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Descendants of Firstname (Father) Dynan

Generation No. 4

      32. Nora Helen4 Dynan (John Henry3, Michael (Dynan)2 Dining, Firstname (Father)1 Dynan) was born September 22, 1893 in Annandale, Minnesota Wright County, and died August 06, 1968 in Monticello, Minnesota. She married Orlando (Lando) Matthew Kirscht August 10, 1921 in St. Ignacius, Annandale, Minnesota, son of Peter Kirscht and Katherine Eull. He was born January 15, 1897 in Buffalo, Minnesota, and died December 31, 1971 in Elk River, Minnesota.

Notes for Nora Helen Dynan:
Nora was born in the log house. [Joanne Link's family history.]

Nora was the eldest child in the family. Nora's first teaching job was a rural school near St. Michael, MN. The school was open five months when the children had no field work. Most of the children could only speak German. Nora had taken German when she attended St. Cloud Normal School, now known as St. Cloud State University. She stayed at one of the homes near the school. Sometimes they would talk about her, not knowing that she understood German. Her next teaching job was at Pelican Lake District. It was there she met Lando Kirscht. [Narrative from Joanne Link's family history.]

Nora died from heart disease.

Notes for Orlando (Lando) Matthew Kirscht:
April 1, 1930 United States Census, Minnesota, Wright County, Monticello Township, Enumeration District 86-24, Sheet 10A, lines 15-19:
Kirscht, Lando M, head of household, age 33, married at age 24, born in Minnesota, parents born in Minnesota, rents, owns a radio, farmer, general farming, veteran of World War I;
Nora, wife, age 36, married at age 27, born in Minnesota, father born in Illinois, mother born in Pennsylvania;
George, son, age 7;
Mary, daughter, age 5;
Joan, daughter, age 2.

More About Orlando (Lando) Matthew Kirscht:
Census: April 01, 1930, Minnesota, Wright County, Monticello Township
Children of Nora Dynan and Orlando Kirscht are:
  65 i.   George Michael (Bud)5 Kirscht, born July 31, 1922 in Monticello, Minnesota; died 1999 in Hopkins, Minnesota. He married Harriet Mary Cavanaugh September 12, 1945 in Maple Lake, Minnesota; died May 18, 2000 in Hopkins, Minnesota.
  66 ii.   Mary Katherine Kirscht, born March 25, 1925 in Monticello, Minnesota; died January 22, 1994 in St. Louis, Minnesota. She married Vernon Emil Arnold February 08, 1947 in Monticello, Minnesota; born June 12, 1913 in Monticello, Minnesota; died March 11, 1992 in Monticello, Minnesota.
  Notes for Vernon Emil Arnold:
April 1, 1930 United States Census, Minnesota, Wright County, Monticello Township, Enumeration District 86-24, Sheet 9B, lines 51 -56 lists his parents, Emil and Edna, and siblings: Evelyn S., age 18, Glenn, age 15 and Merle, age 13. Vernon was the second born. His age was listed as 16.

  67 iii.   Florence Joanne Kirscht, born December 24, 1927 in Monticello, Minnesota. She married Kenneth Ignatius Link August 10, 1950 in Monticello, Minnesota; born December 18, 1919 in Big Lake, Minnesota; died April 13, 1995 in Monticello, Minnesota.
  68 iv.   Bernard Louis Kirscht, born July 22, 1931 in Monticello, Minnesota. He married Ruth Ann Leger October 01, 1955 in Osseo, Minnesota; born August 02, 1935 in Amery, WI.

      34. Mary Magdaline (Mayme)4 Dynan (John Henry3, Michael (Dynan)2 Dining, Firstname (Father)1 Dynan) was born December 07, 1896 in Annandale, Minnesota, and died February 06, 1978 in Rockville, Minnesota. She married Jacob (Jake) Gross June 18, 1924 in St. Ignatius, Annandale, Minnesota, son of Peter Gross and Appolonia Hansen. He was born July 25, 1891, and died June 29, 1975.

Notes for Mary Magdaline (Mayme) Dynan:
Mayme died of cancer - a brain tumor. Not verified.

Notes for Jacob (Jake) Gross:
April 1, 1930 United States Census, Minnesota, Stearns County, Rockville Township, Enumeration District 73-51, Sheet 1A, lines 2-7:
Gross, Jacob, head of household, owner, owns a radio, age 37, married at age 32, born in Minnesota, father born in Germany, mother born in Minnesota, farmer, own farm, not a veteran.
Mary, wife, age 33, married at age 28, born in Minnesota, father born in Minnesota, mother born in Pennsylvania;
Mary E., daughter, age 4 11/12;
John P., son, age 3 2/12;
James W., son, age 5/12;
Also in the home:
Dina, William J., brother-in-law, age 35, born in Minnesota, father born in Minnesota, mother born in Pennsylvania, laborer, employed in granite, actually at work - no, line number for unemployed - 1, veteran - yes, World War I.

