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William Ewing (son of Alexander Ewing)5088, 5089, 5090, 5091, 5092 was born Bet. 1755 - 1756 in Cecil County, Maryland5093, and died September 16, 1825 in Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio5093. He married (1) Elizabeth Billingsley on December 10, 17845093, daughter of Sias Billingsley and Hannah Webster. He married (2) Frances Baker on December 10, 1819.

 Includes NotesNotes for William Ewing:
provided by Kathlyn (Phillips) Neumann
by: Margaret Ewing Fife (Atlanta, GA)
Published: June 1995
WILLIAM EWING of HARFORD CO. MD (b ca 1755/6 d l825)
10 December, 1784 married ELIZABETH BILLINGSLEY in Harford Co. MD
Lived in Monongalia Co. VA/W.VA and Muskingum Co. OHIO
Harford Co. MD was established in 1773 from Baltimore Co. MD so that records of these two families were, necessarily, obtained from both counties. Untold hours have been spent on William Ewing's ancestors and descendants. Two descendants, Kathlyn G. Neumann and Gerald B. Ewing have searched for a very long time to find "from whence he came." Kathlyn has unearthed Billinglsley family history and has thoroughly documented information about the descendants of this couple. She has shared untold hours of research with me and has given me permission to include it with mine in the chronological listing of information below:
-1775, 9 September- the “signature” of William Ewing who is in the Company #7 of Captain John Taylor all of whom signed the pledge that “if furnished with a few arms ... promist to return said arms or full value thereof when this unhappy contest shall subside.” William was 10th person to sign out of 69 men. They are indicated as being from Lower Cross Roads which was in Susquehanna Hundred (township), Harford Co. MD. This is recorded in HISTORY OF HARFORD COUNTY, MD. by Walter W. Preston, 1972 page 112.
-1776, 15 August- is the date of the Census of Maryland, by Brumbaugh, Vol II Harford Co. Bush River Hundred and we found the following:
Alexander Ewing age 45 [born 1731]
Jane Ewing age 40 [born 1736]
Jos,, Ewing age 18 [Note 1783 Census, born 1758]
James Ewing age11 [born 1765]
John Ewing age10 [born 1766]
Jane Ewing, Jr age 5 [born 1771]
[NOTE MEF: It is believed that William Ewing is, also, a member of this family but is serving in the Militia.]
-1778, 1779 -William Ewing is shown on page 46 of a "List of Militia officers in the State of Maryland, 1778 & 1789 in Harford Co.” This is from the Original Hodges Manuscript in the D.A.R. Library and presented by the State Society to the Hall of Records (in Annapolis where I obtained it) in 1941. William is listed as an Ensign under Captain Thomas Hutchings; 1st Lieut. John Norris and 2nd Lieut. John Allen.
-1778, March Court - is the date of the Harford County, Oaths of Fidelity by Brumbaugh, Volume II Harford Co. p233 "taken before the worshipful James McComas, 16 Returns-1146 men. Recorded MD Historical Society A copy from a copy of the original. "The Hundreds or townships are not shown but neighbors are much the same as those of the 1776 Census. Some are with William Ewing on the 1775 Company and on the 1778/9 list of Militia. I believe we can, safely, place him in Bush River/Susquehanna Hundreds (Townships).
Chapter - XXXX 392
1783 - Tax List of Maryland Part I, Cecil, Talbot, Harford and Carroll Counties by Bettie Carothers shows:
Alexander Ewing-Susquehanna Hundred - 5 in family p l32 (maybe the same one shown in 1776 as township boundaries change)
Joseph Ewing-p 165 "single man" with Elizabeth Brice "Security"
William Ewing-p l65 "single man" with Sias Billingsley "Security"
(Billingsley becomes his father-in-law in 1784)
Alexander Ewing-Broad Creek Hundred - “0” in family p l47 (same list). He is NOT the above Alexander but an absentee owner and the Tract name is MAIDEN’S MOUNT 150 acres.
