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Descendants of John Hanmer

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 HANMER was born Abt. 1615, and died Aft. 1673. He married HANNAH.

Notes for J

The Hanmer name originated in Wales, England in the year 1581, when somcone from "the ancient and honorable name of the Hanmers of Flintshire", erected a cottage in village of Hanmer. Sir Thomas Mackiel took the name of Hanmer when he settled there, and the name is translated from the Celtic to mean, "by the lake". The family manor house stands just outside of the village, and is named Bettisfield.
Records show that many people of that name left the British Isles over a span of many decades, and they settled in Canada as well as in the United States. It has been established that one of the lines, now known as Hanmer, were of Dutch origin, and that the name was anglicized from Ainmeer, spelling approximate.
This record is concerned with the descendants of John Hanmer, who appeared in the records in Scituate, MA around 1639. No effort was made to extend the genealogy beyond the fourth generation of the principle line, but it is hoped that this record will be of benefit to any who wish to connect their own line with some one listed here.
Little is known of occupations of those Hanmers prior to Joseph of Elizabethtown, N Y, but we do know that Alanson of Pittsfield, MA, fought in the Revolutionary War in White Plains, NY. He and his, son, Joseph, Both settled in the Adirondack area of New York State, and, along with his grandsons, Joseph, Charles, Benjamin, Norman, Truman, Alanson C. and Philond, began their trade in the iron mining and smelting business, as well as farming.
Most of Joseph's children stayed around the Adirondack region of New York State, but his brother, Alanson. Jr., moved to the northwestern area of Vermont, where he started a farm around 1826. His granddaughter, Mrs. Ruth Steadman of Monkton, VT, stated in a letter that her grandfather, Alanson, came over to Vermont on a surveying job, and. when he found an area which had not had frost until late in the Fall. he decided that it would be a good soil to farm.
Joseph's sons, John and Truman, settled in the same area of Vermont for a few years, and then went back to live the remainder of their lives in the Keene, Elizabethtown and Black Brook section of the Adirondack Mountains, where their brother Norman and family also lived. Another son, Charles, using the Civil War land grants ceded to him by his brothers, went west to Springhill, Wyoming about 1885, and founded a ranch there. He was tbe progenitor of an extensive family line in tbat area.
Joseph's son, Alanson C., was in the U.S. Navy during the Civil War. and is referred to as a sailor in the journal of Lillian Hanmer Peck Fortier. In most family records he is called Launson , Lonson or Lont.
Joseph's son, Philond, married and had children in the El.izabethtown area, but. according to family legend, after the War was over he returned to a girl he had met while serving in the army in South Carolina. His name, as shown in a local newspaper of the time, was Philander. The lot of his wife and children remain unknown.
Alanson. Jr.'s brother, Truman, is said to have gone to one of the southern states after having been recorded in Vermont in tbe early 1800s, and this could explain why the name. Alanson Hanmer. appeared in Campbell County, Georgia in the 1840 U.S. Census.

"JOHN 1 HANMER. was in Scituate, Massachusetts in 1639. His house was south of Coleman's Hill., next to Isaac Robinson's. He seems to have had another one, west of those hills, which he sold to Joseph Coleman, Jr. in 1660.
He also had a large lot of land in that part of Scituate which is now Hanover, southwest of the Hanover Meeting House. This was sold by his sons to Jeremiah and Walter Hatch before 1680.. "Hanmer's Hook" was the name of this lot, and it still bears this name. He was living in 1673. There is no record of the births of his children. Isaac had a son, Benjamin, who married Abigail Josselyn, the daughter of Henry Josselyn, m 1713. He later married Jane Wright in 1724. The name has been extinct in this place for near a hundred years."
      "HISTORY OF SCITUATE". by Samuel Deane

NOTE: John Hanmer 2, son of John 1 and Hannah ( ) Hanmer, is recorded as having married Samson about 1682, and the only record of any children fathered by him is a land deed reference by John3 Hanmer to his father, John 2, son of John 1 .
Josiah Holmes, former husband of Hannah Samson, died in 1679 or later, and left six children under the age of fourteen years. There are indications that John Hanmer might have married the widow of Josiah Homes. This is speculative, but does give reason why so little is said in the record about John2 Hanmer's children.
The will of Henery Samson names all of his daughters except the one who married John Hanmer, and he bequeathed one shilling to the named daughters, but bequeathed ten shillings to the "now wife of John Hanmer". The larger bequest could be in response to John Hanmer's role in marrying his daughter' and raising the children.
This speculation should not be taken for recorded fact, but further research into these lines should take such a possibility into account.


The genealogical records of John Hanmer of Scituate are murky, and have led to much confusion. The identity of John and his wife and children have been hard to establish, and the records today are rife with contradictions and errors. The job of the genealogist is not only to dig out the facts as they were recorded, but to try to make sense out of them, and to put them into proper order.

John1 has been recorded as having been married to Hannah Samson, to unkown Samson, or to Hannah unkown. His son, John 2, is shown in the records to have been married to the unkown daughter of Henry Samson, to the second daughter of Henry Samson, or to Dorcas Samson.

The records of Henry Samson's daughters show that Hannah married Josiah Holmes, Dorcas married John Summers, Elizabeth married Robert Strout, Mary married Thomas Bonney, and an unnamed daughter married John Hanmore. This leaves the unnamed daughter still unidentified, and calls for analysis.

1. John1 Hanmer and his wife, Hannah unkown, are presumed to have been born in the United Kingdom.
2. Hannah Samson married Josiah Holmes in 1666/7.
3. Josiah Holmes died in 1679/80, leaving Hannah with 6 minor children.
4. There is no record of a marriage of John2 Hanmore prior to 1679/80.
5. Henry Samson bequeathed one shilling each to the daughters whom he named in his will, but he bequeathed ten shillings to the daughter whom he did not name, and whom he identified as "now the wife of John Hanmore".
6. Josiah Holmes son, William, was born in 1679/80, indicating that Hannah Samson Holmes might have been pregnant with him when Josiah died.
7. John1 Hanmer and Henry Samson were friends, and Henry has been referred to as the father-in-law of John2 in some records.

If these facts are correct, and if they are not negated by more reliable data, then it appears that John2 Hanmer married Hannah Samson Holmes, the widow of Josiah Holmes. This, as well as the fact that Hannah's name had already appeared in the will as the wife of Josiah Homes, might explain Henry's generous bequest to the daughter whose given name did not appear in his will, and why her name was not shown (again) as the wife of John Hanmore. John2 had taken over the burden of caring for and raising the children of the deceased Josiah Holmes, and the grandchildren of Henry Samson.
Debate on this theory is welcome, and additional facts, whether in support of or in refutation of these conclusions, are solicited.

Brian J. Fortier

Children of J
2. iii.   ISAAC HANMER, d. 1702.
  v.   REBECCA HANMER, b. 1640.

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