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Ancestors of Richard Lloyd Fritts

      912. George Thompson I
Child of George Thompson I is:
  456 i.   George Thompson II, died Abt. 1760; married Mary Ann Simpson.

      920. John Barton Wathen Sr, born 1651; died Bef. 10 Jul 1705 in St. Mary's Cloud, Charles County, MD. He was the son of 1840. Sir John WathenI, Sir and 1841. Mary Mullett. He married 921. Susannah Brayne Abt. 1678 in St Marys, MD.

      921. Susannah Brayne, born Abt. 1660 in England; died Bet. 1685 - 1693.

Notes for John Barton Wathen Sr:
From Gust Skordas, "Early Settlers of Maryland" In Index of Names of
Immigrants Compiled from Records of Land Patents in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD. Liber 18 Folio 16.
John Wathen "sailed from Bristol to Maryland Sept 10, 1670 on the
"Francis and Mary" as indentured servant of Hugh Thomas. He was a
carpenter and was responsible for building the King and Queen Parish
Church in Charles Co. (he requested payment and the bill was still due in his inventory). He originally lived in St. Mary's Co. and then Charles Co., near Pt. Tobacco. I believe he's buried there at St. Mary's Cemetery. His wife was Susannah -- I believe he had two wives and
Ignatius was son of the first wife, Susannah Brayne, whose fare John paid in 1676, the year he married. Tradition states he married Susannah Hudson, daughter of Thomas Hudson and Ann Hill. I don't doubt that either..." Message Boards - carol collins.

Will: Wills A.2 f 255, Hall of Records of Maryland, Annapolis. John
Wathen of Charles County. Probated Jul 10, 1705

"10 Sept. 1670: transported by Hugh Thomas, sailing from Bristol on the Francis and Mary; indentured for 4 years. (Note: Hugh Thomas was
originally from London)
1671: The case of Nicholas Grosse vs. Hugh Thomas names John Wathen, carpenter.
12 May 1674: demanded right to 50 acres of land due him for his servitude within the province according to Conditions of Plantation then in effect; John of St. Mary’s Co.
29 July 1676: St. Thomas, from Thomas Sympson; beginning at Spanish Oak, standing by Streth Smock Hill branch on north line Westward Manor, running thence southeast by south 8 perches to a bound poplar, thence southeast 53 perches to bound red oak, thence east north east 15 perches, then east by south 48 perches to a banded red oak with large knot standing on a yellow hill near old road formerly leading from Newport to Piles Fresh, thence north 150 perches, thence west to an oak standing in the line of Westwood Manor, to beginning
18 aug. 1676: paid fare of Susannah Brayne, 4 years servitude, arriving
on ship “Susanna”
15 Oct. 1684: paid fare for Christopher Gwynn (of Abby Dore, Herefordshire), Thomas and James Williams,(of Dewchurch, Herefordshire) all for four years servitude and all arriving on the ship “Comfort.”
18 Oct. 1684: paid fare for John Blandford,(of Shaftesbury, Dorsetshire)
for four years servitude from Jamaica, on ship “Lamb”
1 Jan. 1686: Surety for Thomas Mudd’s bond for administration of Edward Turner’s estate; John of St. Mary’s Co.
1702: petitioned trustees of king and Queen Parish for payment of
work done to church at Newport. This payment had not been made by time his estate was inventoried. (A copy of John’s signature can be found in the estate file of Capt. John Bayne.)
10 Nov. 1703: patented 200 acres of Wathen’s Adventure, Charles Co.,
bounded by land of William Matthews, called Matthew’s Purchase, near
Portobacco River to Ignatius Cuaseen’s - of Zachia Manor. Rent, 8
shillings silver due on the feast of the Annunciation and of St. Michael
the Archangel
4 July 1705: will was probated, naming children, land; exec: wife Ann;
witnesses: John Byrth, Robert Hagar, Samuel Cooksey, Ambrose Palmer."
personal communication from Carol Heubner Collins -, June, 2003.

