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Evans Family Tree

Generation No. 2

      4. Elizabeth2 Evans (John1) was born Abt. 1799 in Virginia, and died Aft. 1870. She married William Mason. He was born Abt. 1796 in South Carolina, and died Aft. 1870.

Marriage Notes for Elizabeth Evans and William Mason:
Hope Welch Crider states that some children are from Bell County, KY census, some notes from Mormon Church Records. One child, #10 was born in Bell County, KY. I believe that he's not in children line, as all other children seems to be born in Knox County, KY, plus there is only 6 months difference between #9 and #10 births. John Evans lived his last years in Elizabeth and William Mason's household.
Children of Elizabeth Evans and William Mason are:
  12 i.   Sarah Ann3 Mason, born December 04, 1818 in Knox County, KY. She married John Madison Spurlock; born January 26, 1811 in Lee County, VA.
+ 13 ii.   Thomas Mason, born August 12, 1820 in Knox County, KY.
  14 iii.   John E. Mason, born 1821 in Knox County, KY. He married Rebecca Gibson; born 1823 in KY.
  15 iv.   Thomas Mason, born 1822 in Knox County, KY.
  16 v.   Mary Mason, born 1823 in Knox County, KY. She married Joseph Gibson; born 1821 in KY.
  17 vi.   William Mason, born March 31, 1823 in Knox County, KY. He married Mary Snuffer; born 1828 in TN.
  18 vii.   Noah Mason, born October 01, 1825 in Knox County, KY. He married Jennie Lowe; born 1832 in TN.
  19 viii.   Robert Mason, born 1826 in Knox County, KY.
  20 ix.   Tabitha Mason, born May 28, 1827 in Knox County, KY. She married Riley Lowe; born 1830 in TN.
  21 x.   William T. Mason, born October 1827 in Pineville, Bell County, KY. He married Nancy L. Gresham; born 1833 in TN.
  Notes for William T. Mason:
Hope Welch Crider thinks that birthdate is wrong or maybe he's not the child of Elizabeth and William Mason.

  22 xi.   Robert Lewis Mason, born July 08, 1829 in Knox County, KY. He married Elizabeth Lowe; born May 22, 1827 in TN.
  23 xii.   James D. or K. Mason, born 1830 in KY. He married Catherine W. Goodwin; born 1835 in KY.
  24 xiii.   Elizabeth Mason, born 1832 in Knox County, KY. She married John A. Partin; born 1829 in Whitley County, KY.
  Notes for Elizabeth Mason:
Hope Welch Crider states that Elizabeth Mason may have been born July 11, 1834.

  25 xiv.   James Nelson Mason, born April 12, 1836 in Knox County, KY. He married Phoebe Melinda Barker; born September 20, 1842 in Indiana.
  26 xv.   John Bruce Mason, born December 04, 1839 in Knox County, KY. He married Sophia Elizabeth Barker; born November 26, 1847 in Indiana.
  27 xvi.   Nancy Mason, born June 08, 1842 in Knox County, KY. She married Elija Miracle; born March 09, 1840 in Harlan, KY.
  28 xvii.   Anderson Mason, born June 16, 1846 in Knox County, KY. He married Sarah Lowe; born 1850 in TN.

