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Ancestors of Barbara B. Garner

      144716256. Payne de Chaworth, born Abt. 1123 in Kempsford, Gloucester; died 1170. He was the son of 289432512. Patrick de Chaworth and 289432513. Wilburga de Mundabliel.
Children of Payne de Chaworth are:
  i.   Robert de Chaworth
  72358128 ii.   Payne (Patrick) de Chaworth, born Abt. 1155 in Kempsford, Gloucestershire; died 1199.

      144716260. Matthew de la Ferté, born Abt. 1140. He married 144716261. Gundred Paganel.

      144716261. Gundred Paganel, born Abt. 1148.
Child of Matthew de la Ferté and Gundred Paganel is:
  72358130 i.   William de la Ferté, born Bet. 1164 - 1165; died 1216; married Marjorie de Briwere.

      72357938. William de Briwere II "the Elder" Lord Horsley, born 1145 in Stoke, Devonshire, England; died 1226 in Devonshire, England. He was the son of 144715876. Henry de Briwere and 144715877. NN de Walton. He married 144716263. Joan de Vernon.

      144716263. Joan de Vernon, born Abt. 1149 in Stoke, Devonshire, England.
Child of William Lord Horsley and Joan de Vernon is:
  72358131 i.   Marjorie de Briwere, born Bet. 1172 - 1182 in of Stoke, Devanshire, England; died Bet. 1233 - 1237; married (1) William de la Ferté; married (2) Eudes de Dammartin Aft. 1216; married (3) Geoffrey de Say II Aft. 1225.

      144716264. Maurice de Londres, born Abt. 1110. He was the son of 289432528. Thomas de Londoniis and 289432529. NN de Molle.
Child of Maurice de Londres is:
  72358132 i.   William de Londres, born Abt. 1150; died 1206.

      144716928. William Huse, born in of Charlecombe. He was the son of 289433856. William Huse.
Child of William Huse is:
  72358464 i.   Godfrie Huse, died Aft. 1217.

      144717186. Sir William de Courcy Lord Okehampton, born 1090 in England; died 1162. He married 144717187. Dame Maud d'Avranches du Sap.

      144717187. Dame Maud d'Avranches du Sap, born 1097 in of England; died September 21, 1173. She was the daughter of 289434374. Robert de Avranches Lord Okehampton and 289434375. Adeliza de Dole.
Child of William Lord Okehampton and Maud du Sap is:
  72358593 i.   Hawise de Courcy Lady of Okehampton, born Abt. 1150 in of Okehampton, Devonshire, England; died July 31, 1219; married Sire Renaud II de Courtenay Abt. 1175.

      144717188. Baldwin de Reviers Earl of Devon, born 1090 in Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England; died June 04, 1155. He was the son of 289434376. Seigneur Richard de Reviers and 289434377. Adelise Peverel. He married 144717189. Adeliza Lucia Debaalum.

      144717189. Adeliza Lucia Debaalum, born 1099 in of England. She was the daughter of 289434378. Dru Balun.
Children of Baldwin Earl of Devon and Adeliza Debaalum are:
  i.   unknown de Reviers
  ii.   Richard de Reviers Earl of Devon, born 1118 in of Devonshire, England; died April 1162; married Denise de Dunstanville; born 1138 in of Cornwall, England; died April 21, 1162.
  iii.   Henry de Reviers, born 1123 in of Devonshire, England; died 1160.
  72358594 iv.   William de Vernon de Reviers Earl of Devon, born Bet. 1128 - 1135 in of Devonshire, England; died September 10, 1217; married Mabel de Beaumont 1189.
  v.   Hawise de Reviers, born 1130 in of Devonshire, England; married Jordan de Cambernon 1148.
  vi.   Eva de Reviers, born Abt. 1139 in of Hocknorton, Oxfordshire, England; married Anchitel de Grey of Rotherfield; born Abt. 1135 in of Rotherfield, Oxfordshire, England.

      144717190. Sir Robert de Beaumont de Meulan Count of Meulan, born 1140 in of Meulan, Normandie, France; died October 1207 in Palestine. He was the son of 289434380. Waleran de Beaumont de Earl of Worcester and 289434381. Dame Agnès de Montfort de Gournay-sur-Marne. He married 144717191. Maud FitzRoy de Dunstanville of Cornwall 1166.

      144717191. Maud FitzRoy de Dunstanville of Cornwall, born 1143 in of Dunstanville, Kent, England. She was the daughter of 144715878. Rainald de Dunstanville Earl of Cornwall and 144715879. Beatrice (Mabel) FitzRichard.
Children of Robert Count of Meulan and Maud de Dunstanville are:
  72358595 i.   Mabel de Beaumont, born Bet. 1166 - 1170 in of Meulan, Normandie, France; died Aft. May 01, 1204; married (1) William de Vernon de Reviers Earl of Devon 1189; married (2) Falkes de Bréauté Aft. May 1219.
  ii.   Jeanne de Meulan, born Abt. 1167.
  iii.   Waleran V Count of Meulan, born Abt. 1168; married Marguerite de Fougères; born Abt. 1175.
  iv.   Robert de Beaumont II, born 1172 in of Meulan, Normandie, France.
  v.   Agnes de Beaumont, born 1172 in of Meulan, Normandie, France; married Sire Guy IV de Roche Guyon; born Abt. 1170.