More About Jacob (Jake) Gross:
Census: April 01, 1930, Minnesota, Stearns County, Rockville Tounship
Children of Mary Dynan and Jacob Gross are:
  69 i.   Mary Evelyn5 Gross, born April 13, 1925.
  70 ii.   John Peter Gross, born January 09, 1927; died July 24, 1984.
  71 iii.   James William Gross, born November 03, 1929. He married Magdaline Neminick June 20, 1959; born March 25, 1929.
  72 iv.   Louis Joseph Gross, born May 19, 1931 in Rockville, Minnesota; died April 26, 1999 in Rockville, Minnesota. He married Betty Bidinger 1953.
  73 v.   Eleanore Julia Gross, born March 05, 1933; died September 23, 1988 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. She married James E. Donovan April 24, 1954.
  74 vi.   Daniel Gross, born January 29, 1936 in Rockville, Minnesota; died January 29, 1936 in Rockville, Minnesota.

      35. John Gaylord (Gib)4 Dynan (John Henry3, Michael (Dynan)2 Dining, Firstname (Father)1 Dynan) was born January 17, 1899 in Annandale, Minnesota, and died June 15, 1953 in Annandale, Minnesota. He married Lillian Kathryn Bakula September 02, 1935 in Annandale, Minnesota. She was born April 28, 1912 in Fort Atkinson, IA, and died December 07, 1979 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Notes for John Gaylord (Gib) Dynan:
John Gaylord's nickname was Gib.

Annandale Advocate newspaper funeral notice:
John was born at home on the farm. After graduating from high school at age 18, he attended Dreios(s)(?) Business College at St. Cloud, Minnesota. He then worked a year in a bank in Minneapolis. He taught in rural schools in Minnesota and North Dakota for three years.
After his father died in 1924, Gib operated the family farm.
He died suddenly on Monday, June 15, at 5:30pm.
He was survived by brothers Daniel and Michael and sisters Nora, Mary, Evelyn, Anna (Mrs. August Schaefbauer] of Herried, SD.
Other survivors are: four uncles, two aunts, nieces, nephews and many friends.

On May 7, 1927, John acquired additional property. Filing #113038 of patent #20483 of State Public School Land of NE1/4 SW1/4 35-121-28, (Section 36 in Township 121, Range 28) for 40 acres to John H. Dynon (sic).

John courted Lillian for seven years before they married. They dated Fridays. John liked to bring a box of chocolate covered cherries. Lillian got tired of them, but her sisters liked them. [Story shared by Lillian with their children.]

Joint tenancy with Lillian Bakula Dynan to the farm was created on 12-15-52. It was recorded in the Wright County Register of Deeds on that date in Book 159, page 123. Information contained in the "Affidavit of Survivorship Joint Tenancy or Remainderman, Doc. No. 189954, dated July 7, 1953 in Wright County and duly recorded in Book 12 of Miscellaneous Records, page 4.

Notes for Lillian Kathryn Bakula:
1928-1929: Class Autographs Booklet - Sports - 'outdoor sports'
School Colors: Senior Year - purple and white; Flower: yellow rose.
Most entries were little poems with a personal note tacked on: "Your friend who could never leave you alone. Ruby Dixon;" "Remember me as the one whom you found always fighting with Kieth and in the cloak hall;" "Remember our Biology class and how you used to become angry at me for shaking your desk. Arnold Hillman;" "Remember our Latin class - the translations in Caesar, M. Esther Lahti;" Remember your crabby bus driver and how angry you would get at me when I drove too far away from your driveway, Classmate, Raymond Olson;" "The pest, Rudolf A. Sand."
- A few were personal remembrances: "Oct.3, 1929. Dearest Lillian, We weren't in the same class .... Whenever I came into the hall you were sure to be there. What did you do there so much? I know! Powder, comb your hair and gossip like all the rest of us do. Your Friend, Wilma Rozenberg."
- One autograph was entered by one of the teachers: "For two years I have enjoyed having you in my classes, and it's students like you one loves - so kind, responsible, and ever smiling. Louise Sandvig."

Lillian was in a class of 19. In 1979, they celebrated their 50th class reunion.

She taught in rural schools for 6 years. After Gib's death, she returned to St. Cloud State while teaching in a rural school at least one year. She graduated from St. Cloud in June, 1964. She taught in Annandale for 7 years in 4th grade. She then taught Special Education Elementary in Elk River for 4 years.

Lillian then moved to Canon City, Colorado where she taught Junior High English for 2 years. She lived with sister and brother-in-law, Ruth and Lud Feriancek. After returning to Minnesota, she lived in Minneapolis where she worked two years in Admitting, Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Upon request of Elk River school, she taught Special Education Senior High for 4 years. She retired in June, 1976 and moved to a one bedroom house on Lake Constance, 3 miles north of Buffalo.

Lillian's second marriage was to John Pauman, widower, about 1963, after he courted her. When John was pressuring her to marry him, she was not able to obtain information any negative information about him from acquaintances who did not want to interfere. She learned the hard way that the marriage was a mistake. She filed for divorce and obtained back her previous name.

