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Ancestors of Barbara B. Garner

      1564353104. Robert Malet, born Abt. 1090; died Abt. 1156. He was the son of 3128706208. Gilbert Malet. He married 1564353105. Hesilia de Crispin.

      1564353105. Hesilia de Crispin
Child of Robert Malet and Hesilia de Crispin is:
  782176552 i.   William Malet Lord Malet, born 1125 in of Curry Malet, Somerset, England; died 1169 in Curry Malet, Somerset, England; married Maud de Mortimer.

      1564353106. Roger de Mortimer, born 1100.
Child of Roger de Mortimer is:
  782176553 i.   Maud de Mortimer, born 1129 in of Curry Malet, Somerset, England; married William Malet Lord Malet.

      1564353536. Suer Perez de Toledo, born 1088 in of Toledo, New Castile, Spain. He was the son of 3128707072. Pedro Comneous Count of Toledo and 3128707073. Jimena Nunez.
Child of Suer Perez de Toledo is:
  782176768 i.   Pedro Suarez, born 1120 in of Toledo, New Castile, Spain.

      1564353792. Este Rodrigo Melendez, born 1111 in of Toledo, New Castile, Spain. He was the son of 3128707584. Melen Perez.
Child of Este Rodrigo Melendez is:
  782176896 i.   Garcia Rodiguez, born 1132 in of Toledo, New Castile, Spain.

      1564354048. Diego Lopez "El Blanco" Count of Vizcaya, born Abt. 1070; died 1124. He married 1564354049. Maria Sanchez de Navarra.

      1564354049. Maria Sanchez de Navarra, born Abt. 1080.
Child of Diego Count of Vizcaya and Maria de Navarra is:
  782177024 i.   Lope Dias Count of Vizcaya, born Abt. 1100; died May 06, 1170; married Aldonza de Castro.

      1564354050. Rodrigo Fernandez "El Calvo" de Castro, born Abt. 1080. He married 1564354051. Estephania Perez de Trava.

      1564354051. Estephania Perez de Trava, born Abt. 1090.
Child of Rodrigo de Castro and Estephania de Trava is:
  782177025 i.   Aldonza de Castro, born Abt. 1110; died Aft. 1207; married Lope Dias Count of Vizcaya.

      1564354052. Pedro Gonsalez de Lara, born Abt. 1070; died 1130 in Bayonne, Spain. He married 1564354053. Eva de Trava.

      1564354053. Eva de Trava, born Abt. 1080.
Child of Pedro de Lara and Eva de Trava is:
  782177026 i.   Manrique de Lara, born Abt. 1100; died 1164; married Hermensinde de Narbonne.

      1564354054. Aimeri II Viscount Narbonne, born Abt. 1083; died July 07, 1134. He was the son of 3128708108. Aimeri I Viscount Narbonne and 1074499269. Matilda Guiscard de Hauteville de Apulien. He married 1564354055. Hermensinde (de Narbonne).

      1564354055. Hermensinde (de Narbonne), born Abt. 1087.
Child of Aimeri Viscount Narbonne and Hermensinde (de Narbonne) is:
  782177027 i.   Hermensinde de Narbonne, born Abt. 1105; married Manrique de Lara.

      1564354088. Galindo Velasquez de Ayala Lord Ayala, born Bet. 1064 - 1070 in of New Castile, Spain; died in aft the conquest of Sargossa. He was the son of 3128708176. Lopez Sanchez de Ayala Lord Ayala. He married 1564354089. Maria de Arangutia de Salzedo 1095.

      1564354089. Maria de Arangutia de Salzedo, born 1068 in of New Castile, Spain.
Child of Galindo Lord Ayala and Maria de Salzedo is:
  782177044 i.   Garcia Galindez de Salzedo Lord Ayala, born 1096 in of Ayala, New Castile, Spain; married Alberta Sauz de Zurbano.

      1564354090. Garcia Sauz de Zurbano Lord Zurbano, born Bet. 1073 - 1074.
Child of Garcia Sauz de Zurbano Lord Zurbano is:
  782177045 i.   Alberta Sauz de Zurbano, born 1100 in of Toledo, New Castile, Spain; married Garcia Galindez de Salzedo Lord Ayala.

      1564354092. Iņigo Sanches de Mendoza, born Abt. 1080.
Child of Iņigo Sanches de Mendoza is:
  782177046 i.   Nuno de Piedrolas Count of Piedrolas, born Bet. 1104 - 1106 in of Toldeo, New Castile, Spain.

      1564354688. Matthew de Gernon of Downham, born Abt. 1100 in Normandie, France; died Aft. 1161 in of Downham and Mount Bures, Essex. He married 1564354689. Hodierna de Sackville.

      1564354689. Hodierna de Sackville, born Abt. 1100. She was the daughter of 1074510514. Sir William de Salkevil and 1074510515. Albreda (de Salkevil).
Child of Matthew de Gernon and Hodierna de Sackville is:
  782177344 i.   Ralph de Gernon, born Abt. 1118 in Stansted, Bures, Essex, England; married NN de Brus.

      1564354754. Robert Ingeram, born Abt. 1130 in Yorkshire, England.
Child of Robert Ingeram is:
  782177377 i.   Engelise Ingeram, born Abt. 1155 in Yorkshire, England; married Philip de Colville.

      1564354816. John de Lumley de Peshall He was the son of 3128709632. Robert FitzGilbert de Corbeil and 3128709633. Ormunda de Lumley. He married 1564354817. NN FitzAlan.

      1564354817. NN FitzAlan, born Abt. 1110 in of Swynnerton, Staffordshire, England. She was the daughter of 3128709634. Robert FitzAlan of Swynnerton.
Children of John de Peshall and NN FitzAlan are:
  782177408 i.   Robert de Swynnerton, died Aft. 1189.
  782177412 ii.   William de Peshall, born Abt. 1130; married Ellen de Broughton.

      1564354820. Gamel de Draklowe
Child of Gamel de Draklowe is:
  782177410 i.   Gamel de Doreslowe.

      1564354848. Humphrey de Hastang of Lemington, born Abt. 1090 in of Lemington, Warwickshire, England. He married 1564354849. Lesceline (de Hastang).

      1564354849. Lesceline (de Hastang), born Abt. 1100.
Child of Humphrey de Hastang and Lesceline (de Hastang) is:
  782177424 i.   Atrop de Hastang, born Abt. 1120.

      1564459160. Geoffrey le Wake, born Bef. 1099 in of Bessin, Normandy & Island of Guernsey; died Abt. 1142.
Child of Geoffrey le Wake is:
  782229580 i.   Hugh le Wake, born Abt. 1114; died Bet. 1172 - 1175; married Emma FitzBaldwin de Clare.

      1564459162. Baldwin FitzGilbert de Clare, born Bet. 1088 - 1092 in Hertfordshire, England; died 1154. He was the son of 268627970. Gilbert FitzRichard de Clare Earl of Clare and 268627971. Adeliza (Alice) de Clermont. He married 1564459163. Adelidis de Rullos.

      1564459163. Adelidis de Rullos, born 1092 in of Lincoln, England. She was the daughter of 3128918326. Richard de Rullos Chamberlain and 3128918327. Godiva de Envermeu.
Children of Baldwin de Clare and Adelidis de Rullos are:
  782229581 i.   Emma FitzBaldwin de Clare, born Bet. 1114 - 1130 in Lincolnshire, England; died 1168; married Hugh le Wake.
  ii.   Roger FitzGilbert de Clare, born 1116 in Lincolnshire, England.
  iii.   Rose FitzGilbert de Clare, born 1118 in Lincolnshire, England.

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