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Updated June 23, 2013

This is an ongoing project which has taken many years of research which is never-ending and still requires much updating. People from many families which are extensions from my own family are included. The primary SURNAMES (although there are many more) found in this project are: ABLAH, ADWAN, ADWON, ANDEEL, AYOUB, BAYOUD, BAYOUTH, COHLMIA, DAVID, DeBAKEY, DEEBA, EDDIE, ELKOURI, FARHA, FARHOOD, FARRIS, HAMMAM, HOMSEY, HORANEY, JABARA, JORISHIE, KOURI, MASSAD, MONSOUR, NAIFEH, RAHAL, RUFFIN, SAIED, SALLEE, SHDEED, SOLOMON and WOOTEN.

As you can see below, there is a link to a FAMILY BOOK REPORT, an inter-active ALL-IN-ONE FAMILY TREE OF ALL INDIVIDUALS and also 5 GENEALOGY REPORTS which contain much more specific extensive information. There are still a lot of missing people, ancestors, descendants, information, etc. This is where I could always use some help. It would be good if the information could be as accurate as possible not only for ourselves but also for future generations as this all will become part of the "World Family Tree Project". It would be preferable that information provided (ie. births, deaths, marriages, graduations, degrees, awards, honors, accomplishments, occupations, comments, etc.) include a date and place if known.

ANY INFORMATION you want to provide can be included under the "DETAILS" about an individual in the Internet Family Tree and the "MORE ABOUT" areas that you will see in the Book Report and the Genealogy Reports.

The branch of the family likely to be interested in each GENEALOGY REPORT follows:
HABEEB BAYOUD (descendants of Sol Bayouth, Sam Bayouth and families); NESRALLAH ANDEEL (descendants of Salwa Bayouth, Suad Bayouth, Adeeba Bayouth, Jodie Bayouth and Najla Farhood and families); BESHARA BAYOUD (descendants of Eid Bayoud, Jacob Bayoud, Wared Bayoud, Hanna Bayoud, Aliha Bayouth, Frank Bayouth, Henry Bayoud, Ellis Bayouth and families); FARRIS AYOUB (descendants of Mary Farris(Ayoub), John Farris(Ayoub), Raheeja"Annie"Farris(Ayoub), Merhige Farris(Ayoub), Druby Farris(Ayoub), David Farris(Ayoub) and families); KHOURY JAKHOURIA HARDAN(descendants of Yousif Adwon, Theeb Adwon, Mitch Adwon, Saied Hammam, Wadiha Hammam, Nellie Hammam, Adeeba Hammam, Willie Hammam and families)

[PLEASE NOTE: The Book Report shown below under "BOOKS" includes information about "everyone", not just the names in the title. Since it is so inclusive, it is over 350 pages long. Therefore, you will need to BE PATIENT when you click on it as it takes it a while to download (especially if you have a "dialup" internet connection). It may also take you some time to browse through it but is provided in a format where you can print out any portion of it that is of interest to you. The GENEALOGY REPORTS shown further down on this page are more specific to certain branches and members of the family as explained above.]

PLEASE FORWARD this to OTHER RELATIVES so that they can also provide me with information. As I gradually receive and input the updated information, then I intend to update the Book Report, the Internet Family Tree and the Genealogy Reports on a regular basis. PLEASE CHECK OUT YOUR PART OF THE FAMILY AND SEND ME INFORMATION ABOUT ANY MISSING PEOPLE, FACTS, ERRORS, ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND/OR OTHER EVENTS FOR FUTURE UPDATES. It can't be included or corrected unless YOU let me know about it. THANK YOU.



TULSA, OK 74112-2941
United States
Fax: (918)744-0711

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GEDCOM Trees (viewing trees requires 4.0 or later)

    This tree contains all the individuals included so far in this database. Right click your mouse until the small menu appears - then, click on "Find" and a scrollable list of all individuals should appear. Just scroll to and click on the person in whom you are interested.

