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Ancestors of Yvonne Valerie Crochet

Generation No. 5

      16. Amant Bernard Crochet787,788,789, born 05 Sep 1796 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana790,791; died 792. He was the son of 32. Jean Yves Crochet, Jr. and 33. Anne Isabel Dugas. He married 17. Marie Hortense Freyou 22 Feb 1813 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana793,794,795.

      17. Marie Hortense Freyou796, born 14 Aug 1796 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana796,797; died 25 Jul 1833 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana798,799. She was the daughter of 34. François (II) Freyou and 35. Marie Adelaide Gautreaux.

More About Amant Bernard Crochet:
Baptism: 05 Sep 1796, Church of Assumption, Plattenville
Category: Louisiana Acadian
Civil: LA800
Direct Line: Clebert
Godparents: Julian Crochet, Uncle, and Maria Genoveva Bourk
Land Records: 13 Jun 1844, #373 (have copy); name spelled Amant. Co-owner Avasse Irene Simoneau
Military service: Aman Crochet was a private in LeBeuf's 7 Regiment of the Louisiana Militia in the War of 1812.801

More About Marie Hortense Freyou:
Burial: 26 Jul 1833, Assumption Parish, Louisiana802,803
Category: Louisiana Acadian
Direct Line: Clebert
Godparents: 14 Aug 1796, Agusto Constant and Constancia Constant804

More About Amant Crochet and Marie Freyou:
Marr. Witnesses: Pablo Dugat, Valgrande Verret, Elias Feriou ASM-2, 208804
\\ Marriage: 22 Feb 1813, Assumption Parish, Louisiana805,806,807
Children of Amant Crochet and Marie Freyou are:
  i.   Hermogene Crochet808,809, born 1835 in Assumption Plattenville, LA, USA; married Marie-Carmelite Daigre 27 Jun 1836 in St. John's Parish, Louisiana810; born Abt. 1815.
  More About Hermogene Crochet:
Land Records: 06 Oct 1841, Cert. # 405. Co-owner Leufroid Chedotale.

  More About Hermogene Crochet and Marie-Carmelite Daigre:
Marriage: 27 Jun 1836, St. John's Parish, Louisiana810

  ii.   Deseada Amada Marie Crochet811, born 12 Dec 1813 in Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana812,813813; married Rene Simoneaux 21 Nov 1831 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana814; born 06 Feb 1809815.
  More About Rene Simoneaux and Deseada Crochet:
Marriage: 21 Nov 1831, Assumption Parish, Louisiana816

  iii.   Francisco Eugenio Crochet817,818, born 02 Apr 1816 in Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana819,820; died 1817820
  iv.   Symphorien Tresimo Crochet821,822, born 07 Oct 1817 in Assumption, Louisiana823,824824; married (1) Elenore Dupuis; married (2) Rose Aimee Melancon 06 Mar 1848 in St. Elizabeth, Assumption, Louisiana825.
  v.   Romain Arsene Crochet826, born 03 Jan 1819 in Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana827,828; died 31 Mar 1865 in Pierre Part, Louisiana829,830; married Mathilde-Marcellite Landry 05 May 1845 in St. Elizabeth, Assumption, Louisiana831; born 21 Jan 1826 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana832.
  More About Romain Arsene Crochet:
1850 Louisiana Census: Age 26, farmer, RE $350833

  More About Mathilde-Marcellite Landry:
1850 Louisiana Census: age 22.833

  More About Romain Crochet and Mathilde-Marcellite Landry:
Marriage: 05 May 1845, St. Elizabeth, Assumption, Louisiana834

  vi.   Narcisse Evremont Crochet835,836, born 06 Oct 1820 in Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana837,838; died 12 Oct 1820 in Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana839
  vii.   Adeline Henriette Crochet840, born 12 Nov 1821 in Assumption, Louisiana841,842; died in Louisiana; married Arsene Blanchard 18 Apr 1842 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana843; born 23 Aug 1818 in Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana; died 07 Mar 1869 in Louisiana.
  More About Adeline Henriette Crochet:
1860 La. Census: 16 Jul 1860, Age 39, female, married to Arsene Blanchard, children: Noemie f 17, Anatol 14 M, Lorenza 11 f, Gracieusse 7 f, Nichols 8 M, Edvige 6 M, Lusignan 3 M, and Emelie 4? months, live with them.844
Baptism: 13 Nov 1841, Church of Assumption, Plattenville, Louisiana
Godparents: Jean Baptiste Crochet and Elise Adelaide Friyou (DOBRR V4, p.141( [ASM-8, 202]

