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Ancestors of Frances Carolyn Shannon

      212. Robert Bedwell, born 1733 in Kent County, Deleware; died 1807 in Grayson County, Virginia. He was the son of 424. James Bedwell. He married 213. Anne Wilson in Kent County, Deleware.

      213. Anne Wilson, died Unknown. She was the daughter of 426. Robert Wilson.
Children of Robert Bedwell and Anne Wilson are:
  106 i.   Reuben Bedwell, born in Grayson County, Virginia; died Bef. 1834 in Marshall County, Tennessee; married (1) Unknown; married (2) Unknown.
  ii.   Elisha Bedwell, died Unknown.
  iii.   James Bedwell, died Unknown.
  iv.   John Bedwell, died Unknown.
  v.   Thomas Bedwell, died Unknown.
  vi.   Mary Bedwell, died Unknown.
  vii.   Micha Bedwell, died Unknown.
  viii.   Robert T. Bedwell, born February 10, 1759; died Unknown.

      224. Lewis Bobo, born 1736; died March 07, 1808 in Union County, South Carolina. He was the son of 448. Spencer Bobo and 449. Jane Wofford. He married 225. Sarah Solomon.

      225. Sarah Solomon, died 1806.

Notes for Lewis Bobo:
Lewis Bobo fought in the Revolutionary War. He is buried in the family cemetery
in Cross Keyes, South Carolina.

Children of Lewis Bobo and Sarah Solomon are:
  i.   Elizabeth Bobo, born 1757; died Unknown; married Robert Skelton; died Unknown.
  Notes for Elizabeth Bobo:
Elizabeth and Robert Skelton moved to Franklin County Georgia and later to
Calhoun County, Alabama.

  ii.   Sampson Samuel Bobo, born 1759 in Union County, South Carolina; died Unknown.
  Notes for Sampson Samuel Bobo:
It is believed that Sampson Bobo is the same person as referred to in the
"History of Hart County, Georgia" by John William Baker, as Samuel Bobo,
progenitor of the Bobo family in Hart County.

  iii.   Sarah Martha Bobo, born 1763 in Union County, South Carolina; died Unknown; married Jonathan Norman; died Unknown.
  112 iv.   Solomon Bobo, Sr., born 1765 in Union County, South Carolina; died 1847; married Pollie Potts.
  v.   Patsy Bobo, born 1765; died Unknown; married Levi Smith; died Unknown.
  vi.   Jeanny Bobo, born 1768; died Unknown; married Ray; died Unknown.
  vii.   Mary Polly Bobo, born 1769; died April 07, 1815; married John Rhodes; died Unknown.
  viii.   Abigail Migail Bobo, born 1771; died Unknown; married M. Cooper; died Unknown.
  ix.   Nancy Bobo, born 1773; died Unknown; married Joseph Ray; died Unknown.
  x.   Kindred Bobo, born January 14, 1775; died 1829; married Mary Ann Murphy; died Unknown.
  xi.   LaDocia Dicey Bobo, born May 21, 1776; died October 13, 1837; married Nevil C. Holcomb; died November 18, 1832.

      226. William Potts, died Unknown.
Child of William Potts is:
  113 i.   Pollie Potts, died Unknown; married Solomon Bobo, Sr..
Generation No. 9

      256. William Shannon, born in County Clare,; died Unknown in Ft. Steele, Pennsylvania. He married 257. Mary Hall.

      257. Mary Hall, born in London, England; died Unknown in Ft. Steele, Pennsylvania.

Notes for William Shannon:
Source: Roy Lee Shannon SAR papers found at Frankfort, Kentucky Genealogy Library.
Child of William Shannon and Mary Hall is:
  128 i.   Samuel Shannon, born in Ft. Steele, Pennsylvania; died Unknown; married Alice Sampson.

      280. John Bradley, born November 30, 1676 in St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland County, Virginia; died January 16, 1762 in Middlesex County, Virginia. He was the son of 560. Robert Bradley and 561. Ann Bradshaw. He married 281. Mary Rhodes November 02, 1711 in Middlesex County, Virginia.

