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Ancestors of Larry Dale Fleming

      104. John Evans1338, born 1776 in Hampshire County, Virginia1339; died Aft. 1850 in Near Kennedy Mountain, overlooking Middlesboro, Kentucky1340,1341. He was the son of 208. William Evans. He married 105. Sarah Haynes Aug 22, 1795 in Botetourte County, Virginia1341.

      105. Sarah Haynes1341, born Dec 25, 1775 in Virginia1341; died Abt. 18451341.

More About John Evans:
Burial: Unknown, Evans Cemetery, Evans Mountain, Bell County, Kentucky1342
Cause of Death: Froze to death1343
Medical Information: After wandering away from the house on a cold winter's day1343

More About John Evans and Sarah Haynes:
Marriage: Aug 22, 1795, Botetourte County, Virginia1344
Children of John Evans and Sarah Haynes are:
  i.   Lucinda Evans1345, died Unknown.
  52 ii.   William H. Evans, born Abt. 1802; died Dec 17, 1862; married Margaret Bull.

      106. John Bull1346,1347, born 1776 in Baltimore, Maryland1347; died 1845 in Douglas, Missouri1347. He was the son of 212. John Bull. He married 107. Eleanor Collins Nov 23, 1800 in Grainger County, Tennessee1348.

      107. Eleanor Collins1349, born Abt. 1780 in Washington, North Carolina1350; died Unknown. She was the daughter of 214. David Collins and 215. Thompsie Posting.

  Notes for Eleanor Collins:
Nickname: "Nelley"
!Grainger Co Tenn Marr Rec
Eleanor and her family moved to Knox Co. Ky in following her father and brothers in 1807. Then to Morgan Co, Ind. by 1830; they came to the Taney Area (Missouri)by 1840. Therefore all Turnbull descendents of Ozark, Douglas, Howell, and Texas Counties are equally part Collins according to the article written by Marvin Oaks for the West Plains, Mo Daily Quill on 19 June 1997.
He also states their last name was listed as Bull until 1840, on arrival in Taney Co, Missouri, by 1840-42 they were listed as Turnbull.
John Bull died around 1845 and Eleanor is listed as living with her son Nathaniel in 1850, and later with her oldest son John 3rd in 1870 Douglas Co, Missouri Census.

Ancestry World Tree Database of:
Stamper <>

More About John Bull and Eleanor Collins:
Marriage: Nov 23, 1800, Grainger County, Tennessee1351
Children of John Bull and Eleanor Collins are:
  i.   Bartheny Bull1352, born 1801 in Grainger County, Tennessee1352; died Unknown; married Jacob Anderson 1825 in Campbell, Tennessee1352; born 1779 in Virginia1352; died Unknown.
  More About Jacob Anderson and Bartheny Bull:
Marriage: 1825, Campbell, Tennessee1352

  ii.   Rhoda Bull1352, born Abt. 1802 in Grainger County, Tennessee1352; died Unknown; married Abraham Childers Jan 22, 1835 in Morgan, Indiana1352; born Abt. 1800 in Tennessee1352; died Unknown.
  More About Abraham Childers and Rhoda Bull:
Marriage: Jan 22, 1835, Morgan, Indiana1352

  iii.   Son Bull1352, born Abt. 1804 in Grainger County, Tennessee1352; died Unknown.
  iv.   John Bull1352, born Abt. 1806 in Knox, Kentucky1352; died Unknown; married Sarah Abt. 1840 in Missouri1352; born 1812 in Tennessee1352; died Unknown.
  More About John Bull and Sarah:
Marriage: Abt. 1840, Missouri1352

  v.   William T. Bull1352, born 1808 in Knox County, Kentucky1352; died Dec 15, 1865 in Dora, Ozark, Missouri1352; married (1) Unknown Childers Abt. 1830 in Knox County, Kentucky1352; born Abt. 1812 in Kentucky1352; died Unknown; married (2) Mary Collins Dec 20, 1839 in Morgan, Indiana1352; born Aug 22, 1822 in Clear Creek, Knox County, Kentucky1352; died Unknown.
  Notes for William T. Bull:
William Bull changed there name to Turnbull when they went to Missouri
1840 Morgan Co Ind Census list as William T Bull
1850 Ozark Co Mo Census list as William Turnbull
Morgan Co Ind Marriage Records
William T Turnbull and Uriah Wiley Russell were early Justices of the Peace in Ozark Co, Missouri.