  More About Arsene Blanchard:
1860 La. Census: 16 Jul 1860, 41, male, farmer RE $2000, PE $2000.844
Baptism: 28 Aug 1818, Assumption Parish, Louisiana

  More About Arsene Blanchard and Adeline Crochet:
Marr. Witnesses: Louis Blanchard, Jean Baptist Guedry, Vaoz Simoneaux, Valsin Landry and Amelina Blanchard (ASM-7, 129)[DOBRR V5, p. 172)
Marriage: 18 Apr 1842, Assumption Parish, Louisiana845

  viii.   Telephore Valeri Crochet846,847, born 27 Jan 1823 in Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana848,849; died 1903849; married Celeste Boudreaux.
  8 ix.   Denis Adonis Onezime Crochet, born 18 Dec 1824 in Plattenville, Assumption Parish, Louisiana; died Bef. 1880; married Clemance Aucoin 19 Jan 1846 in St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, Assumption Parish, Louisiana.
  x.   Joseph Carville Crochet850,851, born 24 Mar 1826 in Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana852,853; died May 1828 in Plattenville, Assumption, LA, USA853
  More About Joseph Carville Crochet:
Burial: 28 May 1828, Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana854

  xi.   Clermont Marcilien Crochet855,856, born 10 Feb 1828 in Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana857,858; died 01 Nov 1842 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana859,860
  xii.   Elegie Crochet861,862, born 07 Feb 1829 in Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana863,864; died 14 Jul 1834 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana865,866,867
  xiii.   François Florentin Crochet868, born 28 Mar 1830 in Assumption, Louisiana869,870; married Marie Azelie Comeau 16 Aug 1853 in St. Elizabeth, Assumption, Louisiana871.
  More About François Crochet and Marie Comeau:
Marriage: 16 Aug 1853, St. Elizabeth, Assumption, Louisiana871

  xiv.   Clemence Sidonese Crochet872,873, born 23 Dec 1831 in Assumption, Louisiana874,875
  xv.   Marie Desiree Crochet875, born 1833 in Assumption Plattenville, LA, USA875

      18. Fabien Alexis (Ocoien) Aucoin876,877, born 12 Mar 1801878; died 11 Jun 1835 in Plattenville, La.878. He was the son of 36. Fabian Aucoin and 37. Susanne Darois. He married 19. Rosalie Reine Theriot 27 Nov 1822879.

      19. Rosalie Reine Theriot880, born 01 Oct 1803 in Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana880,881; died Aft. 1860 in Louisiana882,883. She was the daughter of 38. Pierre Marie Theriot and 39. Anne Marie Julienne Hebert.

More About Fabien Alexis (Ocoien) Aucoin:
1810 Louisiana Census: In hsehld. were: Males-Under 10, 2; M. bet.26-45, 1; Females under 10: 2, f. bet. 10-16, 1; f. bet. 26-45, 1.884
Category: Louisiana Acadian
Direct Line: Clebert

More About Rosalie Reine Theriot:
1810 Louisiana Census: Probably the female bet.26-45 listed in household of Fabien Aucoin.885
1860 La. Census: 17 Jul 1860, Fam.781/754-Assumption-Prob. the Wdw. Alexis Aucoin, age 56, female, RE $1500, PE $200. In her household were Constant Aucoin, 35, M, Laborer; Jn. Bte Aucoin, 23 M laborer; Drauzin Aucoin 26 M Laborer, Amedee Aucoin 19 M laborer, & Wdw. Fabian Aucoin, 41.886
Baptism: 25 Dec 1803, Plattenville, Assumption, Louisiana daughter of Pedro of Morlaix (France) & Ana HEBERT of St. Malo, France, born on 1 Oct 1803, baptised 25 Dec 1803. Sponsors: Belonio BLANCHARD & Victoria HEBERT.887
Category: Louisiana Acadian
Direct Line: Clebert

More About Fabien Aucoin and Rosalie Theriot:
Marriage: 27 Nov 1822888
Child of Fabien Aucoin and Rosalie Theriot is:
  9 i.   Clemance Aucoin, born Abt. 1826 in Assumption, Louisiana; married Denis Adonis Onezime Crochet 19 Jan 1846 in St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, Assumption Parish, Louisiana.

