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View Tree for Osbern de BOLBECOsbern de BOLBEC (d. date unknown)

Osbern de BOLBEC1 died date unknown. He married Wevie CREPON, daughter of HERBASTUS DE CREPON and (w of Herbastus de Crepon) ---.

 Includes NotesNotes for Osbern de BOLBEC:
29th ggf of Gordon Fisher


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> Came from Norway with Rollo. Looking for any informationparticularly
> his ancestry. He's a root of the Giffords which I'm researching.

Osbern de Bolbec did not come with Rollo. He was a contemporary of
Rollo's grandson, Richard I (and probably a younger contemporary at
that, since Osbert's son was a companion of Richard's great grandson).
The sum total of what is known about him comes from the genealogical
interpolations of Robert of Torigny, who states that Osbert married
Wevia, sister of the Duchess Gunnor (first Richard I's mistress, and
then his wife), and had Walter Giffard. Osbert cannot be identifiedin
any contemporary record.


See note under son Walter GIFFARD. Added later: See note under*grandson* Walter GIFFARD: Moriarty in articles of 1951-52conjectures a son Walter de BOLBEC between Osbern and Walter GIFFARD.In 1920-1921, Moriarty wrote the following:

"The Giffard-Gifford family is one of the most ancient anddistinguished families of England. Planche', in his work entitled"The Conqueror and his Companions," describes Walter Giffard the Elder(*vide infra*, 1, i) as "the progenitor of a race from which thenoblest families in England may be proud to trace their descent." TheGifford family of Twyford, co. Bucks, which sprang from a cadet of thegreat house of Brimsfield, Co. Gloucester, was one of the most ancientfamilies of the Buckinghamshire gentry. During the Middles Agesmembers of this family held lands *in capite* and served as highsheriffs, knights of the shire, commissioners of the peace, andarrayers for the French wars. They also did their part in theScottish, Welsh, and French wars. In the Wars of the Roses theyappear to have adhered to the House of York. In Tudor times GeorgeGifford, of the younger branch, settled at Middle Claydon, co. Bucks,was the right-hand man of Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex, in thedissolution of the monasteries, and saw to it that his family profitedby his activities and that his brothers were well provided for out ofthe monastic spoils.
"In the early history of the Twyford family its fortunes weregreatly increased by the marriage of Sir John Gifford le Boef (*videinfra*, 11), about the year 1300, with Alexandra de Gardinis, heiressof the De Gardinis family, which brought to it part of the lands ofthe ancient Norman house of De Arsic, one of whose coheiresses was thegreat-grandmother of Alexandra and a descendant of William de Arsic,one of the eight knights appointed by William de Fiennes, in the reignof William the Conqueror, to the custody or guard of Dover Castle. Bythe marriage of Thomas Gifford of Twyford (*vide infra*, 15) withAlianora Vaux the family became connected with the great Lancastrianfamily of Vaux of Harrowden, co. Northampton, one of whose members wasraised to the peerage by Henry VIII. In the reign of Elizabeth theyounger branches sank into the ranks of the minor gentry and merchantclass, one of the daughters marrying into the mercantile family of theSargents of Courteenhall and Northampton, from which sprang WilliamSargent, the settler in Malden, Mass.
"1. OSBERN DE BOLBEC, a noble Norman, Lord of Longueville inNormandy, living in the time of Duke Robert the Magnificent or theDevil (1028-1035), who was the father of William the Conqueror,married, probably in the last years of the tenth or the early years ofthe eleventh century, AVELINA, third sister of Gunnora, who was thesecond wife of Richard the Fearless, Duke of Normandy from 942 to 996.
i. WALTER, Count of Longueville, who assumed the surname ofGYFFARDE (cf. Ordericus Vitalus), m. a dau. of Girard Flatel (orFleitel). He is called Walter Giffard the Elder in the histories ofOrdericus Vitalis and William of Jumie`ges. In 1035 he was acompanion of his brother-in-law, Hugh de Gournay, in the abortiveattempt of Edward, s. of King Ethelred, to recover the crown ofEngland. He gained renown in the armies of Duke William (theConqueror), in the war between Normandy and France, and in 1053 he wasleft by Duke William in command of the forces blockading the castle ofArques. When Duke William invaded England (1066), Walter Gyffarde,then well-advanced in years, furnished 30 vessels and 100 men at arms.[Footnote: "For this Wlater Gyffarde cf. William of Jumie`ges, Historyof the Normans, chapters 36 and 37, and the history of OrdericusVitalus.] Children: 1. *Walter*, d. in 1102 (Ordericus Vitalis); hewas one of the commissioners appointed for the compilation ofDomesday, and in 1086 he held 107 lordships in England; he wassucceeded by his son Walter, who m. Ermengarde, is syled Marshal ofEngland, was one of the three earls who supported Hrenry I in hisquarrel with his brother Robert, was present at the Battle ofBrenneville in 1119, and was dead in 1165 (Pipe Roll, 11 Henry II),his eardom becoming extinct, although there is some evidence that heleft a son William, who d. soon after his father and before hisinvestiture as earl. 2. *William*, Bishop of Winchester andChancellor to William the Conqueror, William II, and Henry I. 3.*Rohais*, m. Richard, s. of Earl Gilbert de Brionne. Also otherdaughters.
"2. ii. OSBERNE.

"OSBERNE (OSBERT) GIFFARD (*Osberne de Bolebec*) died about 1086. Withhis brother Walter he assume the name of Gyffarde, fought with DukeWilliam in the invasion of England, and received vast grants of landin co. Gloucester, where he held the manors of Brimesfield, andsubsequently, in the time of King Stephen, a great castle was builtthere, which continued to be the residence of the family until it wasdestroyed by the army of Edward II, in 1322."

--- G. Andrews Moriarty, Jr., from an article in a series called"Gifford-Sargent", *The New England Historical and GenealogicalRegister*, v 74 (July 1920) 231-237 & (Oct 1920) 267-283; v 75 (Jan1921 57-63; (Apr. 1921) 129-142, reprinted in *English Origins of NewEngland Families*, v I, selected and introduced by Gary Boyd Roberts,Baltimore MD (Genealogical Publishing Co) 1984, this excerpt on p621-622

More About Osbern de BOLBEC:
Flourished: Abt. 975

Children of Osbern de BOLBEC and Wevie CREPON are:
  1. +Walter de BOLBEC, d. date unknown.
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