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Ancestors of Lois Ann Carter

      4110. Thomas Kempe2040,2041, born November 07, 1551 in Of Chilham, Kent, England2041; died 1607 in Of Ottanleigh, Kent, England2041. He was the son of 8220. Thomas Kempe and 8221. Anne (Amy) Moyle. He married 4111. Dorothea Thompson Abt. 1590 in Of Chilham, Kent, England2041.

      4111. Dorothea Thompson2042,2043, born Abt. 1569 in Of Prestwold, Leicestershire, England2043; died 1629 in Ollantigh, Chilham, Kent, England2043. She was the daughter of 8222. John Thompson.

More About Thomas Kempe:
Ancestral File Number: GJ36-KM2043
Burial: 1607, Wye Church, Wye, Kent, England2043
Christening: November 07, 1551, Wye, Kent, , England2043

More About Dorothea Thompson:
Ancestral File Number: GJ36-LS2043
Burial: Parish Church, Wye, Kent, England2043
Christening: , , Wye, England2043
Children of Thomas Kempe and Dorothea Thompson are:
  i.   Dorothy KEMPE2044,2045, born 1589 in Of Chilham, Kent, England2045
  More About Dorothy KEMPE:
Ancestral File Number: 11K8-J0P2045

  2055 ii.   Amy Kempe, born August 06, 1591 in Prestwold, Leicestershire, England; died 1631 in Prestwould, Leicestershire, England; married Henry (Sir) Skipwith 1616 in Prestwold, Leicestershire, England.

      4112. Thomas Williamson2046,2047, born 1563 in London, Middlesex, England2047; died in London, Middlesex,, England2047. He married 4113. Ann Abt. 1592 in London, Middlesex, England2047.

      4113. Ann2048,2049, born 1567 in London, Middlesex, England2049; died in England2049.

More About Thomas Williamson:
Ancestral File Number: GQR7-R92049

More About Ann:
Ancestral File Number: GQR7-SG2049
Children of Thomas Williamson and Ann are:
  i.   George Williamson2050,2051, born 1589 in London, Middlesex, England2051
  More About George Williamson:
Ancestral File Number: GQR7-TM2051

  ii.   Elizabeth Williamson2052,2053, born 1591 in London, Middlesex, England2053
  More About Elizabeth Williamson:
Ancestral File Number: GQR7-VS2053

  2056 iii.   Richard Williamson, born 1593 in London, Middlesex, England; died 1659 in Isle Of Wight, Surry County, VA; married Margaret Sherwood.
  iv.   William Williamson2054,2055, born 1595 in London, Middlesex, England2055
  More About William Williamson:
Ancestral File Number: GQR7-W02055

      4116. Edmond Underwood2056,2057, born 1579 in <St. Stephen, Walbrook, London, Middlesex, England>2057; died in , London, Middlesex, England2057.

More About Edmond Underwood:
Ancestral File Number: FSJW-TR2057
Children of Edmond Underwood are:
  i.   John UNDERWOOD2058,2059, born 1605 in <, London, Middlesex, England>2059
  More About John UNDERWOOD:
Ancestral File Number: FSJW-W42059
Christening: May 05, 1605, St. Stephen, Walbrook, London, Middlesex, England2059

  2058 ii.   William Underwood, born 1606 in , , Kent, England; died 1637 in , London, Middlesex, England; married Margaret Masan Abt. 1621 in Of, Rappahannock, Virginia.
  iii.   John UNDERWOOD2060,2061, born 1607 in <, London, Middlesex, England>2061
  More About John UNDERWOOD:
Ancestral File Number: FSJW-X92061
Christening: July 08, 1607, St. Stephen, Walbrook, London, Middlesex, England2061

  iv.   Thomas UNDERWOOD2062,2063, born 1611 in <, London, Middlesex, England>2063
  More About Thomas UNDERWOOD:
Ancestral File Number: FSJW-ZG2063
Christening: January 07, 1610/11, St. Stephen, Walbrook, London, Middlesex, England2063

      4118. John Mason2064,2065, born Abt. 1584 in , , , England2065.

More About John Mason:
Ancestral File Number: 22FF-TJX2065
Child of John Mason is:
  2059 i.   Margaret Masan, born 1610 in , , Virginia, No. America; died in England; married William Underwood Abt. 1621 in Of, Rappahannock, Virginia.

