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Ancestors of Lisa S. Frederick

Generation No. 7

      96. Adam Frederick. He married 97. Sarah Dressler.

      97. Sarah Dressler.

      Children of Adam Frederick and Sarah Dressler are:
  48 i.   John D. Frederick, born January 20, 1813; died August 07, 1892; married Elizabeth Burget.
  ii.   Michael D Frederick, married Mary Burget.
  iii.   Jacob D. Frederick.
  Notes for Jacob D. Frederick:
Jacob was unable to take care of himself

  iv.   Samuel D. Frederick, born November 08, 1824; married Elizabeth Diehl.

      98. John Burget, born July 07, 1787; died September 18, 1849. He was the son of 196. Adam Burget and 197. Maria Puderbaugh. He married 99. Catherine Benner.

      99. Catherine Benner, born July 03, 1791; died 1849.

      Child of John Burget and Catherine Benner is:
  49 i.   Elizabeth Burget, born January 03, 1817; died December 30, 1893; married John D. Frederick.

      100. Christian Stonerook, died June 28, 1855. He married 101. Nancy Hipple.

      101. Nancy Hipple, born April 15, 1793; died August 08, 1856. She was the daughter of 202. John Hipple and 203. Ann Diltz.

      Children of Christian Stonerook and Nancy Hipple are:
  50 i.   John Stonerook, born May 15, 1812; died January 09, 1879; married Polly Bulger January 04, 1838.
  ii.   Elizabeth Stonerook.
  iii.   Polly Stonerook.
  iv.   Annie Stonerook.
  v.   David Stonerook.
  vi.   Henry Stonerook.
  vii.   Margaret Stonerook.
  viii.   Samuel Stonerook.
  ix.   Sarah Stonerook.

      102. Andrew Bulger, born May 01, 1792 in Ayr Twp. Bedford Co., PA; died May 20, 1869 in New Enterprise, Bedford Co., PA. He was the son of 204. Lorentz Bulger and 205. Catherine. He married 103. Susanna Burget.

      103. Susanna Burget. She was the daughter of 206. Adam Burget and 207. Maria Puderbaugh.

      Child of Andrew Bulger and Susanna Burget is:
  51 i.   Polly Bulger, born June 04, 1821; died March 24, 1887; married John Stonerook January 04, 1838.

      108. John Snowberger, born August 05, 1778 in Quincy, PA; died March 24, 1836 in Taylor Twp., Blair Co. PA. He was the son of 216. Jacob Snowberger and 217. Catherine Miley. He married 109. Susan Hartle.

      109. Susan Hartle, born January 03, 1777 in Leitersburg District of Maryland. She was the daughter of 218. Frederick Hartle and 219. Catherine Baird.

Notes for John Snowberger:
Quincy, PA is north of Waynesboro
John and Susan are buried at Snowberger Cemetery, Plum Creek, Blair Co., PA


German Reformed

Notes for Susan Hartle:
Leitersburg District of MD is south of Waynesboro, PA

      Children of John Snowberger and Susan Hartle are:
  54 i.   Frederick Snowberger, born July 21, 1809 in Taylor Twp., Blair Co. PA; died April 15, 1877 in Dry Gap, Taylor Twp., Blair Co., PA; married Susannah Morgan.
  ii.   Nancy Snowberger, born April 29, 1798; died February 19, 1853; married George Biddle.
  iii.   Jacob Snowberger, born March 02, 1801; died November 01, 1868; married Elizabeth Biddle.
  iv.   Julia Snowberger, born May 15, 1803; died March 24, 1884; married Peter Biddle.
  v.   Catherine Snowberger.
  vi.   John H Snowberger, born January 04, 1807; died March 04, 1861; married Mary Dell.
  vii.   Andrew Snowberger, born November 22, 1811; died July 03, 1882; married (1) Margaret; married (2) Catherine Nicewanger.
  viii.   Francy Snowberger.
  ix.   Susan Snowberger, born April 25, 1814; died February 03, 1903; married Andrew Biddle.
  x.   Elizabeth Snowberger, married Jacob Dell.
  xi.   Margaret Snowberger, married Caspar Reasy.
  xii.   Barbara Snowberger, married Christian Hanely.

      110. John Morgan. He married 111. Susannah.

      111. Susannah.

      Child of John Morgan and Susannah is:
  55 i.   Susannah Morgan, born July 10, 1813 in Dry Gap, Taylor Twp., Blair Co., PA; died March 24, 1853; married Frederick Snowberger.

      120. John Baughman. He married 121. Rebecca Jane Garlick.

      121. Rebecca Jane Garlick, born January 01, 1810; died February 26, 1896. She was the daughter of 242. Adam Garlick and 243. Sarah Morris.

Notes for John Baughman:
Lived in E. Providence Twp.
Once thought he saw a ghost in a ball of fire
He was described as heavy and short with black hair
He was crippled in an apple butter boiling accident (walked with 2 canes)
He couldn't read
Had a stroke
Settled on a farm 2 mi W of Greensburg
Ancestors came from German in either 1654 or 1708
He was a freighter (driver of Conestoga Wagons)
Brothers: Jacob and David

Notes for Rebecca Jane Garlick:
Couldn't read
Had black hair
had "visions"
quoted as saying "my eyes weren't made for the good of my soul"
many said she had healing powers...made teas and salves
people came to her for a "take off" of bad spells

      Child of John Baughman and Rebecca Garlick is:
  60 i.   Abraham Baughman, born 1838; died 1926; married Sarah Shreve.

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