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Ancestors of Sean Patrick Fitzgerald

Generation No. 8

      128. John Hight, born 1730; died Unknown in Amherst County, Virginia. He married 129. Mary 1754.

      129. Mary, born Abt. 1735 in Virginia; died Unknown in Amherst County, Virginia.

Notes for John Hight:
In 1755, John and Mary Hight were a young married couple living in King and Queen County, Virginia. In 1763, they moved to Albemarle County and in 1767 they moved to Amherst County near Roseland, Virginia.
Children of John Hight and Mary are:
  64 i.   George A. Hight, born 03 Jul 1755 in King and Queen County, Virginia; died 21 Aug 1837 in Rockbridge County, Virginia; married Agnes Lovia Lunsford 24 May 1782 in Amherst County, Virginia.
  ii.   Patrick Hight, born 1761; died 16 Apr 1851 in Casey County, Kentucky.
  iii.   Matthew Hight, born 1763; died 1850; married Nancy; died Unknown.
  iv.   Samuel Hight, born 1767; died Unknown; married Elizabeth (Betsey) Wilson 14 Feb 1792 in Vesuvius, Rockbridge County, Virginia; died Unknown.

      134. Daniel Vernum, died Unknown.
Child of Daniel Vernum is:
  67 i.   Julia Ann Vernum, born 10 Jul 1779 in Virginia; died Unknown; married Martin Holmes 03 Mar 1797 in Augusta County, Virginia.

      136. Bartlett Hawkins Fitzgerald, born Bef. 1759 in Amherst County, Virginia near the Tye River; died 03 Jul 1836 in Nelson County, Virginia. He was the son of 272. John (Joseph) Fitzgerald and 273. Mary Hoffman/Hawkins. He married 137. Mary Maskey Coleman 03 Feb 1785 in Fredericksville Parish, Albermarle County, Virginia.

      137. Mary Maskey Coleman, born 1765 in Virginia; died 1831 in Virginia. She was the daughter of 274. James Jerry Coleman and 275. Virginia Elizabeth Leak.

Notes for Bartlett Hawkins Fitzgerald:
Bartlett was a Private in the Revolutionary War. He served from July 1, 1779 to February 1, 1781. He may have been married twice, as he appears to have two children born before he married Mary Maskey Coleman (or the children could have been adopted).

      Information found in Virginia Revolutionary Pension Applications
                  Volume Thirty-Seven

Fitzgerald, Bartlett H. (or Bartlett Hawkins). S.9562 BLWT.515-100
      9 April 1810. Bartlet Hawkins of Nelson Co., Va., to claim land from the United States due a soldier for the war.
      10 May 1823. Amherst Co., Va. Bartlett Hawkins, alias Fitzgerald, declares he belonged to the company of Capt. Parsons and Regiment of Col. William Washington. He was placed on the pension list in 1810 in consequence of wounds received in actual service but has received no warrant except one granted by Virginia.
      18 April 1782. Camp near Bacon's Bridge in South Carolina. Nath. Grene(e) certifies that Major Call of the 3rd Regiment Light Dragoons having certified that Bartlett Hawkins is incapable of discharging his duty from the wounds he has received, he is hereby discharged.
      27 April 1782. Ambrose Gordon, Lieutenant and Paymaster of the 3rd Regiment Light Dragoons, certifies Bartlett Hawkins was discharged 18 April 1782 and his wages remain due since 1 Dec. 1779.
      26 March 1784. Bartlett Hawkins, soldier of calvary, settled his depreceiation, L67.10.-.
      6 Sept. 1796. Virginia issued warrant 4705 for 200 acres to Bartlett Hawkins.
      (1800) (Dr.) W. Foushee states that the person within mentioned has--(sic) scars, none of which appear to have been very dangerous or injurious except one in the abdomen, said to be from a bayonet, and that in any extraordinary exertion the bowles force out the common teguments to a great size. This may be, as there appears a sufficient injury done to the parts to admit of this occasional rupture. The protusion being at present (sic), am obliged to take his word that it actually does happen.
      16 Sept. 1833. Nelson Co., Va. Bartlett (X) Hawkins of said county, aged 74 or thereabouts, declares he enlisted in the summer of 1777 in Fredericksburg, Va., under Capt. William Barret of Baylor's Regiment of Calvary and served under him until 1780 after the battle of Guilford when Capt. Swan took command. He continued under him until 1 May 1782 when he was discharged.
When he enlisted he resided in Orange Co., Va., of which he was native, and after the war lived some years in Albermarle Co., Va., and then for 26 years past in Nelson Co., Va.

