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View Tree for John ELLIOTTJohn ELLIOTT (b. 20 Jan 1763, d. 14 Sep 1856)

Picture of John ELLIOTT
John Elliott, 1763-1856

John ELLIOTT was born 20 Jan 1763 in Gloucestershire, England, and died 14 Sep 1856. He married Mary HOLDER on 05 Jul 1789, daughter of William HOLDER and Elizabeth PEARSON.

 Includes NotesNotes for John ELLIOTT:
John Elliott (b. Jan 20, 1763 - 1856) and Mary Holder (b. Feb 8, 1769 - 1843) were the parents of eleven children, three of whom were Hannah Elliott (1790 - 1861), who married James Pickering; Rev. John Elliott(1791 - 1891), who married Martha Wells; and Mary Ann Elliott, b. 1794, who married Wm. Buston (1788 - 1847). William and Mary Ann (Elliott) Buston were the parents of Mary Ann, Chas E., Sophia, Catherine b. 1828, Harriet, and Jane. Catherine or "Cousin Kitty" Buston was the person who Mary Azuba Breckenridge and Charles Elliott Breckenridge resided with at Gansevoort, Saratoga County, New York in 1903. "Kitty" Buston was actually a first cousin of Hanna Sophia (Pickering) Breckenridge. It has been said that James Pickering and William Buston were also cousins.

[From "A Sketch of Charles Elliott Breckenridge VT (1851-1916) NY and his Father's Family of Bennington, Vermont." p. 18. Written by Charles Elliott -, Robert James -, Robert William -, and Walter John Breckenridge, and Compiled and Partially Written by Roger Carroll Breckenridge. Additional material: Charles Elliott Breckenridge newspaper clippings & LW&T, provided by Charles Alfred Blackburn. Oct. 26, 1996. Digitized by Charles Edgar Gates, 16 May, 2003.]

Teacher & surveyor.

Dates of birth, death, marriage, occupations, etc. of this family (especially from the 4th child on) given by Robert W. Breckenridge, hand-written, undated notes. "Wrote the poem, 'Leaving Stonehouse'." RWB.
Extensive data on the Elliotts & Walcotts from Jennifer Tilley, 5/160 The Round Drive, Avoca Beach, NSW 2251, Australia"

Compiled by Eleanor Breckenridge Gates
With the Assistance of Robert W.. Breckenridge 1965
Revised 2000 by E.B.G.

This family tree goes back to John and Mary Elliott whose hand-painted portraits hung in our family home in Ames, Iowa but are now in the possession of Bruce Breckenridge in Princeton, NJ.

1. John Elliott b. 1-20-1763, d. 9-14-1856, married Mary Holder on 7-5-1789
Lived in a stone house built in the early 1600s after which the town of Stonehouse, England was named. Because of a severely injured hand from a mill accident he became a teacher and surveyor instead of a farmer as his ancestors had been. He wrote the poem, "Leaving Stonehouse", which R. W. Breckenridge had. He had an Uncle John who was a bachelor and farmer.

Above the door in the Parish Church in Stonehouse it reads in part,
"Erected in 1808
Benefactors John Elliott Esq. L 222 ($621.60)
John Elliott (by his last will and testament) L 100"

2. Mary Holder b. 2-8-1767, d. 11-22-1843
Her Mother was Mrs. Wm Holder, b. about 1745 in England. She was a Clifford, descended from Henry II and "The Fair" Rosamond Clifford who lived about 1200 AD which was during the life of Robin Hood.

3. Hannah Elliott b. 9-5-1790, d.1861, married James Pickering on 6-28-1819
She was born in a little village of Birdwood on the edge of the Forest of Dean near Gloucester in England. Came to America in 1842 and settled on a farm 7 miles S.W. of Gansevoort, NY.

4. James Pickering b. 1798, d.
(See picture of the James Pickering's cabin home 7 miles S.W. of Gansevoort, NY).
Father was Wm Pickering who married Sarah Humpidge (?) in 1788.
His siblings were Sarah, Ann who died at Westbury-on-Severn in 1866, Thomas who ran away to sea and later came back and settled in Westbury-on-Severn, Edwin played a flute on the boat, the Druid, while coming across the ocean and died in Cincinnati, OH.

5. John Elliott b. 12-19-1791, d. 1-4-1891, married Martha Wells, b. 1788, d. 3-10-1872, on 6-20-1820, in Bibury, North Gloucestershire
Vicar of Randwick Parish Church for 72 years.

