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Descendants of Anthony Gholson, Sr.

Generation No. 2

2. WILLIAM2 GHOLSON , SR. (ANTHONY1) was born Abt. 1705 in of, Spotsylvania Co., Virginia, and died 1795 in of, Spotsylvania Co., Virginia. He married SUSANNA COLLINS 1729, daughter of CAPTAIN COLLINS and SUSANNA LEWIS.

William Gholson, son of Anthony Gholson, Sr and Jane his wife, was probably born in Virginia. He resided generally in Spotsylvania County, Virginia durning his life, but owned property in both Spotsylvania and Orange Countiesand had transactions in Orange County. He was possibly 21 years of ageor more on September 28,1728,when he was granted 500 acres of land in a royal grant from King George the 2nd. This land located on Terry's Run in Spotsylvania County. His brother Anthony Gholson, ,Jr. was granted a similar 500 acres and his father Anthony Gholson, Sr. ,was granted 1000 acres on the same date in the same locality. The surnames are spelled differently in various records.
There are quite a number of land transactions recorded in Spotsylvania and Orange Counties showing purchases and disposals of property between 1749 and 1786 to which William Gholson, Sr. and his wives were parties. The mark with which he signed his name was distinctive and identified him from any others, and clearly shows him with his two wives. The records, however are insufficient to establish a complete account of his life and of his family. the marriage records of Spotsylvania County are not complete enough to account for any of the daughters which he possibly had.
William Gholson, Sr. married the first time to Susanna Collins, a daughter of Joseph Collins (who was Captain in the Spotsylvania Militia in 1750) and of his wife, Susanna Lewis. The Last Will and Testament of Joseph Collins in 1757 in Spotsylvania County verifies this marriage. Susanna Collins Gholson lived until 1775 or later. By 1786 she was deceased and on Dec. 5,1786 William Gholson, Sr. (spelled Golson in this transaction) and his wife Joan Golson sold 80 acres of land in Spotsylvania County on which Terry Perry was then residing to Robert Smith of the same county. Though she is recorded in that one deed (which she did not sign)she could have easily been the same Jane Gholson (Gholston) who inventory of her estate (after her decease) was made in Spotsylvania County on February 28,1797, with John Greenhorn, administrator. Her name before her marriage to William Gholson, Sr. may have been Jane Peryy (or Joan Perry).
Some have thought that the Jane Gholson, whose inventory was made on February 28,1797, was the aged widow of anthony Gholson, Sr. This is not likely, since Anthony Gholson, Sr.'s widow had property, which though deeded to her son John, could not be disposed of by John until after the death of Jane Gholson, his mother, the widow of Anthony Gholson, Sr.
William Gholson, Sr. probably died in Spotsylvania County. He and his wife, Susanna Collins Gholson must have left in large family. For the posterity of this couple see also the volume GHOLSON and ALLIED FAMILIES, by Virginia Baker Mitchell. Little effort will be made in this volume to show the descendants of William Gholson, Sr., excepting in cases where new information can be added. The names of six sons of this couple are known, and seven of them if Major Lewis Golsan, or Orangeburg County, South Carolina, was the eldest. There must have been daughters, whose names have not yet been discovered in the records. It is hoped that new information may later be found.
1.Deed Books, Will Books, Court Order Books of Spotsylvania and Orange Counties, Virginia
2. Register of Kentucky State Historical Society, Volume 27.
3. Gholson and Allied Families by Virginia Baker Mitchell

ALL TAKEN FROM Gholson, Golson Golsan by James M. Black

       Children of WILLIAM GHOLSON and SUSANNA COLLINS are:

6. i.   LEWIS3 GHOLSON, b. 1730, Spotsylvania Co., Virginia; d. 1799.

7. ii.   ANTHONY GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1733, of, Spotsylvania or Orange County, Virginia; d. 20 January 1817, Kentucky.

  iii.   FREDERICK GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1735, Spotsylvania Co., Virginia.

Frederick Gholson, son of William Gholson, Sr. and Susanna Collins, born probably 1733 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. He served in the Virginia Militia durning the American Revolution. Frederick may have been related to Daniel Simpson of Spotsylvania County.

