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Ancestors of Barbara B. Garner

      270557314. Roger Antrewan, born Abt. 1146.
Child of Roger Antrewan is:
  135278657 i.   Margaret Antrewan, born Abt. 1172 in of Helston, Cornwall, England; married Thomas de Godolphin Abt. 1194.

      276331640. Hubert de Munchesni III, born Abt. 1158 in of Gooderstone, Norfolk, England. He was the son of 552663280. Warine de Munchesni and 552663281. Agnes FitzPayn.
Child of Hubert de Munchesni III is:
  138165820 i.   Hugh de Munchesni, died Aft. 1186.

      276365312. Sir William FitzPatric de Hertburn, born Abt. 1150; died Abt. 1194. He was the son of 552730624. Sir Patric FitzDolfin de Offerton and 552730625. Cecily (de Offerton). He married 276365313. Marjory de Huntingdon.

      276365313. Marjory de Huntingdon, born Abt. 1150. She was the daughter of 134312004. Henry de Huntingdon Earl of Huntingdon.
Children of William de Hertburn and Marjory de Huntingdon are:
  i.   Walter de Washington of the Hirsel, born Abt. 1175; died Abt. 1210; married Marjory de Ingol; born Abt. 1180.
  138182656 ii.   William de Washington of Washington, born Abt. 1180; died Abt. 1239; married Alice de Lexington 1211.

      276365328. Sir Walter FitzAdam de Strickland, born Abt. 1140. He was the son of 552730656. Sir Adam de Vaux. He married 276365329. Christina de Leham.

      276365329. Christina de Leham, born Abt. 1150.
Children of Walter de Strickland and Christina de Leham are:
  138182664 i.   Sir Robert de Vaux de Strickland, born Abt. 1170; married Beatrice de Cotesford.
  ii.   Adam FitzWalter, born Abt. 1172.

      276365336. Gervase d'Eincourt, born Abt. 1140.
Child of Gervase d'Eincourt is:
  138182668 i.   Ralph d'Eincourt of Sizergh Castle, born Abt. 1168 in of Sizergh Castle, Westmorland, England; died Bet. 1228 - 1233; married Eleanor le Fleming.

      276365338. Anselm le Fleming, born Abt. 1150 in of Furness, Cumbria, England; died Bet. 1210 - 1217 in of Stainton in Kendal & Drigg. He was the son of 552730676. Michael le Fleming II and 552730677. Christian de Stainton. He married 276365339. Agnes of Dunbar.

      276365339. Agnes of Dunbar, born Abt. 1140. She was the daughter of 552730678. Edgar of Dunbar and 552730679. Alice de Greystoke.
Child of Anselm le Fleming and Agnes of Dunbar is:
  138182669 i.   Eleanor le Fleming, born Abt. 1165; married Ralph d'Eincourt of Sizergh Castle.

      276373506. Geoffrey de Marveis, born Abt. 1170 in of Ireland.
Child of Geoffrey de Marveis is:
  138186753 i.   Joan de Marisco, born Abt. 1202 in of Ireland; died Abt. 1225; married Theobald le Boteler II Abt. 1222 in Ireland.

      276373528. Ralph de la Roche He married 227576733. Elizabeth de Clare Aft. 1322.

      227576733. Elizabeth de Clare, born September 16, 1295 in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire; died November 04, 1360. She was the daughter of 16789166. Sir Gilbert "the Red" de Clare Earl of Gloucester and 8394549. Joan of Acre Countess of Gloucester.
Child of Ralph de la Roche and Elizabeth de Clare is:
  138186764 i.   David de la Roche.

      276373568. Thomas de Arcy, died July 02, 1180. He was the son of 552747136. Robert de Arcy. He married 276373569. Alice d'Eincourt.

      276373569. Alice d'Eincourt She was the daughter of 552747138. Ralph d'Eincourt.
Children of Thomas de Arcy and Alice d'Eincourt are:
  138186784 i.   Thomas de Arcy II, died 1206; married Joan (de Arcy).
  ii.   Robert de Arcy
  iii.   William de Arcy
  iv.   Sir Roger de Arcy
  v.   George de Arcy
  vi.   Clemence de Arcy, born Abt. 1173; died September 1196; married Henry Pinel.

      276373576. William de Bertram II, born Abt. 1157 in of Castle Mitford, Northumberland, England; died 1205. He was the son of 552747152. Roger de Bertram Lord Mitford and 552747153. Ada (de Bertram). He married 276373577. Alice de Umphraville Abt. 1185 in of Castle Mitford, Northumberland, England.