From Ancestry World Tree Database of
Stamper <>

  More About William Bull and Mary Collins:
Marriage: Dec 20, 1839, Morgan, Indiana1352

  vi.   Daughter Bull1352, born Abt. 1809 in Knox, Kentucky1352; died Unknown.
  vii.   Thomas T. Bull1352, born 1810 in Grainger County, Tennessee1352; died Unknown; married Mary Deaton Dec 14, 1837 in Morgan, Indiana1352; born Abt. 18171352; died Unknown.
  More About Thomas Bull and Mary Deaton:
Marriage: Dec 14, 1837, Morgan, Indiana1352

  viii.   Nicholas Bull1352, born 1824 in Kentucky1352; died Unknown; married Rachel Freeman May 23, 1847 in Missouri1352; born Mar 13, 1830 in Buncombe, North Carolina1352; died Unknown.
  More About Nicholas Bull and Rachel Freeman:
Marriage: May 23, 1847, Missouri1352

  ix.   Nathaniel Bull1352, born 1827 in Kentucky1352; died Unknown.
  53 x.   Margaret Bull, born Abt. 1803; died Unknown; married William H. Evans.

      108. Joshua Hendrickson1353, born Sep 25, 1776 in Virginia1353; died Feb 25, 1863 in Monroe County, Indiana1353. He was the son of 216. Ezekial Hendrickson and 217. Mimy. He married 109. Ann Wilson Jul 28, 1799 in Person County, North Carolina1353.

      109. Ann Wilson1353, born Mar 16, 1783 in Irish Settlement, Rowan County, North Carolina1353; died Apr 11, 1820 in Kentucky1353. She was the daughter of 218. Joseph Wilson and 219. Mary.

Notes for Joshua Hendrickson:
Hendrickson, Joshua
Acres      Book      Page      Date Survey      County      Watercourse     
50      B      411      08-28-1817      Knox      Straight Cr.     

Kentucky Land Warrants
Kentucky 1774-1924 Land Records
The Kentucky Land Grants, Part 1, Chapter VI, Kentucky Land Warrants 1816-1873, page 585
Joshua Hendrickson was born in 1776 in Virginia, the oldest son of Ezekiel Hendrickson Sr. and his wife. One family record says her name was Marget Whitehead (no source given) but Ezekiel's will named her Mimy, which many researchers believe to be short for Jemima. It is possible that Ezekiel had two wives, but this has not been proven. Joshua was the only child of Ezekiel's to be born in Virginia, the rest being born in North Carolina, probably either Rowan county or Granville County. Joshua's birthdate had been assumed to be 1777 by many people based on age given in census records, but his gravestone in Farr Cemetery, Monroe Co., Indiana, gives the date 1776. Joshua's parents moved to North Carolina, first to Rowan County, where Ezekiel Sr. is listed on the 1778 tax list, then by late 1780's, to Granville County, where they lived until they moved to Kentucky, probably between 1800 and 1806. Joshua married Ann Wilson on July 28, 1799, in Person Co. North Carolina. Person County was formed from Granville Co. in 1785. Ann Wilson, referred to as Nancy in one family history, was said by the same history to be the daughter of Joseph and Mary Wilson. This history lists her birth date as March 16, 1783, in the Irish settlement in Rowan County, North Carolina.