Served in the Virginia Militia durning the American Revolution.

May have been related to Daniel Simpson of Spotsllvania County, Virginia

8. iv.   JOHN GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1740, Spotsylvania Co., Virginia.

9. v.   FRANCIS GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1742; d. Hamilton Co., Illinois.

  vi.   JAMES GHOLSON, b. Abt. 1745, Spotsylvania Co., Virginia.

10. vii.   WILLIAM GHOLSON , JR., b. 1758, Spotsylvania County, Va; d. 02 January 1837.
3. ANTHONY2 GHOLSON , JR. (ANTHONY1) was born Abt. 1707 in of, Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and died 13 March 1779 in (WP), Halifax County, VIrginia. He married MARY SANDRIDGE, daughter of WILLIAM SANDBRIDGE and ANN.

Will: Wirt Johnson Carrington, comp., "A History of Halifax County, Virginia," (Baltimore, MD: Regional Publishing Company, 1975); Page297. "March 13, 1779 - Will of Anthony GHOLSTON. Wife, Mary; sons, John, Joseph and Dabney; daughters, Eunecy, Sucky, Sarah POWELL, Ann FLIMIN, Mary JONES, Betty JONES." Executors: Wife, Mary; John and Joseph GHOLSTON. Witnesses: Edward GARLINGTON, Richard (X) HATTER, Susannah (X) HATTER.

Anthony Gholston, Jr. , son of Anthony Gholson, Sr. and Jane hsi wife, was born in Virginia and probably in Spotsylvania County. He was raised in Spotsylvania County., and was probably born about 1707, as he was likely 21 years of age or more in 1728, when on September 28th, he was granted 500 acres of land from King Geroge the 2nd., on Terry's Run in Spotsylvania County in connection with a similar grant to his brother, William Gholson, and at the same time his, father Anthony Gholson, Sr. recieved a grant of 100 acres in the same location. His descendants bwegan writing and spelling their name "GHOLSTON", which is the comon spelling of the name for the descendants,in Georgia, alabama, Mississippi, ect.

Anthony Gholston, Jr. sold the 500 acres in Spotsylvania County, of which he had been given by the grant, to William Les of King and Queens County, Virginia on June 6,1743. On May 7,1744 he purchased 200 acres in St. George Parish, Spotsylvania County from William Sandridge (his father-in-law) and his wife Ann. He and Mary his wife, sold this latter property on June 4,1764, toPeter Marye of Spotsylvania County. It was probably about this time that he removed to Louisa County, which was his residence at the time that he purchased 225 acres of land in Halifax County,Virginia on February 10,1777, from John Williamson.
Anthony Gholston, Jr. was married to Mary Sanridge, daughter of William and Ann Sanridge, of Spotsylvania County. the last will and testament of William Sandridge is dated March 3,1746 in Spotslyvania County and in the same he bequethed 100 acres to his granddaughter, Sarah Golson, daughter of Anthony GHolston, Jr. and Mary (Sandridge)Gholston, his wife. Ann Sandridge, widow of William, was remarried on June 28, 1754, to Joseph Martin.
It is possible that Anthony Gholston, Jr. renered some service in the Revolutionary War in the way of supplies, and he may have given other services in the previous wars, though nothing definite in this regard has been located. His widow, Mary Sandridge Gholston, did render service to the Continential Troops, as shown in the Public Claims for Halifax County in Public Claims Index in the Virginia State Archives, page 25. She gave 3 bushels of Indian Corn, 10 bushels of Indian Corn and 200 pounds of fodder for the use of Contiental Troops.
Anthony Gholston, Jr. made his last will and testament on Halifax County, Virginia on March 12,1779, and the same was probated on July 15,1779, and he names nine children in his will, which are probably listed in order of their births. The marriages of most of the children are found listed in the order of their births. The marriages of most of the children are found County marriage bonds and in records in Goochland County. The widow, Mary Sandridge Gholston, was born about 1720-22 and it states that she died in 1783. There is recorded in the Halifax County marriage bonds the record of a marriage of one, Mary Gholston on August 9, 1788 to John Brown, with Frederick Brown as bondsman. Could this have been a remarriage of Mary Sandridge?
Dabney Gholston of Madison County, Georgia, made a Power of Attorney on February 25,1812, authorizing his brother Joseph Gholston's wife, Frances, and their son, Anthony as his legal and lawful attorneys to collect legacy which he should have from the estate of his mother<Mary (Sandridge) Gholsoton, who was deceased at that time. If the mother died in 1783,why did Dabney wait until 1812 to collect legacy from his mother's estate?

