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View Tree for George TroutGeorge Trout (b. Bet. 1750 - 1755, d. Bet. 1840 - 1850)

George Trout was born Bet. 1750 - 1755 in Probably Augusta Co., Virginia, and died Bet. 1840 - 1850 in After 1840 census, Cherokee Co., Georgia. He married ? on Bef. 1776 in Probably Southern N.C. or Northern S.C..

 Includes NotesNotes for George Trout:
The first published record of our ancestor, George Trout, was his record of military
service during the Revolutionary War in South Carolina. This is the only record
that I have found which was in the South Carolina Archives-Rev. Acct. of George
Trout-For Militia duty-Duty of Coll. Andersons Return. Reference AA 7917, Page
1R B and 2R:


Pursuant to an ACT of the GENERAL ASSEMBLY passed the 16th of March 1783, We
the COMMISIONERS of the TREASURY, have this Day delivered to Mr. George
Trout this our INDENTED CERTIFICATE, for the Sum of One pound fourteen shillings
and three pence farthing sterling for Duty in the Militia as private since the reduc-
tion of Charles town. The said George Trout his Executors, Administrators or assigns,
will be entitled to receive from this Office the Sum of Two shillings and four pence on
Demand for one Year's interest on the principal Sum of One pound four tens shillings
and three pence and the like interest annually.

The said George Trout his Executors, Administrators or Assigns, will be entitled also to
receive, and shall be paid, if demanded, the principal Sum of One pound fourteen shil-
lings and four pence farthing on the Fifth of July 1787. And the said George Trout his
Executors, Administrators or Assigns, may make any Purchases at any Public Sale of
Confiscated Properties, (except such as shall be ordered by the Legislature for spe-
cial Purposes;) and this INDENT shall be received in Payment.

For the true performance of the several Payments in Manner above-mentioned, the
PUBLIC TREASURY is made liable, and the FAITH of the STATE, pledged by the afore-
said ACT.

Given under our Hands at the TREASURY-OFFICE, in CHARLESTON, the Fifth Day of
July One Thousand Seven Hundred and eight five.

Signed: J Maning, Commissioner of the Treasury

No. 377, Book U

(Note: This does not sound like a lot of money, but at this time, one could purchase a
parcel of land in Tennessee for this amount. George Trout approx. age 30.)


1800 Census Pendleton District, South Carolina

1 male under 10 (b. 1791-1800) not identified at this time
2 males 10-16 (b. 1784-1790) James and Gideon
1 male 16-26 (b. 1774-1784) Benjamin at approx. age 24
1 male 26-45 (b. 1755-1774) George at approx. age 45
4 fems. under 10 (b. 1791-1800) possibly Susannah, Hannah, and 2 others
1 fem. 26-45 ( 1755-1774) Wife of George
(Note: Hannah Trout married Moses Hendrix, Jr. (Hendricks) about 1810 per descendant
Gale Wallen 2001. There was also a Jesse Trout on this Census.)

1810 Census Pendleton District, South Carolina

1 male 16-26 (b. 1784-1794) not identified at this time
1 male over 45 (b. before 1765) George at approx. age 55
4 fem. under 10 (b. 1801-1810) Susannah, Sarah B., Didamay, and Mary
1 fem. 10-16 (b. 1794-1800) possibly Hannah
1 fem. 26-45 (b. 1765-1784) Wife of George
(Note: Benjamin, James, and Gideon were in York Co., S. C. and nextdoor neighbors at this time.)

1820 Census Hall Co., Georgia

1 male under 10 (b. 1811-1820) Robert Wiley at age 8
1 male over 45 (b. before 1775) George at approx. age 65
2 females 10-16 (b. 1804-1810) Didamay and Mary
1 female 16-26 (b. 1794-1804) Sarah B.
1 female over 45 (b. before 1775) Wife of George
(Note: Susannah was already married to Lewis Smith who was also enumerated on this census.)

1830 Census Hall Co., Georgia

1 male 15-20 (b. 1810-1815) Robert Wiley at age 18
1 male 70-80 (b. 1750-1760) George at approx. age 75
1 female 20-30 (b. 1800-1810) Mary
1 female 30-40 (b. 1790-1800) not identified
(Note: Susannah, Susan B., and Didamay were already married. Gideon and Lewis Smith were nextdoor
to George on this census. Lewis Smith married Susannah Trout. James Tippens was also on this census.
James Tippens married Sarah B. Trout. Patrick Denham was on the Census of Carroll Co., Ga. this year.
Patrick Denham married Didamay Trout.))