I traced MAIDEN’S MOUNT through Deeds in Baltimore Col MD Land Deeds, BL p322-324 (Listed in MD Hall of Records as Deed MdHR4915):“Jonathan West sold to Robert Sims and Robert Ewing of York Co, Province of Pensylvania , for and in consideration of ?145 currency to him in hand paid by said Sims and Ewing 152 acres called MAIDEN’S MOUNT lying and being in the Co. of Baltimore on Susquehanna River etc’. Robert West father of Jonathan West was one of the first to have surveyed to him a tract of land in the present 4th and 5th Districts of-now-Harford Co. MD. It contained 400 acres…
(From Our Harford Heritage , a History of Harford County, MD by C. Milton Wright, 1967 p36) and contained the following statement: "The well-known ford of the Susquehanna and later a Ferry were located at Bald Friar on Robert West's land at MAIDEN’S MOUNT."Alexander Ewing, son of Nathaniel Ewing, was born in 1741 and married Jane Patrick c1762. He died in 1799 leaving no will but his estate settlement (I have copies) indicated which children received property. He was "of Bald Friar's Ferry in Lancaster Co. PA. on the Conowingo Creek." His son, Nathaniel Ewing wrote his will in 1821 and bequeathed the land in Harford Co. MD. to his nephew Alexander Ewing Grubb. This was the part of MAIDEN'S MOUNT that had been inherited by Nathaniel. We have yet to find the sale by Robert Ewing (who lived in Fawn twp.York Co. Pa and was a son of Joshua Ewing and Jane Patton.) Robert's Fawn twp. land was sold by his brother Patrick Ewing to James Porter Ewing. Nathaniel’s Will is located in WB #A p36-38, 14 May 1821. We have never found how Alexander Ewing acquired the 150 acres of MAIDEN’S MOUNT but a good guess would be from Patrick Ewing, brother to Robert Ewing, cousins to Alexander.
1784, 10 December - Harford Co. Marriages: William Ewing was married to Elizabeth Billingsley (daughter of Sias Billingsley and Hannah (Webster) Billingsley.
1787, 2 September - Josiah Ewing was born to William and Elizabeth Ewing probably in Harford Co. MD (named for her father?)
c 1788 - Alexander Ewing born to William and Elizabeth Ewing probably in Harford Co. MD.(named for his father?)
1789, April - Sias Billingsley sold his Harford Co. MD land and moved to Monongalia Co. VA (now W.VA)
c l790 - Hannah Ewing born to William and Elizabeth Ewing probably in Harford Co. MD or, possibly, in Monongalia Co. VA (W VA).(named for her mother?).
Chapter - XXXX 393
1792 - Thrap Family (into which William Ewing later marries) moves from Baltimore Co. MD to Muskingum Co. Ohio
1793, 13 October Joseph Ewing married Mary Gorrell [Harford Co. Md marriages] daughter of Joseph and Mary Gorrell. [Joseph Gorrell died 3 June 1793, Joseph Ewing executor of estate]
1800, August Court [Mormon Roll #74123 filmed 1948, Harford Co. MD Estate Inventories], Inventory of James Bell who died prior to this date showed the following owed him money:
Alexander Ewing
James Gorrell
John Ewing
James Ewing
John Gorrell
Joseph Ewing
John Ewin
[We do not know of the significance except Alexander Ewing is still there. The Bald-Friar-Ferry Alexander died 1799.] This was located by Anne Kimball in 1992.
1804, 13 April [Monongalia Co. VA/W.VA. Estates Vol 6 p971. Inventory Robert Ewing Estate; wife, Margaret Ewing; Administrator Nathaniel Ewing. Appraisers John Gribble, James Clark, John Stafford. [“Peggy” Margaret Ewing daughter of Alexander Ewing b l741 d l799 married Robert Ewing in Cecil Co. MD. 23 March 1793. They had two children prior to the death of Robert. He was a son of Henry Ewing of East Nottingham Hundred Cecil Co. MD. whose land had been in Chester Co. PA until the Mason-Dixon line was laid. Henry Ewing was the son of John Ewing of East Nottingham twp Chester Co. PA. as of 1729 and died 1753. (See pl33 above.) It is important to mention this couple as they were, probably, neighbors of William and Elizabeth (Billingsley) Ewing. It has been suggested that William was a brother to Margaret. WM. brother to Margaret was not born until about 1768 as she was b1762 and was the eldest daughter. Two others in that family were, always, listed prior to William. So we do not know his definite date but can assume it, logically. That William, son of Alex d l799, was the only son "21" in 1799, and lived in Little Britain twp. Lancaster Co. PA. Nathaniel Ewing, Administrator for the Estate of Robert Ewing, wife, Peggy, was a brother to Peggy/Margaret. His age in 1799 was +14 and -21 so born between 1778 and 1784. It would be "neat and relieve much searching to say Margaret and WM. b ca 1756 were siblings, children of Alex b 1741 but it WON'T WORK for the father would have been only 15 when eldest child born].
