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Ancestors of Joanna Maureen Garrett

      136. Samuel Slade, born Abt. 1795 in VA; died Aft. June 1860 in pike co GA. He was the son of 272. Jethro Slade and 273. Mary Harris. He married 137. Chloe Harrison February 19, 1822 in jones co GA.

      137. Chloe Harrison, born October 11, 1800 in NC; died Bef. August 1864. She was the daughter of 274. Joseph Harrison and 275. Charlotte Middleton.
Children of Samuel Slade and Chloe Harrison are:
  68 i.   Joseph Henry Slade, born January 11, 1825 in Jones co Ga; died May 09, 1890 in Oakland union parish LA/Oakland, Bossier Co., LA; married Jane Elizabeth Marion Dumas August 31, 1843 in jones co GA.
  ii.   Mary Anne Slade, born September 01, 1826 in GA.
  iii.   Charlotte Slade, born March 03, 1828 in GA.
  iv.   Elander Slade, born September 03, 1829 in GA; died July 30, 1844 in Jones co Ga.
  v.   Sarah Jane Slade, born November 26, 1830 in GA; died July 19, 1898.
  vi.   Lavina Slade, born April 06, 1832 in GA; died 1904.
  vii.   Minerva Ann Slade, born November 15, 1833 in GA; died January 24, 1883 in GA.
  viii.   Mary Francis Slade, born October 09, 1835 in GA; died September 27, 1892.
  ix.   Abbi Slade, born September 30, 1837 in GA; died April 26, 1908.
  x.   Aletha S Slade, born November 08, 1839 in GA.
  xi.   Samuel G Slade, born March 01, 1840 in GA; died February 28, 1880.
  xii.   Caroline Slade, born Abt. 1842 in Jones co Ga.

      138. John C Dumas, born August 15, 1793 in NC; died April 08, 1834 in jones co GA. He was the son of 276. Jeremiah Dumas and 277. Nancy Mackersham. He married 139. Matilda Kolb May 12, 1826.

      139. Matilda Kolb, born August 26, 1807 in Lee County, Alabama; died December 29, 1875 in Lee County, Alabama.

More About Matilda Kolb:
Burial: Society Hill Cemetery, Lee County, Alabama
Children of John Dumas and Matilda Kolb are:
  69 i.   Jane Elizabeth Marion Dumas, born May 12, 1827 in Jones co Ga; died March 11, 1914 in amarillo TX; married Joseph Henry Slade August 31, 1843 in jones co GA.
  ii.   Leah Ann Dumas, married John A Ward.
  iii.   Jeremiah J Dumas, born August 16, 1830 in jones co GA; died December 04, 1870 in jones co GA; married Horne Cross Adams December 17, 1850.
  iv.   Anseneth Dumas, born 1833 in jones co GA; married Jeff P Woodall January 25, 1849 in jones co GA.

      140. Redrick Parsons Bruton, born August 03, 1807 in Montgomery co NC; died April 08, 1879 in Farmerville, union parish LA. He was the son of 280. James Ozier Bruton and 281. Dianna Parsons. He married 141. Catherine Bethune November 10, 1824.

      141. Catherine Bethune, born January 01, 1807; died December 26, 1831 in Richmond co NC. She was the daughter of 282. John Bethune and 283. Christian McCaskill.

Notes for Redrick Parsons Bruton:
After Reddick and Catherine were married they moved from Montgomery Co NC to Richmond Co NC. Shortly after the deaths of his wife and daughter in 1832 he left NC, leaving his two sons with his parents and moved to Alabama. He married Second wife Sarah Wade Derden and He and his family moved from Alabama to Louisiana around 1840 as the first evidence is found in records of Union Parish, where he and his wife Sarah sold land to Anna Hosey Cooper. In this deed dated 11/13/1841 the property is identified as that property purchased by R P Bruton in 9/1840 and recorded in Ouachita Parish LA. Union Parish was originally part of Quaachita Parish and was formed in 1839. He evidently moved to Louisiana with a number of other Alabamians who migrated west during this period. They crossed the Ouachita River about 25 miles above Monroe entering Union Parish, whose eastern boundary is the Ouachita River. Since that time the spot on the river where they crossed, has been known as Alabama Landing. It is also believed that the town of Marion LA where some of them settled was named for Marion Al. from where a number of them came. Reddick purchased land northeast of Farmerville on the north side of Bayou de Loutre in Union Parish, LA and was farming in 1850 according to the union Parish census of that year.