1840 Census Cherokee Co., Georgia Militia District 890 Woodstock

1 male 20-30 (b. 1810-1820) Robert Wiley at age 28
1 male 80-90 (b. 1750-1760) George at approx. age 85
1 female 20-30 (b. 1810-1820) not identified
1 female 70-80 (b. 1760-1770) George must have remarried
(Note: Robert Wiley Trout purchased land in this same Militia District in May of 1840. That land may
have been where they were living when this census was taken. SEE ROBERT WILEY TROUT DEEDS)


George Trout owned land in Habersham Co., Georgia described as Lot No. 38, 3rd District,
lying on both sides of the Chatahoochee River which he drew in the 3rd Georgia Land Lottery in 1820.
He drew from Hamilton Batt., Jackson Co., Ga. He sold to Elijah England February 25, 1822. He had
appointed an Attorney-In-Fact in 1821 to sell this land and dismissed the AIF in 1823, after the property
had been sold.

DEED BOOK A, Pages 62 & 63, Hall Co., Georgia, POWER OF ATTORNEY
Hall County
Know all men by these presents that I George Trout of the County of Hall aforesaid, for Diverse Good
causes and Consideration ( ) am hereunto ( ) have made and appointed by these presents do make
exclaim and appoint Stephen Reed of the County aforesaid my true and lawfull attorney for me and in
my name to sell dispose of and convey to the best advantages a certain tract or parcel of land lying
and being in the County of Habersham in the third District of said County and known by lot Number
Thirty Eight which lot of land I Drew in The late land lottery of the State aforesaid and to have use and
take all Lawfull ways and means in my name or otherwise and to Compound and agree with any per-
son for the sale of said tract of land to the best advantage when ever the said Stephen Reed may think
proper to sell the same and acquisition or other sufficient Deed of Conveyance and Rightfully discharge
for the same for me and and in my name to Make Seal and Deliver and to do all other lawful acts and
things whatsoever in the premises as fully and in every Respect as I myself might or could do were I
Personally present at the doing thereof and one or more attorneys under him for the purpose aforesaid
do make and again at his pleasure to Revoke, ratifying and Confirming and by these presents allowing
whatsoever my said Attorney shall do in my name or cause to be done in and about the Selling or dis-
charging of Said tract of land and also in and about the Recovery of Said tract of land in any suit of Law
or equity he my attorney may think proper to bring or institute.

In witness whereof I have herunto Set my hand and Seal this 21st day of February 1821. Signed sealed
amd Delivered in presence of
Reuben Cone
John Hix George Trout {Seal}
Wm B A Waltan X his mark
Recorded April 2nd 1821
David H. McCleskey Clk
(Note: The above property is now located in White Co., Ga. but still in District 3. Stephen Reed was on
the 1809 Tax List for Jackson Co., Ga. and was enumerated on the 1830 Census of Hall Co., Ga. Witness,
John Hix, was on the 1806, 1808, and 1819 Tax Lists for Franklin Co., Ga. and on the 1820 Census of
Habersham Co., Ga.)

Because of his Revolutionary Service, George Trout participated in the Land Lottery of 1827 from Hall
Co., Georgia. He successfully drew land in Muskogee Co., Ga. described as 202.5 acres in Section 2
District 22. I have never found a Deed of Sale for this property.

