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Ancestors of Jerry Allen Enfield

Generation No. 7

      64. John (Imfeldt) Infield134, born Aft. 1752 in probably Frederick Co., MD; died Abt. Apr 1842 in Addison Twp., Somerset Co., PA. He was the son of 128. Joseph (Infeld) Infield and 129. Christina Winter. He married 65. Maria Elisabetha Bef. 1775.

      65. Maria Elisabetha134, born Abt. 1753135; died Aft. 1792.

More About John (Imfeldt) Infield:
Census: 1800, Elk Lick, Bedford Twp., Somerset Co., PA
Children of John Infield and Maria are:
  32 i.   Philip Infield, born 3 Apr 1775 in (or 11 Jun 1775), Frederick Co., MD; died Aft. 1860 in Holmes Co., OH; married Christina Klink Abt. 1795 in Greenville Twp., Somerset Co., PA.
  ii.   John Infield136, born Abt. 1780 in Greenville Twp., Somerset Co., PA137,138; died Abt. 1860; married Anna Maria 'Mary' Klink Abt. 1801 in Somerset Co., PA; born 25 Apr 1782 in Bedford Co., PA; died 21 Feb 1845 in Holmes Co., OH.
  iii.   Frederick Infield139, born 28 Sep 1784 in Frederick Co., MD; died 31 Mar 1840 in Petersburg, Somerset Co., PA; married Catherine Boyer in Somerset Co., PA; born 11 Jul 1790 in Cumberland Co., MD or Somerset Co., PA; died 6 Sep 1845 in Somerset Co., PA.
  More About Frederick Infield:
Burial: Newbury Cemetery, Somerset Co., PA

  iv.   Son Infield, born Bet. 1785 - 1789.
  v.   Anna Maria Infield, born 6 Oct 1792 in Somerset Co., PA140; died Abt. 1855 in Greenville Twp., Somerset Co., PA; married George Arnold 15 Jun 1823 in Somerset Co., PA; born Bet. 1792 - 1796 in probably Bedford Co., PA; died Abt. 1870 in Greenville Twp., Somerset Co., PA.

      66. John Klink, born Abt. 1758; died Abt. 1817. He was the son of 132. Michael Klink. He married 67. Anna Maria Bef. 1776.

      67. Anna Maria, born Abt. 1760141.
Children of John Klink and Anna are:
  33 i.   Christina Klink, born 10 Dec 1776 in Greenville Twp., Somerset Co., PA; died Unknown; married Philip Infield Abt. 1795 in Greenville Twp., Somerset Co., PA.
  ii.   John Klink, Jr.142, born Abt. 1781 in Greenville Twp., Somerset Co., PA.
  iii.   Anna Maria 'Mary' Klink, born 25 Apr 1782 in Bedford Co., PA; died 21 Feb 1845 in Holmes Co., OH; married John Infield Abt. 1801 in Somerset Co., PA; born Abt. 1780 in Greenville Twp., Somerset Co., PA143,144; died Abt. 1860.

      72. William Trux, born 1750 in Frederick Co., MD; died 1831 in probably Knox Co., OH. He was the son of 144. George Trux and 145. Samantha. He married 73. Dau of Porter Ayres Bef. 1779.

      73. Dau of Porter Ayres, born Abt. 1752145; died Abt. 1787. She was the daughter of 146. Porter Ayres.

Notes for William Trux:
Parents of William Trux not proven.
William Trux, listed as being from MD, entered the Continential Army as a Private in the German Regiment on 21 Jul 1776; became Sergeant 1 Mar 1777; Ensign in the 15th VA Regiment on 25 Jul 1778; and resigned 1 Jul 1779, apparently in CT.
William Trux, Sr., and Notes from "History of the Certified Township of Kingston 1769-1929" Published by Kingston High School Kingston, Pennsylvania 1930 from copy transcribed in "History of Trucks (Trux) Family 1750-1967" by Clyde Trucks, Sr. and Joel Lee Trucks

"William Trux or Trucks was born in Connecticut, and was a resident of Kingston Township in 1796. During his residence here he was a justice of the peace, served on the proprietors committee, and was a leader of public affairs. He was, perhaps, the leading and most progressive citizen in the territory over the mountain. There is now however, no representative of the family in this section" (1930). (This quoted from the Kingston Township booklet, but continues with quote from Trucks booklet).

"Elsewhere in this book (Kingston Township booklet), and from other sources, the following additional information is available.

