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View Tree for Matthew (2) ALLYNMatthew (2) ALLYN (b. Apr 1605, d. 01 Feb 1671)

Matthew (2) ALLYN (son of Richard (1) ALLYN and Margaret (1) WYATT)1 was born Apr 1605 in Braunton, Devon, England, and died 01 Feb 1671 in Windsor, CT. He married Margaret (2) WYATT on 02 Feb 1627 in Braunton, Devon, England, daughter of John (2) WYATT and Frances CHICHESTER.

 Includes NotesNotes for Matthew (2) ALLYN:
9th ggf of Gordon Fisher

See general note under his wife Margaret WYATT

Conceivably relevant: Edward DOTY, passenger on first trip of the*Mayflower* (5 Aug to 11 Nov 1620) had a son Edward DOTY (Jr) who died8 Feb 1689-90, married Feb 25 1662-3 (who in turn married 2nd 26 Apr1693 John Buck and died 27 June 1695); Edward (Jr) had a child MaryDOTY, born 9 Jul 1671, married Joseph ALLYN (Mary had a twin Marthawho married Thomas MORTON). Also John HOWLAND was a passenger who hada son John HOWLAND (Jr) who had a daughter Mary, born 1653, whomarried John ALLYN, who might have been a son of the John ALLYN,brother of Matthew ALLYN (see below)
---John T. Landis, *Mayflower Descendants and their Marriages forTwo Generations after the Landing*, Washington 1922 (reprintedBaltimore, Southern Book Company, 1956 & 1964), p 18 and 25

"MATTHEW [ALLYN], Cambridge 1632, was perhaps s. of Samuel ofChelmsford, Co. Essex [apparently not, see Waters below], freem. 4Mar. 1635, rep. at March Gen. Ct. 1636, rem. prob. next yr. toHartford, thence in a few yrs. to Windsor, for wh. he was rep. 1648 to57, Assist. 1658 to 67, and chos. Commissr. for Unit. Col. 1660 and 4,d. 1671. His ch. were all prob. b. in Eng. John, Thomas, and Mary,wh. m. 11 June 1646, Benjamin Newberry, and his will of 30 Jan. 1671names these and the Mary, d. of Newberry. Common. in hisautogr. the name has *y*, but high authority assures me, that it isnot always so; and in the rec. and print. books, it is nearly as oftenseen with *e* as without."
---James Savage, *A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlersof New England*, vol. 1, 1860, p. 43

"ALLYN, MATTHEW: (C[onn.]) first settled at Cambridge in 1635, butsoon removed to Hartford and finally Windsor; Dep. from Windsor from1648-1657; Asst. from Conn. from 1658-1666, incl.; served on the Warand Militia Committees for Windsor, and served as a commissioner invarious capacities to settle boundary disputes; father of John Allyn[below]; Commissioner [of United Colonies], 1660 and 1664; d. 1671."
---Harry M. Ward, *The United Colonies of New England---1643-90*;NY etc. (Vantage Press) 1961, Appendix D, p. 400

From same page of same source: "ALLYN, JOHN: (C[onn.]) born inEngland; settled at Hartford, where he was town clerk from 1659-96;his ability as a clerk was put to use for the Colony, being Secretaryof Connecticut from 1663 to 1695, with the exception of two years; anassistant of the Colony for many years after 1657; rose in the militiato the rank of Colonel; member of Andros's Council, 1687; Commissioneror substitute Commissioner, 1673-1686, every year except when none waschosen in 1685; d. November, 1696."

"Allyn, Matthew, of Wi[ndsor], he was a man of high standing in thecolony---held many town offices---was juror, deputy, magistrate,assistant, and a member of the congress of U[nited] C[olonies] in 1660and 1664. He died in Windsor in 1670. His children were, John,Thomas and Mary. Mary married Benjamin Newberry. He gave all hislands in Hartford to his son John as a marriage portion. He also hada grandson, Matthew Allyn---a granddaughter Mary Newberry, and anothergranddaughter, Mary Maudsley. He was the ancestor of the Hon. JobAllyn, of Windsor, and Timothy M. Allyn, Esq., of Hartford.
---R. R. Hinman, *Catalogue of the Names of the First PuritanSettlers of the Colony of Connecticut*; Hartford (E. Gleason) 1846,No. 1, p. 12

From same, Appendix to No. 1 (which may be No. 2), p. 110-111: "Allyn,Matthew (in No. 1,)---stated by Miss Caulkins, as having been abrother of Robert, who early settled at Saybrook, and afterwards atNew London. All the descendants of Matthew spell the name (Allyn,)instead of (Allen) in and about Hartford; so that their signs upontheir buildings show their descent from Matthew, He so spelt his ownname. He was a petitioner for the Charter of Connecticut. Robert,was one of the principal settlers of New London, 1648.

