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Descendants of James Logan Colbert

Generation No. 3

      10. Col. Henry W.3 Love (Sally2 Colbert, James Logan1) was born Abt. 1784 in Mississippi, and died Abt. 1847 in Colbert, Oklahoma. He married (1) Sarah Ann Moore. She was born in Lousiana, and died 1837 in Mississippi. He married (2) Elizabeth Meezell 1809 in Arkansas County, Arkansas.

Notes for Col. Henry W. Love:
Notes from Hamm:

Most of the references to Thomas Love's sons list Henry first, and it is assumed that he was the eldest. I don't know when he was born but by 1828 he was married and the father of six children. His wife was Sarah Ann Moore, called Sally, a non-Indian, from Louisiana. She died in 1837 in Mississippi. Henry Love owned a large home and plantation on the outskirts of the present town of Pontotoc, Mississippi. He farmed and raised cattle on an extensive scale, and his well directed business affairs brought him handsome financial returns. It was at Martyn Mission that Henry Love and his family became members of the Presbyterian Church. Henry was sent to Washington in 1839 as a delegate, and in that same year was one of the signers of the supplemental treaty. In 1840 he settled near the town of Colbert, but made several trips back to Mississippi for the purpose of assisting in winding up the affairs of the Chickasaw, incident to their removal.
Children of Henry Love and Sarah Moore are:
+ 86 i.   Amanda M.4 Love, born Abt. 1820 in Mississippi; died May 06, 1851 in Willis, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.
+ 87 ii.   John Benjamin Love, born Abt. 1819 in Mississippi.
+ 88 iii.   Elvira Love, born November 03, 1821 in Mississippi; died August 09, 1894 in Indian Territory.
+ 89 iv.   Henry Overton Love, born September 06, 1823 in Holly Springs, Mississippi; died February 28, 1906.
+ 90 v.   Frances Catherine Love, born Aft. 1825 in Mississippi; died Bef. 1867.
+ 91 vi.   Charlotte Love, born May 18, 1825 in Holley Springs, Mississippi; died February 24, 1882 in Colbert, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.
+ 92 vii.   Littleton Henderson Love, born Abt. 1827 in Mississippi; died January 1856 in Indian Territory.
  93 viii.   Catherine Love, born Abt. 1829 in Mississippi.
  94 ix.   David Love, born Aft. 1829 in Mississippi.
+ 95 x.   Elizabeth Love, born Abt. 1833 in Mississippi; died 1914.

      11. Delilah3 Love (Sally2 Colbert, James Logan1) was born Abt. 1790 in Mississippi, and died Bef. 1847 in Ft Washita, Indian Territory. She married (1) Unknown Mitchell. She married (2) John B. Moore. He was born 1782 in Louisianna.

Notes for John B. Moore:
notes from Hamm: The Moores lived near Holly Springs and attended the Monroe Mission. After John B. Moore's death, Delilah came west in her brother Ben Love's party. Others in a group which crossed the Mississippi December 12, 1842, were Tennessee Overton, Overton Love, R. B. Willis, John Byrd, Henry Love, Tyson, J. H. Willis, Winchester Colbert.
Children of Delilah Love and Unknown Mitchell are:
+ 96 i.   Joseph4 Mitchell, born February 24, 1809; died Bef. 1898.
+ 97 ii.   Catherine Mitchell, born 1812 in Mississippi; died Bef. 1897 in Chickasaw Nation.
Children of Delilah Love and John Moore are:
+ 98 i.   Hariett4 Moore, born February 17, 1818 in Mississippi; died March 15, 1852 in Doaksville, Indian Territory, Oklahoma.
+ 99 ii.   Mary Moore, born 1819 in Marshall County, Mississippi; died 1878 in Stonewall, Indian Territory, Oklahoma.
+ 100 iii.   Eliza B Moore, died October 08, 1851.
  101 iv.   John B Moore.
+ 102 v.   George Clenenden Moore, born Abt. 1832; died Abt. 1865 in Red River County, Texas.
+ 103 vi.   Martha Jane Moore, born 1830 in Mississippi.
+ 104 vii.   Catherine Caroline Moore, born 1816; died 1896.

