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Notes for John Henry, Emigrant to Virginia

COL. JOHN HENRY came to Virginia ante 1730; settled at "The Retreat" near Richmond, Virginia in Hanover County, Virginia. He was Colonel of the Virginia Militia and Presiding Magistrate of Hanover County. John Henry came to Virginia with his brother Patrick Henry, an Episcopalian minister who Patrick Henry, the orator was named for. ((Patrick Henry was most often referred to as Patrick Henry, Jr. to distinguish him from his uncle Patrick Henry who was famous in his own right)).
John Henry came directly from Scotland to Virginia. In April, 1733, his brother, Patrick Henry, an Episcopalian minister, also came over.
The two brothers were very much attached to each other and ever afterwards lived not far apart. They were cousins of David Henry, who went from Scotland to London at the age of fourteen, and became a journeyman printer in the same office with Benjamin Franklin. He married a sister of Edward Cave, the found of the "Gentleman's Magazine," in London.
David was for more than fifty years associate editor of the Magazine, and in that publication describes his Henry kin as "more respected for their good sense and superior education than for their riches, as at every neighborhood meeting they were among the foremost."
John Henry, Immigrant Came to Virginia about 1730
Married at Studley Plantation in Hanover County, Virginia
Soon after Patrick and William were born, the family moved to Colonel Henry's home, Mount Brilliant, later called The Retreat. It was on the South Anna River near Rocky Mills, about 22 miles from Richmond.
Colonel of the militia
Presiding Magistrate of Hanover County
A Well-educated Scotsman who served as a surveyor, justice in the Hanover County Court.
Was trained in the classics and tutored his children.
There are no stones at the Mount Brilliant Cemetery but a historical marker was placed by the DAR Chapter of Richmond in 1985.

John Henry, born Abt. 1704 in Foveran Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland; died February 1773 in Studley Plantation, Hanover Co., Virginia. He was the son of Alexander Henry and Jean (Jane) Robertson. He married Sarah Dabney Winston Syme widow of John Syme, Jr. Aft. October 07, 1732 in Hanover County, Virginia.
Sarah Dabney Winston, daughter of Isaac Winston III, an Emigrant to Virginia and Sarah Mary (d'Aubigne) Dabney, she was born Abt. 1710 in Studley, Hanover Co., Virginia; died November 22, 1784 in Amherst County, Virginia and buried in Clifford, Amherst Co., Virginia. She was married first (1) Colonel John Syme, Jr, a gentleman, born in Scotland, who had made his fortune in Virginia. An older man and a widower who had inherited a great deal of Tidewater property from his first wife. Sara Dabney Winston married second to (2) John Henry.

Children of John Henry and Sarah Dabney Winston are:

i. James Henry, born 1731 in Studley, Hanover Co., Virginia; died December 09, 1804; married Sarah Scarborough 1734.

ii. Susanna "Sukey" Henry, born 1733 in Studley, Hanover Co., Virginia; died Aft. March 12, 1784; married General Thomas Madison born Agusta Co., Virginia