      5. William H.2 Evans, Rev. (John1) was born Abt. 1801 in TN. He married Margaret Bull. She was born Abt. 1801 in TN.

Notes for William H. Evans, Rev.:
Sometime after 1830 - two of Rev. William Evans' sons, Rev. John T. Evans and Rev. Ingram Evans moved from Bell County, KY to Claiborne County, TN. Rev. John T. Evans moved to the Long Hollow area - this is the upper part of the Powell River in the Red Hill community. Rev. Ingram Evans moved a few miles south, also on Powell River, in the Capps Hollow or Greasy Hollow area. This are had virgin timber, which was in much demand both in America and in Europe. After the timber was cut, the land had very rich soil to raise crops. Farming and timber was the way to provide a living for families at this time. Later coal mining was the best source of income. Estle Evans, a cousin of mine, told me the story about some family men and friends - it's the logging and rafting of the timber. After the men had cut the timber in Long Hollow, Seaf Evans had a sawmill. Some of the timber was cut in ties (probably for railroads), other was just logs. The men pulled the logs (horses) by Powell River - would tie them together to make a raft. When the winter snows melted and the spring rain would start - the river would rise. The rafts would be in water then for the men to float them downstream to market. Most of the rafts were taken to Chattanooga, TN, from there some was taken by Mississippi River to New Orleans to be shipped to Europe. Each raft took 6 to 8 men, according to how large the raft was, to manage it. The story Estle told was at night the rafts were tied to trees, the men would get off of them, cook their evening meal and lay down on the river shores at night to sleep. One night the temperature dropped to freezing, when the crew of men got up the next morning, one couldn't get up, his hair had froze to the ground. The other men took their knives and cut his hair off, so he could get up. Back to the rafts - when the men got to Chattanooga, usually it took 2 weeks or more to float the rafts there. Each men was paid $10. They usually got a room to clean up, rest, and eat a meal overnight before starting back home. The next day, they took a train to Knoxville, TN. From there, they took a hack (wagon) to Maynardville, TN. When they got to Maynardville, they walked on home, taking about 2 more days. The expenses usually took $5, so when the men got home from this journey, usually they would have about $5. Each of the Hollows along Powell River had small stores that supplied needs for their community. These small stores had salemen called "drummers" that came from Middlesboro, KY and Knoxville, TN to take orders and bring supplies to these stores. Life on Powell River and Clinch River changed around the 1930's. The government notified people along the rivers to move to higher grounds. Norris Dam was being built. Many people moved dead members of the family to higher ground also. Many were left. In 1936, Norris Dam closed the gates. The waters north of it covered all the area that once had been farms, homes, churches, cemeteries, etc. (way of life).

This story is from Hope Welch Crider.
Children of William Evans and Margaret Bull are:
+ 29 i.   Elizabeth3 Evans, born 1823.
+ 30 ii.   William K. Evans, born 1825 in KY.
+ 31 iii.   Nancy Evans, born 1827.
  32 iv.   Lecuintillian Evans, born Abt. 1829. She married John Hoskins.
+ 33 v.   Jennie Evans, born 1831.
+ 34 vi.   Sarah Evans, born 1832.
+ 35 vii.   Lucinda Evans, born 1834.
+ 36 viii.   James B. Evans, born 1836.
+ 37 ix.   John T. Evans, Rev., born 1838.
+ 38 x.   Robin George Evans, Rev., born September 18, 1839; died 1905.
+ 39 xi.   Margaret Evans, born 1840.
+ 40 xii.   Ingram Evans, Sr., Rev., born 1841; died 1915.
+ 41 xiii.   Emily Evans, born Abt. 1845.

      8. Lucinda2 Evans (John1) was born 1819, and died 1902. She married James Robinson Fuson, Jr. July 25, 1844. He was born September 22, 1822, and died March 24, 1864.

Marriage Notes for Lucinda Evans and James Fuson:
Hope Welch Crider notes that during the Civil War a field hospital was set up near the Fuson's home. Two "infected" soldiers came to the gate for food. They had smallpox. James took food out to them, contacted smallpox and died. Elizabeth was born after Jame's death, possibly because Lucinda married a 2nd Fuson, or maybe not.
Children of Lucinda Evans and James Fuson are:
  42 i.   James A.3 Fuson, born 1845.
  43 ii.   William A. Fuson, born 1850.
  44 iii.   Lutissia Fuson, born 1852.
  45 iv.   John T. Fuson, born 1854.
  46 v.   Bethanian Fuson, born 1859.
  47 vi.   Henry Jefferson Fuson, born 1861.
  48 vii.   Elizabeth Fuson, born 1873.
  Notes for Elizabeth Fuson:
Tanya Evans' computer notes that this child was born after the mother was 50 years old and 9 years after the father's death.

      10. Margaret2 Evans (John1) was born Abt. 1827. She married Elam Partin. He was born Abt. 1827.
Children of Margaret Evans and Elam Partin are:
  49 i.   Lucinda3 Partin, born 1850.
  50 ii.   Elizabeth Partin, born 1855.
  51 iii.   Sarah A. Partin, born 1859.
  52 iv.   Eliza J. Partin, born 1861.
  53 v.   William L. Partin, born 1864.
  54 vi.   America Partin, born 1868.

      11. Eliza2 Evans (John1) was born 1828. She married Wesley King. He was born 1826.
Children of Eliza Evans and Wesley King are:
  55 i.   Mary3 King, born 1857.
  56 ii.   Sarah E. King, born 1859.
  57 iii.   James H. King, born 1861.
  58 iv.   Luttisia King, born 1867.
  59 v.   John King, born 1870.
  60 vi.   William R. King, born 1873.
  61 vii.   Amanda King, born 1875.

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