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The Darden, Freeman, Ishee, Redding & Swan Families of GA.

Updated December 31, 2006

Percy Freeman

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Our families are descendants of Jack Freeman, Sam Freeman, William Ishee Sr, Isham Swan and Ethan Darden. Other related families, through unions and marriages include: Blalock, Boozer, Brisker, Buckner, Clark, Colvard, Dillard, Driskell, Grier, Hansford, Jackson, Johnson, McDowell, Ponder, Redding, Sands, Scott, Shannon, Slaughter, Toles, Walton, Watson and Wooten.
Our ancestors lived and farmed in the communities, towns, and cities of Berner, Blount, Cork, Dames Ferry, Forsyth, Flovilla, Gladesville, Gray, High Falls, Indian Springs, Jackson, Juliette, and East Juliette, Georgia. Counties include Butts, Monroe, Jasper,and Jones.
William Ishee, Sr. owned 377 acres in Juliette, GA. He was also one of the founders of Ishee Chapel, located on Redding Road in Juliette, GA. Today, it's known as St. Paul AME Church. the original Church was located oh the Ishee land near Newton Road, north of Juliette, west of GA Highway 87, US 23. William is buried there in the church cemetary. The property is now owned by the Williams family of Juliette.
Isham Swann married Luvinia (?). Their children are Lurainey, Lettie, Warren, Wiley, Sr., Lucy, Moses and George.
Lettie Swan married Ethan Darden. Their children are Amy, Charity, Ellen, Temp, Jane, Robert and Rachael.
Wiley Swan, Sr., married Martha Shannon. Their children are Joe, Margaret, Laura, John, Wiley, Jr., Katie, Lenora, Vicey, Tabitha, George, Carrie and Amanda.
Robert Darden married Jamima Ford. Their children are Rose, Lettie, Janie, Cora, Arthur, Beulah Lee, Mima, Susie, Ollie, Hester, and Zollie.
Cora Darden married Samuel Walton. They once owned about 400 acres in Juliette, GA. Most of the land north of Juliette Road on GA highway 87, south of the Towaliga river and west of the Ocmulgee River belonged to the Walton Family.
Jack Freeman (1825-?) Married Dora McCrary (1835-1938). Their children include Charlie, Willis(1864-1895), Sarah, Isaac, Mary Ann, Johnny, Ella, Frank (1882-1969) and Emily.
Sam Freeman married Mary ?. Their children are Francis, Nellie, Miles, Barney, Joshua, Benjamin, Katie, Jackson, Cornelius and Mattie.
In 1923, while living in Juliette, GA, Anderson A. Redding, a descendant of the Isham Swann, invented an improved version of automobile headlight. It was designed to keep the path of light steady while the vehicle moved forward. Anderson received a patent on September 2, 1924. Using money from his invention, Anderson was one of the first African Americans in Monroe County, GA to own a new car. He died in 1944.
After being selected as a National Football League (NFL) first round draft pick from the University of Tennessee, Alvin Toles achieved success as a professional football player with the New Orleans Saints for three years. He is now a business owner in Metro Atlanta.
When Frank Freeman, Sr., son of Jack Freeman, started a funeral services business in Monroe County, he used a horse and wagon to transport the deceased. Today the well respected business is located in Forsyth, GA and is operated by his son James Freeman, Sr.

Family Photos

  • Freeman Family Reunion 1999. (37 KB)
    The 3rd Annual Freeman Family reunion was held at the National Guard Armory in Forsyth, GA on July 4, 1999. Descendants of Jack Freeman, Sam Freeman and WIlliam Ishee attended.
  • Reunion 1999 (59 KB)
    Senior Family members gather for photo.
  • Henry, Gladys, Greg and Stephanie at 1999 Reunion (14 KB)
    Henry and Gladys Freeman are descendants of Sam Freeman and Isham Swann. Henry resides in Pacifica, California. Greg and Stephanie live in Macon, Georgia.
