brother, Gustav.

      According to the notes of Dagny Bergersen (The Second Record), Adolf "went to sea very young and later became navigator and skipper. In his last years, his brother Anders contributed financially in the purchase of a Sailship he named Christian. In the year 1876, it was sailed into Goteborg, Sweden for repairs. Uncle Anders journeyed down there to make a contract on the work that needed to be done, which had been estimated to be 4000 'Spied', but he couldn't get them to sign the contract.
      "When Uncle Lund and Tante Trina came to Røros in 1878 for a visit, Uncle Anders told them the reparation on the ship came to 12000 'Spied'. They asked him what he had done about it, to which he answered, 'there was nothing else to do but pay it when a man on 'fjellet' and 'innlot' himself on such affairs'. [Gets himself mixed up is such affairs]?
      "Uncle Adolph became engaged to Valborg Ars, daughter of Mayor Ars, who in the meanwhile refused to let her marry him. Her grief and sorrow was so great she died that winter of a broken heart. Uncle Adolf came home that winter and went often to visit her grave. Eventually he married a Miss Marie Samuelsen. Thay had no children.
      "He contracted smallpox or yellow fever in New Orleans and died there."

      Valborg "Ars", mentioned above, may have been Valborg Aas. The name "Ars" is not a typical Norwegian name. A Valborg Aas (age 15) was listed in the 1865 census for Norway in Stavanger under the household of her father, court barrister ("overretssagfører") Laurits Carl Aas. She was 15 and single at the time. Laurits Carl Aas appears in the 1875 census in Bergen, with Valborg no longer in his household. Further research is necessary to confirm if this Valborg is the same person as the one mentioned as being engaged to Adolf Christophersen Diesen.

  More About Adolf Christophersen Diesen:
Baptism: 19 October 1851, Vang, Hedemarken amt (Hedmark), Norway601

  Notes for Marie Flor Samuelsen:
      "Marie Samuels." was enumerated in the 1865 folketelling (census) for Hamar, Hedmark, Norway under the subhousehold of her mother, "Golette Flagstad." The subhousehold was under the main household of almueskolelærer (common school teacher) "Johann Martinius Hans." in the 43rd quarter of Hamar. Marie was listed as single, age 22, born in Bergen. Her mother was listed as widowed, age 48, born in Christiania, working as a "hjælpelærerinde ved Almueskl." (assistant instructor in the common school). Marie's sister, "Fredrikke Samuels." (age 17, born in Bergen) was also in the household.
      "Marie Diesen" was enumerated in the 1900 folketelling for Kristiania (Oslo), Norway, in a 3-floor apartment house at Drammensveien 18. She was listed as widowed, born 1843 in Bergen, occupation "løn" (private?). She was rooming with a woman named Caroline Grevesmøhlen.

      The Hamar Borgerbok (1943, by Arvid Østby) mentions Marie Flor Samuelsen (see page 21). The book states that she was the daughter of lawyer (sakfører) Frederik Samuelsen (1817 - 1849) and Golette Elisabeth Stubergh (1818 - 1898). Golette Elisabeth remarried in 1852 to Jens Olsen Flagstad. With Fredrik Samuelsen, she had the following children: "1. Marie Flor Samuelsen, gift med skipsfører Adolf Disen, sønn av Kristoffer Helgesen Disen i Vang. 2. Fredrikke Dorthea Samuelsen, gift med lærer Ole Halvorsen Jørgensberg fra Ringsaker."

      A list of family birthdays in the possession of Cathy Carpenter states that Marie was born in 1845.

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