He continued in Fredericksburg under Capt Barret until the spring of 1778 when the company marched to the north by way of Alexandria, Baltimore, and Philadelphia to Hackensack where his company joined the regiment of Col. George Baylor. He was attached to this company when the regiment was surprised in the barn at Tanpraun or Herringtown by Gen. Gray's corps of the British army. He there received eighteen stabs with a bayonet, with which wounds he was closely confined for about five weeks, after which in February or March 1779 he joined the remnant of his company at Frederick Town, Md. They marched to Fredericksburg, Va., where the effects of his wounds again for a time disabled him. He obtained a furlough to go to his friends in Orange County where he continued until he was able to march. In October following he marched to the south and joined his company at Providence in South Carolina in Nov. 1779. The regiment was then under Col. William Washington. He was with his company at the battle of Cowpens in Jan. 1780 and during Gen. Greene's retreat through North Carolina into Virginia when pursued by Cornwallis and at the battle of Guilford in March 1780, where Capt. Barret was wounded. Capt. Swan took command of the company. He was at the battle of Eutay in Sept. 1781 and in many skirmishes during 1780 and 1781, in one of which about the high hills of Santee he was wounded in the foot by a musket shot which disabled him for a short time. He was discharged at Camp Bakins (Bacon's) Bridge near Dorchester, S.C., 1 May 1782.

28 Oct. 1833. Nelson Co., Va. George Height of said county declares he served with Bartlett Hawkins in the same regiment and knows he entered service in 1777 and continued until 1782 when he was discharged.

12 Nov. 1833. William Massie writes from Rye River Mils, Nelson Co., Va., that Bartlett Hawkins, having been for many years past unable to perform much labor, is very poor. He has an aged wife and a cabin full of fatherless grandchildren to take care of and would suffer for the coarsest necessities of life except for the charity of his neighbors. He is literally covered with large scars from his knees to his neck.

30 Aug. 185s. Bartlett H. Fitzgerald of Midway, Augusta Co., Va., requests a copy of the statement of Bartlett alias Fitzgerald. He was about seven years in service, was a pensioner for many years, lived and died in Nelson Co., Va. He is an heir of Bartlet Hawkins, alias Fitzgerald.

Bartlett Hawkins, private in the U.S. Army, was placed on the pension roll of Virginia at $5 per month under the act of 27 April 1810 and increased to $8 per month by the act of 24 April 1816. Formal certificate was issued 18 July 1823.

Bartlett Hawkins (corrected to Bartlett H. Fitzgerald 27 December 1904) of Nelson Co., private in the company of Capt. Baret in the regiment of Col. Baylor in the Virginia State Line for three years and upward, was placed on the Virginia pension roll at $100 per annum under the act of 1832. certificate 23181 was issued 26 Nov. 1833.

George Hight's Declaration, December 3d, 1832: Born in King and Queen County in 1755 and moved to Albemarle when eight years old; thence to Amherst; enlisted under Capt. Gilmore in Botetourt to go against the Indians; Colonel Christian; Cedar Creek in Botetourt, now Rockbridge; enlisted in Col. George Baylor's Regiment; Capt. Cadwallader Jones, General Morgan, General Lee, Major Clough, John Walker, Col. William Washington, Major Call, Bartlett Hawkins Fitzgerald.

Information from Judy Miller indicates that Bartlett was actually born in Orange County, Virginia, in an area that subsequenly became Amherst County, Virginia, near the Tye River.