      4128. Geoffrey Noreys2066,2067, born 1577 in Congham, England2067; died in England2067. He was the son of 8256. John Noreys and 8257. Might Of Gunthorpe.

More About Geoffrey Noreys:
Ancestral File Number: JN9V-8S2067
Children of Geoffrey Noreys are:
  i.   Alice Noreys2068,2069, born Abt. 1603 in Congham, Norfolk, England2069
  More About Alice Noreys:
Ancestral File Number: JN9V-1L2069

  ii.   Elizabeth Noreys2070,2071, born Abt. 1605 in Congham, Norfolk, England2071
  More About Elizabeth Noreys:
Ancestral File Number: JN9V-2R2071

  iii.   Edmund Noreys2072,2073, born Abt. 1607 in Congham, Norfolk, England2073
  More About Edmund Noreys:
Ancestral File Number: JN9V-3X2073

  2064 iv.   Thomas Norris, born 1609 in Congham, Norfolk, England; died November 1675 in Talbot County, MD; married Ann Hynson 1637 in Nansemond County, VA.

      4130. Thomas Hynson2074,2075, born Abt. 1591 in Nansemond County, VA2075.

More About Thomas Hynson:
Ancestral File Number: 122M-59P2075
Child of Thomas Hynson is:
  2065 i.   Ann Hynson, born 1612 in Of, Nansemond County, VA; died in Talbot County, MD; married Thomas Norris 1637 in Nansemond County, VA.

      4160. Francis Bickley2076,2077, born Abt. 1530 in Lolworth, Cambridgeshire, England2077; died in Lolworth, Cambridgeshire, England2077. He was the son of 8320. Henry Bickley and 8321. Ellinor Sonnfford. He married 4161. Amy Mayers December 13, 1573 in Lolworth, Cambridgeshire, England2077.

      4161. Amy Mayers2078,2079, born Abt. 1539 in Huntingdonshire, England2079.

More About Francis Bickley:
Ancestral File Number: HL21-WQ2079

More About Amy Mayers:
Ancestral File Number: HL21-XW2079
Children of Francis Bickley and Amy Mayers are:
  i.   Elizabeth Bickley2080,2081, born Abt. 1573 in Cambridgeshire, England2081
  More About Elizabeth Bickley:
Ancestral File Number: 1JTV-07Q2081

  ii.   Dorothy Bickley2082,2083, born Abt. 1575 in Cambridgeshire, England2083
  More About Dorothy Bickley:
Ancestral File Number: 1JTV-0952083

  iii.   John Bickley2084,2085, born Abt. 1576 in Sandy, Bedforth, England2085
  More About John Bickley:
Ancestral File Number: HL21-Z32085

  iv.   Robert Bickley2086,2087, born 1578 in Cambridge, England2087
  More About Robert Bickley:
Ancestral File Number: HL22-072087

  2080 v.   Francis Bickley, born 1580 in Dalston, Middlesex, England; died August 11, 1670 in Attleborough, Norfolk, England; married Mary Parsons August 15, 1615 in London, England.
  vi.   Richard Bickley2088,2089, born Abt. 1582 in Hallaton, Warwick, England2089; died Abt. 1667 in Kingsbury, Warws., England2089
  More About Richard Bickley:
Ancestral File Number: HL22-1D2089

  vii.   Bickley2090,2091, born Abt. 1585 in Cambridgeshire, England2091
  More About Bickley:
Ancestral File Number: 1JTV-0DR2091

  viii.   Thomas Bickley2092,2093, born Abt. 1586 in Cambridgeshire, England2093
  More About Thomas Bickley:
Ancestral File Number: 1JTT-ZDM2093

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