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Descendants of James Logan Colbert

      68. Andrew Morgan3 Colbert (Levi2, James Logan1) was born 1825, and died Aft. 1872 in Indian Territory.
Child of Andrew Morgan Colbert is:
  215 i.   Mary Ann4 Colbert.

      69. William James3 Colbert, Jr. (Samuel2, James Logan1) died 1837 in Pontotoc, Mississippi. He married Kunnoyie. She died 1838 in Canadian, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.
Children of William Colbert and Kunnoyie are:
  216 i.   Joseph4 Colbert.
  217 ii.   Tennessee Colbert.
  218 iii.   Samuel Colbert, born Abt. 1832.

      70. Winchester Daugherty3 Colbert (Samuel2, James Logan1) was born 1810 in Cotton Gin Port, Monroe County, Mississippi, and died 1880 in Atoka, Atoka County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory. He married (1) Rhoda Ibbahfoquatubby. He married (2) Silsey Ibbahfoquatubby. He married (3) Annica Kemp. She died May 25, 1884 in Oil Springs, Indian Territory. He married (4) Easter Ibbahfoquatubby.

Notes for Winchester Daugherty Colbert:
Notes from Kerry Armstrong:
"Daughtery (Winchester) Colbert although listed as a son of the large family of Levi Colbert, and although he was reared as a member of that family, a vertification impels the conclusion that he was not in fact, a son of Levi Colbert. He is reputed to be the natural son of an intinerant, adventurous white man by the name of Darrity. His mother was a Chickasaw woman. He was received by adoption into the family of Levi Colbert.

He was invest with the family name of Colbert, his own father's name being employed as his first name. But Darrity Colbert soon became Daughterty Colbert, occasioned not only by a similarity in the names but also probably influenced by the fact that a near relative of Levi Colbert bore the name of Daughtery Colbert. The name Winchester Colbert was adopted by the young man some years later and so through life he sometimes was recognized as Daugherty Colbert and at other times as Winchester Colbert." (Memserve, John Bartlett, Chronicals of Oklahoma, "Governor Daughtery (Winchester Colbert". vol XVIII, p348).

Recent "Colbert" Scholars believe that he was the son of Samuel and Nancy (Frazier) Colbert, (A younger son of James Logan Colbert). and upon Samuel's early death, he was adopted by Levi Colbert. (See, Martini "Chickasaw Empire").

He removed to Indian Territory in 1837 and settled with his family near where Canadian, Oklahoma is located today. The Colbert home was on the south side of the Canadian River near North Fork, a community of the Creek nation. Later in life he moved to Pontotoc County, Indian Territory. In August of 1858, he became the second Governor of the Chickasaw Indian nation. He was re-elected in August of 1862, and again in August of 1864. He was the Chickasaw Governor during the period of the Civil War.

Child of Winchester Colbert and Rhoda Ibbahfoquatubby is:
  219 i.   Julia4 Colbert, born Abt. 1848.
Children of Winchester Colbert and Silsey Ibbahfoquatubby are:
  220 i.   Lucy Bransford4 Colbert.
  221 ii.   Elizabeth Colbert.
  222 iii.   Harley Humphrey Colbert, born January 15, 1849 in Pontotoc Co. Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory; died January 26, 1913 in Pontotoc Co. Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.
  223 iv.   Margaret Colbert, born 1845 in Pontotoc Co. Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory; died 1921 in Stonewall, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma.
  224 v.   Noah Colbert.
  225 vi.   Viney Colbert, born Bef. 1856; died Bef. 1889. She married Unknown Harris.
Children of Winchester Colbert and Annica Kemp are:
  226 i.   George Washington4 Colbert, born Abt. 1836.
  227 ii.   Isabelle Colbert, born September 11, 1848 in Pontotoc Co. Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory; died March 18, 1909 in Pontotoc Co, Oklahoma. She married Wesley D. Loving; born July 25, 1856; died February 29, 1912 in Pontotoc Co, Oklahoma.
  228 iii.   Elizabeth Colbert, born Abt. 1852.
Children of Winchester Colbert and Easter Ibbahfoquatubby are:
  229 i.   David4 Colbert.
  230 ii.   Mary Colbert.
  231 iii.   Wilson Colbert.
  232 iv.   Jackson Colbert.
  233 v.   Isaac Colbert.

