The Feuerstein Family

FIRESTONE of Missouri also Proffit or Prophet and Bingham

As compiled by George Blackwell, 1979

Information taken from the following sources:

- FIRESTONE Family of America, Chicago, 1904. Copy at the Genealogical Socity, Salt Lake City, Utah, includes five genealogical charts.

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-Family Bible of several Firestone Families.


Among the many Alsation families which emigrated from Europe to America in the mid-eighteenth century were the Feuersteins of Berg, a far village forty miles northwest of Strassbourg. Though Germans in customs and religion and language, they were French subjects and the men were liable for conscription in the French army. Contracting their services as farm laborers in exchange for ship passage, many Alsatians migrated to Pennsylvania. Once qualifying for entry at Philadelphia, they generally disappeared from the records for several years, to later reappear as farm owners and to Anglicize their names, to inter-marry with Pennsylvania German or Alsation families, and after the Revolutionary War to migrate to Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, and other states. This account tells of the first three generations in America. It is based upon original documentary sources and family records.


Hans Nicholas FEUERSTIN, born March 25, 1712, at Berg, Alsace, was according to family tradition as son of Hans FEURSTEIN. Nicholas, Johan, and THEOBOLD FEUERSTEIN established the Feuerstein family at Berg in the fifteenth century from the Bergenz Forest, Province of Voralberg, Austria. Because of the loss by fire of the Berg Lutheran Church, at which most of the births of their children were recorded. Known as Nicholas, he was a carpenter and a farmer. According to family tradition, when their oldest son became subject to conscription into the French army, they abandoned their ten-acre farm, and went to Holland. With his wife and children, Nicholas sailed from Rotterdam on the ship "Peggy", Captain James Abecrombie, Master, arriving at Philadelphia September 24, 1753 and qualifying for entry the following day. According to family tradition, he indentured himself and his sons as farm laborers in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in exchange for ship passage. It is related that he finally settled on a farm of his own on the Concocheague Creek, in what was then Cumberland County, now Peters Township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, where he is said to have died in 1763. Their children were:

  1. Anna Catherina FEURSTEIN, born August 23, 1733. Probably the Catherina Feurerstein, who marrried Conrad STAUTZENBERGER June 3, 1754, Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster, PA.
  2. Johann Nicholas FIRESTONE, born April 17, 1735, married Eva Catharina SCHWAB, in 1763 and died in 1807. (this family continues)
  3. Johan Joseph FIRESTONE, born May 7, 1787, possibly the Joseph taxed in Cumberland Township, York County, PA in 1780. A Joseph died shortly before January 14, 1793, leaving a widow whom married Reynolds KELLISON, and minor children.
  4. Eva Catharina FIRESTONE, born June 3, 1739, possibly married John STIEFLER before 1763.
  5. Rosina FIRESTONE
  6. Susanna Catharina FIRESTONE, born July 2, 1742
  7. Johann Mathias FIRESTONE, born April 5, 1744, and married Anna BIEBER, in 1774. Died in 1829.
  8. Christina Dorothea FIRESTONE, born February 17, 1747
  9. Johann P. FIRESTONE, born June 6, 1747, moved to Londoun County, Virginia, and later settled on Laurel Hill Creek, near Ursina, Somerset County, Pennsylvania; had four sons.
  10. Johann Nicholas FIRESTONE, born August 10, 1748
  11. Anna FIRESTONE.
  12. Michael FIRESTONE, born June, 1750: said to have lived in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Tennessee.