  Notes for Mary Maskey Coleman:
According to James H. Pankey's records, an alternate year of birth would be 1760.
Children of Bartlett Fitzgerald and Mary Coleman are:
  i.   Elizabeth Fitzgerald, died Unknown; married (1) Charlie Coffey; died Unknown; married (2) John Christopher Hatter, Sr. 27 Apr 1819 in Nelson County, Virginia; born 1792; died Unknown.
  ii.   Judith Fitzgerald, died Unknown; married (1) Unknown Campbell 1; died Unknown; married (2) Unknown Campbell 2; died Unknown.
  iii.   Mary (Polly) Fitzgerald, died Unknown; married Unknown Forbes; died Unknown.
  iv.   Catherine (Caty) Fitzgerald, born 1775 in Amherst County, Virginia; died Unknown; married James Durham 28 Sep 1793 in Amherst County, Virginia; died Unknown.
  v.   Nancy Fitzgerald, born 1778 in Amherst County, Virginia; died Unknown in Nelson County, Virginia; married William Jacobs 06 Nov 1795 in Amherst County, Virginia; died Unknown.
  70 vi.   John (Jackie) Clarkson Fitzgerald, born 07 Jul 1782 in Amherst County, Virginia; died 23 Aug 1877 in Nelson County, Virginia; married Nancy E. Carr 21 Jan 1807 in Amherst County, Virginia.
  68 vii.   James C. Fitzgerald, born 1788 in Albermarle County, Virginia; died Unknown; married (1) Susan Nales 18 Oct 1810 in Nelson County, Virginia; married (2) Elizabeth Ann Fitzgerald 18 Oct 1810 in Nelson County, Virginia; married (3) Sarah (Sally) Snead 20 Feb 1823 in Nelson County, Virginia.
  viii.   Samuel Fitzgerald, born 1810; died Unknown; married Elizabeth Ryan; died Unknown.
  ix.   Benjamin M. Fitzgerald, born 1817; died Unknown; married Matilda Ann J. Fitzgerald 15 Jun 1835 in Nelson County, Virginia; born 1812; died 1876.

      142. John Carr, Sr., born 1745; died Unknown. He married 143. Christian Phillips.

      143. Christian Phillips, died Unknown.
Children of John Carr and Christian Phillips are:
  71 i.   Nancy E. Carr, born 15 Feb 1785 in Amherst County, Virginia; died 16 Apr 1885 in Nelson County, Virginia; married John (Jackie) Clarkson Fitzgerald 21 Jan 1807 in Amherst County, Virginia.
  ii.   Mary (Polly) Carr, born Abt. 1795 in Nelson County, Virginia; died Mar 1830 in Nelson County, Virginia; married Robert Woodson Fitzgerald 23 Nov in Nelson County, Virginia; born 1792 in Amherst County, Virginia; died Unknown.

      200. Jesse Greer, Jr., born 30 Dec 1788 in Wilkes County, North Carolina; died 06 Jan 1867 in Ruth, Lincoln, Mississippi. He was the son of 400. CAPTAIN Jesse Greer, Sr. and 401. Judah (Judith) Hampton. He married 201. Elizabeth (Polly) Puckett 15 Jul 1813 in Barren County, Kentucky41.

      201. Elizabeth (Polly) Puckett, born 1781; died 15 Oct 1822 in Ruth, Lincoln, Mississippi. She was the daughter of 402. Ephraim Puckett.

