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Kinship of Father of Hamilton Conrad

NameRelationship with Father ConradCivilCanon
Halfbreed, Elizabeth2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Halfbreed, JesseHusband of the great-granddaughter  
Halfbreed, Sarah2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Halfbreed, Tiana2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Hampton, RachelWife of the 2nd great-grandson  
Hause, George WashingtonHusband of the 2nd great-granddaughter  
Henderson, James H.Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter  
Henderson, Mary Ann Rebecca JaneWife of the 3rd great-grandson  
Hendricks, ElizabethWife of the 2nd great-grandson  
Herberger, JosephHusband of the 2nd great-granddaughter  
Hicks, Charles Renatus IIHusband of the 2nd great-granddaughter  
Hicks, John RossHusband of the 2nd great-granddaughter  
Hicks, Mary AnnWife of the 2nd great-grandson  
Hicks, Robert WatsonHusband of the 3rd great-granddaughter  
Hildebrand, Elizabeth Cramp neeWife of the 2nd great-grandson  
Hildebrand, MitchellHusband of the 2nd great-granddaughter  
Hildebrand, StephenHusband of the 2nd great-granddaughter  
Hogan, MargaretWife of the 2nd great-grandson  
Hogue, MaudieWife of the 4th great-grandson  
Holt, Elizabeth Gibbs neeWife of the 2nd great-grandson  
Hopkins, (Infant)2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Hopkins, (Infant)2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Hopkins, DanielHusband of the great-granddaughter  
Hopkins, Daniel, Jr.2nd great-grandsonIV4
Hopkins, Electa2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Hopkins, Francis2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Hopkins, Isabella2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Hopkins, Margaret2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Hopkins, Martha2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Hopkins, Rebecca2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Hopkins, Samuel2nd great-grandsonIV4
Hopkins, Sarah Abigal2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Hopper, Annie2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Hopper, AshHusband of the great-granddaughter  
Hopper, George2nd great-grandsonIV4
Hopper, Jennie2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Hopper, Joseph2nd great-grandsonIV4
Hopper, Martin2nd great-grandsonIV4
Hopper, Sallie2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Hopper, Susie2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Horn, JohnHusband of the 2nd great-granddaughter  
Hughes, UnknownHusband of the 3rd great-granddaughter  
Humphreys, LydiaWife of the 2nd great-grandson  
Hutchins, Jessie AdelWife of the 3rd great-grandson  
Hysel, PerryHusband of the 2nd great-granddaughter  
Jennings, Clara May4th great-granddaughterVI6
Jennings, Landrum CrittendenHusband of the 3rd great-granddaughter  
Johnson, Eliza2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Johnson, John Wade2nd great-grandsonIV4
Johnson, Mary2nd great-granddaughterIV4

Page 195 of 372

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