WILL: Abstract of John's will dated Feb 28, 1704 and probated Jul 4, 1705: Wills A.2 f. 255, hall of
Records of Maryland, Annapolis, Maryland. John Wathen of Charles County.
To son Ignatius tract of land called "Wathen's Adventure" - 200 acres.
To son James "all the lotts in Newport."
To son Hudson 10,000 pounds of tobacco.
To son Henry 10,000 pounds of tobacco.
To daughter Judea 10,000 pounds of tobacco.
To daughter Jane 10,000 pounds of tobacco.
To daughter Ann 4,000 pounds of tobacco.
To wife the plantation he now lives on and after her death to son John and his heirs.
Children of John Sr and Susannah Brayne are:
  460 i.   Ignatius Wathen I, born 1679 in St Marys, MD; died 15 Dec 1757 in Charles County, MD; married Mary Ware.
  ii.   John Barton Wathen Jr, born Abt. 1681 in St Marys, MD.
  iii.   James Wathen, born Abt. 1683 in St Marys, MD.
  iv.   Ann Wathen, born Abt. 1685.

      936. Thomas Spalding, born 1640 in Suffolk County, England; died Aft. 1713 in St Marys, MD. He married 937. Katherine Hall.

      937. Katherine Hall, born Abt. 1651 in England or France; died Abt. 1760.

Notes for Thomas Spalding:

The SPALDING FAMILY originated in FLANDERS, the old home of many EAST ANGLIANS of BRITAIN. The surname SPALDING appeared quite early in English history derived from the town of Spalding in LINCOLNSHIRE. The first written records concerning Spalding was a CHARTER issued in 716 A.D. by King Ethelbald to the MONKS of CROWLAND ABBEY. Another charter written in 868 A.D. referred to SPALDELYING.

SPALDING began as a DIVISION TOWN of the fens and marshes of EAST ANGLIA. It was founded at the point where a road ran over the low country to the Wash. "Yng" is a Celtic word for fen or low meadow-land; today, the fens are still known as "ungs." Spalding was one of the Saxon divisions of the county known as "the Spalda." The Saxon suffix "ing" from the Teutonic "ingoz" denotes sons of a family or tribe; thus, the people who lived in Spalding were known as the "Spaldingas" or the Spalding tribe. In the DOOMSDAY BOOK prepared for William the Conqueror after 1066, Spalding is spelled "Spallinge." In Latin, Spall or Spald means "the shoulder." The town of Spalding of SAXON derivation means literally: "the TRIBE who LIVE at the SHOULDER (of marsh land)."

The Spalding tribe were known to have held land in SOUTH HOLLAND in the 7th century, part of a Saxon Kingdom. The "Doomsday Survey," showed Holland to be an area of large villages concentrated in the fens. The town early became a market center with two important industries: salt making and fisheries. The Manor of Spalding before the Norman Conquest belonged to the KING'S GELD. William, Duke of Normandy and future King of England, although he confiscated most land belonging to Anglo-Saxon nobles, didn't touch land belonging to any of his feudal tenants in Spalding. The Manor of Spalding, however, which had belonged to ALGAR, EARL of MERCIA, was conferred upon the Duke's nephew, IVO TALBOIS, and became the Duchy of Lancaster.

The first recorded Spalding was RALPH DE SPALDING, 1273. Judge Charles Warren Spalding, author of "The Spalding Memorial," obtained a copy of an ancient deed naming him. When Edward III in 1327 ordered a wool merchant to be elected to Parliament for York, WILLIAM DE SPALDING, son of RICHARD de SPALDING, was elected for the borough or county. The Parliament of 1376 held at Westminster held both Wm and John Spalding.

In later centuries, Spaldings went north into Scotland and west into central England, moving into both Suffolk and Norfolk. They settled around Bury St. Edmunds, Framlingham, and in the valley of the Waveney River. THOMAS SPALDING was named in the will of JOHN SPALDING, yeoman, of Wissett, county of Suffolk, proved Dec. 10, 1659. William & Anna Rutherford, authors of "Genealogical History of Our Ancestors," offered the wills of the Suffolk & Norfolk Spaldings in their two volume genealogy as possible ancestors of Thomas Spalding, our Maryland progenitor. [see Appendix]

The first Spalding to come to the American colonies of whom there is an early record was EDWARD SPALDING, his wife, son and daughter. They were living at Elizabeth City, VA, in Feb 1623. Edward and his family left Jamestown VA and sailed to New England where they became the progenitors of the large New England Spalding family.

Photo right: Crowland Abbey mentioned in "Spalding Memorial" on page 26.