      71. Robert3 Colbert (Samuel2, James Logan1) was born 1818.
Children of Robert Colbert are:
  234 i.   Emily4 Colbert, born Bef. 1856; died March 17, 1906.
  235 ii.   Lindsay Colbert.
  236 iii.   Vina Colbert.

      72. Hettie3 Colbert (Samuel2, James Logan1) was born 1820. She married Unknown Colbert.
Children of Hettie Colbert and Unknown Colbert are:
  237 i.   Ben4 Colbert.
  238 ii.   Selina Colbert.

      74. Joseph Edwin3 Colbert (James Holmes2, James Logan1) was born September 10, 1801 in Mississippi, and died Bef. 1898. He married Elmira Oxberry. She was born in Mississippi.
Children of Joseph Colbert and Elmira Oxberry are:
  239 i.   Elizabeth4 Colbert. She married Unknown Fletcher.
  240 ii.   Frank Colbert.
  241 iii.   William Colbert.
  242 iv.   Joseph Colbert.
  243 v.   Henry Colbert, born 1838.
  244 vi.   Emily Colbert, born August 16, 1841; died November 29, 1930.
  245 vii.   Lavinia Colbert, born 1845; died July 25, 1903.
  246 viii.   Jane A Colbert, born January 20, 1852; died November 02, 1895.
  247 ix.   Albert D Colbert, born 1855.
  248 x.   Edmund Colbert.

      75. Tennessee Robinson3 Colbert (James Holmes2, James Logan1) was born May 06, 1805, and died December 01, 1870 in Indian Territory. She married John A Bynum October 19, 1819. He was born September 21, 1788 in North Carolina, and died February 14, 1836 in Pontotoc Co, Mississippi.
Children of Tennessee Colbert and John Bynum are:
+ 249 i.   Turner4 Bynum, born July 20, 1820; died April 11, 1859.
  250 ii.   Elizabeth Jane Bynum, born February 16, 1823; died April 27, 1829.
  251 iii.   John Ross Bynum, born March 25, 1835; died September 01, 1857.

      76. Susan Miller3 Colbert (James Holmes2, James Logan1) was born 1814. She married Lovard Morehead James February 1831 in Marshall, Mississippi. He was born July 10, 1808 in Wilmington, Delaware.
Children of Susan Colbert and Lovard James are:
  252 i.   Amelia4 James.
  253 ii.   Margaret Hinton James, born March 13, 1838; died March 1875 in Colbert, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.

      77. Samuel A3 Colbert (James Holmes2, James Logan1) was born November 14, 1816, and died August 27, 1880 in Nelson, Kiamitia County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory. He married (1) Mary Unknown. He married (2) Rhoda Gunn Bef. 1833, daughter of James Gunn and Mary Colbert. She was born April 16, 1818 in Pontotoc, Mississippi, and died July 25, 1876 in Colbert, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory. He married (3) Lucinda Love Bef. 1834, daughter of Thomas Love and Homahota. She was born January 14, 1816 in Holly Springs, Marshall County, Mississippi, and died August 19, 1890 in Nelson, Kiamitia County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.
Child of Samuel Colbert and Rhoda Gunn is:
  254 i.   Mary Susan4 Colbert. She married John M. Temple.
Children of Samuel Colbert and Lucinda Love are:
  255 i.   Atwood4 Colbert, born October 24, 1834; died April 08, 1868.
  256 ii.   George Washington Colbert, born December 19, 1838 in Marshall County, Mississippi; died November 26, 1899 in Atntlers, Pushmataha County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.
  257 iii.   Sarah Love Colbert, born August 19, 1844; died October 08, 1876.
  258 iv.   Virginia Colbert, born July 08, 1846; died September 30, 1884.
  259 v.   Isabella Colbert, born December 08, 1850; died January 16, 1879.
  260 vi.   Caroline Colbert, born 1852; died 1900 in Durant, Blue County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.
  261 vii.   Samuel Colbert, born 1855; died 1878.
  262 viii.   Mary Colbert, born 1856.
  263 ix.   Ellen A Colbert, born April 07, 1857; died July 31, 1904.
  264 x.   Wilson McAlester Colbert, born September 19, 1860; died February 05, 1862.
  265 xi.   Edward F Colbert, born 1863. He married Lena Hereford; born 1866.
  266 xii.   Delilah Colbert, born June 11, 1864; died August 26, 1886. She married L. P. Parshall.

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