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Descendants of John Branch

Children of P
111. i.   JOSEPH12 HILL.

91. THOMAS11 JEFFERSON (PETER10, THOMAS9, MARY8 BRANCH, CHRISTOPHER7, CHRISTOPHER6, LIONEL5, WILLIAM4, RICHARD3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 13 Apr 1743 in Shadwell, albemarle Co. Va., and died 04 Jul 1826 in Montecello Virginia. He married MARTHA WAYLES SKELTON Jan 1772. She was born 19 Oct 1748, and died 06 Sep 1782.
Children of T
  i.   LUCY ELIZABETH12 JEFFERSON, b. May 1772.
  ii.   JANE RANDOLPH JEFFERSON, b. 1774; d. 1777.
  iii.   MARTHA JEFFERSON, b. Sep 1775; d. 1836; m. THOMAS M. RANDOLPH, Feb 1790, Virgina.
  iv.   MARY JEFFERSON, b. 1778; d. 1804; m. JOHN WAYLES EPPES, Oct 1797.

92. EDWARD O.11 BRANCH (EDWARD10, BENJAMIN9, BENJAMIN8, CHRISTOPHER7, CHRISTOPHER6, LIONEL5, WILLIAM4, RICHARD3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1765 in Manchester Parish Chesterfield , Va.. He married MARTHA BOTT 05 Nov 1787, daughter of MILES BOTT and SARAH NEAL. She was born 1767 in Virginia, USA.
Children of E
112. i.   MILES BOTT12 BRANCH, b. 1790, Brunswick, Virginia; d. 01 May 1861, Brunswick, Virginia.

93. THOMAS11 BRANCH (EDWARD10, BENJAMIN9, BENJAMIN8, CHRISTOPHER7, CHRISTOPHER6, LIONEL5, WILLIAM4, RICHARD3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1767 in Manchester Parish , Chesterfield , Va., and died 1820. He married MARY WALKER 12 Dec 1792 in Amelia, Virginia, USA. She was born 1774 in Amelia, Virgnia.
Children of T
  i.   EDMUND WALKER12 BRANCH, b. 1793.
  ii.   JACOB W BRANCH, b. 1795.
  iii.   EDWARD T BRANCH, b. 1797.
  iv.   MARY CATHERINE BRANCH, b. 1800.
  v.   JUDITH ANN BRANCH, b. 1802.
  vi.   HARIETT LOUISA BRANCH, b. 1804.
  vii.   ELIZABETH BRANCH, b. 1806.
  viii.   MATILDA F BRANCH, b. 1810, Amelia, Virginia; d. 1860.

94. WILLIAM11 BRANCH (EDWARD10, BENJAMIN9, BENJAMIN8, CHRISTOPHER7, CHRISTOPHER6, LIONEL5, WILLIAM4, RICHARD3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 07 May 1770 in Manchester Parish , Chesterfield , Va., and died Nov 1812 in Kentucky. He married MARY GEORGE 04 Nov 1789 in Lunenburg Co. Va.. She was born 19 Mar 1775, and died 17 Jul 1842.

Notes for W
William lived on a plantation in Virginia, later sold this and made preparations to move to Kentucky in 1812. The laws of Virginia did not allow slaves to be moved for one state to another, but could send them south and sell them. He sent thirty odd to New Orleans. It is not know if the man who took them was a regular dealer, but he never showed up, and they were a clear loss to William. William drown in the Clinche River and Mary took her Numerous Branches to Kentucky.