"CHARLES [ship]. Sailed from Barnstable April 10 [1632] and arrivedJune 5 at Boston, 'with about twenty passengers, all safe and inhealth.' The only passenger whose name has been preserved is TIMOTHYHATHERLY of Barnstaple, county Devon, [settled first at] Plymouth. Thefollowing emigrants probably came in this ship, as they came thisyear: MATTHEW ALLYN of Braunton, county Devon, [settled first at]Cambridge, [along with] Mrs. Margaret Allyn, Mary Allyn, John Allyn."
--- Charles Edward Banks, *The Planters of the Commonwealth ...1620-1640*, Baltimore MD (Genealogical Publishing Co.) 1961, p 97-98

"MATTHEW ALLYN, Cambridge, 1632; he came from Brampton, Co. Devon;freeman, Mass., March 4, 1635; representative at March General Court,1636; removed probably next year to Hartford, where he was an originalproprietor; his house-lot was on the road to the Neck, now WindsorSt., and he owned 110 acres in that and other lots. He wasexcommunicated by the church in Hartford, and June 3, 1644, heappealed to the General Court for redress; the records do not show howthe affair was settled, but it may have been one cause of his removalto Windsor. Nevertheless few men in the Colony had more influence, orreceived more honors from the people than Mr. Allyn. He was Deputyfrom Windsor, 1648 to 1657; Assistant, 1658 to 1667; commissioner forthe United Colonies, 1660 and 1664; frequently appointed uponimportant committees by the General Court. He d. Feb. 1, 1670-1; hiswife, Margaret, was the sole executrix of his will, dated Jan. 30,1670-1. Inv. #466. 18 [pounds]. --- Ch.: i. John, m. (1) Nov. 19,1651, Ann, dau. of Henry Smith, of Springfield, and gr.dau. of WilliamPynchon; his father gave him his lands in Hartford, Jan. 3, 1653, fora marriage portion; townsman, 1655; was chosen cornet of the troop,March, 1657-8; town clerk of Hartford, 1659-1696 [sic]; deputy, 1661;magistrate, 1662 and many following sessions; Secretary of the Colony,1663-1665; again elected 1667, and held the office until 1695; he waschosen, with Samuel Wyllys and John Talcott, by the freemen of theColony, Oct. 9, 1662, to take the Charter into their custody forsafe-keeping. He m. (2) after 1675, Hannah, widow of Samuel Welles,of Hartford, and dau. of George Lamberton, of New Haven. He d. Nov.11, 1696, according to Town Record. "Here lyes interred the body ofthe Honourable Lt. Col. John Allyn, who served his Generation in theCapacity of a Magistrate, Secretary of the Colony of Connecticut, 34years, who dyed Nov. 6, in the year 1696." [Footnote: Tombstone in oldburying-ground.] "The ancient records of the Colony and Town furnishample evidence of his intelligence and industry." [Footnote: Hinman,p. 36.] ii. Capt. Thomas, settled in Windsor, where his father gavehim land and a house, at the time of his marriage, Pct. 21, 1658, toAbigail, dau. of Rev. John Warham; d. Feb. 14, 1695-6. iii. Mary, m.June 11, 1646, Capt. Newberry, of Windsor; d. Dec. 14, 1703."
--- J. Hammond Trumbull (ed.), *The Memorial History of HartfordCounty, Connecticut, 1633-1884*, Boston (Edward L. Osgood), vol. 1,1886, p. 227-8