Joshua and Ann moved to Kentucky with his parents between 1800 and 1806. The first recorded evidence of Joshua in Knox Co., Kentucky is the 1806 tax list. The journey from Granville Co., NC to Knox Co., KY is over 250 miles, across the border area between North Carolina and Virginia, through the extreme southwest tip of Virginia, and through the Cumberland Gap on the Wilderness Road. The Hendricksons settled only about 15 miles from Cumberland Gap, taking original land grants on Strait Creek only about a mile from where Strait Creek flows into the Cumberland River, at the present day site of Pineville, Bell County, Kentucky. The book, "Kentucky Land Grants, part I," by Jillison, lists the earliest deeds of record for the Hendrickson brothers in Kentucky. The area where they settled was first part of Knox Co., then later, with the division of counties, became part of Harlan Co., and still later, part of Bell Co. Land and Census records reflect this. Page 585 of the above mentioned book lists 3 land purchases for Joshua: 50 acres on Strait Creek, 1817; 50 acres on Strait Creek, 1822; and 56 acres on Strait Creek, 1829. Joshua sold his land in Kentucky after he moved to Indiana in 1832, to Gabriel Fouts, the deed being dated 1833. Land bought by Joshua's brothers is also listed in the Jillison book.

Joshua and Ann had at least 9 children, possibly 11. This was determined from study of census records for the years 1810 and 1820, as well as family records sent by other researchers. They have been listed on the family page. The 1810 census indicated a daughter may have been born about 1810, but Lucinda's birthdate is late October, 1809, which doesn't seem to give enough time for another daughter to be born by the time the 1810 census was taken, probably in the summer.

Ann Wilson Hendrickson died April 11, 1820, in Kentucky. Census records indicate a daughter born in 1820, but this has not been proven by any other records. Ann may have died from childbirth or complications from childbirth.

Joshua Hendrickson married 2nd, Hannah Munsey, daughter of John and Naomi Munsey, of Virginia. Hannah was born on April 3, 1788, on Walker's Creek, Montgomery Co., VA, about 15 miles from the New River. Joshua and Hannah were married by Henry Thompson, Methodist preacher, 5 miles west of the courthouse in Lee Co., VA, on June 20, 1822. They had 4 children. Their first son was named after her father, and their first daughter, after her mother. Hannah died December 22, 1831, probably in Kentucky. One source said she died in Monroe Co., Indiana. Neither has been proven. But their last child, Mary, was born in 1831, in Kentucky, so Hannah's death was probably in Kentucky.

Joshua moved his family to Monroe Co., Indiana, in 1832, where his younger brother, Ezekiel Jr. was already living. References have been made to his coming to Monroe Co., Indiana, the year the stars fell, 1832. Joshua married his third wife, Sarah Jane Helton on January 21, 1833 (Marriage Records, Book A, p. 98), in Monroe Co., Indiana. Sarah was born ca 1802 in Kentucky. (Her gravestone says 1796). She was said by one researcher to be the childless widow of Joseph Polley, whom she probably married in Kentucky. Myles Snyder wrote that the Heltons were probably from Virginia or North Carolina before coming to Kentucky. Several Heltons were in the Fayette Co. area in the 1790's. Sarah herself refered to growing up close to the same area where Abe Lincoln's family lived. Miles believed she was probably from the Washington Co., Kentucky area, but there were a number of Helton families in Knox Co., KY too.

Joshua and Sarah settled on 80 acres of bottomland near Bean Blossom Creek, in Section 15, for which they filed in 1834. On February 16, 1839, Joshua and Sarah sold their 80 acres to his brother, Ezekiel jr., and moved a couple of miles away, to 100 acres of hilly, wooded upland, in Section 17. This area is now State Forest. It was here that Joshua and Sarah built a substantial log house, and lived out the rest of their lives, raising a family of 7 children (one daughter, a twin, died in infancy). In 1858, Joshua and Sarah sold 120 acres in Section 17 to their sons, James and Reuben. The 1860 census shows Reuben and James living next to Joshua, confirming that they lived on the land they bought. According to several researchers, Joshua made his living as a hunter. Many researchers credited Joshua and Sarah with another daughter, Sarah Lewellen, because Sarah is listed in his household in the 1850 census, age 4. However, the census index for 1850 lists her under the last name of Lewellen, and there are other Lewellen families living close to Joshua. It is now believed that Sarah was the daughter of one of these Lewellen families and was only staying with Joshua and Sarah at the time of the census.