      276373577. Alice de Umphraville, born Abt. 1161 in of Castle Prudhoe, Northumberland, England. She was the daughter of 134313226. Odonel de Umphraville Lord Prudhoe and 134313227. Alice de Lucy.
Children of William de Bertram and Alice de Umphraville are:
  138186788 i.   Roger de Bertram II, born Abt. 1186 in of Mitford, Northumberland, England; died 1241; married Agnes (de Bertram) Abt. 1215 in of Mitford, Northumberland, England.
  ii.   Agnes de Bertram, born Abt. 1190; died Aft. 1244; married Sir Thomas FitzWilliam Lord Emley; born Abt. 1174 in of Hopton, Yorkshire, England; died Aft. 1266.

      276373602. Donnell Mór macToirrdelbaig King of Thomond, born Abt. 1134; died 1194. He was the son of 552747204. Toirrdelbach macDiarmata King of Thomond. He married 276373603. Urlachan of Leinster Abt. 1159 in Ferns, Wexford, Leinster, Ireland.

      276373603. Urlachan of Leinster, born Abt. 1140. She was the daughter of 268628174. Diarmait macMurrough King of Leinster and 268628175. Mór ni Muirchertaig Ó Tuathail.
Children of Donnell King of Thomond and Urlachan of Leinster are:
  i.   Muirchertach Finn macDomnaill King of Thomond, born Abt. 1160; died 1241.
  ii.   Conchobar Ruad macDomnaill King of Thomond, born Abt. 1161; died 1203.
  iii.   Donnchad Cairprech macDomnail King of Thomond, born Abt. 1170; died 1242.
  iv.   Domnall Connachtach macDomnaill O'Brien, born Abt. 1172.
  v.   Muirchertach Dall macDomnaill O'Brien, born Abt. 1174.
  138186801 vi.   Mór O'Brien, born Abt. 1180; married William de Burgh Lord Connacht.

      268628386. Hugh de Lacy Lord Meath, born 1115 in Ewias Lacy, Herefordshire, England; died July 1186 in Durrow, Laois, Leinster, Ireland. He was the son of 537256772. Gilbert de Lacy Lord Meath and 537256773. Agnes (de Lacy). He married 276373605. Rohese of Monmouth Abt. 1160.

      276373605. Rohese of Monmouth, born Abt. 1140. She was the daughter of 552747210. Baderon of Monmouth and 268628387. Rohese de Clare.
Children of Hugh Lord Meath and Rohese de Clare are:
  i.   Emma de Lacy, married Richard de Beaufort.
  134314193 ii.   Mary de Lacy, born Abt. 1139; married William FitzAlan III Lord Cluny & Oswestry.
Children of Hugh Lord Meath and Rohese of Monmouth are:
  138186802 i.   Palatine Walter de Lacy Lord Meath, born Bet. 1160 - 1172 in Ewias Lacy, Herefordshire, England; died February 1240/41; married Margaret de Braose November 1200.
  ii.   Hugh de Lacy Earl of Ulster, born Abt. 1174; died February 1242/43; married (1) Lesceline de Verdun Abt. 1195 in of Staffordshire, England; born Abt. 1178 in of Alton, Staffordshire, England; married (2) Emmeline de Riddlesford of Ulster Bet. February 08, 1242/43 - December 14, 1244; born Bet. 1220 - 1223; died Bet. 1275 - 1276.

      276375552. William de Sutton, born 1217 in of Warsop, Nottinghamshire, England; died August 18, 1267. He was the son of 552751104. Rowland de Sutton and 552751105. Alice de Lexington. He married 276375553. Matilda (de Sutton) Abt. 1237.

      276375553. Matilda (de Sutton), born 1216 in of Warsop, Nottinghamshire, England; died Aft. 1250 in of Warsop, Nottinghamshire, England.
Child of William de Sutton and Matilda (de Sutton) is:
  138187776 i.   Robert de Sutton Lord Warsop, born 1240 in of Warsop, Nottinghamshire, England; died March 08, 1273/74; married Lucy Bartram.

      276375554. Sir Rowland Bartram, born Abt. 1220.
Child of Sir Rowland Bartram is:
  138187777 i.   Lucy Bartram, born Abt. 1250; married Robert de Sutton Lord Warsop.

      276375556. Griffin Lord Shockelach, born Abt. 1200.
Child of Griffin Lord Shockelach is:
  138187778 i.   William Patrick Roderic Lord Shockelach, born Abt. 1230 in of Shockelach, Cheshire, England; married Beatrix de Malpas.

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