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Descendants of Moses Baker

      21. Margaret5 Baker (Michael4, Moses3, Moses2, Moses1) was born 1761 in Edgecomb, Chowan, North Carolina, and died 1853 in Harrison County, Kentucky. She married Evan Jones 1788 in Surry, North Carolina, son of Nathaniel Jones. He was born 1757, and died 1821 in Harrison County, Kentucky.

Notes for Evan Jones:
Evan is listed on the Fayette Co., Kentucky tax list 1787-90. In 1791 on the 11th of October, Evan Jones signs himself as being of the county of Woodford when he received his share of the property of his deceased father-in-law, Michael Baker.

CENSUS:1790 Fayette Co., Kentucky
CENSUS:1800 Harrison Co., Kentucky
CENSUS:1810 Harrison Co., Kentucky
DEATH:Will dated 14 Oct 1821.

Will probated Dec 21,1821
in the name of God, I Evan Jones of the County of Harrison and State of Kentucky, being in a bad state of Peggy Jones my wife...Lewis, Evan and John, my sons., daughters: Polly, Hannah, Nancy, Peggy, dec'd, Betsey, Tempy and my granddaughter Fetney. Sons Lewis and Evan to be my Executors. Signed: Evan Jones. Wits: James McMurty and Robert Clifford. Rec: Dec 1821.

More About Evan Jones and Margaret Baker:
Marriage: 1788, Surry, North Carolina
Children of Margaret Baker and Evan Jones are:
  65 i.   Hannah6 Jones, born 12 Aug in Cynthiana, Kentucky; died 03 Mar 1852 in Moorefield Twp, Clark, Ohio. She married Jonathan Page 31 Jan 1793; born 1766 in Lexington, Kentucky; died Unknown.
  More About Jonathan Page and Hannah Jones:
Marriage: 31 Jan 1793

  66 ii.   Evan Jones II, born 05 Feb 1787 in Kentucky; died 25 Jan 1860 in Boone County, Indiana. He married Matilda Doan 15 Mar 1810 in Harrison County, Kentucky; born 17 Mar 1792 in New Hanover, Kentucky; died 26 Aug 1873 in Boone County, Indiana.
  More About Evan Jones and Matilda Doan:
Marriage: 15 Mar 1810, Harrison County, Kentucky

+ 67 iii.   Lewis Jones, born Abt. 1780 in Pennsylvania; died Abt. 1856.
  68 iv.   John Burge Jones, born 18 May 1791 in Woodford, Kentucky; died 24 May 1865 in Richland, Wisconsin. He married Elizabeth C. Doan 05 Mar 1812 in Harrison County, Kentucky; born 30 Sep 1791 in Bladen, North Carolina; died 13 Sep 1887 in Richland, Wisconsin.
  More About John Jones and Elizabeth Doan:
Marriage: 05 Mar 1812, Harrison County, Kentucky

  69 v.   Polly Jones, born 1806; died Unknown.
  70 vi.   Nancy Jones, born Abt. 1800; died Unknown.
+ 71 vii.   Margaret Ann Jones, born 1782 in Kentucky; died 1813 in Champaign, Ohio.
  72 viii.   Betsy Jones, died Bef. 1821.
  73 ix.   Temperance Jones, born 1784 in Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky; died Unknown in Whitestown, Boone County, Indiana. She married Charles Harrison Schooler 10 Feb 1809 in Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky; born 1786 in Harrison County, Kentucky; died Jan 1842 in Boone County, Indiana.
  More About Temperance Jones:
Burial: Unknown, Jones Cemetery, Whitestown, Boone, Indiana

  Notes for Charles Harrison Schooler:
Moved to Indiana in 1830. He settled in Boone, County and in 1833 purchased land in Worth Township at $1.25 and acre. Part of this land was later owned by his great grandson Walter Schooler. Charles Harrison Schooler moved to Logan Co., Ohio 1810 following his brother Benjamin Harrison Schooler and then in 1833 he owned land in Boone Co., Indiana. In a 16 Feb 1807 Harrison Co., Kentucky Deed, Charles Schooler of Harrison Co. sold to John Neff 111 acres on Mill Creek part of Benjamin Johnson entry. Witnesses: William McKinson, William Schooler, and Jacob Powers.

Served in War of 1812 (Roster of Soldiers of 1812--Ohio); by 1833, he owned land in Boone Co., Ind. . . Schooler reunions are held here. . . Left 8 ch.