      13. Col. Benjamin3 Love (Sally2 Colbert, James Logan1) was born Abt. 1795 in Mississippi, and died July 03, 1849 in Houani Creek, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory. He married Charlotte Burney, daughter of Simon Burney and Margaret Allen. She was born 1818 in Mississippi, and died Abt. 1926.

Notes for Col. Benjamin Love:
notes from Hamm:

Benjamin was born in Mississippi a short distance below Buena Vista. He was educated in Washington City, the name our Capitol was called in those days. I estimate he was born between 1795 and 1800. He was active in the affairs of his people, and was often referred to as Ben Love, the interpreter. Upshaw said he was the most talented man in the Nation; he understood and knew how business should be done. Ben and his brother Isaac were members of the exploration party in 1828 that came west to inspect the proposed new home for the tribe. He was a member of the Commission of Seven which disbanded when the land sales were practically completed.

Ben and his wife, Charlotte Burney, resided at Holly Springs, Mississippi and were members of the nearby Presbyterian mission. Migrating west, they settled near the mouth of the Washita where Ben farmed and raised cattle. Like most of the Loves, he was a large slave owner.

On the 3rd day of July, 1849, Ben Love was killed on Houani Creek near the old Bell Academy, in present Marshall County, Oklahoma. This creek evidently named for the Ah-yow-wa-na tribe which sometimes camped there. Two reports on the assassination have come to my attention. One = "Benjamin Love murdered by a Shawnee who was taken into custody at Fort Washita. He claimed murdering was his business. Said he was hired by two Chickasaw to commit the murder". Two = "Ben Love was shot from ambush while watering his horse. I have heard my Mama tell about it many times...The two men who killed Ben Love were Adam Jemmie and Raven Portre. They were held for along time and finally turned loose...Someone killed Porter as he crossed Red River, and Adam Jemmie was killed near the Adam Jimmey Point".

Notes for Charlotte Burney:
notes from Hamm:Charlotte was reputed to have been 110 years of age at her death, and that she was blind the last ten years.
Children of Benjamin Love and Charlotte Burney are:
+ 105 i.   Agnes4 Love, born Abt. 1832; died August 1852.
+ 106 ii.   Matilda Alma Love, born Abt. 1833; died Aft. March 1879 in Chickasaw Nation.
+ 107 iii.   Mary Jane Love, born August 29, 1837; died December 29, 1867.
+ 108 iv.   Melvina Love, born Abt. 1840; died 1870.
+ 109 v.   Emily Love.
+ 110 vi.   Narcisso Love, born 1820 in Mississippi.

      14. Elizabeth3 Love (Sally2 Colbert, James Logan1) was born 1795, and died September 05, 1837 in Toccapola, Mississippi. She married James B. Allen, son of William Allen. He was born 1760 in Virginia, and died 1835 in Tuccopola, Mississippi.

Notes for James B. Allen:
"From the Journal of Rev. Joseph Bullen, missionary to the Chickasaw Indians prior to 1800"
                        Allen's Tavern
Old Pontetoc was located about five miles south of the present town on Pontetoc. The Allen Tavern was the town tall of the village. The village extended from the tavern through the present Zion community to the home of George Colbert which became the famous "Colbert Tavern" on the Natchez Trace in later years.

Allen's Tavern was the social center of the Chickasaws and the white men and breed living among them. James Allen, the proprietor, was a member of a wealthy and prominent Nashville family, friends of General Andrew Jackson. According to tradition, James Allen a promising young lawyer, because of an unhappy circumstance, left Nashville and came to the Chickasaw nation, James Allen met General William Colbert in Nashville, and upon arriving in the Chickasaw Nation, made his way to Colbert's home some miles south of Toxish. James Allen met and married Susan" Bessie" Colbert, the youngest and most accomplished daughter of William Colbert. At her marriage, her father bestowed upon Bessie much land, slaves and other property. The Natchez trace was being opened up as a post road from Nashville to Natchez, and James built his tavern on Old Pontetok, six miles north of McIntosh's Tavern at Toxish.