Notes for Jesse Greer, Jr.:
May have been born in the Washington-Sullivan County area of Tennessee. Was apparently born the same year that his father died. His mother, Judith Hampton Greer, was subsequently married to William Mitchell and they moved to Warren County, Kentucky, where they joined numerous other Greer relatives. Jesse Jr. was placed under the guardianship of William Johnson until his father's estate was settled in 1799. Afterwards he was under the guardianship of Turner Hampton, who was probably an uncle. After a few years Jesse Jr. followed his mother to Kentucky, where he married Polly (Nancy) Puckett, daughter of Ephraim Puckett. To her and two subsequent wives, a total of nineteen children were born, all except one of which was born in Pike County, Mississippi, to which place Jesse and Polly had migrated in about 1814. According to information from Franklin Moak, family tradition indicated that Jesse raised tobacco and made occasional trips to New Orleans to sell it on the market. He is buried in a small family cemetery located approximately 100 yards south and west of the homestead site where he was listed as residing, according to the 1820 census of Pike County, Mississippi. His grave is unmarked, except for a sunken appearance. None of the graves are marked, and the barbed wire which once surrounded the burial site was practically all torn down in 1957. The cemetery is located on the Fernwood property adjoining the Jenkins place, approximately 3 1/2 miles south of Ruth, just inside Pike County and to the west of the road that runs from Ruth to Felder's Campground.
The Greer Database states that his place of death was Pike County, Mississippi. Other information from the Greer Database is quoted as follows: "Jesse Greer, Jr. was on December 30, 1788, son of Captain Jesse Greer and his wife, Judith Hampton Greer. Captain Jesse died sometime in 1787 or 1788, leaving Jesse, Jr. an orphan. Judith soon married again to William Mitchell. A William Johnson served as guardian to Jesse, Jr. and his brothers and sisters until the estate was settled finally in 1799.
A number of the Wilkes County Greers migrated to the vicinity of Barren and Warren Counties, Kentucky, in the early part of the 1800's. There was a William Mitchell and family in Warren County in 1810, however, there was no male listed in that family between 16 and 26, which is the bracket that should have included Jesse, Jr. Aquilla Greer was in Warren County at that time -- he was perhaps an uncle of Jesse, Jr. In Aquilla's family there were two males between 16 and 26, one of whom might have been Jesse. This was possibly the same Aquilla Greer listed in the 1790 census with four sons over 16. There were also a number of familiar names listed in the Warren County Census of 1810, including Jess Perkins, several Hamptons, and several Mitchells. William Mitchell was in Warren County in 1800 -- if this is the same one who married Judith Hampton Greer, they probably moved to Kentucky in 1800.
Whether or not this William Mitchell was the same as the stepfather of Jesse, Jr. is uncertain. If so, it appears that William and Jesse's mother, Judith, moved back to Wilkesboro, North Carolina, toward the latter part of 1810, or were back there visiting relatives, because it is reported that Judith died there on February 11, 1811.
It is supposed that as a teenager Jesse, Jr. probably lived with various relatives, some of whom moved to Pendleton County, South Carolina, and perhaps was there with the Pucketts when they moved to Warren County, Kentucky. Jesse Greer, Jr. married his first wife, Polly Puckett, in Barren County, Kentucky, on July 15, 1813, as recorded in the courthouse records there. Although the marriage simply referred to her as Polly, this was probably what she went by as she was growing up. In later generations in Mississippi, she is remembered as Nancy. She was the daughter of Ephraim Puckett.
The first child of Jesse and Polly, Ephraim, was born in Kentucky. Then Jesse and Polly moved to Mississippi sometime before September of 1815 when the second child, Sarah (known as Sally) was born in Mississippi.
Except for census records and Bible records, there is little information written down about this obscure man who, like his grandfather and great grandfather, lived most of his life in the wilderness of America.
Jesse Greer was listed in the 1820 census of Pike County, Mississippi. He homesteaded on a site located on property owned since 1914 by Levi Jenkins, a Black. A visit to the homestead site in August, 1957, revealed nothing but the old sandstone rocks that were used in the foundation of the log house built by Jesse. Tall crepe myrtles around the house site were still living and in blossom. A built-up pile of rock probably represented the foundation for the stick and dirt chimney. About 100 yards south and west of the homestead site is the location of the cemetery where Jesse is buried, his grave unmarked except for a sunken appearance. None of the graves are marked, and the barbed wire which once surrounded the small burial plot is practically all torn down. A small cedar stands nearby, somewhat dwarfed by the tall pines now covering the hillside. The cemetery is located on the Fernwood property adjoin the Jenkins place. The general vicinity of the old Greer place is about 3.5 miles south of Ruth, just inside of Pike County and to the west of the road that runs from Ruth to Felder's Campground. Nancy "Polly" Puckett Greer died on October 15, 1822. The place of her burial is not known, but probably she was buried on the hill where Jesse was later buried.
A traditional story passed down through the generations is that Jesse Greer raised tobacco and made occasional trips to New Orleans to sell it on the market. It has been told that on one of Jesse's trips to New Orleans, before the death of Nancy "Polly", he bought for a servant a young German girl named Ginna "Jennie" Blengsinger (other possible variations in spelling include Blingsaenger, Bladesinger, Blengsaenger). one recollection is that her maiden name is Bloodstringer. Verification of the exact spelling is yet to be found -- perhaps it may be found among some immigration records from the port of New Orleans for the period 1820-23. In all probability, she came on a ship that had sailed from Hamburg. Perhaps unable to pay for fare on the ship, she might have become more or less an indentured servant of Jesse Greer upon his payment of her passage. It has been suggested through one line of the family that there is a tradition that she was Jewish. Whether or not this is based on documented evidence or upon the sound of the name is unknown, nevertheless, it is believed that she must have embraced the Christian faith inasmuch as a tradition in the Amos Greer family has it that her sons were unable to read the old German Bible she brought with her, tore the pages out and used them for gun wadding. Ginna "Jennie" was born in Germany between 1800-1810. She was very skilled in weaving, which she learned as a girl in Germany. After the death of Jesse's first wife, he married Ginna who gave birth to ten of his nineteen children.
Ginna Blensinger Greer died on March 19, 1841. She was buried in the old Williams Cemetery near the Lucious Bacot place, about two miles east of Ruth. There is no marker for her grave, and it is not known exactly why she was buried there instead of in the burial ground near the Greer home.
After the death of Ginna, Jesse was married a third time, at the age of about 56, to Elizabeth "Betsy" Davis, who was 37 years younger than Jesse. Betsy was a sister of Martha Davis, who later married Jesse III. Jesse, Jr. and Betsy Davis had five children. (Information from Frank Greer, as per Tiffeny Porter, 1997).
(All information about the family and descendants of Jesse Greer, Jr. was sent by Tiffaney Porter, 5689A Douglas Ferry Road, Caryville, Florida 32427, 1997, unless otherwise noted.)