      281. Mary Rhodes, died Unknown.
Children of John Bradley and Mary Rhodes are:
  i.   Hezekiah Bradley, born Bef. 1712; died Unknown.
  ii.   William Bradley, born Bef. 1712; died Unknown.
  iii.   Elizabeth Bradley, born May 18, 1715; died Unknown.
  iv.   John Jr. Bradley, born October 28, 1718; died Unknown.
  140 v.   Robert Bradley, born January 21, 1720/21 in Orange County, Virginia; died 1785 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia; married Ann Williams.
  vi.   Anne Bradley, born July 05, 1725; died Unknown.

      284. Captain William Johnson, born Abt 1685; died Unknown. He married 285. Nan Chew Abt 1710.

      285. Nan Chew, died Unknown.
Child of Captain Johnson and Nan Chew is:
  142 i.   Colonel William Johnson, born 1714; died 1765 in Orange County, Virginia; married Elizabeth Cave.

      286. Benjamin Cave, died Unknown. He married 287. Hannah Bledsoe.

      287. Hannah Bledsoe, died Unknown.
Child of Benjamin Cave and Hannah Bledsoe is:
  143 i.   Elizabeth Cave, born 1720 in Orange County, Virginia; died Unknown; married Colonel William Johnson.

      288. John Bracken, born Abt 1697 in Yorkshire, England; died April 24, 1770 in Orange County, North Carolina. He was the son of 576. William Bracken and 577. Hannah. He married 289. Catherine Adams September 19, 1751 in Deleware.

      289. Catherine Adams, died Unknown.
Children of John Bracken and Catherine Adams are:
  144 i.   William Brecheen, died 1808 in Sumner County, Tennessee; married (1) Abigale (Unknown); married (2) Elizabeth Gilleham.
  ii.   Martha Bracken, died Unknown.
  iii.   James Brachon, died Unknown.
  iv.   Isaac Bracken, died Unknown.
  v.   Susan Bracken, died Unknown.
  vi.   Thomas Bracken, born 1737; died Unknown.
  vii.   Samuel Bracken, born 1742; died 1812.

      304. Ralph Shelton, born 1685 in Middlesex Co., Virginia; died March 1732/33. He was the son of 608. Peter Shelton and 609. Susannah Jaxon. He married 305. Mary Jane Crispin.

      305. Mary Jane Crispin, born 1686 in Middlesex Co., Virginia; died 1765.

Notes for Ralph Shelton:
Ralph Shelton was born about 1685, in England, Virginia, or possibly Bermuda. He married Mary about 1707.
Some records give Mary's surname "Crisp" or "Crispin" but no record of marriage found.

Ralph and Mary had a large family. Birth and baptismal records on most of their children are on record in the Christ Church Registry of Middlesex County Virginia.
Their eleven children were: Thomas (c1707); Ralph Jr (c1709); Elizabeth (c1711) m. William Davis; Chrispin (c1713); Reuben (c1715); Mary (c1716); Catherine (c1719) m. George Blakey; John (1722); Benjamin (1724); James (1726); and Daniel (1729).

Ralph died in Middlesex County Virginia, his will dated 17 March 1733, proved 2 April 1734. His son Thomas executor and designated caretaker of younger siblings.
Ralph's widow, remarried to a man named Clark. Her will written in 1750, and proved in Pittslyvania County Virginia in 1770, leaves the bulk of her estate to her youngest son, Daniel.
Children of Ralph Shelton and Mary Crispin are:
  i.   Thomas Shelton, born 1707; died Unknown.
  152 ii.   Ralph Shelton, Jr., born 1709 in Middlesex Co., Virginia; died March 30, 1789 in Henry County, Virginia; married (1) Susannah; married (2) Mary Daniel June 10, 1731 in Middlesex Co., Virginia.
  iii.   Elizabeth Shelton, born 1711; died Unknown.
  iv.   Crispin Shelton, born 1713; died Unknown.
  v.   Reuben Shelton, born 1715; died Unknown.
  vi.   Mary Shelton, born 1716; died Unknown.
  vii.   Catherine Shelton, born 1719; died Unknown.
  viii.   John Shelton, born 1722 in Middlesex County, Virginia; died 1804 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia; married Elizabeth; died Unknown.
  Notes for John Shelton:
Source: John Shelton Jr. Jan 12, 2000

  ix.   Benjamin Shelton, born 1724; died Unknown.
  x.   James Shelton, born 1726; died Unknown.
  xi.   Daniel Shelton, born 1729; died Unknown.

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