Johann Nicholas FIRESTONE, (Nicholas Firestone, Jr.) was born April 17, 1735 at Berg, Alsace, France, a son of Nicholas and Catharina NUNNEMACHER Feuerstein. His age was given as 21 when the family arrived at Philadelphia in 1753. He married Eva Catharina SCHWAB in 1761. In 1763 they had a child baptized at Salem (Strayers) Church, Dover Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. In 1774 he was taxed at Dublin Township, Bedford County, where in 1779 he owned 100 acres. He owned a 150-acre farm in Peter’s Township, Cumberland, now Franklin County, in 1779-1782. In 1781 he served as a private in the Cumberland County Militia. The family moved in 1786 to Trapp, (now Jefferson), Frederick County, Maryland, where he owned a farm on Mill Creek, ten miles from Frederick City, and where in 1790 he was head of a family, with two sons under age sixteen, and four females. He sold his Maryland farm in 1796 purchased a farm near Natural Bridge, Rockbridge County, Virginia. He died in 1807 at Mill Creek, Botetourt County,Virginia. His will was filed June 20, 1804 and probated n Botetourt County, Virginia in November 1808, in which he mentions his wife and eight children:

  1. Eva Catharina FIRESTONE, baptized July 3, 1763 by Rev. Jacob LISHEY of Salem Reformed Church, Dover Township, York County, Pennsylvania, married John KALBFLEISCH, and died in 1850 in Cumberland County, PA.
  2. Nicholas FIRESTONE, Jr., born January 30, 1767, married (1) Elizabeth SHANE, February 3, 1789, Frederick County, Maryland, (2) Elizabeth HOOVER, September 2, 1838; settled in Fairfied Township, Columbia County Ohio in 1801; died August 3, 1847 in Fairfield Township.
  3. John FIRESTONE, born May 20, 1769, married Margaret THRASHER, August 2, 1803, Botetourt County, Virginia, died July 20, 1854 near Amsterdam, Botetourt County.
  4. Catharine FIRESTONE, born in 1772, married Charles LONG, December 16, 1793 in Frederick County, Maryland, died in 1834 near Unity, Columbia County, Ohio.
  5. Mathias FIRESTONE, born in 1775, first wife Mary Polly HILL, and had six children by her, then the second time married Mary Polly FENNY and they had three children. He died in McMinn County, Tennessee, April 20, 1850. (see next generation for continue.)
  6. Mary Magdalen FIRESTONE, born 1778, married John WREN, January 21, 1880, Rockbridge County, Virginia. Died 1850 near Salem, Roanoke County, Virginia.
  7. Susannah FIRESTONE, born March 24, 1780; married (1) Phillip HEILMAN of near Lexington, Rockbridge County, Virginia, in 1799. She also married. (2) John DINGLEDINE in 1812, and died April 9,1851, near Mason’s Creek, Salem, Roanoke County, VA.

Eva Catharina SCHWAB Firestone, the wife of Johann Nicholas, was born in Bedford County, Pennsylvania in 1741. After her husband died 1807 she moved to McMinn County, Tennessee, with her son, Mathias FIRESTONE by 1827. She died in 1828 in McMinn County and her will was executed September 1, 1828, in Will Book A, Page 172 as follows:

All estate to son Mathias; daughters Eve KALBFLEASCH, Kitty LONG, Mary RICE, Susannah DINGLEDINE, Elizabeth LAMPARTER, otherwise Elizabeth JOHNS, and sons Nicholas, and John to receive nothing. Exec: son Mathias Witness: Samuel McConnell and G. Cantrell. Signed by mark. (Court Record #2, Page 369, June 2, 1829)


Mathias FIRESTONE, son of Johann Nicholas Firestone, and Evan Catharina SCHWAB Firestone, was born October 16, 1777, in Dublin Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, where his father owned 100 acres of land. The family moved to Peter’s Township, Cumberland County, in 1779, to Frederick County, Maryland in 1781, ten miles from Frederick City. In 1796 they moved to Rockbridge County, Virginia. Then in 1807 they were in Botetourt County, Virginia. He married Mary (Polly) HILL, who was born September 15, 1773, in New Jersey, the daughter of James and Sarah HILL. They had six children:

  1. William FIRESTONE, born unknown, died March 1836 wife unknown. Issue: Matthias, Nancy, and Sarah Ann.
  2. Samuel FIRESTONE, born 1801 in VA., died October 1868 wife Rispa born 1798 in S.C. died unknown. Issue: James C. born 1828, move to AL., Persha born 1833, married Thomas Martin, Tabitha born 1835, married John BRANDON, Mary married Jesse GIVENS of GA, Sarah born 1836 married Jesse PURDY of TX, Pamely married James and S. POLK.
  3. John FIRESTONE, born 1815 in Tennessee, died 1887 in Missouri. Married Delana PROPHET who born 1817 n N.J. and died 1893 in Missouri. (see next generation)
  4. Alfred FIRESTONE moved to GA
  5. Elizabeth FIRESTONE married Joseph COBB. Issue: Martha married Joseph WARE, David who died unmarried, Mary who married John MAYFIELD in Polk Co., TN, Sarah.

Second Marriage to Mary FENNY the following children:

  1. Mary Ann FIRESTONE married Archibald MILES and John CROSS
  2. Matthias FIRESTONE Jr., born 1844, killed in Civil War in 1862
  3. Nancy FIRESTONE

(ALL of this in McMinn County, Tennessee, until about 1855.)

His first wife died in May 7, 1838 and he married the second time to Mary (Polly) FENNY, on March 26, 1839. His second wife died May 26, 1850, in McMinn County, Tennessee. Mathias, had moved to Hiwasee, McMinn County, Tennessee, about 1827 when he was 52, as well as his mother Eva, who died soon after and made him her sole heir and executor of her estate.

Mathias was a carpenter, as was most of the Firestones’ and he built his home on Sec. 29, Twp. 5, Rng. 1, east of Median. He owned land which he sold to David FIRESTONE Febuary 4, 1835, also land sold to Alfred FIRESTONE, and some to Isaac FENNY, January 17, 1829. His home place was about five miles east, and five miles south of Athens, Tennessee. He died April 2, 1850. His will as executed April 21, 1850 with orders for the executor to "build a house for my widow and my tow children at Winton Springs."

McMinn County was a stopping place for the people from the Carolinas, who had crossed the Appalatian Moutains, on their way to Missouri, and other state west. The Peter and Lydia (Padgett), BLACKWELLS, who arrived in 1823, the HUGHES, PATTERSONS, FORTNERS, FINNEYS, Etc… Soon knew the Firestone family as "Pennsylvania Dutch", and many of the younger ones married and moved west to cross the mighty Mississippi River to begin new lives.

Mathias and his wife Polly were buried in a small cemetery near their home and their lives are but memories to their descendants who are scattered over many states.


John FIRESTONE as the son of Matthias Firestone and Mary (Polly) HILL Firestone, and was born February 27, 1815, at Mill Creek, Botetourt County, Virginia. By 1827 his father and the rest of his family had moved to Hiwassee, McMinn County, Tennessee. On January 26, 1837 John Married Delana PROPHET, the daughter of Arton PROPHET (1793-1885) and Jamima BINGHAM Prophet, from New Jersy. Delana was born in 1817, wand was twenty years old and John was twenty-two when they were married. They lived in the southern part of McMinn County, Tennessee, near the Hiwassee River, that flows northwest from North Carolina into the Tennesssee River, just west of McMinn County.

John was a carpenter, wagon maker, and farmer. His mother Mary (Polly) HILL Firestone, died in 1828 and his father married the second time to Mary (Polly) FENNY. Matthias died on May 5, 1850, and his second wife died May 26, 1850. The estate was settled and there was great news that in Missouri, there was land almost free, with springs, timber, and fertile soil, so they made plans to join the hundreds of their relatives, and neighbors leaving for Missouri.

They were ready to leave for Missouri by June of 1852, a six hundred mile trip to be made by wagon train or on foot. The Tennessee River must be crossed twice and the mighty Mississippi River crossed, a major endeavor alone. They may have made it across the Tennessee River the first day where there was a town called Soddy-Daisy. It was approximately three hundred and thirty miles to the Mississippi River, but this route had been traveled many times before and there probably were trading posts where food and supplies could be purchased. There was a decision to be made, to move many miles to the north where the Mississippi River would be easier to cross, or to head west to a crossing called Cottonwood Point, which would be nearer but more dangerous. They decided on the Cottonwood Point crossing. (all this related by daughter Sarah sixty years later.)

