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View Tree for Samuel (1) APPLETONSamuel (1) APPLETON (b. 1586, d. Jun 1670)

Samuel (1) APPLETON (son of Thomas (1) APPLETON and Mary ISAAC)1 was born 1586 in Little Waldingfield, Suffolk Co., Eng., and died Jun 1670 in Rowley MA. He married Judith EVERARD on 24 Jan 1616 in Preston, Suffolk, England, daughter of John (2) EVERARD and Judith BOURNE.

 Includes NotesNotes for Samuel (1) APPLETON:
9th ggf of Gordon Fisher

Roberts, p 389, for royal ancestry

HARLEIAN MS. 1196, fol. 167a: "Samuel App: 4 filius." The manuscriptshows a descent tree for APPULTON. It is reproduced in *Memorial ofSamuel Appleton, of Ipswich, Massachusetts; with Genealogical Noticesof Some of His Descendants*, compiled by Isaac Appleton Jewett, BostonMA, 1850, p 62-63. There's an editorial note: "A folded sheet ofpaper written about the time of James I. or Charles I."

"SAMUEL APPLETON, son of Thomas and Mary (Isaac) Appleton, was born inLittle Waldingfield, Suffolk County, England, in 1586, and baptizedAugust 13, of that year. About 1628 he removed to Reydon, and fromthence, in 1635, emigrated with his family to New England. (P) SamuelAppleton settled in Ipswich, Mass., and was admitted a freeman, May25, 1636. He was chosen a Deputy from his town to the General Courtin 1637, and was a member of the Grand Jury in 1641. He died in June,1670, in Rowley, Mass., where he is said to have lived for some yearsprior to his death."
--- William F. J. Boardman, *The Ancestry of William F. J.Boardman, Hartford, Connecticut*, 1906, p 314-315. The children ofSamuel Appleton and Judith Everard are given by Boardman as follows:"I. John, b. 1622. II. Samuel [see SAMUEL (2)]. III. Sarah, b. 1627;m. 1652, Rev. Samuel Phillips of Rowley, Mass. IV. Judith, m. Dec.12, 1657, Samuel Rogers of Ipswich, and d. 1659. V. Martha, m.Richard Jacob of Ipswich."
Boardman gives on p 315-317 a list of English ancestors of thisSamuel Appleton, "prepared by Richard Almack, in 1838, and reproducedin Jewett's "Memorial of Samuel Appleton," Boston, 1850." Each entryin the list is given in it s proper place in this tree. The entry forthis Samuel is "IX. Samuel Appleton, the emigrant."

The editor (apparently John T. Hassam) of Henry F Waters'*Genealogical Gleanings*, 1901, casts some doubt on Almack's list.Waters gives on p 94-95 the will of ROBERT RICE of Preston, Suffolk,gentleman in which we have: "To my loving brother-in-law SamuelAppleton, gentleman, now dwelling at Ipswich in New England." Theeditor adds (p 95): "Samuel Appleton, named in this will, a son ofSamuel Appleton [rather than Thomas Appleton] of Little Waldingfield,Suffolk, England, was born in that parish in 1586, and was baptizedthere Aug. 13 of that year. He died in Rowley, Mass., 1670. Messrs.I. A. Jewett (1850), John Appleton (1867) and W. S. Appleton (1873 and1874) have published books on this family. Mr. Jewett prints the willof Robert Ryece [i.e., Rice] in full."

"SAMUEL [APPLETON] Bapt. Little Waldingfield, co. Suffolk, Eng., 13Aug 1586. Ipswich (Mass.) 1635. d. Rowley June 1670. Gentleman.Armiger. Deputy. Coat of arms enrolled 2. *Memorial of SamuelAppleton* 1850 [WRHS]; *Genealogy of Appleton family* (pamph.) 1874;*Ancestry of Phoebe Tilden* 1947; rag 27:208 (wife's anc.); *Essexantiquarian* 4:1 (desc); *Appletons of Beacon Hill* 1973."
--- Meredith B Colket, Jr, *Founders of Early American Families*,Revised Edition, Cleveland OH 1985, p 9