Reddick was like his grandfather William both a farmer and preacher. He was licensed to preach in the Mississippi Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1840. In 1848 he was ordained as a Deacon and at a later date as an Elder. He preached in union Parish LA for 39 years. In addition to his farming and preaching he was appointed tax collector for Union Parish from 1869 to 1871. On Sunday evening, 4/6/1879 while returning home from preaching in a small community about 15 miles from his home he was stricken evidently with either a heart attack or stroke. He stopped with friends to rest for awhile but when it became apparent that he would be unable to sit his horse for the trip home, word was sent to his family to come and get him. The family brought him home in a wagon and the following Tuesday 4/8/1879 he passed away. He is buried in the Farmerville City Cemetery Farmerville LA.
Children of Redrick Bruton and Catherine Bethune are:
  70 i.   William David McMillian Bruton, born November 01, 1825 in NC; died August 29, 1877 in union parish LA meridean baptist church cementeries; married (1) Mary Ann Thompson; married (2) Nancy Elizabeth Thompson November 28, 1850.
  ii.   John Calvin Bruton, born January 01, 1828; died September 06, 1905.
  iii.   Catherine Bethune Bruton, born November 11, 1831.

      142. William Best Thompson, died January 11, 1850. He was the son of 284. Jessie Thompson. He married 143. Arena Ellis.

      143. Arena Ellis, died September 10, 1855. She was the daughter of 286. B C Ellis.

Notes for William Best Thompson:
Family legend has it that he was a livestock merchant (horse trader) and was kicked by one of several mules which he had just purchased and this caused his death. His widow Arena married James Petit in late 185. In 1855 property was sold from the estate of W B Thompson. When Arena died later in 1855 Dr William D M Bruton was appointed tutor for the minor Thompson children.

William B Thompson JR si shown to be representing the heirs of William B Thompson, deceased, in the sale of some family owned land. He was an attorney living in the New Orleans at this time. It is not known whether he is the son of Willima Best Thompson. It is not likely he was the son of Willima and Arena , however Arena could have been and in all probability was William's second wife.

More About William Best Thompson:
Occupation: Livestock merchant(horse trader)
Children of William Thompson and Arena Ellis are:
  i.   Frances Irene Thompson, born January 08, 1848; died March 30, 1943; married George Asbury Bruton December 20, 1866; born November 30, 1843; died November 27, 1934.
  ii.   John A Thompson
  iii.   Jesse R Thompson, born May 16, 1838; died August 01, 1861; married Ann Sophronia Bruton February 25, 1861; born August 02, 1836; died December 19, 1912.
  iv.   Sarah C Thompson, died 1869; married Jacob G Bilberry; died April 01, 1865.
  v.   Ann Elizabeth Thompson
  71 vi.   Mary Ann Thompson, born 1839 in MS; married (1) William David McMillian Bruton; married (2) Dr John Brooks.
Children of William Best Thompson are:
  i.   Nancy Elizabeth Thompson, born April 08, 1836; died November 29, 1859; married William David McMillian Bruton November 28, 1850; born November 01, 1825 in NC; died August 29, 1877 in union parish LA meridean baptist church cementeries.
  More About Nancy Elizabeth Thompson:
Burial: springhill Cementery Union Parish Oakland LA

  Notes for William David McMillian Bruton:
Dr Bruton had to be buried at night because the body was beginning to mortify and he couldn't be kept out any longer. Also according the his cousin named Bilberry when he contracted typhoid he refused to quit treating his patients and this cased him to die much quicker because he road horseback to visit his patients. there was a typhoid fever outbreak in union Parish and Dr Bruton contracted it from one of his patients.

William Bruton was a medical doctor who lived with his family near Marion LA. A small town about 20 miles northeast of Farmerville. Dr Bruton treated patients in and around both Marion and Farmerville, riding horseback and carrying his medical paraphernalia and medicines in his saddle bags. At he death of William in 1878 George A Bruton a younger son of Reddick and a half brother to William was appointed under tutor fro the minor children of William along with Mary Bruton, the widow of William who was appointed tutrix. Mary was also the sister of Geore's wife Frances Irene. After the death of William Mary married John W Brooks another medical doctor who in addition to his medical practice owned and operated a drugstore in Spearsville, LA which is locate in Union Parish about 20 miles from Farmerville.