Joshua died at the age of 87, on February 25, 1863. According to Miles Snyder, he died suddenly at home, while sitting in his favorite rocking chair in the kitchen of their log home. He was buried in Farr Cemetery, which is in Section 7, located back in the woods north of a limestone quarry. This old cemetery is not taken care of now, and is full of field stones, but the graves of Joshua and Sarah were found with an inscribed monument. It says "Joshua Hendrickson, 1776 - 2/25/1863" and Sarah's reads:

"Sallie, his wife, 1796 - 4/15/1865. This monument is also inscribed with three of their children's death dates, Reuben, Andrew, and Rebecca.

Information taken from the Hendrickson Genealogy which was written by myself, Sandy Neil, "Our Hendrickson Legacy", 1989, and Joshua's part updated, 1992.

A written article by Vennon Palmer, about the Hendrickson's says, "There were many cold, sparkling springs in Marion TWP, and there at the base of an enormous hill about 9 miles north of Bloomington, Indiana, the first Hendrickson homestead was established. There is a cold spring high on the side of this hill and wooden troughs were hewn to cary this running spring water into the Hendrickson kitchen." Not sure if this was Joshua's house, or his brother, Ezekiel's.

Alfred Shane believed that Joshua's middle initial was B., and that it may have stood for Bartholemew.

In records of Harlan Co, Kentucky, a will dated 1828 written by William Whitehead, mentions wife Delilah and minor children to remain with her until of age. Witnesses were Joshua Hendrickson, George Chappell and William Watson. In light of one genealogist believing Joshua's mother was Marget Whitehead, this could be significant.

According to the 1850 census, Marion TWP, Monroe Co., Indiana, Joshua was a farmer, and owned 800 acres.

Information from Sandy Neil (

More About Joshua Hendrickson:
Burial: Unknown, Farr Cemetery, Monroe County, Indiana1353
Residence: Bet. 1800 - 1806, Moved to Kentucky1353

More About Joshua Hendrickson and Ann Wilson:
Marriage: Jul 28, 1799, Person County, North Carolina1353
Children of Joshua Hendrickson and Ann Wilson are:
  i.   Elizabeth Hendrickson1353, born Jul 23, 1800 in Person County, North Carolina1353; died Unknown.
  ii.   Sarah Hendrickson1353, born Jul 23, 1800 in Person County, North Carolina1353; died Unknown.
  iii.   William Hendrickson1353, born Oct 14, 1801 in North Carolina or Kentucky1353; died Unknown; married Unknown Abt. 1819 in Probably Knox County, Kentucky1353; died Unknown.
  Notes for William Hendrickson:
William Hendrickson, born 14 October, 1801, by one correspondent's information. William married about 1819, his wife's name is unknown. No marriage record has been found. The 1820 census lists William as between 16 and 26, wife same age, and one son under 5. He was still in the 1830 census for Harlan Co, Kentucky (used to be Knox), listed as age 20 to 30, as was also his wife. They had 5 children by then, 3 sons and 2 daughters. After the 1830 census, we find no further information about William.

Information from Sandy Neil (

  More About William Hendrickson and Unknown:
Marriage: Abt. 1819, Probably Knox County, Kentucky1353

  iv.   Margaret Hendrickson1353, born May 03, 1806 in Knox County, Kentucky1353; died Sep 05, 1889 in Bell County, Kentucky1353; married Phillip Howard Abt. 1823 in Harlan County, Kentucky1353; died Unknown.
  Notes for Margaret Hendrickson:
Margaret Hendrickson married Phillip Howard about 1823. They lived in Kentucky all their lives. They had 11 children, (information sent by Fred Longhurst, of Salt Lake City, Utah).