"(IX) Samuel Appleton, the immigrant ancestor of the American line,was a son of Thomas (2) Appleton, mentioned above. He was born atLittle Waldingfield, England, in 1586; married at Preston, England,January 24, 1616, Judith Everard (some accounts give his wife's nameas Mary). He came to Massachusetts and took the freeman's oath, May25, 1636, and as early as July, 1636, was a resident of Ipswich. Inthe same year Sarah Dillingham bequeathed to Appleton and his wife,and committed the education of her child to Mr. Saltonstall and Mr.Appleton. The title Mr. indicated social position above the ordinary,and but three others in Ipswich at that time were given this prefix inthe records. He was chosen deputy to the general court in May, 1637,and received several grants of land besides his great farm of fourhundred and sixty acres; the ancient grant is now entirely in thepossession of direct descendants. He died at Rowley, Massachusetts, inJune, 1670. He married (first) Judith Everard; (second) Martha -----.Children of first wife: Mary, born at Little Waldingfield, 1616;Judith (she and all but the two youngest were also born at LittleWaldingfield)m 1618; Martha, 1620; John, 1622; Samuel (2) mentionedbelow; Sarah, born at Reydon, 1629. Child of second wife: Judith,born at Reydon, 1634, married Samuel Rogers of Ipswich."
--- William Richard Cutter, *New England Families*, NY 1913, p 177

"SAMUEL APPLETON, the common ancestor, so far as known, of all thename in New England, emigrated from Waldingfield, in the county ofSuffolk, England, in the year 1635. The two parishes of Great andLittle Waldingfield are contiguous to each other, about three milesfrom Sudbury, and four from Groton. (P) From "Weever's AntientFuneral Monuments," and from a pedigree in the British Museum, itappears that the family had been settled there previous to the year1400. The earliest ancestor, of whom there is any authentic record,is John Apulton of Great Waldingfield, who was living in 1396, andfrom whom Samuel was in the seventh generation of descent. ..... Itwill be seen that Samuel Appleton was the fourth son of Thomas. Hiseldest brother, Sir Isaac, resided in the manor house of HolbrookHall, which remains apparently in the same state as when he occupiedit. It is not known how he became possessed of the knightly title ofSir. His christian name was probably derived from his mother, whosemaiden name was Mary Isaack. There are no living male descendants ofSir Isaac, nor of either of his two brothers, John and Thomas. SirJ.H.Preston of Beeston St. Lawrence, in Norfolk, is a descendant ofSir Isaac, in the female line. Mary, the eldest sister of Samuel,married Robert Ryece, of Preston. He was an eminent antiquarian.Several particulars relating to him will be found in the Appendix,including his will, certainly in its preamble a very curious document,showing a decided leaning towards Puritanism. Another sister, Judith,married Dr. Lewis Bayley, Bishop of Bangor; another, Sarah, marriedEdward Bird of Walden. ... (P) SAMUEL APPLETON was born in 1586, atLittle Waldingfield, Suffolk county, England. His name first appears,in this country, among the persons who took the freeman's oath, 25thof 3d month, (May,) 1636. ..... He appears to have contemplated anearlier emigration, as we infer from a letter of Governor Winthrop tohis son at Groton, dated August 14th, 1630, and written shortly afterhis arrival. Every circumstance shows conclusively that hisemigration must have been prompted by religious motives, as a Puritan.He settled at Ipswich, where he had a grant of lands ..... (P) He wasDeputy at the General Court, 17th May, 1637, and was chosen withCaptain Daniel Dennison to assist at the particular Court at Ipswich.He was also at the Court, 6th June same year at Boston, and also 6thAugust, when he was on a committee for raising a rate of #400[pounds]. He was also present at the Court of 26th September sameyear, but was not chosen to the new Court, which met on the 2dNovember following. We are informed by Backus, in his History of NewEngland, of the cause of his being left out. The former Court refusedto support the views of the Synod at Newton, which condemnedeighty-two errors in religion, as connected with Mrs. Hutchinson andher party. A new Court was chosen, better disposed to sustain theintolerant views of the times, which banished Mrs. Hutchinson andseveral others. This dismission from public life, under thesecircumstances, is honorable to him, and he does not afterwards appearin it. (P) Few particulars only can be collected of him. He was onthe Grand Jury in 1641. ..... (P) Samuel Appleton married Mary [shouldbe Judith] Everard, or Everett according to Farmer. Nothing fartheris known of her, than that the family of Everard was a highlyrespectable one in the County of Suffolk. [Footnote: "The followingwas extracted from a manuscript, *The Breviary of Suffolk*, in theBritish Museum: -- "Everard. -- This family is very anceint, and hadfair possessions in LInstead, Laxfield, Hasketon and dunston." "]. Sheaccompanied her husband, with their five children, to this country. Hedied June 1970, at Rowley, Massachusetts, where he was buried, andwhere is is probable he had resided with his daughter, Mrs. [Sarah]Phillips, during the latter part of his life. By Mary Everard he hadthe following children: -- 1. John [see under his name]. 2. Samuel[see under Samuel (2)]. 3. Sarah [see under her name]. 4. Judith, m.Samuel Rogers, 1657, son of the Rev. Nathaniel Rogers of Ipswich, andbrother of John, President of Harvard College. He was town-clerk ofIpswich in 1653, and died in 1693. It is unknown if he leftdescendants. 5. Martha, m. Richard Jacob of Ipswich, who died 1672.Their children were, -- 1. Richard, d. 1676; 2. Thomas; 3. John; 4.Martha, m. Simon Willard of Salem; 5. Judith, m. Hovey. RichardJacob's will makes his brothers, John Appleton and Samuel Appleton,with Richard Hubbard, overseers. His lands adjoined those of SamuelAppleton on the south-west. He is supposed to have afterwards removedto Stratham, N.H."
Isaac Appleton Jewett, *Memorial of Samuel Appleton of Ipswich,Massachusetts; with Genealogical Notices of Some of his Descendants*,Boston 1850, p 7-13