Also in the Firestone wagon train were Delana’s parents, Arnton PROPHET, who was 59 and Jamima BINGHAM Prophet, who was 54; Pleasant PROPHET, her brother who was 17; Ben A. PROPHET her brother who was 32 and his wife Eunice GRIGG Prophet, who was 24; and Jesse GRIGG, who was married to Delana’s sister Jane PROPHET. Then there was young John FENNY, a relative of John FIRESTONES’ step-mother, who was riding a horse on the trip, and when they reached the river decide to return to McMinn County. He carried the news that they had crossed the river and were in Arkansas. (National Genealogical Quarterly Item.) After about sixteen days travel they were ready to leave Tenneesee, and the mighty Mississippi was their next challenge. They had to wait their turn for the barge, the doubling of teams to pull through the mud and willows, and a mighty rope was stretched from bank to bank, anchored at each end to a sturdy cottonwood tree. A pair of pulleys could be adjusted so that the bow of the barge was upstream from the stern, causing the current of the water to force the barge forward, with a tow team on the other bank, just in case. Then there were the miles of muddy river bottoms and willows to pull through to the western side of the river as a heavy load on the teams. At last they were across.

Now another and new fear arose hostile Indians. The trail led sharply to the northwest, and the next six days of travel they were warned to be on guard and ready to fight the Indians. They were advised to group up with other families and to post sentries at night. The fear was greater than the danger for no hostile attack was made. (As related by daughter Sarah, many years later.)

At last the weary trip was over, and they arrived in Greene County, Missouri, to begin a new life in a new land. On March 4, 1857 daughter Harriet Rebecca married Ceola HUGHES, when she was 17, and he was 18. In May 1858 another son, Alfred was born to John and Delana. He died at birth. On February 9, 1860, Martha Ann was born to John and Delana, the last one of their family, Delana was 42.

In 1860, John and Delana were living in Center Township, Green County, Missouri, with eight children at home, with Martha, their youngest 4 months of age. Son James married Mary Jane THURMAN in November 1860 and in 1867 Rispa Adeline married James CAMPBELL. In 1865 Sarah Elizabeth married Joel H. BLACKWELL, the son of Sylvester BLACKWELL, whose family were also from McMinn County, Tennessee.

In 1870 John and Delana owned forty acres of land in Sec. 4, Twp, 29, Rng 23 west, in Greene County. John was Justice of the Peace, son James lived on forty acres about a mile south. Joel and Sarah owned 80 acres north east.

In 1880 John and Delana were living on the same forty acres, John was Justice of the Peace, daughter Martha Ann had married Frank M. BEACH and was living with them, as was William FIRESTONE, who was 25, and know as Sam Bill FIRESTONE.

The FIRESTONE family of pre-McMinn County were Lutheran by religion, but the PROPHET and GRIGG families were Methodists. John could still speak German, but all the rest spoke southern Applatian dialect.

A great community developed at a place called Clear Creek, where there were several springs. A school was built on five acres adjoining the community cemetery, and a Methodist church was organized in it. In 1874 there was a new Methodist church building constructed for $1,200.00 dollars a short distance east of the cemetery near a spring.

John died in 1887, at the age of seventy-two and was buried in Clear Creek Cemetery. Delana died in 1893 at the age of seventy-five and was buried beside of her husband.

Grave markers in Clear Creek Cemetery are as follows:

Arton PROPHET 1793-1885 (Parents of Delana FIRESTONE)

Jamima PROPHET 1793-1881

P.T. PROPHET 1835-1909 (Brother of Delana F.)

Unice PROPHET 1844-1926 (Daughter of Sylvester BLACKWELL)

B.A. PROPHET 1820-1885 (Brother of Delana F.)