1806, 15 July (Muskingum Co Ohio. Deed this date)
"William Ewing of Monongalia Co. VA (W.VA) purchased 100 acres in Muskingum Co. O”
1807, 21 May - (Muskingum Co. O. Marriages)"Sias Ewing married Elizabeth Thrap" Minister Robert Manley
1808, 8 February - (Monongalia Co. VA Marriages) “Alexander Ewing married Catherine Gallihue”
1810, 18 October 1810 (Muskingum Co. O. Marriages)
"Hannah Ewing married Rev.William Hamilton"
1819, January -(Monongalia Co. VA Wills Volume 1 p 365 and Estate Record 3:95 and 3:97; sent to us by Kathlyn Neumann) "Syrus/Sias/Silas Billingsly's Will was probated. He mentioned wife, Hannah, beloved son William (he died there in 1857 Will Book, Vol 2 p2)
Chapter - XXXX 394
“son Samuel Billingsley, son Francis Billingsley. To grandson Sias Ewing, Alexander Ewing and Hannah Hamilton sister to Sias and Alexander to have ¼ of my movable estate and the other ¾ goes to my beloved daughters Mary Webster, Margaret Morgan and Alexander Webster." [The EWING children are Elizabeth's and she is, obviously, dead. It may be that Alexander Ewing had remained in Monongalia but he did move to and die in Muskingum Co. O in 1820 at age 32.]
1800 - Harford Co. MD, Census of 1800 shows a Joseph Ewing and a John Ewing in the 2nd District. We are confident Joseph is a brother to William.
1810- Harford Co. Md. Census of 1810 shows on p805: Joseph Gorrell, William Gorrell and Joseph Ewin(g) with 2 males 10-16; 1 male over 45 (himself) I female 16-26; 1 female 26-45.
A James Ewing is on page 807 not far away
A John Ewing is on page 808 “ “ “
1820 - Harford Co. MD Census of 1820 shows
Joseph Ewing on p20
John Ewing on p25
William Ewing on p47
1819, 10 December - (Muskingum Co. Ohio marriages)
"William Ewing married Frances (Baker) Thrap" [Widow of William Thrap whose Administration Bond was signed on 30 March 1816 by Frances Thrap, William Thrap, Joseph Thrap and *Thomas Legit.]
1825, 1 September (Muskingum Co. Ohio Will Book B p3l4, and probate date of 16 Sept. 1825) The will of William Ewing:"In the name of God, Amen. I, William Ewing, of Muskingum Co. and State of Ohio, being weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and Testament in manner and form following (that is to say)
First:I give and bequeath to the heirs of Alexander Ewing(decd) the whole of that tract of land
lying and being in the County aforesaid, range eight Town first Quarter second being part the Military tract.
Second: I give and bequeath to Frances Ewing my beloved wife, my roan(?) mare
Third: I give and bequeath unto my son, Josiah Ewing, all my wearing appereal.
Fourth: I give and bequeath two thirds of a price of a Waggon (after being sold and paying ten dollars to the heirs of Alexander Ewing) to be divided equally among all my grand-children, and
Lastly: I do hereby appoint Josiah Ewing my sole Executor of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this first day of September, one thousand eight hundred and twenty five. his
James L. Fleming mark
*Thomas Leggit,
Samuel McCamont.
[MEF:* He also witnessed the Administration Bond of, William Thrapp who died in, Muskingum Co. O in 1816].
Chapter - XXXX 395
There are many pages of documentation of the later generations of this couple searched by those mentioned above and others, below. The information following will be as given to me, yet following the "PLAN" shown you on Page iii, this Book. It is not computer generated but is outline form.