Plaque in Randwick Church reads

In Affectionate Remembrance of
Martha, The Beloved Wife of John Elliott
who died March 10, 1872 in her 84th year
Also in Remembrance of
Rev. John Elliott
For 72 years Incumbent of This Parish
He departed This Life Jan'y 4, 1891 in his 100th year
Also of Five of Their Children
Martha, who Died April 16th, 1826, Aged 3 years
John Wells, who Died April 18, 1826, Aged 4 years
Ann Elizabeth, who Died March 13, 1827, Aged 11 years
A still born son, April 6, 1834
John, who Died Sept. 21, 1837, Aged 8 years
Also of Mary Anne Elliott 2nd daughter of the above who departed
this life, Sept. 24, 1892, Aged 69 years
God is Love

6. Mary Ann Elliott b. 1-20-1784, d. , married Wm. Buston, in 1847

7. William Buston b. , d. 1847
Came to America from England. Lived in Ft. Miller before settling in Gansevoort where he built the home in which Aunt Matie lived until she died. He worked for Herman Gansevoort who was the son of old General Gansevoort who founded the town. See Sophia Buston no. 17.

8. Eliza Elliott b. 10-14-1795, d. 1839

9. Thomas H. Elliott b. 10-14-1797, d. 1888, married Amelia Helvertine b. 1806, d. 1880

10. Samuel Elliott b. 1-30-1799, d. 4-20-1820

11. Sophia Elliott b. 5-10-1801, d. 11-27-1817

12. William Elliott b. 4-20-1803, d. 10-20-1843

13. Charles Elliott b. 5-10-1805, d.

14. Henry Elliott b. 7-24-1807, d.

15. Jane Elliott b. 1809, d. 1886, married Richard Mills in 1848
After Mary, her mother, died in 1843, Jane kept house for her father, John, for five years. In 1848 she married Richard and lived in Stroud, England where Richard was a wholesale grocer. Jane's. father, John, lived with them until he died in 1856. Their son John Elliott Mills was a banker in Bristol, married an Evans (Textile mill in Stroud is Marlin and Evans Mill). E.B.G. has a sampler with " Jane Elliott June 14, 1841" stitched on it.

16. Catherine Buston, "Cousin Kitty", first cousin of Hanna Sophia (Aunt Matie's Mother). Aunt Matie lived with Cousin Kitty in the Buston home from 1903 until she died in 1952.

17. Sophia Buston b. 1827, d. 1884,
E.B.G. has sampler made by Sophia when she was 12 years old. It reads in part
"Sophia Buston Fort. Miller
Aged 12 Years "
Also her green trunk and her picture.
Breck Turkington has another of her trunks.

18. Helen Eliza Pickering b.7-23-1820, d. ,

19. James Pickering b. 12-11-1822, d ,

20. Hannah Sophia Pickering b. 7-31-1825, d. 2-9-1901, married John Younglove Breckenridge 2-19-1854

From Charles Elliott Breckenridge's writings "Hannah Sophia, (who shortened her name to Anna) married my father, John Younglove Breckenridge Feb. 19, 1854 & went with him to his home in Bennington, Vermont, where he had been born on May 17, 1817, mother was accustomed to the farm & service of the Episcopal church & the marriage was by a clergyman of that church, Rev. Samuel B. I have heard father speak in praise of the Episcopal form of wedding & funeral service but the amt. of ceremony was more than he could stand for a regular attendance of church service, though mother seemed to enjoyed it."
(E.B.G. has the Hannah's wedding nightgown and cap).
From Charles's writings " Mother's home in Saratoga Co (see postcard picture of Pickering home in Saratoga Co.) was only 12 or 15 miles down the Hudson from the home of grandmother when she lived there." (On the back of the postcard it says "7 miles")

21. Charles Elliott Pickering b. 12-11-1826, d.

22. John Younglove Breckenridge b. May 17, 1817, d. 1882
Born and lived at the Bennington, VT home as did 23, 24, 25,26,and 27.

23. Charles Elliott Breckenridge b. 1851, d. 1916
Teacher, farmer, traveler

24. Mary Azuba Breckenridge b. 10-21-1859, d. 1-23-1952, married Eugene Losee 1-14, 1912
See "Mary Azuba Breckenridge Losee 1859-1952" by E.B.G.

25. Harriet Elizabeth Breckenridge b. 4-24-1855, d. 1-14-1830, married Charles Henry Killam 3-19-1878
Moved to the Killam farm, "Prospect Farm", overlooking three of the Woodstock Villages in CT
Had two children, Edward Breckenridge and John Holmes
26. John Younglove Breckenridge, Jr. b. 5-7-1864, d. 2-27-1917, married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Emily Stone 5-12-1886 Lived in Pine City, MN. B. 12-23-1859, d. 2-9-1942 Pharmacist Teacher and pharmacist
Had three children, John Younglove III (died in infancy), John Younglove III and Clinton Stone

27. Robert James Breckenridge b.3-31-1869, d.4-20-1943, married Betsy (Bessie) Graham Lang 12-27-1893
Lived in Brooklyn, IA, Owned a hardware store. b. 9-12-1861, d.7-16-1947

28. Esther Lang Breckenridge b. 12-10-1895, d. 9-29-1903
Gail Esther Gates has one of her little dresses and her picture.

