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Descendants of Joseph Dyer

Generation No. 5

      9. James5 Dyer (George4, James3, John2 S.Dyer, Joseph1 Dyer) was born 1777 in Pittsylvania County, Va,, and died 1846 in Warren Co, Mo.. He married Sarah Ann Fortune July 16, 1798 in Henry County, Va., daughter of Joseph Fortune and Mary Reynolds. She was born 1778 in Pittsylvania County, Va., and died Bef. 1850 in Warren County ,Mo..

Notes for James Dyer:
James Dyer b. 1777 d. 1846 married Sarah Ann Fortune, July 16,1798 daughter of Joseph Fortune and Mary Reynolds Fortune
In his will, made January 1 ,1784, Joseph Fortune, names his wife and daughters Elizabeth and Sarah Ann as heirs plus and unborn child
which was later named Joseph Fortune Jr.ref ; Court records Pittsylvania Co. Va. wills, probate records etc.
Judge David Patterson Dyer in his Autobiography of 1922 shows that James married Sarah Ann Reynolds as did Judith America Parks Hill in her History of Henry County Va. published 1925 This is a gross error as marriage bonds of Henry County show Sarah Ann Fortune..

In the following listings it will be shown that Joel Dyer and David Dalton Dyer married sisters Mary (Polly) Salmon and Nancy Riger Salmon, they were half sisters of Sarah Ann Fortune.

More About James Dyer:
Burial: Dyer Cemetery, Warren Co, Mo.

Notes for Sarah Ann Fortune:
Sarah Ann Fortune later had two half sisters that married brothers of her husband, Mary(Polly) Salmon , b.1892 m. Joel Dyer and Nancy R. Salmon b May 28,1794 m. David Dalton Dyer. (ref. Court records, Henry Co. Va.)
Joseph Fortune, d 1784 m. Mary Reynolds, 3 children , Elizabeth Fortune, Sarah Ann Fortune and Joseph Fortune born after his death.

Mary Reynolds Fortune married Hezekiak Salmon January 18,1792, Henry County, Va. and following known children from this union.
Mary(Polly) b. 1792, Nancy R. b. 5/28/1794 and Hezekiah Jr. . Hezekiah Salmon abandoned his wife and children sometime about 1809 and went to Lincoln County, Ga.

More About Sarah Ann Fortune:
Burial: Warren Co. Mo.
Children of James Dyer and Sarah Fortune are:
  21 i.   Coleman6 Dyer, born April 04, 1799 in Pittsylvania Co Va; died October 07, 1846 in Pittsylvania Co, Va. He married Louisa Shelton November 22, 1822 in Pittsylvania Co, Va; born in Pittsylvania Co Va.
+ 22 ii.   George Dyer, born October 01, 1800 in Henry Co, Va; died July 24, 1874 in Warren Co, Mo..
+ 23 iii.   Joseph Dyer, born November 16, 1802 in Henry County Va.; died November 09, 1841 in Christian County Ky.
+ 24 iv.   Fountain Dyer, born October 24, 1804 in Henry Co, Va.; died December 23, 1852 in Missouri.
+ 25 v.   James Benjamin Dyer, born 1807 in Henry County , Va.; died April 10, 1883 in Mo..
  26 vi.   Benjamin K. Dyer. He married Lucenda Fortune 1833 in Henry County, Va..
+ 27 vii.   Hugh Nelson Dyer, born January 18, 1813 in Henry Co, Va.; died December 17, 1873 in Henry Co, Va..
  28 viii.   Elizabeth Dyer.
  29 ix.   Ann Dyer.
  30 x.   Mary Dyer.
  31 xi.   Grief Dyer.

      10. Benjamin5 Dyer (George4, James3, John2 S.Dyer, Joseph1 Dyer) was born 1778 in Pittsvilania Co.Va., and died July 12, 1823 in Henry County, Va.. He married Mary (Polly) Gravley July 04, 1801 in Henry County, Va., daughter of Joseph Gravely and Eleanor Cox. She was born 1786 in Henry County , Va., and died January 1878 in Henry County,Va..

Notes for Benjamin Dyer:
Benjamin Dyer served in the war of 1812 and was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 1819 and served 4 years until 1823.
He was deceased when his siblings moved west to Kentucky and Missouri.
Three different researchers have three different dates of death for Benjamin, 1823, 1824 and 1825. Correct date is not knownto some researchers,however an inventory of his estate was made to the Circuit Court Clerk of Henry County, Va. in 1823

More About Benjamin Dyer:
Burial: Henry Co. Va.