  • Juliette, GA, Monroe County (47 KB)
    Site for the filming of the Movies, Fried Green Tomatoes, The Cockfighter, Return to Macon County Line and Tuskegee Airman (train scenes). Juliette is a small community 9 miles east of Forsyth, GA.
  • Weldon Freeman, daughter, grandsons. (208 KB)
    Weldon, Connie and her sons.
  • Colvard Family , Monticello, Georgia (21 KB)
    Theodore Jr., Mildred, Heather and Darius. Descendants of Sam Freeman.
  • Ocmulgee River, Juliette, GA. (33 KB)
    The Juliette Dam was used by the old Juliette Milling Company, formerly known as the Grist Mill built in the late 1800s and later rebuilt after it was burned to the ground.
  • Rosa Moore and Rosa Colvard (202 KB)
    Rosa Moore is the daughter of George Moore and Roxie Freeman.
  • Azaline Watson, Grady and Cathie Watson (68 KB)
    The Watsons are descendants of Sam Freeman. Azaline resides in Chicago, IL. Grady lives in Forsyth, GA.
  • Sandy Freeman Buckner (122 KB)
    Sandy is the Granddaughter of Frank Freeman, Sr and Greatgranddaughter of Jack Freeman
  • Carolyn Freeman Brown and Family, Juliette, GA. (34 KB)
    James Brown, Carolyn Freeman Brown, Tyler and Terrie. Carolyn is a descendant of Jack Freeman, William Ishee, Dave Brisker, Ison Swann and Ethan Darden.
  • Dillard-McDowell Reunion (26 KB)
    Descendants of Dan Dillard and Carrie Swan.
  • Nelson and Fannie Watson (87 KB)
    Fannie is a descendant of Sam Freeman.
  • John Ponder and Family (39 KB)
    John Ponder is a descendant of Jack Freeman and William Ishee. He lives in Tampa, FL.
  • Ishe Family Land Deed and Mariage records. (83 KB)
    William and Louisa Ishe lived in Juliette, Georgia after the civil war. They owned 377 acres north of Juliette on Newton Road. William Ishee was buried on the property around 1890. William Ishee helped establish Ishee Church, now named Saint Paul AME Church, Juliette, GA. Older residents in Juliette still refer to the church as "Ishur Church." The land is currently owned by the Williams Family of Juliette, GA. William's wife, Louisa, died between 1921-1930.
  • Kenny Freeman and Family, Forsyth, GA. (25 KB)
    Kenny Freeman,Wanda Mays Freeman and D'undra. Kenny is a descendant of Sam Freeman.
    A DNA test revealed that Percy Freeman's makeup consists of 72% Sub-Saharan African and 28 % European.
  • Colvard Family Picture (47 KB)
    The Colvard family members at a reunion in Forsyth, GA. Descendants of Sam Freeman.
  • Freddie Alice and family. (21 KB)
    Freeman Family Reunion 1999, Forsyth, GA
  • Percy Freeman and Family (359 KB)
    Percy, Erma, Kiana and Kristen.
  • Sam and Ruby McDowell (21 KB)
    Ruby Jackson McDowell is the daughter of John Jackson and Laura Dillard Jackson. She currently resides in Decatur, GA. A descendant of Ison Swan and Cane Dillard.
  • Dr. Bryan Weatherspoon, and Sons (710 KB)
    Bryan is the Grandson of Zollie Darden Rooks. He is pictured with his sons.
  • Dorothy Jones, Johnny & Kenneth Boozer (198 KB)
    Dorothy is the daughter of Mattie Swan Freeman and Granddaughter of Carrie Swan Dillard. Johnny and Kenneth are sons of Mary Freeman Boozer and Johnny Boozer.
  • The McDowell Family (46 KB)
    Children of Lucious (LW) and Louise McDowell. Mary Alice, Catherine, Deborah and Cynthia are descendants of Ison Swann and Ethan Darden. They currently live in Michigan.