iii. William Alexander Henry, born 1734 in Studley, Hanover Co., Virginia; died January 1785 in Fluvanna County, Virginia; married (1) Mary McNair in Virginia; married (2) Alice Taylor. William Henry was a rowdy boy. His father exiled him to a patch of unoccupied land 50 miles west on Fluvanna Creek in Fluvanna County. There he became a farmer, married and ultimately turned into a prosperous, solid citizen. William Henry, brother of the Governor, Patrick Henry, had lands on the Hardware (River)." No. 9, October 1969 Page 6 "The list of petitioners for Fluvanna County to be separated from Albermarle County includes . . . W. Henry . . ." No. 16, April 1973 Page 24 Upper James River Seven Islands Post Office Seven Islands was important -- Fluvanna's first river port. It's most famous resident was William Henry, who represented Fluvanna in the General Assembly during the same period his brother, Patrick, was Governor. Perhaps William Henry was instrumental in the formation of Seven Isles Church. Page 26 Hardware -- Vallena Post Office. So named because "It was a hard way to go." A Post Office named Hardware opened in July 1838. Closed in 1840 and then two years later an office opened at Seven Islands. William Henry's father gave him a large tract of land on the Hardware river and the James Rivers. The first minutes of the County note that "Wm. Henry, Gentleman," applied for permission to dam the Hardware to erect a water grist mill. late, Hardware became one of the important river ports for the trans-shipment of farm produce. No. 22, Page 4 The first Justices of the Peace of Fluvanna County, appointed by Governor Patrick Henry, took oath of office on August 7, 1777: . . . William Henry, The first man to sign the petition to form Fluvanna was William Henry, brother of new Governor, Patrick Henry. Page 10 In 1767, John Henry of Hanover gave his son William Henry 723 acres of land on the Hardware and James Rivers. He was the first lieutenant of the county militia in 1777 and became sheriff in 1781. He was active in county government until his death in December 1784. Page 12 In May of 1778, three of the original justices (who were passed over and given no special office) banded with a small group of citizens to have Roger Thompson, William Henry and Jesse Burton indicted for bribery. They stated that they were guilty of injustice, partiality, and bribery as justices of the peace when they appointed John Cobbs clerk of Fluvanna County in August 1777. In their counter-petition, R. Thompson, William Henry and Jesse Burton claimed that one of their delegates had set the petition for their indictment into motion and fomented the differences that produced it, and that they had testified against them at the House hearing. This delegate, they said, had personal contests and misunderstandings with several of the accused, and the three justices were sorry the House should be troubled with their private differences. A notation by the House on November 9, 1779 states they were acquitted with "the greatest honor," and the three men recouped their losses. No. 23, Page 14 William Henry, Esq. appointed Lieutenant of the County of Fluvanna by Commission from the Governor and was sworn into his office accordingly on September 4, 1777.
Henry's Track was a road between Fluvanna and Louisa named for Patrick and William Henry. They used the road frequently during the years that Patrick lived in Louisa. You can still follow sections of this road through the woods of Fluvanna. It crossed Kent's Brach of the Byrd Creek near Holland's Mill, near the junction of Routes 608 & 629. Byrd Ordinary was located on Henry's Track, North east of Palmyra, very close to the Louisa County Line. The Hardware & James Rivers are located at the southern end of Fluvanna County, near Buckingham County Line. No. 30, Pages 17-19 Methodist circuit ride came to organize the Fluvanna Circuit in 1777 -- Philip Gatch. Upon returning from the Green Mountains, Gatch stopped to preach on the Hardware River and then spent the night with William Henry. William Henry's Seven Islands estate was later owned by John Pettus and then in 1832 by Adam and Appolonia Harrison.

iv. Patrick Henry, born May 29, 1736 in Studley, Hanover Co., Virginia; died June 06, 1799 in Red Hill, Charlotte Co., Virginia; married (1st) Sarah "Sallie" Shelton, October 1754 in Rural Plains, Hanover Co., Virginia; married (2nd) Dorothea Spotswood Dandridge October 09, 1777 in Fork Church, Hanover Co., Virginia.

v. Jane Henry, born Abt. 1738 in Studley, Hanover Co., Virginia; died Aft. March 12, 1784; married Samuel Meridith.

vi. Anne Henry was born in 1738 in Studley, Hanover Co., VA. She died in 1790/1791 in At Sea and was buried in 1790/1791 in At Sea. She married General George William Christian. George died on 8 Apr 1786 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY.

vii. Sarah Henry, born Abt. 1740 in Studley, Hanover Co., Virginia; married Thomas Thomas. Thomas was born in of Bristol, England

viii. Lucy Henry, born March 29, 1743 in Studley, Hanover Co., Virginia; died July 14, 1826 in Fluvanna County, Virginia; married Valentine Wood January 01, 1764 in "Retreat", Hanover Co., Virginia.

ix. Mary Jane Henry was born about 1744 in Studley, Hanover Co., VA. She married (1) Colonel John McDowell and married (2) Luke Bowyer. Luke was born in Augusta Co., VA.

x. Elizabeth "Betsy" Henry, born Abt. 1746 in Studley, Hanover Co., Virginia; died October 10, 1804; married (1) Edward Carrington; married (2) William Campbell April 02, 1776 in Studley, Hanover Co., Virginia; married (3) William Russell, Jr. 1783.

Children of Sara Dabney Winston and John Syme, Jr

I. Sara Syme

ii. John Syme, Jr., Born: 1729, Died After 1775. He married Mildred Meriwether. He was half-brother of Patrick Henry

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