Eunice PROPHET 1828-1907 (GRIGG, sister of Mrs. Sylvester BLACKWELL)

Jesse R. GRIGG 1827-1910 (Brother of Eunice P.)

Jane GRIGG (Sister of Delana Firestone)

John FIRESTONE…born n Tennessee n 1815 and died in Missouri in 1887, Delana PROPHET Firestone, born in New Jersey in 1818 and died in 1893 in Missouri.

Family of John and Delana: (ALL buried in Clear Creek Cemetery)

James H. FIRESTONE 1837-1888

Mary Jane THURMAN 1842-1918

John P. FIRESTONE 1839 at birth in Tennessee

Harriet Rebecca FIRESTONE 1842-1927

Ceola HUGHES 1838-1919

Rispa Adeline FIRESTONE 1840-


Sarah Elizabeth BLACKWELL 1844-1914

Joel H. BLACKWELL 1843-1878

Jamima FIRESTONE 1847-1923

William MINOR 1849-1880

Mary Delena FIRESTONE 1850-1924

Joel M. CAMPBELL 1849-1933

David A. FIRESTONE 1852-1918

Clarice J. MINOR 1855-1942

William Samuel FIRESTONE 1854-1919

Della HASELTINE 1858-1917

Alfred FIRESTONE 1858-1858

Martha Ann FIRESTONE 1860-1951

Frank M. BEACH 1850-1893



James H. FIRESTONE 1838-1888

Mary Jane THURMA (Firestone)


Felix FIRESTONE 1871-1949, buried at Odd Fellows Cem, Mt. Vernon, MO

Holie M. HOYAL, 1st wife

Carrie SPENCR, 2nd wife

Arthur FIRESTONE (infant) Clear Creek Cem.

Martha who married McCONNEL Clear Creek Cem.

Frankie FIRESTONE 1873-1891 Clear Creek Cem.

Annie POTTER 1874-1967 Clear Creek Cem.

Lea Logan 1884-1954 Clear Creek Cem.

Lucy Firestone/FRAME 1868-1903 Clear Creek Cem.

Jacob FRAME (husband) 1855-1922 Clear Creek Cem.

Sonra FIRESTONE 1867-


Sarah Elizabeth FIRESTONE Blackwell 1845-1914

Joel Haque BLACKWELL 1843-1878


James O. BLACKWELL 1866-1933 Clear Creek Cem.

Maude PATTERSON (wife) 1873-1942 Clear Creek Cem

Alfred BLACKWELL 1867-1867 Clear Creek Cem

Isom J. BLACKWELL 1868-1945

Venie PATTERSON (wife) 1870-1934 Clear Creek Cem

John W. BLACKWELL 1871-1949 Clear Creek Cem

Ida PHILLIPS (wife) 1873-1945 Clear Creek Cem

Martha Delana BLACKWELL 1873-1945 Ingelwood, CA

William A. BUCHTEL (hus) 1869-1945 Inglewood, CA

Rebecca BLACKWELL (4mths) 1875-1876 Clear Creek Cem

Charley Jones BLACKWELL 1877-1955 Clear Creek Cem

Eva CHAMLEE (wife) 1883-1953 Clear Creek Cem

**Joel, Martha, Alfred and Rebecca are buried in Row 8, Section 1, adjoining the lot of Joel’s father Sylvester on the south. Joel H. BLACKWELL was a confederate soldier in the battle of Wilson’s Creek.