All northeastern Pennsylvania was claimed by Connecticut claimants under the Royal Charter of 1662 and an Indian purchase of 1754. Penn's heirs claimed it under the grant of 1681 and Indian purchase of 1768. After much dispute, litigation, and three shooting wars, called the Yankee-Pennamite Wars, it was finally made into
Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, the Penn claim having been sustained by the Decree of Trenton, New Jersey, by special court, December 30, 1782.

Kingston Township, as laid out by the Connecticut men, began at the Susquehanna River and extended northwestward about six miles. The river land was subsequently cut off into other municipalities, leaving only the hilly section, still called Kingston Township, now part of Luzerne County, PA.

Trucksville is an unincorporated village in Kingston Township. On April 22, 1803, Joel Lucas conveyed to William Trucks Lots 21 and 22, fourth division, including an excellent mill site.

In 1801, Trucks had already bought a large plot in the adjoining township of Bedford, upon which most of the center of the town of Dallas was built. As early as 1796 Trucks owned, somewhere in Kingston TWP., 36 acres occupied land, 208 acres unoccupied land, one horse and two cattle, listed as a carpenter and millwright.

By 1804 his holdings were 816 acres and three cattle. Before 1804 Trucks had built at his mill site, now in Trucksville, a large grist mill of logs, two storied high, with one pair of mill stones, cut out by himself from local conglomerate rock. After being run through the stones and ground, the grain was caught in bags and again carried upstairs by hand, where it was thrown into a hopper and shook by hand through a coarse cloth and thus belted.

About the same time he built nearby on the same creek a sawmill. He built for himself nearby a house of logs, hewn on four sides, with two rooms downstairs, a center chimney with two fireplaces. About 1811, Trucks removed to Wayne, Knox County, Ohio, leaving power of attorney with agents to sell his properties. The Trucksville properties were sold in 1812. The Dallas property was in dispute and patent was finally issued by the State of Pennsylvania to William Trucks, Jr. in 1812. He sold it to Philip Shaver in 1813, for whom the intervening village of Shavertown, PA was named."

Footnote by the authors Clyde Trucks, Sr. and Joel Lee Trucks: "We went to Trucksville and found the old mill sites on Tobey Creek. Part of the rock foundations are still there."

More About William Trux:
Military: 21 Jul 1776, Revolutionary War Veteran; German Regiment, Ensign (25 Jul 1778)146
Occupation: Grist Mill operator

  Notes for Dau of Porter Ayres:
Parents not known.
It is assumed that her father was Porter Ayres for two reasons, first and foremost, she named one of her sons Porter Ayres Trux; the second reason is that another Porter Ayres married a Mary Newcomer on 4 Mar 1838 in Richland Co., OH, the destination of some of this Trux family, and both members of the Trux family and the Newcomer family continued their migration west to DeKalb and Steuben Co., IN.

Marriage Notes for William Trux and Dau Ayres:
After the Revolutionary War, the family moved to Luzerne Co., PA (near Wilkes-Barre).

Children of William Trux and Dau Ayres are:
  i.   George Joseph Trux147, born Abt. 1779 in probably Luzern Co., PA; died Abt. 1861 in probably Bibb Co., AL; married (1) Esther Pettibone 25 Feb 1804 in Kingston, PA; born 15 Sep 1785 in Amenia, NY; died 25 Dec 1835; married (2) Sarah Johnson 5 Dec 1812 in Madison Co., AL; born Abt. 1790 in TN or SC; died Aft. 1870 in AL.
  More About George Joseph Trux:
Census: 1810, Madison Co., AL

  ii.   Elizabeth Trux, born Abt. 1780148; died 29 Apr 1863 in Taneytown, Frederick Co., MD; married (1) Richard M. Slocum; born Abt. 1778; died Abt. 1828; married (2) Francis Spalding 25 Dec 1803; born Abt. 1776; died Abt. 1865.
  36 iii.   William Trux, Jr., born 6 Jun 1780 in probably PA; died 1833 in probably Bloomingrove Twp., Richland Co., OH; married Lydia Fuller Abt. Jun 1804 in Huntsville, PA.
  iv.   Mary Trux, born Abt. 1784; married Basil Spalding 22 Jan 1808 in Frederick Co., MD; born 24 Sep 1782 in Taneytown, Frederick Co., MD; died 23 Jun 1849 in OH.
  Notes for Mary Trux:
May have been the daughter of William Trux.

      74. Benajah Fuller149, born 4 Jun 1756 in Kent, CT; died Abt. 1836 in Huntsville, PA. He was the son of 148. Capt. Joseph Fuller, Jr. and 149. Zerviah Hill. He married 75. Catharine Thompson 24 Dec 1777 in Kent, CT150.