Hall County
State of Georgia
This indenture made this 20th day of September 1822 Between Martin P. Pool of said County and State
of Georgia of the one part and George Trout of the Said County of the other part and witnesseth that the
Said Pool for and in consideration of the sum of four hundred and fifty dollars to him in hand paid by the
Said Trout the Receipt where of is hereby fully acknowledged hath granted bargained Sold and Convey-
ed unto him the Said Trout one certain tract or parcel of Land Lying and being in the Said County it being
part of that Lot of Land which is known and distinguished in the 11 District of Hall County by Lot number
one hundred and Eleven and bounded as follows beginning at a stake the original corner of said lot for-
merly 106 in such District North 50 chains to a stake thence West 50 chains to a stake thence South 110
Poles to a postoak Rives corner thence East 37 Poles to a stake thence South 30 poles to a Stake thence
East 67 poles to a white oak thence 50 Poles to a hickory thence East 96 Poles to the beginning contain-
ing 209 acres and forty poles being the Same more or Less all of which premises the said Martin P. Pool
hereby binds himself his heirs and assigns forever to warrant and defend unto him the said George Trout
his heirs and assigns forever in fee simple in witness whereof the said Pool hath hereunto set his hand
and seal the day and year above written.
David Talent Martin P. Pool {Seal}
Allen Wigley X his mark
Recorded the 15th January 1824 David H. McCleskey Clk
(Note: Allen Wigley was a very close neighbor of George Trout on the 1830 Census of Hall Co., Ga.)
(Note: This property, according to present day maps, is located in the N. W. Quadrant of the County
and situated between Wahoo Creek and the Chestatee River. The nearest town is probably Murray-
ville. There are some very large Lakes in the area but this property was not taken in by any of the
Lakes. (I believe this acreage was the homeplace of George Trout and his family while he was in
Hall Co.)

BOOK F, Page 361, DEED
Cherokee County
This indenture made and entered into this Twenty Sixth day in November in the year of our Lord one
thousand Eight hundred and thirty nine by and between George Trout of the County of Cherokee and
Gideon Trout of the County of Cobb and each of the State aforesaid. Witnesseth that the said George
Trout for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and twenty five dollars to him in hand paid
the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged at or before the signing sealing and delivery of these
presents hath granted bargained sold and conveyed and do by these presents grant bargain sell and
convey unto the said Gideon Trout all that tract or lot of land situated lying and being in the County of
Hall containing two hundred and ten acres more or less. Known and distinguished by lot No. One
hundred and eleven in the Eleventh District, to have and to hold for his own proper use benefit and
behoof forever in fee simple.

And the said George Trout does and will for himself his Administrators Executors heirs and assigns
warrant and forever defend the right and title of said tract or lot of land and all and every other person
or persons whatsoever in witness whereof he hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day
and date above written. Signed Sealed and delivered in presence of
James Tippin George Trout {Seal}
Amos Braselton J.P. X his mark

Recorded 9th May 1845 E. M. Johnson Clk
(Note: James Tippen (Tippens) was the son-in-law of George Trout. He married Sarah B. Trout)


More About George Trout:
Account of Service: July 05, 1785, South Carolina.
Burial: Unknown, Cherokee Co., Georgia.
Census 1: 1800, Pendleton Dist., South Carolina.
Census 2: 1810, Pendleton Dist., South Carolina.
Census 3: 1820, Hall Co., Georgia.
Census 4: 1830, Hall Co., Georgia.
Census 5: 1840, Cherokee Co., Georgia.
Military service 1: Bet. 1780 - 1783, Col. Andersons Return.
Military service 2: Rank of Private.
Military service 3: Revolutionary Soldier.
Military service 4: Since the reduction of Charles Town.

More About George Trout and ?:
Marriage: Bef. 1776, Probably Southern N.C. or Northern S.C..

Children of George Trout and ? are:
  1. +Robert Wiley Trout, b. July 10, 1812, Georgia, d. October 12, 1897, Old Elk, I.T. now Pooleville, Carter Co., Oklahoma.
  2. +Benjamin H. Trout, b. Abt. 1776, South Carolina, d. Aft. 1860, Clark Co., Arkansas.
  3. James Trout, b. Abt. 1785, South Carolina or Georgia (No census after 1810), d. date unknown.
  4. +Gideon H. Trout, b. Abt. 1790, Ga. (per 1850 Census Cobb Co., Georgia), d. Aft. 1853, Cobb Co., Georgia.
  5. +Susannah Trout, b. Abt. 1800, Pendleton District, South Carolina, d. Aft. 1850, Cherokee Co., Alabama.
  6. +Sarah B. Trout, b. Abt. 1802, Pendleton Dist., South Carolina, d. Aft. 1860, Cherokee Co., Georgia.
  7. Didamay Trout, b. Abt. 1803, Pendleton Dist., South Carolina, d. date unknown.
  8. +Mary M.Trout, b. Abt. 1810, Probably Pendleton District, S. C., d. Bef. 1869, Probably Cherokee Co., Georgia.
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