  Notes for Elizabeth (Polly) Puckett:
According to Franklin E. Moak, actual name may be Nancy rather than Elizabeth. She is probably buried in the same family cemetery on the Greer homestead where her husband, Jesse, is buried. The graves are unmarked.
Children of Jesse Greer and Elizabeth Puckett are:
  i.   Ephraim Allen Greer, born 05 Oct 1813 in Kentucky; died Abt. 1857; married Malinda; died Unknown.
  ii.   Sarah (Sally) Perkins Greer, born 23 Sep 1815 in Ruth, Lincoln, Mississippi42; died Unknown; married Perley Dunaway; born 21 Aug 1809 in Georgia42; died Unknown.
  Notes for Sarah (Sally) Perkins Greer:
Possible alternate place of birth per records from Willene Friar is Tennessee. Alternate date of birth per records from Barbara Till Prestridge is September 9, 1815. Records from Earl Alexander also indicate Tennessee as a birth place. Information in the Greer Database states that she was born in Tennessee on September 23, 1815.

  Notes for Perley Dunaway:
Alternate date of birth per records from Barbara Till Prestridge is 1808. Alternate place of birth per same records is Tennessee. He reportedly died as the result of falling from a corn crib. His name is also sometimes spelled as Pearley Dunaway.

  iii.   Jesse Greer II, born Aft. 1817; died Unknown.
  iv.   Annis Tuline Greer, born 31 Oct 1817 in Ruth, Lincoln, Mississippi; died 03 Jun 1867 in Enon, MS; married Fielding Fellon Dunaway; born 01 May 1811 in Tennessee; died 05 Jul 1885 in Enon, MS.
  Notes for Annis Tuline Greer:
Alternate date of death given is July 3, 1867. Alternate date of birth per records from Barbara Till Prestridge is July 3, 1817. Records from Earl Alexander show her birthdate as July 13 and show her date of death in 1887.

  Notes for Fielding Fellon Dunaway:
Alternate name per records from Barbara Till Prestridge is Fielding Harrison Dunaway. Earl Alexander's records show him as Fielding Harrison Dunaway, born May 2, 1811 and died in 1895.

  v.   Martha Ann Reed Greer, born 20 Dec 1819 in Ruth, Lincoln, Mississippi; died Unknown; married Anderson Boyd; born 12 Jul 1818; died 02 Feb 1858.
  100 vi.   John Anderson Greer, born 05 Oct 1822 in Ruth, Lincoln, Mississippi; died 03 Mar 1892 in Ruth, Lincoln, Mississippi; married Margaret Jones 08 Feb 1849 in Mississippi.

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