Family Photos

  • Louise Bayouth & William("Bill") M. Farris (1946) (68 KB)
    Photo taken on December 12, 1946 (Bill's 34th Birthday) at the Orchid Club in Tulsa, OK.
  • Gloria Eddie Farha & Phil Farha (1947) (94 KB)
    Gloria Eddie & Philip Farha were married and raised their family in Wichita, Kansas.
  • Men Socializing in Collinsville, OK (Abt. 1947) (149 KB)
    Left to Right: Haleem("Harry")F. Farhood, Edward("Eddie") S. Bayouth, William("Bill") M. Farris, Kaline("Kay") Bayouth, Emile H. Farhood, Sol H. Bayouth, Unknown?
  • Ladies Socializing in Collinsville, OK (1949) (120 KB)
    Standing on Left: Salwa Andeel Bayouth. On Sofa from Left to Right: Mildred Oaks Bayouth, Louise Bayouth Farris, Delores Bayouth(Sallee), Josephine("Jodie") Andeel Bayouth. On Floor From Left to Right: Inez Bayouth(Jones), Gloria Bayouth, Katherine("Katie") Dampf Bayouth.
  • Richard("Rick") Paul Deeba II in his office.(2005) (60 KB)
    Rick is the son of Diana Jorishie Deeba and Richard P. Deeba Sr. Shown here in his office, Rick(II) is owner and president of "Casa Dia Montessori Child Care Centers" in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Mary Farris(Shadid) & Fred Shadid Farris (1950) (120 KB)
    Mary Farris Shadid sitting with her nephew, Fred S. Farris, whom she raised like her own son after the death of his mother. Photo taken about 1950.
  • Salwa Bayouth with 3 Oldest Granddaughters (1983) (40 KB)
    LEFT to RIGHT: Sharon Kay Jenkins Umholtz, Salwa Andeel Bayouth, Marcia Farris Stroud, Diana Jorishie Deeba.
  • Lt. Col. Victor Paul Farris (Early 1940's) (24 KB)
    Victor joined the Air Force and served America proudly and with honor in both World War II and the Korean War.
  • Bob Martin and Sandra Farris Martin (Nov, 2002) (167 KB)
    Sandra("Sandy") is the daughter of Fred Shadid Farris and Velma Ward Farris. Sandra is a Professor in the Mass Communications Department at Oklahoma City University.
  • Sol H. Bayouth & Salwa Andeel Bayouth (Abt. 1950) (93 KB)
    25th Wedding Anniversary Photograph
  • Helen("Buster") Bayouth & Al Evans Children (1956) (66 KB)
    LEFT to RIGHT: Ronald Wesley Evans, Sidney Wayne Evans, Michael Ray Evans. This photo is from about 1956. Ron became co-owner of Kansas-Oklahoma Machine Tools. Sidney became a Nurse Practitioner. Michael became a priest in the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church.
  • Merhige & Zekia Massad Farris Youngest Boys(1930) (77 KB)
    ON HORSE L to R: Victor Farris, Bruce Farris. STANDING L TO R: Emil Farris, Edward Farris. This photo was taken in the early 1930's
  • Fred & Velma Ward Farris Children (Early Photos) (68 KB)
    Left: Sandra Farris(Martin). Right: Fred("Freddie") Farris, Jr. These Photos are from about 1955.
  • Zekia Massad Farris & Younger Children (Abt.1926) (85 KB)
    FRONT L to R: Emil Farris, Victor Farris, Bruce Farris. BACK L to R: Lorraine Farris(Solomon), Zekia Massad Farris, Edward M. Farris. This photo was taken about 1926.
  • Sol & Salwa Bayouth with Eids from Lebanon (1954) (437 KB)
    TOP PHOTO L to R: Shofick Eid's head, Donald J. Farris, Annie Eid, Salwa Andeel Bayouth, Sol H. Bayouth, Merhige("Bill") William Farris. Taken about 1954. BOTTOM PHOTO L to R: Merhige("Bill")William Farris, Donald J. Farris's head, Shofick Eid, Annie Eid, JoAnn Bayouth(Naifeh), Salwa Andeel Bayouth, Sol. H. Bayouth. Taken about 1954.