MARRIAGE:Harrison Co., Kentucky
Marr. Rec. Bondsman, Evan Jones
MILITARY:Served in War of 1812 in his brother Benjamin's Militia Company.

On February 10, 1809 when Charles Harrison was 23, he married Temperance (Tempa) JONES, in Cynthia, Kentucky. Born about 1784.

  More About Charles Harrison Schooler:
Burial: Unknown, Jones Cemetery, Whitestown, Boone, Indiana

  More About Charles Schooler and Temperance Jones:
Marriage: 10 Feb 1809, Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky

      22. John5 Baker (Michael4, Moses3, Moses2, Moses1) was born 1763 in Edgecomb, Chowan, North Carolina, and died 18 Nov 1842 in Shelby, Indiana. He married Catherine Athalia Winscott 13 Dec 1785 in Surry, North Carolina. She was born 16 Oct 1772 in North Carolina, and died 21 Feb 1870 in Cass County, Indiana.

Notes for John Baker:
Elijah Baker & Amos Baker
Executors of the Estate
of John Baker decd
Final Exhibit

Filed in open Court
August 8th 1849 I.Vernon Ck

[Page 3]
Payment made to the Legatees ---

A Paid to Amos Eskew upon legacy of his wife S 569.97-1/2
B " " Ruth Hulse [spelled Huls on rec'ts] 545.77
C " " Elisha Williams upon legacy of his wife 570.01
D " " David Baker 720.03
E " " Nathan Julian 565.00
F " " George Forsythe upon legacy of his wife Mary 611.50
G " " John Baker 722.55-1/2
H " " Jesse Baker 720.00
J " " David Henry upon legacy of his wife 550.00
K " " Amos Baker retained on his legacy 720.00
L " " Elijah Baker retained on his legacy 720.00
Amount of Dr 7518.96
Amount of Cr 7718.06
Amount overpaid by exec's $ 197.36

Elijah Baker
Amos Baker

Sworn to and subscribed in open Court before me November 13th 1849.

I. Vernon Ck

Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

Some additional notes from Jill Knitl, Sun, 15 Aug 1999 . There are still some holes in it. Added a little on the poor son killed in the War of 1812.

The Children of John Baker and Alsha (Catherine Athalia)Winscott Baker
Mary b: 1798 KY m: George Forsythe

Enoch b: ca. 1790 KY 13th Regiment (Dudley's) KY militia, apparently died at River Raisin, War of 1812. This was also known as Frenchtown. It was a horrible massacre caused by a bumbling officer not following instructions to hold. Many wounded men left overnight were killed by Indians.

Ruth b: 1791 KY m: Nathan Huls

Elijah b: 1793 KY m: Cary (Sarah) Vance
      (Riley Howard on 11 September 1845 was married to Molinda Jane Baker in the Regular Baptist Church in Shelbville, Shelby Co. Indiana. Molinda Jane was the daughter of Elijah Baker and Sarah VANCE Baker. )

Lydia b: 1797 KY m: (1)Joseph Adams (2)David Henry

David b: 1801 KY

Rachel b: 1802 KY m: Nathan Julian John
      (Alfred E. HEATON, married in 14 Jul 1842 in Cass County, IN to Levicia Julian, daughter of Nathan JULIAN and Rachel BAKER)

Jesse b: 1807 KY m: Lydia Umble
Martha b: 1808 KY m: Elisha Williams
Amos b: 1811 IN m: Amy Gunn
Rhoda b: 1814 IN m: Amos Eskew

More About John Baker:
Occupation: Sheriff

More About John Baker and Catherine Winscott:
Marriage: 13 Dec 1785, Surry, North Carolina
Children of John Baker and Catherine Winscott are:
  74 i.   Mary6 Baker, born 1789 in Clark County, Kentucky; died Unknown. She married George Forsythe 01 Mar 1809 in Clark County, Kentucky; born 1783 in Pennsylvania; died Unknown.
  Notes for George Forsythe:
Union Township, Shelby Indiana, is bounded on the north by Hanover Township on the east by Rush County, on the south by Liberty Township and on the west by Marion and Addison Townships. In extent, it is four miles from east to west, and seven from north to south. Among the first settlers (1821) were George Forsythe & Mary Baker.