  • Roselle Darden Rooks Jones Weatherspoon (654 KB)
    Roselle is the daughter of Zollie Darden Rooks
  • Will Clark & Joe Finney, Jr. (276 KB)
    Joe Finney, Jr. is a descendant from the marriage of Lurainey Swann and Turner Finney.
  • James Gregory and Harold Glen Gilmore (30 KB)
    James Gregory and Harold Glen Gilmore are the sons of Carrie Freeman Gilmore. Descendants of Jack Freeman, William Ishee and Ison Swann.
  • Wilder, Jones, Williams and Weatherspoon (1326 KB)
    Descendants of Lettie Swan and Ethan Darden
  • Carrie Freeman Gilmore & Mary Ward (196 KB)
    Carrie Freeman Gilmore is the daughter of Mattie Swan Freeman, and Granddaughter of Carrie "Grandma Hop" Swann. She is the daughter of Willis "Dude" Freeman.
  • The DNA Family Tree (205 KB)
    DNA results identify Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Holland as the origin of Percy Freeman's roots.
  • The Waltons (1381 KB)
    The Walton Family Singing TRIO: Mother, Goldie Troupe Walton with daughters Samella and Edna.
  • Clarence and Vonda Chavis, San Francisco, CA (30 KB)
    Clarence Chavis is a descendant of John Blalock, who move from Juliette, GA to California in the 1940's.
  • Annie Grace Freeman and Family, Forsyth, GA (27 KB)
    Betty Freeman Stewart, husband, Mason, and kids with her mother, Annie Grace (King) Freeman, wife of late Frank Freeman, Jr., a descendant of Jack Freeman.
  • James Freeman and Family, Forsyth, GA. (41 KB)
    James with wife Beatrice, son, daughter, and two grandchildren. Brother of Frank Freeman, Jr. Descendants of Jack Freeman.
  • Mary Sue Freeman Boozer with family members. (33 KB)
    Mary Freeman Boozer (Aug-23-1925--Jul-24-2005)with Grand-daughter, Carolyn, her husband James Brown, Granddaughter-in-law, Erma Freeman, Great-Grand-children Kiana, Kristen, Tyler and Terri. Mary Boozer is a descendant of Jack Freeman, William Ishee and Isham Swan.
  • Mr. & Mrs Shannon Freeman, Sr. (51 KB)
    Shannon Freeman, Sr. Shannon is the Grandson of Sam Freeman.
  • George and Roxie Moore (370 KB)
    Roxie Freeman Moore is a descendant of Sam Freeman
  • Juliette, Georgia, Early 1900's (385 KB)
    Cotton from nearby farms was transported to the Juliette train station for shipment. Horse and buggy days near the Williams General Merchandise store and the Juliette Post Office.
  • Frank Freeman, Jr. and Family (218 KB)
    Frank Freeman, Jr. is the oldest son of Frank Freeman, Sr., His father is Jack Freeman, founder of Freeman Funeral Home in Forsyth, GA
  • Sherman's Army passed through our backyards (32 KB)
    In 1864, Kilpatrick Calvary Division passed through Northern Monroe County, Southern Butts County, Jasper County and Jones County. Some of our ancestors lived in and around a community named Cork in Southeastern Butts County.
  • Dana, Gregory and Michael Gilmore (27 KB)
    Sons of James Gregory Gilmore. Descendants of Jack Freeman, William Ishee and Isham Swann.
  • Shannon Freeman and Wife Mattie (652 KB)
    Shannon Freeman, Sr. is the son of Bonnie Freeman, son of Sam Freeman
  • Blalock Family, San Franciso, CA (57 KB)
    Descendants of John Marshal Blalock and Lettie Darden Top Row: Jonathan Clemmons, John Blalock, Richard Blalock (deceased), Ronald Clemons, Darrick Chavis, Bottom Row: Clarence Chavis and Larry Blalock
  • Gen. Sherman's Right Flank at Indian Springs, GA (42 KB)
    Sherman's Army marched from McDonough to Jackson, GA, then to Indian Springs and camped there before crossing the Ocmulgee River 6 miles to the east. Indian Springs is also the site where Chief McIntosh (Creek Indians) signed a land treaty with the US in 1821 giving the US all land East of the Flint River, thus sending the Creeks on the trail of tears to Oklahoma.