Information from Sandy Neil (

  More About Phillip Howard and Margaret Hendrickson:
Marriage: Abt. 1823, Harlan County, Kentucky1353

  v.   Ezekiel Hendrickson1353, born May 13, 1807 in Knox County, Kentucky1353; died Aft. 1860 in Possibly Iowa1353; married Lydia Bef. 1830 in Harlan County, Kentucky1353; died Unknown.
  Notes for Ezekiel Hendrickson:
Ezekiel W. Hendrickson, born 13 May, 1807, in Knox Co., KY. He married before 1830, Lydia ___. On the 1830 census for Harlan Co., Kentucky, his is found married, with one son, under 5. Ezekiel and Lydia moved to Indiana, probably with his father Joshua in 1832, where one child was born, then back to Kentucky by 1836, again to Indiana by 1841, and to Illinois by 1845. These moves were determined by the birthplaces listed for his children from the 1850 census records of Logan Co., Illinois. He lived in Logan Co., Illinois with his two brothers, Thomas J. and Elijah, at the time of the 1850 census. Sometime during the 1850's, Ezekiel moved to Iowa, where he is found on the 1860 census.

Information from Sandy Neil (

  More About Ezekiel Hendrickson and Lydia:
Marriage: Bef. 1830, Harlan County, Kentucky1353

  vi.   Lucinda Ann Hendrickson1353, born Oct 26, 1809 in Knox County, Kentucky1353; died Abt. 1849 in Missouri1353; married Thomas Ledington III Abt. 1828 in Lee County, Virginia1353; died Unknown.
  Notes for Lucinda Ann Hendrickson:
Lucinda was born in 1809, in Knox Co., Ky. The 1810 census for Knox Co., KY shows a daughter the right age to be her in Joshua's household. She married Thomas Ledington about 1828. They had 6 children. She died about 1849 in Missouri.

Information from Sandy Neil (

  More About Thomas Ledington and Lucinda Hendrickson:
Marriage: Abt. 1828, Lee County, Virginia1353

  vii.   Elijah Hendrickson1353, born Feb 26, 1812 in Knox County, Kentucky1353; died Jan 04, 1864 in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee1354; married (1) Elizabeth Ann McPharson Jan 17, 1833 in Lee County, Virginia1355; died Mar 25, 18521355; met (2) Persillia Aft. 18521355; born Oct 09, 18211356; died Jan 10, 18591357,1358.
  Notes for Elijah Hendrickson:
Elijah Hendrickson was born February 26, 1812, in Knox Co., KY. Elijah is listed on the 1830 census, living alone. He married Elizabeth Ann McPharson in 1833 in Lee Co., VA, (Book A, p. 5). Lee Co. was just across the border from Kentucky, a trip over the hill. Their first child was born in Virginia, then they moved to Indiana between 1834 and 1836, and on to Illinois with a brother, Thomas Joshua, in 1838. Elijah lived in Illinois the remainder of his life. During the Civil War, he and a son, William A., joined the 106th Ohio Regiment, and both died in service. Elijah and Elizabeth had 7 children. Elizabeth died 25 March, 1852, and is buried in the Hendrickson Cemetery, Logan Co., Illinois. Elijah married again, to a widow, Persillia ____, and Persillia died 10 January, 1859, also buried in the Hendrickson Cemetery.

One record stated Elijah enlisted on August 9, 1862, as a private, in the 106th Illinois Infantry, co. E.

Information from Sandy Neil (
Elijah Hendrickson
Residence: Salt Creek, Illinois Occupation:
Enlist Date: 09 August 1862 State: Illinois
Ancestry Database, American Civil War Soldiers
Surname Given Name Middle Initial Company Unit Rank - Induction Rank - Discharge Notes Allegiance
Hendrickson Elijah E 106 Illinois Infantry. Private Private Union

Ancestry Database, Civil War Service Records
Civil War Database Website:

  More About Elijah Hendrickson:
Medical Information: Died in service during Civil War1359
Military service: Civil War - 106th Ohio Regiment1359
Residence: Bet. 1834 - 1836, Indiana1359

  More About Elizabeth Ann McPharson:
Burial: Unknown, Hendrickson Cemetery, Logan County, Illinois1359