  • Suzanne("Susie") Farris & Gary Payne (1966) (60 KB)
    This photo was taken on Susie & Gary's Wedding day. Susie is the oldest daughter of Dr. Edward Merhige Farris.
  • ("Sittie") Zekia Massad Farris (December 18, 1969) (79 KB)
    Zekia Massad Farris shown holding her great-grandson, Robert Payne.
  • Jacob ("Jake") William Jorishie (20 KB)
    Jake proudly served in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II.
  • Salwa A. Bayouth(1954) & Grandchildren (1954&2002) (542 KB)
    TOP PHOTO (AbT. 1954): BACK CENTER: Salwa ("Sittie") Andeel Bayouth FRONT L to R: Marcia Farris, Diana Jorishie, Jake ("Chip") Jorishie Jr., Merhige ("Bill") Farris Jr., Sol ("Solly") Bayouth, Kay ("Snooks")Bayouth Jr., Donald J. Farris, Billy Bayouth. This photo was taken at a family picnic in Mohawk Park in Tulsa, OK. BOTTOM PHOTO (Abt.2002): L TO R: Marcia Farris Stroud, Diana Jorishie Deeba, Dr. Jake ("Chip") Jorishie Jr., Merhige ("Bill") Farris Jr., Sol ("Solly") Bayouth, Kay ("Snooks") Bayouth Jr., Dr. Donald J. Farris, Billy Bayouth. This "Reunion Pose" of the Top Photo was taken at a Bayouth Family Reunion in Tulsa, OK in 2002.
  • Adeeb ("Babe") Eddie(Eid) (1955) (60 KB)
    B.D. ("Babe") Eddie was Founder of "Superior Feeds" and was inducted into the Oklahoma Heritage Hall of Fame on November 16, 1972 for his philanthropy and many lifetime contributions to the state of Oklahoma.
  • Salwa A. Bayouth & Grandchildren in Missouri(1960) (130 KB)
    SITTING L to R: Jake("Chip") Jorishie, Linc Sallee, Billy Bayouth, Sol("Solly") Bayouth, Kay("Snook") Bayouth Jr., M. William("Bill") Farris. STANDING MIDDLE L to R: Cathey Bayouth, Jeff Jorishie, Danny Bayouth, Phyllis("Poolee") Bayouth, Marcia Lou Farris, Barbara Hope Rahal, Donald J. Farris. BACK STANDING L to R: Diana Jorishie, Salwa("Sittie") Andeel Bayouth. This photo was taken during one of several trips that several families would take together to the Ozarks as summer vacation in the early 1960's.
  • Bill&Louise Bayouth Farris Children (Early Photos) (72 KB)
    Photos of Wadiha("Dee") Margaret Farris(Gilbert), Marcia Lou Farris(Stroud), Merhige ("Bill") William Farris and Donald Jay Farris. Taken in the early 1950's. Wadiha("Dee")was born during William("Bill") Merhige Farris's first marriage to Marjorie Leona Boyles
  • Frieda Bayouth visiting her sister, Miriam (1961) (71 KB)
    L to R: Unknown?, Miriam Bayouth, Freida Bayouth, Unknown?. This photo was taken in 1961 when Freida Bayouth(Saad) went to visit her sister, Miriam Bayouth, in Buenos Aries, Argentina after not having seen each other for many, many years.
  • Zakia Andeel(Zukkarieh) visits America (Abt. 1961) (72 KB)
    BACK L to R: Juanita Bayouth Jorishie, William("Bill") Bayouth, Zakia Andeel Zukkarieh, Abraham("Bus") Bayouth, Louis Bayouth Farris. FRONT L to R: Jake("Chip") Jorishie, Donald J. Farris, M. William("Bill") Farris. This photo was taken about 1961 during the time that Zakia was in Oklahoma visiting her sister, Salwa Andeel Bayouth, after not having seen each other in over 30 years.
  • Family Group Photo at Tulsa Airport (Abt. 1959) (68 KB)