1. SARAH GHOLSTON, born in Virginia about 1745, probably in Spotsylvania County. She recieved a gift of 100 acres of land from her grandfather,William Sandridge, in his dated March 3, 1746, and was probably the first and oly child of Anthony Gholstyon, Jr and Mary Sandridge on that date. Sarah Gholston was married to Charles Powell and they settled in Kentucky.

2. ANN GHOLSTON, born in Virginia about 1747: married Mr. Fleming/

3. JOHN GHOLSTON born in Virginia, probably Spotsylvania County, about 1749: married Ann Pettus and removed to Wilkes County, Georgia.

4. Joseph Gholston, born in Virginia, probably Spotsylvania County, about 1751: married August 26,1779, Frances Waddell.

5. MARY GHOLSTON, born in Virginia, probably Spotsylvania County, about 1753,married James Jones before 1781.

6. ELIZABETH GHOLSTON(Betty) born in Virginia,about 1755, probably in Spotsylvania County; married before 1781, David Jones.

7. EUNICE GHOLSTON, born in Virginia, about 1757, probably in Spotsylvania County; was unmarried at the time of her fathers will in 1779.

8. DABNEY GHOLSTON born in Virginia about 1759, probably in Spotsylvania County; settled in Wilkes County, Georgia, married first about 1786, Elizabeth Pullina,; secondly December 24, 1793, Mary Bullock.

9. SUSANNA GHOLSTON, born in Virginia, about 1761, probably Spotsylvania County; married November 15,1775, in Halifax County, to Anthony Pruitt of Halifax County.

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Anthony Gholson, Jr.
       As has been notes, Anthony , "junior Gohalson", son of Anthony gholson, Sr.

       Children of ANTHONY GHOLSON and MARY SANDRIDGE are:

11. i.   SARAH3 GHOLSON, b. 1745; d. Aft. 1779.

  ii.   ANN GHOLSON, b. 1747, prob Spotsylvania County, Va.; d. Aft. 1779; m. MR. FLEMING.

  iii.   JOHN GHOLSON, b. 1749, prob Spotsylvania County, Va.; d. Aft. 1779; m. ANN PETTUS.

12. iv.   JOSEPH GHOLSON, b. 1751, of, Spotsylvania County, Virginia; d. Aft. 1779.

  v.   MARY GHOLSON, b. 1753, of, Spotsylvania County, Virginia; d. Aft. 1779; m. JAMES JONES, Bef. 1779.

  vi.   ELIZABETH GHOLSON, b. 1755, of, Spotsylvania County, Virginia; d. Aft. 1779; m. DAVID JONES, Abt. 1773.

  vii.   EUNICE GHOLSON, b. 1757.

13. viii.   DABNEY GHOLSON, b. 1759, of, Spotsylvania County, Virginia; d. Aft. 1779.

  ix.   SUSANNA GHOLSON, b. 1761, of, Spotsylvania County, Virginia; m. ANTHONY PRUITT, 15 November 1785, Halifax County, Va..
4. LUCY2 GHOLSON (ANTHONY1) was born Abt. 1711 in of, Halifax Co., Virginia. She married JAMES STAPP I.

       Child of LUCY GHOLSON and JAMES STAPP is:

14. i.   JOHN3 STAPP.
5. JOHN2 GHOLSON (ANTHONY1) was born 1718 in of, Halifax Co., Virginia, and died Aft. 26 July 1790 in Virginia. He married ESTHER COOKE 1736.

       Children of JOHN GHOLSON and ESTHER COOKE are:



16. iii.   MARTHA GHOLSON.



  vi.   MISS GHOLSON, m. MR. QUIN.

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