Notes for M
From, "Tribute to My Mother" by De. Robert G. English of Des Moines Iowa.
From unwritten history alone it is known that she(Mary George) descended from a strong, vigorous healthy, and intelligent family of Virginians in the Revolutionary period of our country's history, her father and one or more of her brothers taking part in the ever memorable Revolutionary War. Very precocious as a child she developed into womanhood at an unusually early age. At the age of 14 she was very fair and withal a very fine looking young lady. She was born according to our family Bible history in Virginia March 19, 1775, Married to William Branch Nov. 24 ,1789 thus beginning adult life at a very tender age. The Bible record that her first born was a son who survived his birth but a brief space of time, came to her before she attained her sixteenth anniversary."
With family obligations and interest being renewed with some degree of regularity until these responsibilities had reached the number of fifteen, covering a period of 23 years of married life---Mr. Branch at the time of which we write though a fairly good provider for his family had not been provident in securing a home for his own needs, preferring to use his own means in ways that he thought would yield him better returns, with the view , no doubt, that the home would be secured later on when he could better spare the means for that purpose."
"His means were invested with that of a partner in the live stock business which was very good at the time. The partners were together with all their available means, or at least all that Mr. Branch possessed were in South Carolina when for some reason not recalled if ever heard, Mr. Branch found it necessary for him to return to Virginia. Not a great distance from his home and family, in attempting to cross a stream swollen to its utmost limits by recent rains he became entangled in the raging water and never reached home alive. This together with what had gone before was affliction enough to crush the stoutest heart, but there was yet to be add, the treachery and dishonesty of a faithless partner. The poor, bereaved and stricken widow suffered the loss of all the available means, the savings of Mr. Branch's entire Business life."
"Thus left in almost straightened circumstances with eight living sons and three younger daughters she found herself in condition to begin life anew. Her seventh child, a daughter came to her death by clothes burning at the age of five years. She and the babe who did not survive his birth , other left in the cemetery. The two older daughters, Lucy and Mary were already married leaving her but eleven to share with her the coming life whether as helps or encumbrances coming years would determine. Her sons at this time ranged in ages from twenty years down to the babe in arms, and three younger daughters 10, 5, & 2 respectively, constituted nearly or quite all the values she possessed at that time. Were ever surroundings less hopeful or prospects less encouraging? Husband dead and accumulations of entire business life swept away by the treachery, deceit and dishonestly of a faithless and unreliable partner. "
"It should be remembered that the severely stricken widow was the daughter and been raised in and taught by a family of mechanics: her father and a t least one brother were tailors and her oldest brother was a "saddler". the tailoring business being conducted at the family home gave one so act as she chance to acquire, all the art there was in the the trade. The knowledge thus gained was not small factor in determining her further, and immediate course. Her readiness at arriving at conclusions prompted her to act upon her judgment and to put into execution at once her plans and purposes. Preparations were soon made".
One wagon and team sufficient for the purpose were soon equipped and the little caravan was in a state of readiness to start on the 'Trail" for the
western wilds of the big woods of Kentucky".----
On arriving at her place of destination, the Virginia widow found her faith in the move she had made had not been misplaced. She found in those who had gone before to the new county "warm hearts and willing hands" to share and share alike with here all of the benefits and privileges of the new country. Her father and brother having taken part in the Revolution of such recent date gave her firm standing among all of the people. And besides this her fame as a skillful tailor was duly advertised. This was to her the entrance upon a lucrative business which she readily embraced and filled for many years to the satisfaction of her friends and profit to herself. Mrs. Branch with her sons and daughters very soon took rank with the foremost people with whom at first she had taken temporary, but now her permanent residence. One other sad affliction came upon the widow soon after her coming to the new country and that was no less than the loss of her oldest son which came by drowning in nearly the same way as did his father in Virginia some years before. The young man William Branch, Jr. in attempting to cross a stream swollen by recent rains, in some way lost his balance and was drowned."