Believing, sincerely, that the Alexander Ewing and Jane Ewing located in Bush River and Susquehanna Hundreds, Harford Co. MD. are parents of William Ewing as well as Joseph Ewing and others we are on that assumptions:
I. ALEXANDER EWING born 1731 according to the 1776 Census taken of Co. MD. married ca 1754 JANE _________ but there is no record to date of this marriage. I found no Deed to Land there, They had:
A. William Ewing b ca 1755/6 in, probably.,Cecil County Md or . Baltimore Co. MD. He died in Muskingum Co. Ohio 16 September 1825. He married 10 Dec. 1784 Elizabeth Billingsley (b c 1765 Harford Co. Md daughter of Sias Billingsley and Hannah Webster of Harford Co. Md. She died after 1790 and before 1819 in either Monongalia Co. W. Va. or Muskingum: Co. Ohio. He m2) 10 Dec. 1819 Frances (Baker) Thrap(p) widow of William Thrapp
He had by Elizabeth Billingsley:
1. Josiah Ewing b 2 Sept 1787 in, probably Harford Co. MD. died prior to March of 1856 in Knox Co. Ohio and married 1) 21 May 1807 in Muskingum, Ohio, Elizabeth Thrap(p) (born 2 Feb. 1787 died after 1822 and before 1825 a daughter of possibly William Thrap and Frances (Baker) Thrap, tho unproven to date. He m2.)- Nancy Lybarger 20 Feb 1825. Had:
a. Rolley T. Ewing b 4 Feb 1808 Muskingum, Ohio
b. Milton C. Ewing b 10 Dec. 1819, d 22 May 1895 m) 1 May 1831 Elizabeth Chambers
c. Rufus B. Ewing b 20 Mar 1812 d 1879 m) 14 Feb 1830 Jane Alexander
d. William A. Ewing b 13 Mar. 1814
e. Joanna Ewing b ca 1815-20 m) 20 Sept 1833 Joseph Lybarger
f. Sarah Ewing b -1820 m) 26 Oct. 1841 Knox Co. O, Jesse Majors
g. Lilbourn Wilson Ewing b 17 Sept 1822 in Licking Co. O. d 19 Apr 1900 in Keokuk Co. IA m1) 19 Mar 1843, Knox Co. O, Martha J. Waddell (b 28 May 1821 dau of Absolom Waddell and Susannah Shephard Waddell d 21 Apr. 1859 Keokuk, IA), m2) Nancy Ann Leathers 22 Apr 1860 Knox Co. (b 25 Dec. 1837 d 7 Jun 1898). He died 14 April 1900 Springfield, Keokuk Co. IA.
Lilbourn and Martha J. Ewing had;
i. Susannah Frances b 29 Apr 1844 d 1924 m)13 July 1862 David Snodgrass. Both d Mahaska IA
ii. Franklin D. “Dr.” b 23 Nov. d 2 Oct 1864 Little Rock AR-Civil War Vet. Co C 40th Iowa Nat.Cem.
iii. Sanford Parker b 21 Jan 1848 Knox Co O. d 15 Aug 1932 ml) 2 Oct 1870 Mahaska IA, Ella White m2)Sarah Arnold
Chapter - XXXX 396
iv. Rufus Billingsley Ewing b 22 Jul 1850 Knox Co. O d 6 May 1883 m)23 Feb1874 Mahaska IA Mary King
v. Sarah Josephine “Josie” b 16 May 1853 Knox Co. O d 31 Jan 1885 m) 11 Apr 1877 William Towers. Mahaska,
vi. Julia Ann b 12 Apr 1855 d 1 May 1889 m Wm. Spates
Lilbourn Wilson Ewing m2) Nancy Ann Leathers and had:
vii. Martha Elizabeth “Mattie” b 14 Jul 1861 Keokuk IA d 31 Jan 1935 m) 3 Oct1880 William S. Shisler d l933
viii. Austin Byram b 30 Mar 1863 d 31 Mar l863
ix. Mary Frances b/d/ 1844
x. William Dorus b 19 May 1866 d 22 Feb 1920 m) 27 June 1888 Iowa Snodgrass b 1867 d 1946 bur Garrett Cem Keokuk, IA
xi. Schuyler Grant Ewing called "Grant" was born 3 Nov 1868 Keokuk Co. Iowa died 26 Sept 1957 Denver CO. ml) 9 Dec 1896 Pearl L. Urie (b 16 July 1879 d 20 Nov 1901 Keokuk Co. IA daughter of Johm M. Urie and Mary Jane Cochrane) Grant m2) 24 June 1903 Erna Mable Dawson (b 28 July 1892).
No issue.