Jamima FIRESTONE Minor 1849-1880 Clear Creek Cem

William MINOR (hus) 1847-1923 Clear Creek Cem


S. Jennie MINOR Marshall 1892-1953 Clear Creek Cem

Jesse L. MARSHAL (hus) 1871-1948 Clear Creek Cem

Ollie Minor MARSHALL 1874-1939 Clear Creek Cem

James MARSHALL (hus) 1873-1948 Clear Creek Cem

Edward Franklin MINOR 1854-1958 Clear Creek Cem

Lizzie Abbie BROWER (wife) 1875-1958 Clear Creek Cem

Ellen MINOR (unmarried) 1878-1881 Clear Creek Cem


Joel Marion CAMPBELL 1849-1933 Clear Creek Cem

Mary FIRESTONE Campbell 1850-1924 Clear Creek Cem


Etta Jane CAMPBELL 1873-1882 Clear Creek Cem

Mary Ionia CAMPBELL 1876-

Lewis Coleman HARRISON 1870-

John Hiram CAMPBELL 1878-1878

William Homer CAMPBELL 1881-1959 Birmingham, AL

Edith Pansy WILLIAMS (wife) 188701967 Birmingham, AL

Kate Ann CAMPBELL 1885-1965 Tulsa, OK

Ira FOWLER (hus) 1887-1918 Springfield, MO

Jessie Edith CAMPBELL 1887-1896 Springfield, MO

Joel Grover CAMPBELL 1890-1902 Springfield, MO

Frank M. BEACH (hus) 1850-1893 Clear Creek Cem

Martha Ann FIRESTONE 1860-1951 Clear Creek Cem


Russell BEACH

Clarence BEACH Bethany Cem. St. Louis

Minnie Mae Champbless/Muger 1890-1950 Clear Creek Cem

Mary Frances EVANS 1888-1964 Clear Creek Cem

Charles H. EVANS 1881-1965 Clear Creek Cem

Clara Jane FREIBERG Hazelwood Cem.

John FEIBERG Haselwood Cem.


William Samuel FIRESTONE 1854-1919 Clear Creek Cem

Della HAZELTINE Firestone 1858-1917 Clear Creek Cem


Arch J. FIRESTONE 1855-1943 Greenlawn Cem

Archie BLYTHE Firestone 1886-1971 Greenlawan Cem

Verna FIRESTONE Clear Creek Cem.

Charles VAUGHN (hus) Clear Creek Cem


Charles DONNELL (hus)


Harriet Rebecca Jane FIRESTONE 1842-1927 Clear Creek Cem

Ceola HUGHES (hus) 1838-1919 Clear Creek Cem


J.W. HUGHES 1856-1856 Clear Creek Cem

Mary Jane HUGHES 1858-1935 Clear Creek Cem

James CORGIN (hus) 1854-1931 Cave Springs Cem

C. Elizabeth HUGHES 1861-

Sylvester GRIGGS (hus)

John E. HUGHES 1866-1947 Wesley Cem

Lucy DODD 1878-1951 Wesley Cem

Sarah Delana HUGHES 1867-1943 Wesley Cem

William L. FORTNER (hus) 1868-1949 Wesley Cem

George S. HUGHES 1870-1951 Clear Creek Cem

Myrtle THOMAS (hus) 1877-1968 Clear Creek Cem

Della O. HUGHES 1880-1958 Cave Springs Cem

Eldo FORTNER (hus) 1885-1933 Cave Spring Cem

Fred Leander HUGHES 1883-1943 Wesley Cem

Bertha WILLIAMS (wife) Wesley Cem

Martha HUGHES 1834-1958 Clear Creek Cem

Laura HUGHES 1873-1914 Clear Creek Cem

C.B. HUGHES 1875-1885 Clear Creek Cem

D.H. HUGHES 1874-1877 Clear Creek Cem

M.F. HUGHES 1870-1871 Clear Creek Cem


James H. CAMPBELL 1844-

Rispy Adeline FIRESTONE 1840-


Nancy J. CAMPBELL 1868-

Mary CAMPBELL 1869-





Frank CAMPBELL 1880

**James H. CAMPBELL is the brother of Joel Marion CAMPBELL who married Mary Delano FIRESTONE. Campbell family came to Greene County abt 1860 settled in the Bois D’Arc/Clear Creek Community. Many CAMPBELL family members are buried in the Clear Creek Cemetery including James and Joel’s parents Hiram H. CAMPBELL.