      20. Simon Alexander Simoneaux889,890, born 09 Mar 1787 in Ascension Parish, Louisiana891,892,893; died 15 Jul 1859 in Paincourtville, Assumption Parish, Louisiana894,895,896. He was the son of 40. Simon Rene Simoneaux and 41. Isabel Luce Daigle. He married 21. Marie Reine Landry 29 May 1809 in Ascension Parish, Lousiana897.

      21. Marie Reine Landry898,899,900, born 29 Oct 1792 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana901,902,903. She was the daughter of 24. Jean Baptist Landry and 25. Marie Josephe Magdalene Hebert.

More About Simon Alexander Simoneaux:
Baptism: 09 Mar 1787, son of Simon & Isabel DAIGLE, birthdate not given, baptized 9 Mar 1787. Sponsors : Alexandre DAYGLE & Maria SIMONEAU.904
Burial: 16 Jul 1859, Assumption Parish, La905
Category: Louisiana Acadian
Census: 1850, Assumption Parish, Louisiana
Direct Line: Clebert

More About Marie Reine Landry:
Baptism: 01 Aug 1793, One of the first baptisms in Assumption Parish906
Category: Louisiana Acadian
Direct Line: Clebert
Godparents: JuanJean HEBERT, maternal grandfather, and Maria JosepheLANDRY, maternal grandmother.(DoBR-2,442) [ASC-2,57]
\\ Sibling of: Simeon Landry

More About Simon Simoneaux and Marie Landry:
Marriage: 29 May 1809, Ascension Parish, Lousiana907
Children of Simon Simoneaux and Marie Landry are:
  i.   Alfrede Drosin Simoneaux908, born 06 Mar 1821 in Assumption Par, LA, USA909
  ii.   Marie Arselie Simoneaux909, born 23 Apr 1826 in Plattenville, Assumption, LA, USA909; died 1877909
  iii.   Anaclet Simon Simoneaux909, born 07 Dec 1810 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana910,911,911; died Bef. 1868912; married Constance-Rosalie Landry 03 Nov 1831 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana912; born 20 Dec 1811913.
  More About Anaclet Simoneaux and Constance-Rosalie Landry:
Marriage: 03 Nov 1831, Assumption Parish, Louisiana914

  iv.   Zepherina Christina Simoneaux915, born 23 Jul 1812 in Plattenville, Assumption, LA, USA915
  v.   Marcelina Constancia Simoneaux915, born 20 Mar 1815 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana916,917; died 02 Sep 1815 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana918
  10 vi.   Hermogene Simon Simoneaux, born 04 Jul 1816 in Plattenville, Assumption, LA, USA; died Bef. 1873; married (1) Julie Alexandrie Hebert 12 Feb 1838 in Church of Assumption Parish, Louisiana; married (2) Melina Crochet 18 Jul 1842 in St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, La..
  vii.   Madeleine Carmelite Simoneaux919, born 22 Jul 1818 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana920,921; died 02 Sep 1826 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana922
  viii.   Dorsino Henry Simoneaux923, born 15 Jul 1823 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana923,924,925; married Aureline Delaide Freyou 12 Apr 1847 in Paincourtville, Louisiana926.
  More About Dorsino Simoneaux and Aureline Freyou:
Dispensation from Church: 4th degree consanguinity
Marriage: 12 Apr 1847, Paincourtville, Louisiana926

  ix.   Zeolide Carmelite Simoneaux927, born 18 Nov 1828 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana928,929; died 23 Nov 1828 in Assumption Parish, Louisiana930
  x.   Marguerite Elize Simoneaux931, born 31 Dec 1830 in Assumption Par, LA, USA931
  xi.   Joseph Valmont Simoneaux931, born 07 Jan 1836 in Plattenville, Assumption, LA, USA931

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