"Grant" and Pearl had;
(I). Zoe Odell Ewing b 27 Apr 1897 d 19 July 1976 in Boulder Co. ml) 27Apr.1915 Merrit Call m2) Walter R. Douglas 22 Dec. 1922.
Had by Merritt Call:
(A). Gerald Vaughn Call b 24 Aug 1916 Boulder, CO m) 23 Oct 1943 Charline Ryan
Zoe Odell Ewing m2) Walter Douglas (b 15 Feb. 1886 d 22 July 1964 son of Newton Jasper Douglas and Carrie Alice Richmond).
She and Walter Richmond Douglas had:
(B). Robert Vernon Douglas m) Dorothy Johnson
(C).Shirley Jeanne Douglas m) Ted Junior Phillips Denver Co. and has:
(1). "Doug" Ted Douglas Phillips m) Carol Klinkhammer
(2). Kathlyn Gail Phillips (my correspondent and researcher, indefatigable).,She m)
Stephen Niles Neumann (son of Benj.G.. and Agnes N.(Niles) Neumann). They had:
(i). Rebecca Lyn Neumann
(ii). Daniel Aaron Neumann
(3). Judith Diane Phillips m) Alan S. Morville
(4). Steven Brian Phillips
(D). Marylynn June Douglas ml) Jack D. Sevier m2) Earl Hoover m3) Carl Mosteller d 1974
(II).Madge Lorene Ewing b 30 Jan 1900 d 11 Sept 1900
Josiah Ewing and Nancy Lybarger also had;
h. Susan Ewing b ca 1827
i. Elizabeth Ewing b ca 1829
j. Joseph B. Ewing b 11 Mar 1831 d 16 Jul 1900 m)9 Oct 1851 Hannah McMannis (b 1831 d 24 Apr 1881) Knox.Co. O. bur. Schuyler IL.
k. Charles Wesley Ewing b 1837 m 1861 Mary Eliz Parish
1. Lucinda Ewing b c 1841 m)29 Mar 1866 Lewis Bateman
m. Alice b c 1845 m 1 Sep 1864 John S. Turner, Fulton, IL.
Chapter XXXX 397
2. Alexander Ewing born ca 1788 was the second son of William and Elizabeth Billingsley Ewing. He was born in Harford Co. MD. and died 12 Sept 1820 in Muskingum Co. Ohio. He is buried in the Holbein Cemetery. He married 8 Feb. 1808 in Monongalia Co. VA/W VA Catherine Gallihue (b Dec 1792 daughter of Jeremiah and Anne Gallihue. She died 19 Oct 1847 in Muskingum Co. Ohio and is buried in Holbein Cem.) They had:
a. Elizabeth Ewing b ca 1808 in Monongalia Co. Va
m) 7 Feb 1833 in Muskingum Co. O., Samuel Hamer
b. Henry G. Ewing b 27 Apr 1810 in Monongalia Co. VA m)21 Sept 1829 Esther Alexander in Muskingum Co. Ohio. They had:
i. Albert Ewing b 3 Oct 1831 d 14 Mar 1905 m) 24 Mar 1861 Sarah Clayton Oldshire(b ? d 28 Mar 1884)
They had:
(I). Howard Smith Ewing b 25 May 1874 d 21 July 1948
25 Dec. 1895 Maud Deavers (b 20 Mar 1877 d 22 Dec. 1945) They had:
(A). Chesney G. Ewing b 25 Oct 1896 d 6 Mar 1986
Mary Eft Ewing (b 10 May 1892 d 4 Oct 1975. They had:
-Gerald B. Ewing of Barrington, IL. gave me only the above information from Henry G. Ewing on his family. He has searched so long and hard to find the father of William Ewing. I believe William's father to have been Alexander Ewing b 1731. Kathlyn P. Neumann gave me many family members as has been stated and those below.
ii. M. Edmund Ewing b ca 1834 m) 8 August 1853 Eliza Zieglar.