"*Mr. Matthew Allyn* of Hartford and Windsor, Conn. bap. April 17,1605; son of *Richard and Margaret (Wyott [sic]) Allyn* of Braunton,Devon, England. m. Feby. 2, 1626-7, *Margaret Wyott*. d. Feby. 7,1670-1. (P) He emigrated with the original Braintree company in 1632to Cambridge, Mass. ... In 1635, he owned five houses on the townplot of Cambridge. In May, 1638, he was lodged with *Roger Williams*at Providence. (Mass. Hist. Coll., fourth series, 6. pp. 244, 247.)He was made Freeman, March 4, 1634-5 and Representative, March,1635-6. It is thought he removed to Hartford in 1637, -- at any ratehe was an original proprietor there and owned the first mill inHartford. ... He was excommunicated by the Church in Hartford andJune 3, 1644, he appealed to the General Court for redress. Therecords do not show how the affair was settled, but it may have beenthe cause of his removal to Windsor. Nevertheless, few men in theColony had more influence or received more honors than he. He wasDeputy from Windsor from May, 1648 to March, 1652 inclusive, exceptingthe sessions of May 21, 1650, Feb. 5, 1651 and Oct. 6, 1651, and fromSept., 1654 to March, 1657-8, excepting the session of May 21, 1657.Assistant from May, 1658 to October, 1667 inclusive; Commissioner forthe United Colonies 1660 and 1664, and frequently appointed uponimportant committees by the General Court. He was named in theCharter of 1662. "He was eminently a man of affiars and active andpublic spirited citizen," but the Court Records indicate that he wasof a litigious spirit. In May, 1660, "*Mr. Matthew Allyn* is chosenModerator to supply the place of ye Governor and Dep: in case of theiroccasional absenc[e] from ye Gen: Court." He also served as Moderatorat the sessions of August 28, 1661, May 15, 1662 and July 22, 1662...... "
--- Ernest Flagg, *Genealogical Notes on the Founding of NewEngland*, Hartford CT, 1926, p 267.

In the will of WILLIAM THORPE of Estsdowne [sic], Devon, 17 Feb 1637,he says: "All these legacies to be paid out of my lands and "demeanes"which I lately bought of one Mr. Matthew Allyn." This is given byHenry F Waters in *Genealogical Gleanings in England*, 1901, v. 2, p932. Water goes on to say (same page): "I have little doubt that theMr. Matthew Allyn here referred to as having sold lands to WilliamThorne was our Mr. Mathew Allyn of Cambridge, Massachusetts, andafterwards of Hartford and Windsor, Connecticut. He and (his kinsman)Thomas Allyn (or Allen) of Barnstable, Massachusetts, are frequentlyreferred to in Lechfield's Note-Book, and especially in connectionwith Devonshire and west of England men. On page 416 of thatNote-Book (as printed) Mr. Mathew Allyn (or Allen) is described aslately of Bramtom in com Devon. &c. I have no doubt by Bramtom ismeant Braunton, near Barnstable, Devon. East Down (Estdowne, asabove, is very near both places. On page 418 of the Note-Book (asprinted) appears Thomas Allyn (or Allen) of Barnstable, N.E.,conveying to John Eels of Dorchester, N.E., one house and garden inBarnstable, Devon, and referring to father-in-law John Marke ofBramton in Devon, and brother Richard Allen of Branton, aforesaid.Here then we may look for the English home of Matthew and ThomasAllyn."
Waters gives later (v. 2, p 1212), the will of "RICHARD ALLEN theelder of Branton in Devon 29 November 1647, proved 10 May 1652. To myson Thomas Allinge five pounds. To my son Matthew Allinge five pounds.To Mary Allinge daughter of son Thomas twenty shillings. I give andbequeath unto my son Mathew's three children, to John the sum oftwenty shillings, to Thomas, his son, twenty shillings and to Mary,his daughter, twenty shillings. To my grandchild Mary Tamling fivepounds, to my grandchild Elianor Tamling four pounds, to my grandchildObedience Garland twenty shillings and to my grandchild ElizabethTamling twenty shillings. To my daughter in law Elizabeth, wife of myson Richard, twenty shillings in gold to buy her a ring. To mygrandchild John Alling, son of my son Richard, three pounds. To mygrandchild Margaret, daughter of my son Richard, three pounds. ToJohn Rice of Barnstaple twenty shillings. To the poor of Brantonthree pounds, to be distributed to their houses within ten days aftermy decease. To Walter Cutt five shillings. To every servant in myhouse at the time of my death two shillings sixpence apiece. SonRichard Alling to be executor and residuary legatee. Bowyer, 108."Waters adds (same p 1212): "On page 496 of REGISTER for October (Vol.48, *ante* p. 932), I gave the will of William Thorne of EstdowneDevon and in the note appended to that will furnishged my reasons forsupposing the Mr. Mathew Allyn mentioned in Mr. Thorne's will was ourMatthew Allyn of Cambridge, Mass., and afterwards of Hartford andWindsor, Conn. I made it clear too that our Thomas Allen ofBarnstable, Mass., was of the same family and that the latter had abrother living in Braunton Devonshire. Now the foregoing will ofRichard Allen the elder of Braunton names sons Thomas, Matthew andRichard and also Mary the daughter of Thomas, and John, Thomas andMary the children of Matthew, while the will of Bartholomew Chichesterof Braunton calls Margaret [Footnote: See Lechford's Note-Book, page86 (as printed).] the wife of Matthew Allyn "kinswoman." I have notthe Visitation of Sevon at hand to examine the Chichester pedigrees,but I doubt not we have here a promising clue to help some of ourConnecticut and Massachusetts friends in tracing their Englishancestry."
This is followed (p 1213) by the will of "RICHARD ALLYN of Brantonin the County of Devon, yeoman, 12 May 1662, proved 17 June 1662. Tomy son John tenement in Bushton in the Parish of West Buckland.Daughter Margaret. To my wife my messuages, lands &c. in Bowde withinthe said parish of Branton. Son Richard to have part of my grounds inFrithelstock at age of twenty-one. To said Richard the tenement inBranton town within the manor of Branton Deane. To son Thomasmessuages &c. in Barnstaple. To son Matthew messuages &c. in Northam.My daughter Elizabeth. Daughter Mary, at twenty one. Wife Elizabethto be sole executrix and good friends and kinsmen Philip Dennys ofIlfarcombe (Infracome), Thomas Denys of Barnstaple, John Symons theelder of Branton and Richard Tamlyn of Marwood to be aiding andassisting unto my said executrix, whom I make overseers." Thispresumably is Richard son of Richard.