"FIRST SAMUEL [APPLETON], 1586-1670. Born Little Waldingfield,England; emigrated to America with his second wife and six children,1636. Granted land in Ipswich, Mass. Acreage still in Appletonfamily."
--- Louise Hall Tharp, *The Appletons of Beacon Hill*, Boston(Little, Brown & Co) 1973, p xiii

"*Mr. Samuel Appleton* of Ipswich, Mass. bap. Aug. 13, 1586; son of*Thomas and Mary (Isaac) Appleton* of Little Waldingfield, Suffolk,England. m. Jan. 24, 1615-6, *Judith Everard*. d. June 1670 atRowley, Mass. (P) He removed about 1628 to Reydon in co. Suffolk,England; came to New England in 1635, and was one of the earliest townofficers of Ipswich. From an expression in a letter from the firstGov. Winthrop, to his son John in England, dated Aug. 14, 1630, it issupposed that he had projected an earlier settlement. This says: "For*Mr. Appleton* take no money of him, for he can have no cows; therecame not on shore one halg of them." He was made Freeman May 25, 1636and Representative from Ipswich the next year, at the May andSeptember sessions of the General Court. At the May session, he waschosen "to assist at the perticuler Courts at Ipswich." On Aug. 8,1639, he sent power of Atty. for the management of his lands andtenements at Monks-Ely, England, to Isaac Appleton. He was called"brother" by Robert Ryece of Preston, Eng., in a letter to Gov.Winthrop of July 17, 1636; out of the list of 69 persons made Freemen,he was one of 9 who had the prefix "Mr/" (Records of Mass., vol. I,pp. 371-2.) The last few years of his life, he spent in Rowley, livingin all probability with his daughter, Mrs. Phillips, where he died andwas buried. In those days of fierce religious intolerance, *Mr.Samuel Appleton* appears to have been one of the few tolerant andliberally minded men of the Colony."
--- Ernest Flagg, *Genealogical Notes on the Founding of NewEngland*, Hartford CT, 1926. p 282
Batpized 1586

More About Samuel (1) APPLETON and Judith EVERARD:
Marriage: 24 Jan 1616, Preston, Suffolk, England.

Children of Samuel (1) APPLETON and Judith EVERARD are:
  1. +Samuel (2) APPLETON, b. Abt. 02 Feb 1625, Little Waldingfield, Suffolk Co., England, d. 15 May 1696, Ipswich MA.
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