They had:
(I). Ella R. Ewing b 16 Jan 1855
(II). Henry Ewing b c l859 ,
(III). George Ewing b c l859 (twins?)
iii. Levi Ewing b ca 1839 married Josephine ?
iv. Robert Ewing b c1842
v. Eliza Ewing b ca 1844
v. Edith Ewing b ca 1844 ?.
vi. Esther Ewing b 1848
vii. Ellen Ewing b ca 1850
c. Mary Ann Ewing b c 1811 (3rd child of Alexander and Catherine Gallihue Ewing). She married 23 Dec. 1830 Andrew McCure. No more info
d. Nancy Ewing b c1814 (4th child of Alexander and Catherine Gallihue Ewing)married 10 August 1843 James G. Manley in Zanesville, Muskingum Co. Ohio. No more info.
e. William Ewing b 1 April 1818 in Muskingum Co.Ohio He married 24 Apr 1837 or 4 May 1836 Martha Huff. Had: Henry, Charles, Theodore, William,Hannah, Albert(m 5 Oct 1882 Mary Elizabeth Catlin and had children); Franklin; Joseph and Abraham are the remaining children of William and Martha Huff.
Chapter - XXXX 398
3. Hannah Ewing (3rd child and only daughter of William and Elizabeth Billingsley Ewing) was born ca 1790-94 in either MD or VA/W VA. She died 2 Oct. 1819 Muskingum Co. OH 18 Oct 1810 Muskingum Co. OH, Rev. William Hamilton (b 1 May l789 in PA d 8 Aug 1867 in Union Co. OH son of William Hamilton and Susanna Brown Hamilton.) They had:
a. Elizabeth Hamilton b 5 Mar 1812 d 27 Nov 1889 Union Co. OH. ml) Jacob C. Sidel (b 9 Feb 1812 d 10 Jun 1877 In Union Co. Oh. She m2) Gideon Wickham (no issue). Elizabeth Hamilton and Jacob C. Sidel had:
i. John Sidel; ii. Mary Sidel; iii. Martha Sidel; iv. Hannah Ann Sidel;
v. William H. Sidel; vi. Sarah R. Sidel and vii. Cornelius D. Sidel.
b. Samuel Hamilton b 5 April 1814 in Licking Co. O. Was in Marshall Co IL by 1854. He m1) Nancy McMorris 24 Dec. 1835 in Muskingum Co. Oh. who died 16 May 1882. He m2) Harriet Rodman. Samuel and Nancy Hamilton had:
i. John M. Hamilton (became Lt.Gov.)
c. William McKendre Hamilton b 13 Oct 1814, Muskingum Co. O d after 1891. Moved to Marshall Co. IL. m) Rebecca Burns in IL.
d. Benjamin Manley Hamilton b 2 Jan 1819 in Muskingum Co. O d 7 Feb. 1859 in Union Co. O. Buried Claibourne Cem. Claibourne twp. OH. m) 21 April 1840 Abigail Graham (dau of John Patterson Graham and Eliza Headley, b 20 June 1824 Carrol Co. OH and d 26 Sept 1904 Union Co. O) They had:
i. Rev. William C. Hamilton;
ii. Eliza Jane Hamilton;
iii. Martha Hamilton
iv. Luetta C. (Etta)
v. Lydia Alona Hamilton b 29 May 1857 in Richwood, union Co. Ohio and 29 Mar 1940 buried Claibourne Cem. m) 6 Jan 1876 Thomas Henry Biddle (b 12 Dec. 1856 died 5 Feb. 1902 son of Henry Biddle and Eunice Louisa Latson). They had:
(I). Margaret (Maggie) may Biddle
(II). Pearl Clifton Biddle b 26 June 1878 Union co. 0 d 31 Dec 1951 m) 12 Feb 1900 Lilly Leona Fuller (b 15 May 1880, s 25 Jul 1952). They had:
(A). Lydia May Biddle b 5 Jan 1912 Cuyahoga Oh
m) 12 Oct 1935 Russell Louis Sage b 2 Dec 1906. They had:
(1).Russel Currier Sage m) 18 Aug 1962 Joanne Rose Mastantuana
(The above family sent to me by Kathy Neuman prepared by Russell Currier Sage of Olathe, KS)
William Ewing married on 10 Dec. 1819 (Muskingum Co. O. Marriages) Frances (Baker) Thrapp widow of William Thrapp who died in Muskingum Co. Oh in March of 1816.
B. Joseph Ewing was the second son, I believe, of Alexander and Jane Ewing "I'' above. He was 18 in 1776 so he was born c1858 possibly in Harford Co. Md which was Baltimore Co. at that time. me married ( Harford Co. Marriages) 13 April 1793 Mary Gorrell (daughter:of Joseph and Mary Gorrell. Joseph Gorrell died 3 June 1793).