      75. Catharine Thompson151, born Abt. 1759 in probably MA or Kent, CT; died 12 Sep 1842 in Huntsville, PA.

Notes for Benajah Fuller:
From Letter to Mr. Trucks Signed by D. A. Waters, 165 Huntsville, St., Dallas, PA., Mar. 26, 1965 included in "History of Trucks (Trux) Family 1750-1967" by Clyde Trucks, Sr. and Joel Lee Trucks, pg 9

"William Trucks, Jr. married June 1804 Lydia Fuller, from prominent pioneer family at Huntsville, a few miles from Trucksville.

Pioneers were brothers, Benijah and Joshua Fuller, came from near Kent, Conn. to Kingston. Later to the wilderness and built the first saw mill and grist mill, probably earlier than Trucks did his.

Benijah Fuller was a Revolutionary Veteran. His wife, nee Catherine Thompson, survived him about eight years, both drew Revolutionary Pensions. You can get copy of their pension papers which will give a lot of information by writing to Washington and sending $1.00. ... Saying served from Connecticut, lived after the
war in Plymouth TWP., Luzerne Co., PA.

...Lydia was his oldest daughter, Dec. 18,1811, William Trucks, Jr., and wife Lydia Fuller were living in Wayne TWP., Knox Co., Ohio."

Clyde or Joel added footnote that they "sent for and received Benijah Fuller war record and it was quite impressive, in fact 10 pages. So this makes all the females of the Trucks lineage eligible for the D.A.R."

Benajah Fuller, (1756-1836), enlisted 1775 under Capt. Eleazer Curtis for one year and served several enlistments under different commands. In 1832 he applied for a pension in Pennsylvania and it was allowed for two years actual service as private Connecticut line. In 1837 his widow received a pension. He was born in Kent, Conn.; died in Plymouth, Pa.

Benajah Fuller is listed as head of household in the 1790 Census of CT, Kent Twp., Litchfield Co. with 2 males under 16 and 4 females.
Source: CT 1790 Federal Census

More About Benajah Fuller:
Census: Bet. 1810 - 1820, Plymouth Twp., Luzerne Co., PA
Military: Revolutionary War Veteran; Private, PA Continential Line
Children of Benajah Fuller and Catharine Thompson are:
  i.   William Fuller152, born 17 Dec 1778 in Kent, CT; married Amy Allen Abt. 1801 in probably MA153; born 30 Dec 1778 in Stockbridge, MA; died Abt. Jan 1861 in Huntsville, PA.
  Notes for William Fuller:
Moved to Huntsville, PA in 1795. In 1802, moved to Harvey's Lake, PA.
First Postmaster and first school director of Lehman, PA.

  ii.   Jeremiah Fuller154, born 18 Nov 1783 in Kent, CT; married Cynthia in Huntsville, PA; born 2 Dec 1784; died 13 Aug 1852.
  More About Cynthia:
Burial: Huntsville, Luzerne Co., PA

  37 iii.   Lydia Fuller, born Abt. Mar 1786 in Kent, CT; died Aft. 1840; married William Trux, Jr. Abt. Jun 1804 in Huntsville, PA.
  iv.   Laura (Lura) Fuller155, born 29 Aug 1788 in probably CT; died 19 Jan 1867 in Clinton, MI; married James Truesdall 18 Oct 1818 in Muskingum Co., OH; born 7 Jan 1798 in probably Wheeling, WV; died 3 Jun 1828 in painesville, OH.
  v.   Lois (Louisa) Fuller155, born Bef. 1790; married Daniel Ruggles.
  vi.   Isaac Fuller156, born Abt. 1790 in probably Huntsville, PA157; died Abt. 1831 in Huntsville, PA; married Nancy Worthington 8 Feb 1814 in Leyden, Luzern Co., PA; born 1 Jul 1792 in Colchester, CT; died Abt. 1876 in Huntsville, PA.
  Marriage Notes for Isaac Fuller and Nancy Worthington:
Married by Rev. Ard Hoyt

  vii.   Lucy Fuller158, born Abt. 1791 in Huntsville, PA; married Charles Roberts 14 May 1812 in Luzern Co., PA.
  viii.   Clarissa Fuller159, born Abt. 1796; died Abt. 1882; married Truman Atherton; born Abt. 1791 in Plymouth, Luzerne Co., PA; died Abt. 1882.

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