    KNEELING IN FRONT L TO R: Juanita Bayouth Jorishie, Inez Bayouth(Couchman). STANDING L to R: Harry Farhood, Abraham("Bus") Bayouth, Louise Bayouth Farris, Emile S. Bayouth, Salwa Andeel Bayouth, JoAnn Bayouth Naifeh, Frieda Bayouth Saad, Jimmie C. Naifeh, Najla Andeel Farhood, Josephine Bayouth Homsey, Helen("Buster") Bayouth Evans, Ted Couchman, Wadia Bayouth, William("Bill") Bayouth, Adeeba Andeel Bayouth, Kaline("Kay") Bayouth, Gloria Bayouth, Mildred Oaks Bayouth, Eddie S. Bayouth Sr.
  • B,D.("Babe") Eddie & Pauline Farris Eddie (1963) (133 KB)
    Pictured in front of the three-story building that they gave to the United Fund of Greater Oklahoma City in 1963 for their new headquarters.
  • Louise, Marcia & William("Bill") Farris(June 1965) (138 KB)
    LEFT to RIGHT: Louise Bayouth Farris, Marcia Lou Farris, William("Bill") Merhige Farris. This photo was taken at the 1965 Southwest Region Conference of the Eastern Orhodox Christian Church in Tulsa after Marcia was named "S.O.Y.O. Queen". This was the last year the church held this previously annual competition so Marcia still "technically" holds the title.
  • Saida Jwaneit (Late 1800's) (86 KB)
    Saida was a mid-wife aiding with new births. She was married to Habeeb Bayoud(Bayouth). They were the parents of Sol, Freida, Miriam, Salem("Sam"), George and Haseba Bayouth.
  • Solomon H. Bayouth with Horses and Wagon (1904) (100 KB)
    Sol was a traveling peddler of Dry Goods between Kansas and Oklahoma in his early days in America before opening his first department store. It has been widely told that Rodgers and Hamerstein created the immigrant peddler character with the wagon in the Broadway Musical "OKLAHOMA" (played by actor Eddie Albert in the movie version) after hearing of Sol Bayouth's occupation of being a immigrant peddler with a horse and wagon in early Oklahoma.
  • Merhige Farris(Ayoub) and Wadiha Hammam (Abt.1904) (54 KB)
    Wedding portrait at the time of their marriage.
  • Solomon and Aliha Bayouth marriage (12-26-1909) (109 KB)
    Wedding photograph taken at the marriage of Sol H. and Aliha Bayouth on December 26, 1909 in Wichita, Kansas.
  • Bayouth Family Members (Abt. 1965) (107 KB)
    ON FLOOR: Aliha Bayoud Massad SITTING L to R: George Saad, Frieda Bayouth Saad, Salwa Andeel Bayouth, Frank (Mrad) Bayouth, Lorraine Bayouth, Salem ("Sam")Bayouth, Hafitha Kenemy Bayouth STANDING L to R: William ("Bill") Bayouth, Louise Bayouth Farris, Kaline ("Kay") Bayouth, Abraham ("Bus") Bayouth, Inez Bayouth Jones, Juanita Bayouth Jorishie, Edward ("Eddie") Bayouth, Emile Bayouth, Delores ("Dee") Bayouth Sallee, JoAnn Bayouth Naifeh, Ralph ("Tex") Bayouth
  • Frieda Bayouth with nephews and niece (Abt. 1913) (162 KB)
    Adult is Frieda Bayouth. She is holding her nephew, Kamel("Kay")Sam Bayouth. To her left is her nephew, William("Bill")Solomon Bayouth. To her right is her niece, Louise("Lou") Helen Bayouth. Photo was taken about 1913.
  • Salwa A. Bayouth with Children & Spouses(Abt.1965) (121 KB)
    SITTING L to R: Josephine("Jodie") Andeel Bayouth, Louise Bayouth Farris, Gloria Bayouth, Inez Bayouth Couchman, Salwa Andeel Bayouth, Juanita("Nita") Bayouth Jorishie, Mildred Oaks Bayouth, Katie Dampf Bayouth, Delores("Dee") Bayouth Sallee, JoAnn Bayouth Naifeh, Carrie Moody Bayouth. STANDING L to R: William("Bill") S. Bayouth, William("Bill") M. Farris, Kaline("Kay") M. Bayouth, Abraham("Bus")Bayouth, Jacob("Jake") Jorishie Sr., Edward("Eddie") S. Bayouth Sr., Emile S. Bayouth, George L. Sallee, Jimmie C. Naifeh Sr., Ralph("Tex") Bayouth.