  • Early 1900's in Juliette, Georgia (345 KB)
    This scene shows the Juliette Cotton Mill, train depot and railroad crossing with a snow covered ground.
  • Willis Freeman, Jr., 1893-1970 (658 KB)
    Willis Freeman, Jr. is the son of Willis Freeman, Sr., son of Jack Freeman, who was born in Virginia as a slave in 1825. Willis, Jr. married Mattie Swann and fathered Mary Sue Freeman Boozer, Carrie Freeman Gilmore and Annie Laura Freeman.
  • Blalock /Jackson Reunion (144 KB)
    Johm Marshal Blalock/Sherman Jackson family Reunion in San Francisco, CA. Top: L to R: Sharon (Gloriaís daughter, John Blalock, Gloria Calhoon, Paulette Reid, Yolanda Clemons, Linda Martin, Adrienne Blalock (Married to John) Nadine Ward, Ronald Clemons, Margaret (Blalock) Clemons, Lee Clemons, Robert Mitchell, Larry Blalock, Les Reidís wife, Les Reid, Antia Leland, Darrick Chavis, Middle: Zelphry Blalock, Clarence Chavis,Vonda Chavis, Joanie (Blalock) Chavis, Bottom: Grandson of Doris Ward, Neimaiah Mitchell, Kailah Chavis Binay (granddaughter of Doris (Blalock) Ward.
  • General Kilpatrick's Cavalry at the Towaliga River (29 KB)
    In 1864, General Kilpatrick's Cavalry Division, the right flank of Sherman Army, crossed the Towaliga River in Northern Monroe County, GA. A brief skirmish happend at this site. Our ancestors lived and farmed in this area during the civil war. (Hwy 83N @ the Towaliga River).
  • Willie & Hattie Gordon, Gladesville, GA (Jasper Co (569 KB)
    Hattie Sands Gordon is the daughter of Mary Eliza Brisker Sands and Ed Sands. She is the Grandaunt of Percy Freeman.
  • Vernon Sands' father's DNA,, IBO, Nigeria (109 KB)
    A DNA test revealed Ed Sands DNA is from the IBO people of Nigeria and Mbundu of Angola. Ed is the father of Jessie Lee Sands, who is the Grandfather of Vernon Sands and Percy Freeman.
  • Rose Freeman Evans, Casey and their son. (195 KB)
    Rose Freeman Evans, Casey and Son.
  • Percy's mother's DNA , Fulani, Northern Nigeria (147 KB)
    Percy Freeman's Mother's DNA revealed a connection to the Fulani people of Northern Nigeria. Martha Shannon is the mother of Carrie Swann, Carrie is the mother of Mattie (Swann) Freeman, Mattie is the mother of Mary Sue (Freeman) Boozer, Mary is the mother of Ruby Louise.
  • Samuel Freeman, Sr. and Samuel Freeman, Jr. (196 KB)
    Samuel Freeman, Sr. and Samuel Jr.
  • Mary Gordon's lineage is Tikar People of Cameroon (101 KB)
    Mary Gordon, Granddaughter Ed Sands and Mary Eliza Brisker Sands, DNA test revealed a connection with the TIKAR (tee-kar)People of Cameroon. Mary Brisker is GreatGrandmother of Percy Freeman.
  • Watson Brothers (199 KB)
    The Watson Brothers reside in Chicago and Forsyth, GA
  • Nathaniel Freeman and Family (220 KB)
    Nathaniel is the Grandson of Isaac Freeman and Greatgrandson of Jack Freeman.
  • Children of Shannon Freeman, Sr. (177 KB)
    Henry Freeman and children of Shannon Freeman, Sr. Shannon is a descendant of Sam Freeman who is the brother of Jack Freeman.

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