29. Robert William Breckenridge b. 4-17-1998, d. 12-20-1966, married Mildred McLain 9-6-1921
Lived in Ames, IA b. 10-24-1861, d. 10-11-1967
Prof. in Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State U. Teacher

30. Harold Charles Breckenridge b. 10-3-1900, d. 3-31-1977, married Ona May Wilkin 6-10-1926
Lived in Boone, IA b. 9-29-1900, d. 2-4-1998
Farm manager and Home economist
seed corn sales district supervisor.
Had two children, Jo Ann and John Wilkin

31. Walter John Breckenridge b. 3-22-1903, d. , married Dorothy Effie Shogren 7-26-1933
Lives in Minneapolis, MN. b. 9-19-1909, d.
Museum director, artist. Food service manager
Had three children; Betsy Jean, Thomas Robert and Barbara Ann.

We believe the green silk calash belonged to the family of the two people that are pictured since our family has a number of things that came from that branch of the family tree.

John Elliott was born on January 20, 1763, in Westbury Parish near the Severn River a few miles from Birdwood, which is near Gloucester, England. He was named after his Uncle John who was a bachelor and owned a farm of 80 acres which he planned to give to his namesake . But young John received an injury at a mill that was on the farm and that disqualified him for farm work. Uncle John helped him to get an education for a life of surveying and teaching.

On July 5, 1789, he married Mary Holder, the only child of William and Hannah Holder of Gloucester. Mary was born on February 18, 1767. Mary's mother, Hannah, was a Clifford, descended from Henry II and "The Fair" Rosamond Clifford who lived about 1200 A.D., about the time of Robin Hood.

John and Mary Elliott then lived in a stone house which was built in the early 1600s. The town, Stonehouse, was named after this house. Mary and John raised eleven children, Hannah, the oldest, being my great-great grandmother. Mary died in 1843 at the age of 76. John died in 1856 in his 94th year.

The stone over the family vault in Stonehouse bears this inscription,
"Titles are vain and vain the stone's intent
A man's good name is his best monument."

Hannah Elliott, born on September 5, 1790, married James Pickering, born 1798, on June 28, 1819. They came to America in 1842 and settled on a farm 7 miles S.W. of Gansevoort, NY, where they lived in a log cabin (see picture.)This couple raised four children, Helen Elizabeth, James, Hannah Sophia and Charles.

Their daughter, Hannah Sophia, married John Younglove Breckenridge on February 19, 1854. They raised five children; Charles Elliott, Mary Azuba, Harriet Elizabeth, John Younglove and Robert James (my grandfather).

Their son, Charles, wrote, "Hannah Sophia, (who shortened her name to Anna) married my father, John Younglove Breckenridge, February 19, 1854 and went with him to his home near Bennington, Vermont, where he had been born on May 17, 1817. Mother was accustomed to the farm & service of the Episcopal church & the marriage was by a clergyman of that church, Rev. Samuel B. I have heard father speak in praise of the Episcopal form of wedding & funeral service but the amt. of ceremony was more than he could stand for a regular attendance of church service, though mother seemed to enjoy it."
They lived in the house that John's father, Daniel, had built on the family property. (See picture.) At one time John specialized in raising fine coach horses. When John died in 1882 at the age of 65 His son, Charles, wrote,
"Father died in Dec. 1882. I was in Miss. at the time and from my diary kept at the time my record of his last day of active life. He assisted in putting a new storm door at the front and soon after the lamps were lighted he said, ‘Now let's have prayer for I am way tired and wish to go to bed. You may sit up as long as you choose.' He went to bed to rise no more."

I have included the rest of the family tree down through my family. Some of this is repetitious but I have come upon a bit more information which I have included here.

Eleanor Breckenridge Gates
Home Economics Education, Class of 1951

Dear Jennifer, November 25, 2000

In looking over the information you mailed me I see some things that don't match up with what I have on
Rev. John's children. As you can see from my diagram we only have information on six children, all of
whom were mentioned on the plaque on the Randwick church wall. Sarah, Charles, Elizabeth, Isabella or
the twins are not mentioned. Mary Ann is spelled with an "e" on the end of the Anne as listed on the plaque. Elizabeth, Charles, Isabella and Sarah may have still been alive when the plaque was made. Funny that the twins were not mentioned on the plaque. Obviously my records need updating. Too bad I'm not Internet literate but maybe Chuck could help me on his if you have information that is more easily accessible on the Internet than to forward to me on e-mail.

I didn't really mean to get involved in more genealogy, but I suppose it would be a good idea to get my records complete since I've run across this new source (you).

Turns out my brother has visited the Randwick church, too, and has a photo of the plaque on the wall. Our slide didn't turn out to be readable but I had copied down what it said in my notes. Would you like me to send it when I can get it from him? I can get Chuck to send it on his e-mail.

Do you suppose I should send to your sources in Randwick what family information I have?

More About John ELLIOTT and Mary HOLDER:
Marriage: 05 Jul 1789

Children of John ELLIOTT and Mary HOLDER are:
  1. +Hannah ELLIOTT, b. 02 Sep 1790, Birdwood, Gloucestershire, England, d. 28 Jan 1861, Schuylerville, NY.
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