More About Lillian Kathryn Bakula:
Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery, Annandale, Minnesota
Children of John Dynan and Lillian Bakula are:
  75 i.   Ruth Catherine5 Dynan, born January 28, 1938 in St. Cloud Hospital, St. Cloud, Minnesota. She married (1) Robert Frank Weidell September 22, 1968 in South Dakota; born July 31, 1930 in St. Paul, Minnesota; died November 14, 1975 in St. Paul, Minnesota. She married (2) Thomas Lee Gensman March 24, 1998 in Port Clinton, Ohio; born July 07, 1938 in Fremont, Ohio.
  Notes for Ruth Catherine Dynan:
St. Cloud Hospital issued a certificate with photo of the hospital in a keepsake folder.
Baptism: Godparents: William J. Dynan (uncle) and friend of family, Agnes Berthel Powers.
First Communion: First Communion Certificate.

From family history notes written by mother, Lillian Dynan:
"Ruth Catherine Dynan born Jan. 28, 1938 at St. Cloud Hospital. Had a bad case of paralytic polio near the end of the polio epidemic in 1946, coming down with also a case of bulbar polio while in St. Cloud Hospital. After ten days was sent to Gillette Hospital for Crippled Children in October, 1946. Stayed there until July, 1947, when she came home and made repeated regular trips back to Gillette until she reached age 21, and three surgeries to improve herself as she was left without the use of her left side, or use of her arms. By wearing a brace for a couple of years, she was able to get around quite well. She quit wearing a brace until she broke her leg from a fall on the steps [actually on a tiled hall floor] at St. Joseph Home in Mpls (Minneapolis) in 1964 and since has worn the full leg brace."

  More About Ruth Catherine Dynan:
Baptism: February 13, 1938, St. Ignatius Catholic Church, Annandale, Minnesota
Confirmation: October 17, 1948, Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota
First Communion: June 24, 1945, St. Ignatius Catholic Church, Annandale, Minnesota

  Notes for Robert Frank Weidell:
Robert had a serious heart attack in 1972 which prevented him from working. In 1975 he had a fatal heart attack.

Death Certificate states immediate cause of death: myocardial infarction, due to or as a consequence arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

  Marriage Notes for Ruth Dynan and Thomas Gensman:
Marriage blessed on June 20, 1998 at St. Joseph Catholic Church, Winter Haven, FL.

  76 ii.   William Patrick Dynan, born December 25, 1939 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He married Linda Dianne Nelson September 05, 1964 in Buffalo, Minnesota; born March 08, 1943.
  77 iii.   Mary Julia Dynan, born May 27, 1941 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. She married Leonard Hmel June 10, 1961 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; born July 29, 1936 in Altoona, Pennsylvania.
  78 iv.   Nora Helen Dynan, born August 02, 1943 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. She married David A. Swanson December 02, 1967 in Assumption Catholic Church, Richfield, Minnesota; born May 09, 1938 in Montivideo, Minnesota.
  79 v.   Margaret Ann (Peggy) Dynan, born November 05, 1945 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. She married James Erpelding May 06, 1967 in Elk River, Minnesota; born July 22, 1943.
  80 vi.   Timothy Brien Dynan, born January 08, 1948 in St. Cloud, Minnesota; died May 15, 1971 in U.S. Army, Germany.
  Notes for Timothy Brien Dynan:
Tim graduated in 1967 with a degree in drafting from Dunwoody Institute, Minneapolis, Minnesota. He then worked for Innglebritten Silo Mfg. Co. until he was drafted into the army in September, 1968.
Initially drafted, Tim changed his status to enlisted which was three years in the service instead of two. This qualified him for additional training based upon his achievement in completing the Army Aptitude Tests, his high school education and high moral character. He was sent to Ft. Knox Engineer phases of schooling after Basic in Ft. Belvoir, VA and then was sent to Grafenvohr, Germany.

Tim's military assignment was in Germany. On May 15, 1971, at 6:30pm, two months before his discharge scheduled for August, 1971, Tim was accidently killed from a fall of heavy equipment:
"Tim and four other members of A Battery were using a military truck to move a high pressure water tank to the opposite end of the Air Defense Tactical site. Tim was riding in the back of the truck with the water tank. While rounding a curve, the load shifted causing the truck to over turn. The officer in charge of the site immediately notified a medical evacuation helicopter, which arrived within fifteen minutes. Efforts were made by members of the Battery to administer mouth to mouth resuscitation. The doctor declared the time of death was 6:40pm, saying death was almost instantaneous as a result of internal bleeding."

The accident crushed his chest and bursted his aorta. His head was so damaged that he had to have a closed casket funeral.

Lillian said that losing a child was worse than losing a spouse. She received letters from Tim's friends and his commanding officer on how highly he was regarded.

"Memorial service for Specialist Five Timothy B. Dynan (A Battery, 6th Battalion, 60th Artillery) conducted at Grafenvohr Post Chapel on May 17, 1971 at 1400 hours. 6th Battalion, 60th Artillery, LTC. John A. Spegele, Commanding."

An Honorable Service certificate awarded for honorable and faithful service, signed by Stanley R. Resor, Secretary of the Army.

Tim was buried in Annandale, Minnesota, cemetery next to his father, John Gaylord Dynan.

  More About Timothy Brien Dynan:
Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery, Annandale, Minnesota

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