  • William("Bill") Merhige Farris (Abt.1918) (52 KB)
    Classic child photograph typical of the times in which it was taken. (Taken about 1918)
  • Jennie Rahal in Vegas for 80th Birthday(Oct.1985) (132 KB)
    LEFT to RIGHT: Jennie Farris Rahal, Donald J. Farris, Louise Bayouth Farris, William("Bill")M. Farris. Celebrating Jennie's 80th Birthday at the original MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada in October,1985.
  • Louise("Lou") Helen Bayouth (Abt. 1918) (57 KB)
    Classic child photograph typical of the times in which it was taken. (Taken about 1918)
  • Salwa Andeel Bayouth (Abt. 1982) (56 KB)
    Photo taken about 1982.
  • Merhige Farris (Ayoub), Children & Relatives(1920) (83 KB)
    FRONT L to R: Jennie Farris (Rahal), Pauline Farris (Eddie), Victoria Farris (Monsour), William ("Bill") Farris BACK ROW L to R: Adeeba Farha (Rose "Henid's sister), Rose "Henid" Farris, Zekia Massad Farris, Merhige Farris (Ayoub), "The Strongman"(Name Unknown), Name Unknown?, John ("Hatas") Farris(Ayoub)
  • Sol H. Bayouth & Children at Aliha's Death (1924) (303 KB)
    It was common during the times to take a family photo with the casket at the death of a family member. Three Children in Back on Left Side from L TO R are: Kaline("Kay") Bayouth, Louise("Lou")Bayouth(Farris), William("Bill") Solomon Bayouth. Front Row from L TO R are: Inez Bayouth(Jones), Juanita Bayouth(Jorishie), Solomon H. Bayouth with Edward("Eddie")Bayouth on his knee, Frank(Mrad) Bayouth with his hand on the shoulder of Abraham("Bus") Bayouth.
  • Salwa Andeel Bayouth & Children (1980) (187 KB)
    SITTING L to R: Louise Bayouth Farris, JoAnn Bayouth Naifeh, Salwa Andeel Bayouth, Inez Bayouth Jones, Juanita Bayouth Jorishie. STANDING L to R: Abraham("Bus")Bayouth, Emile S. Bayouth, Kaline("Kay") M. Bayouth Sr., Edward("Eddie") S. Bayouth Sr., Ralph("Tex") Bayouth, Delores("Dee") Bayouth Sallee. This photo was taken in 1980 at the 25th Wedding Anniversary party for Delores("Dee")Bayouth Sallee and George L. Sallee.
  • First Bayouth Family Reunion (June 25, 1983) (243 KB)
    This photo was taken during the first Bayouth Family Reunion on June 25, 1983 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Louise Bayouth Farris & Bill Farris in Vegas(1985) (80 KB)
    Louise Bayouth Farris & William("Bill") M. Farris at the Dune's Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 26, 1985.
  • Bill & Lou Farris Family Members in Vegas (1985) (170 KB)
    LEFT to RIGHT: Marcia Farris Wooten, William("Bill") M. Farris, Wadiha("Dee") Farris Farhood, Donald J. Farris, Lisa Pearce Farris, Louise Bayouth Farris. This photo was taken at the Sultan's Table in the Dune's Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 26, 1985.
  • Daughters of Solomon H. Bayouth (I) (Feb 26, 1987) (62 KB)
    (FRONT):Louise Bayouth Farris,(BACK,LtoR):Juanita Bayouth Jorishie, Delores Bayouth Sallee, Inez Bayouth Jones, JoAnn Bayouth Naifeh
  • Inez, Juanita and Louise Bayouth (Abt. 1932) (99 KB)
    Portrait photo of Sol. H. Bayouth's three oldest daughters from the early 1930's. Center Back is Juanita Bayouth(Jorishie). Front left is Inez Bayouth(Jones). Front right is Louise Bayouth(Farris).
  • John("Hatas") Farris(Ayoub), (Abt. 1933) (53 KB)