      144717200. Thurstan le Despenser, born 1122 in of London, Middlesex, England. He was the son of 289434400. William Talvas Montgomery le Despenser and 289434401. Alix de Bourgogne.
Children of Thurstan le Despenser are:
  i.   Walter le Despenser Lord Despenser, born 1148 in of Stanley, Lincolnshire, England.
  ii.   Almaric le Despenser Sheriff of Rutlandshire, born 1150 in of Ryhale, Rutlandshire, England; died 1189; married (1) Anabil de Chesney; born Abt. 1154 in of Dallington, Northamptonshire; married (2) Alda Bluet.
  iii.   Hugh le Despenser, born 1152 in of Ryhale, Rutland, England; died 1199.
  iv.   Sir Galfridus 'Geoffrey' le Despenser, born 1155 in of Defford, Worcestershire, England; died 1251; married Ann Spencer; born Abt. 1160 in of Defford, Worcestershire, England.
  72358600 v.   Thomas le Despenser, born 1169 in of Elington, Lincolnshire, England; died Bef. 1218; married Rohese (le Despenser).

      144717210. Philip de Grey Lord Wooton Basset, born Abt. 1130. He married 144717211. Sedzilia de Berkeley.

      144717211. Sedzilia de Berkeley, born Abt. 1140.
Child of Philip Lord Wooton Basset and Sedzilia de Berkeley is:
  72358605 i.   Aline (Alvira) de Grey, born Abt. 1167; married Alan Basset Lord Basset of Wycombe Abt. 1180 in of Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England.

      144717212. Sir Godfrey de Louvain, born Abt. 1173 in Louvain, Brabant, Lorraine, France; died April 26, 1226 in Eye Castle, Suffolk, England. He was the son of 144716248. Godfrey III Duke of Lower-Lorraine and 289434425. Imagina von Loos. He married 144717213. Alice de Hastings Abt. 1199.

      144717213. Alice de Hastings, born Abt. 1173 in Little Easton, Essex, England. She was the daughter of 289434426. Robert de Hastings and 289434427. Isabel de Windsor.
Child of Godfrey de Louvain and Alice de Hastings is:
  72358606 i.   Sir Matthew de Louvaine, born Abt. 1199 in Little Easton, Essex, England; died Bef. June 1258; married Muriel (de Louvaine).

      144717216. John de Port, born Abt. 1117 in of Basing, Southamptonshire; died 1168. He was the son of 289434432. Henry de Port Sheriff of Southampton and 289434433. Hawise (de Port). He married 144717217. Maud (de Port).

      144717217. Maud (de Port), born Abt. 1127.
Children of John de Port and Maud (de Port) are:
  i.   Clementia de Port, married Henry Rose.
  ii.   Hugh de Port
  72358608 iii.   Adam de Port Lord Basing, born 1151 in of Basing, Southamptonshire; died Abt. July 1213; married (1) Mabel de Orval; married (2) Sibyl de Braose Aft. 1190.

      144717218. Richard ap William Orval, born Abt. 1125. He married 144717219. Muriel de Saint John.

      144717219. Muriel de Saint John, born Abt. 1130 in of Compton, Sussex, England. She was the daughter of 289434438. Roger de Saint John and 289434439. Cecilia de la Hay.
Child of Richard ap William Orval and Muriel de Saint John is:
  72358609 i.   Mabel de Orval, born Abt. 1153; married Adam de Port Lord Basing.

      144717228. Hugh de Gournay IV, born Abt. 1091; died 1180. He was the son of 289434456. Seigneur Gerold de Gournay and 289434457. Editha de Warenne. He married 144717229. Melisende de Coucy de Marle Abt. 1150 in Boves, Somme, France.

      144717229. Melisende de Coucy de Marle, born Bet. 1112 - 1126 in Coucy, Ardennes, France. She was the daughter of 289434458. Sire Thomas de Coucy Count of Amiens and 289434459. Melissende de Crécy.
Child of Hugh de Gournay and Melisende de Marle is:
  72358614 i.   Hugh V de Gournay, born Bet. 1148 - 1163 in of Caister, Norfolk, England; died October 25, 1214 in of Gournai, Normandie, France; married Juliana de Dammartin.

      144717248. Juhel de Moels, born Abt. 1140 in of Exbourne, Devonshire, England. He was the son of 289434496. Nicholas de Moels.
Child of Juhel de Moels is:
  72358624 i.   Roger de Moels, born Abt. 1170 in of Lewe, Devonshire, England.

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