Joseph Ewing may have m2)14 Mar 1801
Chapter - XXXX 399
Mary Kenley or Kinley in Harford Co. MD (One Joseph Ewing did. No gravesite has been found for a Mary Ewing wife of Joseph Ewing.
See pages 391-394 for identifying information on Joseph Ewing believed brother to William Ewing, both sons of Alexander Ewing b ca 1731. As was shown in the 1810 Census, Joseph Ewing had 2 males and himself +45 and 2 females, one +45 (his wife?). Joseph Ewing moved to Muskingum Co. Ohio and died there on 11 Nov. 1837 at “84 years” and is buried in Ark Springs Baptist Cemetery in Muskingum Co. Ohio. (Info from Kathy Neumann) Moved with his son, Charles Ewing? Charles is listed on DEEDS for Harford Co. MD (compiled by Georgia Morgan) as buying and selling, the last sale in Harford Co. MD just prior to his death. Joseph and Mary Gorrell and or Mary Kinley/Kenley had:
1.Charles Ewing born 1 Nov. 1793 in Harford Co. MD and died 26 July 1849 buried in the Ark Spring Baptish Cemetery near his father in Muskingum Co. Ohio. He married 15 Feb. 1820 Teresa Ireland (born 13 Mar 1804 in England. Parents unknown and died 1 July 1887. She is also buried in Ark Spring Baptist cemetery, Muskingum Co. OH) They had the following 11 children, 7 are shown with her, widow, on the 1850 Census of Meigs twp. Muskingum Co. Ohio. She was worth $4200.00:
a. Elizabeth Ewing b ca 5 Sept 1822 d 6 Feb. 1847 married William Hardesty on 2 Dec. 1841 in Muskingum Ohio
b. Franklin Ewing b ca 1825 Harford Co. MD. married 20 Feb. 1849 (Muskingum Co. Marriages) Rebecca Hardesty
c. Ann Ewing b ca 19 Sept 1827 in MD died at 7 years Ohio
d. W. Charles Ewing b ca 11 Oct 1828 MD d 21 Mar 1873 in Muskingum, OH married Melissa S. Atchenson (d 24 June 1870 @ 29 yr. 11 mo. 3 da). He was 44yr 5 mo 10da.
e. Margaret Ewing b ca 1830 was “20” b MD" in 1850 Census.
f. William Ewing b ca 1832 was “18” b MD" on 1850 Census w/ mother Terresa Ewing. He m) 1 Jan 1863 Clarrissa Bethel Muskingum Ohio Marr.
g. John Ewing b ca 17 June 1834 d 15 Nov. 1835 @ 1 yr 4 mo 28 days. buried Ark Springs Bapt. Cem.
h. Mariah Ewing b 1837 in Harford Co. MD married 12 Jan. 1859 James L. Reed
i. Josiah Ewing b ca 12 Feb. 1839 in Ohio (first child born in Ohio according to 1850 Census). He died 3 Apr 1871 at 31 yrs. buried Ohio
j. Theresa Ewing b 1841 in Ohio died 26 April 1916 married 11 Feb.1864 in Muskingum, OH Henry Bethel (b 1841 died 13 June 1921).
k. Ralph Ewing b 6 Sept 1850 in Ohio. died 2 Novo 1874 at 34 yrs 27 da in Ohio
It may be important to descendants to trace the Land purchases of Charles Ewing in Harford Co. MD. Joseph is never shown as buying land. He may have lived on Gorrell land.