"MATTHEW ALLYN [footnote: Lechford's Note-Book, p. 416: "Matthew Allenof Hartford upon the river of Conecticot merchant, otherwise calledMatherum Allen, nup. de Bramton in Com. Devon, infra Regni Angliesummoned to answer Thomas Harwood & James Gammon of Barnstable, Co.Devon; his brothers, Thomas Allen of Barnstable in N. E. & RichardAllen, yeoman, of Brampton, are mentioned also."], Cambridge, 1632; hecame from Brampton, Co. Devon; freeman, Mass., March 4, 1635;representative at March General Court, 1636; removed probably nextyear to Hartford, where he was an original proprietor; his house-lotwas on the road to the Neck, now Windsor St., and he owned 110 acresin that and other lots. He was excommunicated by the church inHartford, and June 3, 1644, he appealed to the General Court forredress; the records do not show how the affair was settled, but itmay have been one cause of his removal to Windsor. Nevertheless fewmen in the Colony had more influence, or received more honors from thepeople than Mr. Allyn. He was deputy from Windsor, 1648 to 1657;Assistant, 1658 to 1667; commissioner for the United Colonies, 1660and 1664; frequently appointed upon important committees by theGeneral Court. He d. Feb. 1, 1670-1; his wife, Margaret, was the soleexecutrix of his will, dated Jan. 30, 1670-1. Inv. #466. 18 [pounds].--- Ch.: i. John, m. (1) Nov. 19, 1651, Ann, dau. of Henry Smith, ofSpringfield, and gr.-dau. of William Pynchon [DIRECT ANCESTOR]; hisfather gave him his lands in Hartford, Jan. 3, 1653, for a marriageportion; townsman, 1655; was chosen cornet of the troop, March,1657-8; town clerk of Hartford, 1659-1696; deputy, 1661; magistrate,1662 and many following sessions; Secretary of the Colony, `663-5;again elected 1667 and held the office until 1695; he was chosen, withSamuel Wyllys and John Talcott [DIRECT ANCESTOR], by the freemen ofthe Colony, Oct. 9, 1662, to take the Charter into their xustody forsafe-keeping. He m. (2) after 1675, Hannah, widow of Samuel Welles[DIRECT ANCESTOR by his first wife Elizabeth Hollister], of Hartford,and dau. of George Lamberton, of New Haven. He d. Nov. 11, 1696,according to Town Record. "Here lyes interred the body of theHonourable Lt. Col. John Allyn, who served His Generation in theCapacity of a Magistrate, Secretary of the Colony of Connecticut, 34years, who dyed Nov. 6, in the year 1696." [Footnote: Tombstone in oldburyiug ground]. "The ancient records of the Colony and Town furnishample evidence of his intelligence and industry." [Footnote: Hinman,p. 36]. ii. Capt. Thomas, settled in Windsor, where his father gavehim land and a house, at the time of his marriage, Oct. 21, 1658, toAbigail, dau. of Rev. John Warham; d. Feb. 14, 1695-6. iii. Mary, m.June 11, 1646, Capt. Benjamin Newberry, of Windsor; d. Dec. 14, 1703."
--- Miss Mary K. Talcott, "The Original Proprietors", in *TheMemorial History of Hartford County, Connecticut, 1633-1884, ed. by J.Hammond Trumbull, vol. 1, 1886, p 227-228. Jabez H. Hayden has in"Early Windsor Families" from vol. 2 of same, p 647: "MATTHEW ALLEN(1638), from Hartford, bought the Plymouth Company's house and lands.He had two sons and one daughterm born before 1638; he died, 1670. Hisson John Allyen (Allyn) remained in Hartford, or returned there, andbecame secretary of the colony; had a family of daughters. Thomas,another son of Matthew Allen, married Abigail, daughter of the Rev.John Warham, 1658. He lived in the Brancker place until the death ofhis father, when he removed to his father's homestead; had four sonsand four daughters."