"These two my father(English)and mother met in the new state of Kentucky and after a brief acquaintance were married."
"In the month of July 1842, I was living 8 miles away when I learned mother was not well as usual. On the afternoon of the 16th day of the month I made her a visit remaining over night. She had not been, nor was she then confined to her room, but I could see she was far below her usual standard of good health. On the morning of the 17th after breakfast my father and I were in her room when came from an adjoining room seemingly on her way to her bed. She made some remark in passing not well understood. Father, noticing something peculiar in her walk followed her closely to the bed side. Of course, I was just at hand. On reaching the bed, her strength not having failed her she laid herself carefully down. And I think in less than three minutes my mother was no more---"From Helen Brainin Haldwin(Dec. of Lucy Finney Branch & John P. Branigin)
Children of W
  i.   ROBERT WILSON12 BRANCH, b. Jan 1791; d. 1791.
  ii.   WILLIAM BRANCH, b. 29 Dec 1792.
113. iii.   LUCY FINNEY BRANCH, b. 28 Oct 1794; d. 1874.
  iv.   MARY PAGE FINNEY BRANCH, b. 02 Feb 1796; d. 25 Sep 1871; m. WILLIAM S. DANCE, 29 Aug 1819.
Mary was rich and stayed in Virginia when her mother and father and siblings moved to Kentucky.

  v.   EDWARD BRANCH, b. 15 Oct 1797; d. 02 Jun 1871; m. SUSAN HUNTER, 08 Dec 1828, Trimble, Ky..
  vi.   BENJAMIN BRANCH, b. 24 Feb 1799; d. 23 Oct 1871; m. MALINDA ASHBURN, 24 Dec 1828.
  vii.   ELIZABETH BRANCH, b. 16 Oct 1800; d. 07 Mar 1805.
  viii.   HENRY BRANCH, b. 05 Aug 1802; d. 15 Dec 1890; m. SARAH H. ASHBURN, 21 Mar 1831.
  ix.   OBEDIENCE TURPIN BRANCH, b. 07 Nov 1803; d. 1874; m. WILLIAM ENGLISH, 01 Jan 1828, Oldam Co. Ky..
  x.   THOMAS JEFFERSON BRANCH, b. 30 Apr 1805; d. 21 Mar 1864.
  xi.   JAMES MARION MORROW BRANCH, b. 30 Oct 1806; d. 1886; m. FRANACES WRIGHT, 17 Mar 1828, Oldham Co. , Ky.; b. Fayette Co. Ky.
  xii.   MARTHA ANN ELIZABETH BRANCH, b. 31 Jan 1808; d. Oct 1843; m. JOHN M. SATTERWTITE, 09 Mar 1831, Oldam Co. Ky..
  xiii.   JOHN WILSON BRANCH, b. 03 Nov 1809; m. JANE REED SHANNON, 18 Dec 1836, Shelby Co. Ky..
114. xiv.   CHRISTOPHER ALLEN BRANCH, b. 16 Sep 1812, Va.; d. 05 Dec 1889, King's point Cemetery, Mo..

95. THOMAS11 BRANCH (BENJAMIN10, BENJAMIN9, BENJAMIN8, CHRISTOPHER7, CHRISTOPHER6, LIONEL5, WILLIAM4, RICHARD3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Apr 1767 in Willow Hill, Virginia, and died 10 Sep 1818. He married MARY PATTESON.
Child of T
115. i.   THOMAS12 BRANCH,LL, b. 23 Dec 1802, Richmond, Virginia; d. 29 Nov 1888.

96. LUTHER11 BRANCH (ISSAC10, SAMUAL I9, PETER8, JOHN7, PETER6, JOHN5, JOHN4, RICHARD3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 15 Oct 1765. He married ABIGAIL BRANCH, daughter of RUFUS BRANCH and ABIGAIL MASON. She was born Dec 1770 in Lenox, MA, and died 1810 in Benson VT.

Notes for L
Abigail Branch and her husband Luther Branch had the same great grandparents, Peter and Hannah Branch.
Child of L
116. i.   SAMUEL12 BRANCH, b. 30 Apr 1797.

97. ABIGAIL11 BRANCH (RUFUS10, JOSEPH9, PETER8, JOHN7, PETER6, JOHN5, JOHN4, RICHARD3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Dec 1770 in Lenox, MA, and died 1810 in Benson VT. She married LUTHER BRANCH, son of ISSAC BRANCH and SUSANNAH WEAKLEY. He was born 15 Oct 1765.

Notes for L
Abigail Branch and her husband Luther Branch had the same great grandparents, Peter and Hannah Branch.
Child is listed above under (96) Luther Branch.

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