    This photo was likely taken between the late 1920's and the mid 1930's.
  • Kaline("Kay") M. Bayouth (Early 1940's) (87 KB)
    Volunteered and served America proudly in World War II. Was awarded "The Purple Heart" metal for bravery and heroism.
  • Abraham("Bus") Bayouth, (Early 1940's) (68 KB)
    Volunteered and served America proudly in World War II.
  • Emile S. Bayouth, (Early 1940's) (78 KB)
    Voulunteered and proudly served America with honor during World War II.
  • Faith Rahal Ablah & Daughters (Early 2000's) (23 KB)
    LEFT to RIGHT: Jennie "Rachelle" Ablah Pulkkila, Faith Rahal Ablah, Leigh Ann Ablah Sims. Faith and daughters work together and are very well known and successful in the real estate business in Wichita, Kansas.
  • William("Bill") Merhige Farris, (1942) (86 KB)
    This photograph was taken on September 30, 1942.
  • Dr. Donald J. Farris in office (Abt. 2003) (142 KB)
    Dr. Donald J. Farris practices Optometry in Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Note: Dr. Farris is the author and developer of the this website.)
  • Merhige and Zekia Massad Farris Family (Abt. 1945) (54 KB)
    FRONT L to R: Lorraine Farris Solomon, Marquita Farris Hilt, Victoria Farris Monsour MIDDLE L to R: Zekia Massad Farris, Merhige Farris(Ayoub) BACK L to R: Dr. Edward Farris, Fred Shadid Farris, Pauline Farris Eddie, Lt.Col. Victor Farris, Jennie Farris Rahal, William ("Bill")M. Farris, Dr. Emil Farris, Bruce Farris
  • Emile Bayouth & Katherine("Katie") Dampf-Bayouth (58 KB)
    This photograph was taken about 1949.
  • Stanley A. Sallee(Mayor of Collinsville, OK)(2005) (63 KB)
    Stanly Abe Sallee(I) was honored on September 15, 2005 with the award of "Mayor of the Year" out of all Oklahoma towns of 5000 population or less for his outstanding service and dedication to his city.
  • Buster ("Buss") Sam Bayouth (Abt. 1945) (57 KB)
    High School Graduation Photo of the youngest son of Salem("Sam") Bayouth,
  • Juanita("Nita") & Jake Jorishie Sr. (Abt.1985) (31 KB)
    This photograph of Juanita Bayouth Jorishie and Jacob("Jake") Jorishie was taken about 1985.
  • Louise Helen Bayouth's First Marriage (1936) (127 KB)
    Louise married her first husband, Fred("Fozie")Elkouri (in picture)on June 14, 1936 in Wellington, TX. Fred passed away on June 11, 1944. Louise later met and married William("Bill") Merhige Farris.
  • Abraham ("A.B.") Bayouth Jr.(Banker's Award, 2005) (147 KB)
    Receiving "Oklahoma Community Banker Hero Award" (Sept. 8, 2005 in Oklahoma City)
  • Kay("Snook") Bayouth in office (July, 2006) (49 KB)
    Kay("Snook")Bayouth owns Bayouth Insurance Agency in Collinsville, Oklahoma.
  • Merhige William("Bill") Farris & Buffalo(May,2006) (30 KB)
    Bill Farris ("Jr.") is co-owner of Kansas-Oklahoma Machine Tools. He and his wife Lisa have a herd of Buffalo (technically "American Bison") on their vast property in Goddard, Kansas which is just west of Wichita.
  • Abraham("Bus") & Eddie Bayouth Sr. (Oct. 2006) (70 KB)
    L to R: Abraham("Bus")Bayouth Sr., Edward("Eddie") S. Bayouth Sr. This photo was taken at the 80th birthday party for their brother, Emile Bayouth, in October, 2006.
  • Kaline("Kay") M. Bayouth Portrait Photo(Abt. 1990) (58 KB)
    Portrait from about 1990 of Kaline("Kay")Bayouth.

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