"MATTHEW [ALLYN] Charlestown (Mass.) 1633, Cambridge 1635, Hartford1637. d. Hartford 1 Feb 1670/1. Deputy. Assistant Commissioner toUnited Colonies. Stiles, *Wethersfield*; *Ancestry of Margaret Wyatt,wife of Matthew Allen*, (chart) 1898; *Register* 51:212 (clue)."
--- Meredith B Colket, Jr, *Founders of Early American Families,Emigrants from Europe 1607-1657*, Revised Edition, Cleveland OH 1985,p 6.

"ALLYN, MATTHEW (d. 1671). Deputy (Windsor) to Conn. Leg., May 1648,Oct. 1648, May 1649, Sept. 1649, May 1650, Sept. 1650, May 1651, Sept.1651, Sept. 1654, May 1655, Oct. 1655, May 1656, Oct. 1656, Feb. 1657,Aug. 1657, Oct. 1657; Assistant, Conn. Col., May 1660; Patentee, RoyalCharter, 1662; Commissioner for N. Y. Boundary, Oct. 1663;Commissioner for Mass. and R. I. Boundary, Oct. 1664; Commisioner forUnited Colonies, May 1664; War Committee for Windsor, Oct. 1654;Committee, Stonington and Indian bounds, May 1666; Militia Committee,July 1666."
--- Donald Lines Jacobus, *List of Officials, Civil, Military, andEcclesiastical of Connecticut Colony from March 1636 Through 11October 1677, and of New Haven Colony Throughout its SeparateExistence, also Soldiers in the Pequot War Who Then or SubsequentlyResided Within the Present Bounds of Connecticut*, New Haven (RolandMather Hooker) 1935, p 1. This list is also in Donald Lines Jacobus,*Families of Ancient New Haven*, 1922-30 etc., p 966

"Matthew Allyn -- Bpt. 17 Apr. 1605, Braunton, Devon. Died 1 Feb.1670/1, Windsor, CT. He m. Margaret Wyatt, 2 Feb. 1626/7, Braunton.She was baptized 8 Mar. 1594/5, Braunton, daughter of John and Frances(Chichester) Wyatt of Braunton. Banks (1930-97) says that he probablycame on the "Charles", which sailed from nearby Barnstable, Devon on10 Apr. 1632 and landed at Boston on June 5. Aboard were twentypassengers but only Timothy Hatherly was named. Matthew lived inCambridge, MA, Hartford, CT and finally Windsor, CT. There is a willof William Thorne of Devon, dated 17 Feb. 1637, proved 23 Nov. 1650,that indicates he bought lands from Matthew Allen (Ref: Waters--p.932)."
--- Burton Spear, * ... Mary & John 1630*, v 17, 1992, p 11

Matthew Allyn is mentioned several times by William DeVoss Love in hisbook *The Colonial History of Hartford* (1974). E.g., on p 11, he'smentioned as one of the original owners of a house-lot in what becameHartford (first called Suckiaug). Also, on p 277, he's on the list ofjudges of the "Particular Court", along with his son John.

More About Matthew (2) ALLYN:
Christening: 17 Apr 1605, Braunton/Brampton, Devon, England.

More About Matthew (2) ALLYN and Margaret (2) WYATT:
Marriage: 02 Feb 1627, Braunton, Devon, England.

Children of Matthew (2) ALLYN and Margaret (2) WYATT are:
  1. +Mary (2) ALLYN, b., prob Braunton, Essex, England, d. 14 Dec 1703, prob Windsor CT.
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