More About Mary (Polly) Gravley:
Burial: Henry County , Va.
Children of Benjamin Dyer and Mary Gravley are:
  32 i.   George6 Dyer, born 1803 in Pittsylvania County, Va.; died in Alabama. He married Nancy George October 02, 1834 in Henery County, Va..
+ 33 ii.   Eleanor M. Dyer, born February 06, 1805 in Henry County , Va.; died December 09, 1892 in Trigg Co. Ky.
+ 34 iii.   Joseph Dyer Sr., born Abt. 1807.
  35 iv.   Rachel Dyer, born Abt. 1809. She married Greenwood Jones December 23, 1830 in Henry County Va..
  36 v.   James M. Dyer, born 1812 in Henry County , Va.. He married Amanda Griggs April 26, 1835.
+ 37 vi.   Jabez Gravely Dyer, born May 17, 1815 in Henry Co, Va.; died December 24, 1891 in Henry County , Va..
  38 vii.   Sacville Dyer, born Abt. 1817.
+ 39 viii.   Benjamin Franklin "Ben" Dyer II, born December 21, 1821 in Henry County,Va; died March 11, 1914 in Henry County, Axton,,Va.
  40 ix.   <Unnamed>.

      11. Frances Sarah (Fanny)5 Dyer (George4, James3, John2 S.Dyer, Joseph1 Dyer) was born 1780 in Henry or Pittsylvania Co, Va, and died 1869 in St. Clair Co. Mo. She married Edward Henry DeLozier August 30, 1796 in Henry Co, Va (not verified from Court Records), son of Edward Delozier and Ann Elder. He was born 1771 in Maryland, and died January 27, 1858 in Gerster,Hickory Co, Mo..

More About Frances Sarah (Fanny) Dyer:
Burial: Mt Olivet Cemetery, Calhoun, Mo.
Children of Frances Dyer and Edward DeLozier are:
  41 i.   Perrin L.6 DeLozier, born July 16, 1809 in South Carolina; died July 18, 1875 in Otterville ,Mo. He married Francine Minter in Henry Co, Va.; born 1809 in Henry County,Va; died in Missouri.
  42 ii.   James Madison DeLozier, born May 27, 1813.
  43 iii.   Lucy Forence DeLozier, born 1823.

      12. Phoebe5 Dyer (George4, James3, John2 S.Dyer, Joseph1 Dyer) was born October 25, 1782 in Henry , Va./Henry Co., VA, and died September 26, 1871 in Appanooose ,Co. Iowa. She married Arnold Thomasson October 19, 1806 in Henry Co, Va.. He was born December 01, 1780 in Louisa Va., and died 1839 in Christian Co. Ky.

Notes for Arnold Thomasson:
Some genealogist report Arnold Thomasson as Arnold Thompson, The marriage records in Henry County Va. Clerk of Court Office
report him as Thomasson as does census records.

More About Arnold Thomasson:
Burial: Christian Co. Ky
Children of Phoebe Dyer and Arnold Thomasson are:
  44 i.   George D.6 Thomasson, born July 19, 1807.
  45 ii.   Frances "Fanny" Thomasson, born July 19, 1808.
  46 iii.   Rachael Thomasson, born May 21, 1810.
  47 iv.   Patsey D. Thomasson, born April 16, 1812.
  48 v.   Sarah Thomasson, born December 12, 1813.
  49 vi.   Joel Thomasson, born August 10, 1815; died August 09, 1854.
  50 vii.   Nancy Thomasson, born June 25, 1817; died 1853.

      13. Joel5 Dyer (George4, James3, John2 S.Dyer, Joseph1 Dyer) was born 1786 in Henry County Va., and died Bef. July 1857 in Roaring Springs KY.. He married Mary (Polly) Salmon April 08, 1811 in Henry County, Va., daughter of Hezehiah Salmon and Mary Fortune. She was born Abt. 1792 in Henry County Va., and died Aft. 1867 in Roaring Springs, KY..

Notes for Joel Dyer:
Joel Dyer died before July 1857 according to U.S. District Judge David Patterson Dyer, a nephew,page 171 of his Autobiography states;
" When my father moved from Virginia to Missouri in 1841,with his family,he came through Tennessee and Kentucky,crossing the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers from far from Cadiz, the county seat of Trigg County Kentucky.Here in this county his brother Joel Dyer,had come a year or so before and settled about 10 miles from Cadiz as a poor land as there was in the county.The two brothers, David and Joel, had married sisters,Nancy and Mary(Polly) Salmon.After stopping for a day or two in Trigg County,my father proceeded on his way to Missouri. From that time to July 1857 ,my mother and her sister had not seen each other. In the meantime,both brothers, David and Joel,had died."

More About Joel Dyer:
Burial: Trigg County, Ky

Notes for Mary (Polly) Salmon:
Mary (Polly) Salmon Dyer was a sister to Nancy R. Salmon Dyer wife of David Dalton Dyer who was a brother of Joel Dyer;
James Dyer married Sarah Ann Fortune who was a half sister to both these girls ,their mother was Mary Reynolds Fortune Salmon.

More About Mary (Polly) Salmon:
Burial: Roaring Springs. Ky. Trigg County, Ky
Children of Joel Dyer and Mary Salmon are:
  51 i.   Mary6 Dyer.
  52 ii.   Sally Dyer.
  53 iii.   Martha Dyer.
  54 iv.   Susan Dyer.
  55 v.   Joseph Dyer.
  56 vi.   Benjamin Dyer.
  57 vii.   Fanny Dyer.
  58 viii.   Rachel Dyer.
+ 59 ix.   George J. Dyer, born 1829 in Henry Co, Va.; died in Trigg Co. Ky.

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