  More About William David McMillian Bruton:
Burial: Meridian cementery Marion LA
Fact 1 (2): 1878, Died of typhoid fever

      144. Thomas Jefferson Skelton, born August 10, 1803 in amherst VA Hawkins,tn; died 1865 in polk co TN. He was the son of 288. John Skelton and 289. Elizabeth (Betsy) Roberts. He married 145. Mary Bond/Dowell 1830 in Polk co TN.

      145. Mary Bond/Dowell, born 1803 in Cleveland green tn; died in cleveland green TN.

Notes for Thomas Jefferson Skelton:

Thomas Is in an unmarked grave, in Cumberland Shed Cemetery, Beside a daughter, Nancy Hope Penny, and her husband.
He was the son of John Skelton and Elizabeth Roberts Skelton from Hawkins Co. Tennessee

More About Thomas Jefferson Skelton:
Burial: Cumberland Shed Cemetery Old fort, Polk Co TN
Occupation: Shoemaker
Children of Thomas Skelton and Mary Bond/Dowell are:
  i.   John Skelton, born January 13, 1838; died June 14, 1912; married Sarah Elizabeth Ellison; born March 15, 1840; died April 29, 1883.
  Notes for John Skelton:
Child of John Skelton and Sarah Ellison is:18i. Joe Allen Skelton, born 06 Apr 1867; died 11 Apr 1943; married Agnes Bandy.38. Joe Bandy He married 39. Jane Bates.39. Jane BatesNotes for Joe Bandy:According to notes given to Lee Edward Nipper by Maudie Nipper, Joe Bandy ran away from home at the age of16 and joined the Confederate Army. In one Civil War battle most of his troop deserted. He was frightened andfell to the ground and pretended dead. He was carried from the battlefield and reported killed in action to hisfamily. He ran away to Texas fearing that his family would be ashamed that he deserted the army. He did notreturn home until forty years later after he was married to Jane Bates. They had nine children and later lived inGeorgia.Children of Joe Bandy and Jane Bates are:i. Tom Bandyii. Richard Bandyiii. Bob BandyNotes for Bob Bandy:Bob Bandy was the father of twin girls in 1905. One twin died a few days after birth. They had fivechildren and lived in Bradley County.19iv. Agnes Bandy, born 26 Oct 1877; died 07 Dec 1939; married Joe Allen Skelton.42. John Nelson Melton, born 04 Jun 1818; died 21 Dec 1889 in McMinn Co, TN. He was the son of 84.Silas R Melton and 85. Margaret G Moore. He married 43. Narcissa Walker 10 Nov 1842 in Rutherford Co,NC.43. Narcissa Walker, born 05 Nov 1821 in Rutherford Co, NC; died 19 Sep 1893.More About John Melton and Narcissa Walker:Marriage: 10 Nov 1842, Rutherford Co, NCChild of John Melton and Narcissa Walker is:

  More About John Skelton:
Burial: Shed cemetery Polk co TN

  ii.   Nancy Hope Skelton, married Robert Penny.
  More About Nancy Hope Skelton:
Burial: Cumberland Shed Cemetery Old fort, Polk Co TN

  More About Robert Penny:
Burial: Cumberland Shed Cemetery Old fort, Polk Co TN

  iii.   William Alexander Skelton, married Unknown Hannahs.
  More About William Alexander Skelton:
Lived: Washington Co AR

  iv.   Unknown Skelton
  v.   Unknown Skelton
  vi.   Unknown Skelton
  vii.   Daughter Skelton, born 1825; died 1905.
  72 viii.   Thomas Jefferson Skelton, born May 17, 1834 in polk TN; died February 18, 1894 in buried Earle's Chaple ouside Jacksonvill TX; married Mary Elizabeth Earle January 07, 1858 in Cherokee co TX.
  ix.   Elizabeth Skelton, born 1841.
  x.   Martha Skelton, born 1851.
  xi.   Amon Bond Skelton, born 1853; died 1937 in Tyler TX buried Memorial Cementary/Tyler, Smith Co., TX; married (1) Deliah; married (2) Lula Mae Thompson; married (3) Unknown.
  xii.   Daughter Skelton, born 1854.

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