When the Spaldings left the flat fenlands of East Anglia to escape religious persecution under the Tudor Kings, they also left behind the class-bound English society. In Leonardtown, Maryland, the Protestant minority, was granted religious freedom by the Catholic majority. Maryland was founded on principles of religious freedom. Later, when Purtians came to power in England, the colony was taken away from the Calverts. The men who came to power then as well as later did not grant freedom of religion to Catholic fellow-citizens. Catholics were not allowed to vote or hold public office. Once more, people who came looking for freedom in the New World were denied the very thing they sought!

After the Revolutionary War, many Marylanders left for Kentucky. Leaving the seaboard colony meant a new start with no restrictive hidebound laws preventing freedom. To the men and women who settled Kentucky, political as well as religious freedom was uppermost in their minds. They sought freedom on the Kentucky frontier where again, freedom was paid for in the blood of their travail.

Spalding of England & New England Web Sites:


Ben Levick's Home Page: "Angelcym" - Ancient Saxon Village; "Regia Anglorum" - Kingdom of the English

New England Historic Genealogical Society: Membership, Circulating Library, Tours, and Seminars



Wills of Spaldings of East Anglia taken from "Genealogy of Our Ancestors," by Anna & Wm. Kenneth Rutherford, Lexington, MO, privately published by authors, 1989, Vol. 1, p. 410:

JOHN SPALDING Sr. of Wissett, county Suffolk: Will dated May 3, 1655, proved Dec. 10, 1659 by Thomas Spalding, executor... to Margarett, my wife; to THOMAS SPALDING, my son, to be my sole John Spalding Jr., my youngest Richard Spalding, my Elizabeth Barwick, my John Spalding, my son, now Elizabeth Dodd, my Wm. Fuller, my grandson. [Source: county Suffolk Wills. PCC Pell 555, Public Record Office, London]

AUGUSTINE SPALDING of Tynemouth, county Suffolk: Will dated Nov. 29, 1626. to Elizabeth, my wife; to Thomas Spalding, my son; to JOHN SPALDING, my son; to William Spalding, my son; my six daughters, Margaret, Ann Elizabeth, Alice, Susan, and Sarah. Archdeaconry Court of Sudbury, Sufolk, Vol. 49 "Pearle," folios 628-629 in Greater London Records Office, Co. Hall, London]\

THOMAS SPALDING of Tynemouth, Diocese of Norwich, county Suffolk: Will dated April 21, Agnes, my wife; to son Augustine Spalding; to son Robert Spalding. [Archdeaconry Court of Sudbury, county Suffolk, Vol 32 "Large," folio 143. [Source: Greater London Records Office, Co. Hall, London]

JOHN SPALDING of Tynemough nigh St. Edmundsbury in the Diocese of Norwich: Will dated June 19, 1535. "I do ordain & make this my last will & testament...Anne my wife...Robert Spalding, my son; John Spalding, my son; William Spalding, my son; THOMAS SPALDING, my son; Helen, my daughter; my sisters Margaret & Isabelle. [Source: Archdeaconry Court of Sudbury, county Suffolk, Vol 13 "Longe." Folios 211-212]

JOHN SPALDING of FORNHAM ALL SAINTS within the Diocese of Norwich: Will dated April 21, 1521. "I do make & ordain this my present testament and last will... to JOHN SPALDING, my son; to Henry Spalding, my son; to Beatrice Stockinge, my daughter; to Agnes Prince, my daughter. [Source: Archdeaconry Court of Sudbury, county Suffolk, Vol. 10 "Johnson," folios 129-130, Greater London Record Office, Co. Hall, London]
Children of Thomas Spalding and Katherine Hall are:
  468 i.   William Spalding, born Abt. 1670 in St Marys, MD; died Jan 1740/41 in St Marys, MD; married Susan Ann Jenkins.
  ii.   John Spalding, born 1675 in St Marys, MD; died Jun 1726 in Charles County, MD; married Priscilla Smith 1720; born Abt. 1675; died Aft. 1726.
  iii.   Thomas Spalding, born Abt. 1684 in St Marys, MD; died 1767 in St Marys, MD; married Honora Cole Bef. 1704 in St Marys, MD.
  iv.   Peter Spalding, born Abt. 1687 in St Marys, MD; died Bef. 16 Apr 1740 in St Marys, MD; married Elizabeth Unknown in St Marys, MD; born Abt. 1689.
  v.   Dorothy Spalding, born Abt. 1689 in St Marys, MD.
  vi.   Edward Spalding, born 1691 in St Marys, MD; died Bef. 05 Dec 1774; married Ann Dant.

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