For various printed records it is known that James Allen was educated at William and Mary College in Williamsburg, Virginia. He at once time was an attorney in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee. He gambled and drank heavily; and having failed in the law business in Nashville, followed the Natchez Trace into the IT, where he eventually went to work as a subagent for Malcolm McGee, who ran a Choctaw agency.
Children of Elizabeth Love and James Allen are:
+ 111 i.   George G4 Allen, born 1805; died Aft. 1853.
+ 112 ii.   Sarah Allen, born February 10, 1808 in Mississippi; died December 02, 1854 in Indian Territory.
+ 113 iii.   Mississippi Allen, born March 18, 1812; died December 04, 1865 in Marietta, Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.
+ 114 iv.   Alexander G. Allen, born Bef. 1818; died 1845 in Shelby County, Tennessee.
+ 115 v.   Louisiana Allen, born Bef. 1818.
+ 116 vi.   Susannah Allen, born Bef. 1818.
  117 vii.   Mary Allen, born Bef. 1829; died Bef. 1849.
  118 viii.   Elizabeth Allen, born Bef. 1829; died Bef. 1849.
  119 ix.   Samuel Allen, born Bef. 1829; died Bef. 1849.
+ 120 x.   Mourning Tree Allen, born August 22, 1833; died February 16, 1899 in Colbert, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.

      15. Isaac3 Love (Sally2 Colbert, James Logan1) was born 1797 in Chicksaw Nation, Mississippi, and died 1881 in Chicksaw Nation, Mississippi. He married Eliza McKinney.

Notes for Isaac Love:
Note #1: from Archerd and associated surnames

Isaac was a riotous drinking man, yet he was influential with his people. (Colbert Genealogy).

From Hamm genealogy:
He was a member of the party which made a trip to the Western Country in the winter of 1830-1831, prior to the removal, to inspect the proposed new home. A gentleman by the name if Ireland and Isaac Love, who accompanied the exploring party returned a few days since...the account they give of the Country West of the Mississippi is discouraging to the Chickasaw. I have been informed by the Love Connection has formed a settlement at a place called the Pidgeon Roost. He was opposed to the removal and when most of the Chickasaw ere preparing to leave Mississippi, we find Isaac purchasing land from his half-sister nancy, near Holly Springs, and evidently determined to remain in Mississippi. He made several trips between the old and new homes and finally, in 1844, settled in the vicinity of Colbert. His home was on the high land about two miles east of the present town of Colbert. The Love plantation consisted of hundreds of acres and extended from the home place to Red River.

Children of Isaac Love and Eliza McKinney are:
+ 121 i.   Elsira4 Love, born July 03, 1815 in Mississippi; died Abt. 1858.
  122 ii.   Delilah Love, born December 16, 1820.
+ 123 iii.   Sarah Love, born March 04, 1823; died March 03, 1847.
+ 124 iv.   Benjamin Stephen Love, born February 18, 1825; died December 26, 1856 in Burneyville, Oklahoma.
+ 125 v.   Emily Love, born February 24, 1827 in Mississippi; died March 23, 1884 in Burneyville, Love County, Indian Territory.
  126 vi.   Mary Ann Love, born April 14, 1829. She married Charles Banhier October 19, 1848.
+ 127 vii.   Wyatt Call Love, born October 17, 1832 in Mississippi; died June 1899 in Colbert, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.
  128 viii.   Leader R Guy Love, born June 24, 1836 in Mississippi; died December 29, 1856.
+ 129 ix.   Henry Love, born May 20, 1839; died November 22, 1901 in Colbert, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.

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