Charles Ewing purchased from James Gorrell 1Apr 1820 10+ ac and 2 1/8 a. HARFORD DEED BOOK 4 p l43 (2 mos after marriage)
Charles Ewing from Hugh Smith Dec12 1821 (HD 5 p288)
Charles Ewing from Jas Frazier et al Sept 12, 1829 rec 1830
HD 13 p 51. and "Charles and Teresa Ewing to Thomas Worthington in 1834 sold all above for $1,000.00 HD 17 p299”
Chapter - XXXX 400
Joseph Ewing and Mary (whatever her last name) may have had (and we think he did):
2. William Ewing born 18 November 1795 died 18 Sept 1871 aged 75 years 10 months. He married 20 June 1821 Elizabeth Russell (Harford Co. MD Marriages and the W. Preston Ewing Bible owned by the Historical Society of Harford in 1986 donated by Mrs. Edna Osborn.) According to the Bible Record Elizabeth b 10 Oct 1801; d 12 Sep.1864. William married 2) 4 April 1869 Eliza Mitchell. William and Elizabeth had:
a) Alice Ann Ewing b 24 Mar 1822
b) John Ewing b 27 July 1824 died 28 June 1895 married 17 Jan 1861 Amanda E. Thomas
c. Lawson Ewing b 2 Mar 1827 m 26 Dec. 1861 Susan J. (Jennie) Schultz (b 18 Oct 1839 in Franklin Co. Ohio) Lawson m2) Nov. 1896 Mrs. Elizabeth McKindless. Lawson and Jennie (Schultz) Ewing had: i.William Ellsworth Ewing b 19 Sept 1862 in Pleasant Hill IL.
d 15 Mar 1908
ii. Solomon Russell Ewing b 16 Apr. 1865 in Pleasant Hill, IL.
d. William Ewing, Jr. b 28 Nov. 1829 married 14 Jan 1862 Cornelia A. Smith. They had:
i.W. Leonard Ewing b 4 Nov. 1862
e. Joseph Ewing b 20 July 1832 (we think named for his grandfather, Joseph Ewing above). He died 29 Aug 1860
f. Charles Amos Ewing b 14 Mar 1839. Died 31 Jan. 1863. (We think him named for William’s brother, Charles).
g. Mary Elizabeth Ewing born 6 April 1842 and died 12 June 1862.
[NOTE MEF: As Joseph Ewing married Mary Gorrell and as her only brother we found was Lawson Gorrell and as William and Elizabeth Russell Ewing named the second son Lawson, MAYBE it was for “Uncle Lawson Gorrell”, After “Jr*” came Joseph (for his father) and Charles(for his brother)and last “Mary”(for his mother),]
The following are land purchases/sales by William Ewing and may be important to descendants who may not have them.
William Ewing purchased from Thomas Jeffery land in 1825 found in Harford Deed 2 p222
William Ewing purchased from James Russell et al in 1843 found in HD 28 p250
William Ewing and wife Elizabeth sell to James B.Gallion in 1843 land found in HD 28 p334
C. James Ewing b ca 1765 is the next child of Alexander and Jane Ewing in the 1776 Census of Bush River Lower Hundred. The first marriage of a James Ewing in Harford Co. Md. was on 14 April 1784 when a James Ewing married one Mary Kean. HE would have been only 19 years of age. Another James Ewing married Sarah Brownley on, 9 Oct 1805 in Harford Co. They had a daughter, Mary Ewing. James would have been 40 when he married Sarah Brownley. We have no proof of any of it. There are no sales of land to James Ewing. There are in Harford Co. MD. in 1790 Census two (2) men named James Ewing. In 1810 there are two, also. One is near Ruth Billingsley and the other is near Joseph Ewing and John Ewing all 3 of them are +45 indicating all were born prior to 1765.

More About William Ewing:
Date born 2: Abt. 1755, Maryland?.5094, 5095, 5096
Died 2: 1825, Muskingum, Ohio.5096, 5097, 5098
Died 3: September 16, 1825, Muskingum, Ohio.5099, 5100
Military service: Bet. 1775 - 1779, Ensign, Harford County, Maryland Militia.

More About William Ewing and Elizabeth Billingsley:
Marriage 1: December 10, 17845101
Marriage 2: December 10, 1784, Harford, Maryland.5102, 5103, 5104

More About William Ewing and Frances Baker:
Marriage 1: December 10, 1819
Marriage 2: December 10, 1819, Muskingum, Ohio.5105, 5106, 5107
Marriage 3: December 19, 1819, Muskingum Co., Ohio.5108, 5109

Children of William Ewing and Elizabeth Billingsley are:
  1. +Josiah Ewing, b. September 02, 1787, Harford County, Maryland5110, d. Bef. May 18, 1856, Knox County, Ohio5110.
  2. +Alexander Ewing, b. 1788, Harford County, Maryland5110, 5111, d. September 12, 1820, Muskingum County, Ohio5112, 5113.
  3. +Hannah Ewing, b. Bet. 1790 - 1794, Maryland or West Virginia5114, d. October 02, 1819, Muskingum County, Ohio5114.
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