  More About Elijah Hendrickson and Elizabeth McPharson:
Marriage: Jan 17, 1833, Lee County, Virginia1359

  viii.   Thomas Joshua Hendrickson1359, born Sep 17, 1814 in Knox County, Kentucky1359; died Jan 20, 1898 in Bethel, Butler County, Kansas1359; married (1) Catherine Wall Sep 17, 1833 in Marion Township, Monroe County, Indiana1359; died Unknown; married (2) Verlinda Daniels Abt. 1850 in Logan County, Illinois1359; died Unknown.
  Notes for Thomas Joshua Hendrickson:
Thomas Joshua Hendrickson was born on 17 September, 1814, in Knox Co., Kentucky, the eighth child of Joshua and Ann Wilson Hendrickson. Thomas grew up on the Strait Creek land owned by his father, and surrounded by a large family of brothers and sisters and Aunts and Uncles, all of whom lived in the Strait Creek area. When Thomas was 18, he accompanied his father and family to Monroe Co., Indiana, where they settled in Marion Township. Thomas married Catherine Wall, daughter of Adam Wall, on 12 September, 1833 (Book A, p. 104). Thomas was a preacher with the Church of Christ and also farmed. He and Catherine had 3 children in Indiana, but moved to Logan Co., Illinois in 1838, probably with his brother, Elijah. An effort to find deeds for Thomas in Illinois was only partially successful. The courthouse burned down in 1857, and with it many of the earliest records. However, records of two deeds were found. In 1850, William H. Daniels and wife sold 200 acres to Thomas Hendrickson. (It is probable that the Daniels were relatives of Thomas' second wife, Verlinda Daniels, widow of Hiram Daniels. In 1852, Hildreth McCarty and wife sold 40 acres to Thomas. All of this land was in Section 19, of T19N-R1W in Logan County, near what is now the town of Chestnut, Illinois. Thomas and Catherine raised a large family of 9 children. Catherine may have died in childbirth, or as a result of childbirth, their last child born in 1849. She may have been buried in the Hendrickson cemetery, but a gravestone has never been found. The Hendrickson Cemetery has since been closed, and all headstones were moved to Laenna Cemetery in Chestnut. Dates in the Hendrickson cemetery were from 1842 to 1878. By the time of the 1850 census, Thomas was remarried, to Verlinda Daniels, widow. She had a 13 year old son, James Daniels. A marriage records has not been found, probably the marriage records were lost in the courthouse fire also. Verlinda and Thomas had 2 children, both daughters, listed on the 1860 census by initials only, F. M. Hendrickson, b. in 1854, Illinois, and V. K. Hendrickson, b. in 1858, in Missouri. (Perhaps the V. K. stand for Verlinda Katherine?)

Thomas and Verlinda sold their land in Illinois, in Section 11, T19N-R1W, Logan Co. to James Hough for $500. on 1 November, 1854. Also on the same date, they sold land in Section 11, T19N-R1W to the same James Hough, for $2000. on a separate deed. They moved to Missouri in 1855, settling in Mercer Co., Missouri. Here in Mercer Co., they bought 190 acres of land in Sections 7 and 18, in T64-R23, from Hugh Bowers, for $1000, in 1856. They farmed and raised their children in Missouri, until sometime after 1885, when they moved to Bethel, Kansas, north of Witchita. When Thomas and Verlinda moved to Kansas, so did their son Joshua Washington and his family, and two of Joshua's married sons. Thomas Joshua Hendrickson died 20 January, 1898, and was buried in the Green Valley Cemetery, Furley, Kansas.

Information from Sandy Neil (

  More About Thomas Joshua Hendrickson:
Burial: Unknown, Green Valley Cemetery, Furley, Kansas1359
Occupation: Preacher, Church of Christ1359
Residence: 1838, Logan County, Illinois1359

  More About Thomas Hendrickson and Catherine Wall:
Marriage: Sep 17, 1833, Marion Township, Monroe County, Indiana1359

  54 ix.   Elisha Hendrickson, born Nov 07, 1817 in Knox County, Kentucky; died Bef. 1870; married Didaima Baker Aug 01, 1836 in Harlan County, Kentucky.
  x.   Daughter Hendrickson1359, born Bef. Apr 11, 18201359; died Unknown.

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