  More About George Forsythe and Mary Baker:
Marriage: 01 Mar 1809, Clark County, Kentucky

  75 ii.   Enoch Baker, born Bet. 1790 - 1795; died 23 Jan 1813 in War of 1812 - River Raisin.
  Notes for Enoch Baker:
934 Americans from Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan had only days before fought to drive the British, some Canadian militia and Indian supporters from the area of Monroe, Michigan. The U.S. Forces were camping there as they continued their drive toward Detroit to retake Ft. Detroit, which had fallen to the British earlier in the War of 1812. This was one of the bloodiest battles of that war. That British attack - there were 597 British and Canadian soldiers, 800 Indians and six canons- began at dawn.

The quiet, peaceful morning erupted with a barrage of musket and canon fire that trailed smoke and blood. The entire battle took hours. The Americans - who were caught by surprise - held their ground for about 20 minutes before being forced backward across the frozen River Raisin in a hail of bullets.

But while the battle was costly in terms of human life, the following day has become notorious. Wounded Americans made it across the river and holed up in the homes of the Frenchtown settlers. The next day, Jan. 23, 1813, the British who were guarding the wounded left town.

Indians returned to the area and plundered the homes where wounded lay. They killed and scalped American soldiers who couldn't walk and tossed their bodies into homes they'd set on fire. At the end of the massacre nearly 60 more Americans were killed or wounded.

Of the 934 men who made a stand on the River Raisin only 33 escaped. The rest were killed or captured. "Remember the Raisin" became a rallying cry of the American forces after that day. Eight months passed before American soldiers regained a foothold at the Frenchtown settlement.

For most of 1813 the area remained a desolate wasteland and unburied dead were scattered about. Many of the settlers fled to Ohio. The Kentuckians, who'd arrived before the battle to help the settlers stave off the British forces, were the ones to return and provide freedom once and for all.

Colonel Richard M. Johnson's Kentucky cavalry rode into town on Sept. 27, 1813, led by men from the River Raisin. Together they quickly pushed the British and Indians north and into Canada before defeating them at the Battle of the Thames Oct. 5, 1813.

  76 iii.   Ruth Baker, born 1791 in Clark County, Kentucky; died Unknown. She married Nathan Hulse 09 Feb 1809 in Clark County, Kentucky; died Unknown.
  More About Nathan Hulse and Ruth Baker:
Marriage: 09 Feb 1809, Clark County, Kentucky

+ 77 iv.   Elijah Baker, born 1793; died Unknown.
  78 v.   Lydia Baker, born 13 Oct 1797 in Kentucky; died 03 Nov 1876 in Montgomery County, Indiana. She married (1) Joseph Adams Bef. 1823; died Unknown. She married (2) David Henry 23 Oct 1823 in Fayette, Indiana; died Unknown.
  More About Joseph Adams and Lydia Baker:
Marriage: Bef. 1823

  More About David Henry and Lydia Baker:
Marriage: 23 Oct 1823, Fayette, Indiana

  79 vi.   David Baker, born 1801 in Kentucky; died Unknown.
  80 vii.   Rachel Baker, born 09 Apr 1802 in Kentucky; died 20 Feb 1870 in Cass County, Indiana. She married Nathan Julian 08 Apr 1819 in Fayette, Indiana; born 17 Feb 1799; died 12 Sep 1872 in Cass County, Indiana.
  More About Nathan Julian and Rachel Baker:
Marriage: 08 Apr 1819, Fayette, Indiana

  81 viii.   John Baker, died Unknown.
+ 82 ix.   Jesse Baker, born 1807 in Kentucky; died Unknown.
  83 x.   Martha Baker, born 05 Jun 1808 in Kentucky; died 04 Jul 1856 in Indiana. She married Elisha Williams 16 Oct 1823 in Fayette, Indiana; born 03 Aug 1802; died 21 Nov 1884.
  More About Elisha Williams and Martha Baker:
Marriage: 16 Oct 1823, Fayette, Indiana

  84 xi.   Amos Baker, born 1811 in Indiana; died Aft. 1850 in Shelby County, Indiana. He married Amy Gunn 03 Jan 1833 in Fayette, Indiana; born 1813 in Kentucky; died 1901 in Shelby County, Indiana.
  More About Amos Baker and Amy Gunn:
Marriage: 03 Jan 1833, Fayette, Indiana

  85 xii.   Rhoda Baker, born 1814 in Indiana; died Unknown. She married Amos Askew 10 May 1832 in Fayette, Indiana; born 1811 in Virginia; died Unknown.
  More About Amos Askew and Rhoda Baker:
Marriage: 10 May 1832, Fayette, Indiana

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