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Descendants of John Hayes

62. NANCY JANE9 REEVES (MARY INDIANA8 HAYS, GEORGE NEWTON7, THOMAS6 HAYES III, THOMAS5, THOMAS4, PETER3, PETER2, JOHN1)769 was born October 31, 1842769, and died May 08, 1928 in Loachapoka, Lee Co. AL769. She married DAVID THOMAS PEDDY769 February 05, 1871769. He was born February 29, 1848769, and died October 14, 1923769.
Children of N
200. i.   EMIL THOMAS10 PEDDY, b. June 19, 1876; d. April 11, 1955.
201. ii.   GEORGE RAYMOND PEDDY, d. 1937.

63. ANNE ELIZABETH9 REEVES (MARY INDIANA8 HAYS, GEORGE NEWTON7, THOMAS6 HAYES III, THOMAS5, THOMAS4, PETER3, PETER2, JOHN1)769 was born May 05, 1845769, and died November 30, 1930769. She married JOHN MINOR HAVIS769 August 14, 1866769. He was born May 25, 1838769, and died October 23, 1879769.

Notes for A

From Mrs. Henry Luebbert we have the following additional information and anecdote. She was the manager of Western Union Telegraph Office in Newman, GA. for 31 years. When she resigned she was the first person ever given a pension by the company. Anecdote: The Peddy family still tells the story of Aunt Lizzie Havis, who as a girl had a pet squirrel. One preaching day, the pet unknowingly slipped into a coat pocket and went to church with her. With the preacher "getting hot" in the middle of his sermon, a tear trickled down her cheek and she reached into her pocket for a handkerchief. The squirrel bit her finger and she yelled. "That's all right sister" said the preacher, "shout if you want to."-taken from "Yesterdays in Loachapoka" by Alexander Nunn.

More About A
Burial: Unknown, Loachapoka Cemetery, Loachapoka, Lee Co. AL769

More About J
Burial: Unknown, Loachapoka Cemetery, Loachapoka, Lee Co. AL769
Children of A
202. i.   GEORGE WILLIAM10 HAVIS, b. December 01, 1867, Loachapoka, Lee Co. AL; d. February 01, 1932.
  ii.   JESSE MINOR HAVIS769, d. Unknown.

64. MARY P.9 REEVES (MARY INDIANA8 HAYS, GEORGE NEWTON7, THOMAS6 HAYES III, THOMAS5, THOMAS4, PETER3, PETER2, JOHN1)769 was born May 08, 1848769, and died May 08, 1907769. She married JOHN HANSON769. He died Unknown.
Children of M
  i.   ERLIE10 HANSON769, d. Unknown.
203. ii.   WILSON HANSON, d. Unknown.

65. SARAH FLORENCE9 REEVES (MARY INDIANA8 HAYS, GEORGE NEWTON7, THOMAS6 HAYES III, THOMAS5, THOMAS4, PETER3, PETER2, JOHN1)769 was born March 31, 1850769, and died May 08, 1929769. She married JACK BRYAN769. He died Unknown.
Children of S
  i.   MARY CLAUDIE10 BRYAN769, b. June 25, 1876769; d. June 07, 1898769.
204. ii.   OLIVE THOMPSON BRYAN, b. February 13, 1883; d. Unknown.
205. iii.   FLORENCE ERMINE BRYAN, b. November 23, 1879; d. June 02, 1965.
  iv.   MAYMIE BRYAN769, d. Unknown.
206. v.   WILLIAM HUGH BRYAN, b. December 10, 1893; d. Unknown.
207. vi.   JOHN NEWTON BRYAN, b. June 02, 1891; d. Unknown.
  vii.   WAYNE CALVIN BRYAN769, b. April 02, 1886, Birmingham, Jefferson Co. AL769; d. Unknown.

66. THOMAS JEFFERSON9 HAYS (JAMES CHARLES8, GEORGE NEWTON7, THOMAS6 HAYES III, THOMAS5, THOMAS4, PETER3, PETER2, JOHN1)769 was born March 15, 1843 in Newton Co. GA769, and died July 14, 1917 in Lesley, Hall Co. TX769. He married MARY CATHERINE HAYS770,771 Bef. 1871771. She was born January 21, 1841 in TN772,773, and died May 30, 1922 in Lesley, Hall Co. TX774,775.

More About T
Burial: July 15, 1917, Joop Cemetery, Lakeview, Hall Co. TX775

More About M
Burial: Unknown, Joop Cemetery, Lakeview, Hall Co. TX775
Children of T
208. i.   CLAUDE CECIL10 HAYS, b. March 26, 1871, Waynesboro, Wayne Co. TN; d. Unknown.
209. ii.   JESSIE LEE HAYS, b. May 1874, Waynesboro, Wayne Co. TN; d. 1905, Bowie Co. TX.
210. iii.   OLIVE INEZ HAYS, b. June 14, 1881; d. November 1939, San Angelo, Tom Green Co. TX.

67. JAMES CHAMPION9 HAYS (JAMES CHARLES8, GEORGE NEWTON7, THOMAS6 HAYES III, THOMAS5, THOMAS4, PETER3, PETER2, JOHN1)775 was born March 11, 1845 in Newton Co. GA776,777, and died August 23, 1905 in De Kalb, Bowie Co. TX778,779. He married JULIA ANN DOBBS779 November 29, 1865 in Hamilton, Harris Co. GA780,781, daughter of SAMUEL DOBBS and LOURINY HARRINGTON. She was born September 10, 1843 in Mountain Hill, Harris Co. GA782,783, and died February 03, 1907 in De Kalb, Bowie Co. TX784,785.

Notes for J
James Champion Hays was born in GA in 1845. Currently, not much is known about his personal life. He married Julia Ann Dobbs in Hamilton, GA the county seat for Harris Co.. The author has been to the court house in Harris county and attained a copy of James and Julia's marriage certificate. The town is located 16 miles north of Columbus, GA. This is a rural area with beautiful trees and rolling hills. An interesting tidbit, this area is the birthplace of Franklyn D. Roosevelt. There is a State park in the area named after the president.
It is assumed James met Julia Ann Dobbs in the Harris County area. We know Julia was born and raised in Harris Co. The 1850 and 1860 shows Samuel Dobbs as the father of six children, all females. Julia Ann was the fifth born of these children. No records have been found to verify where James lived as a child but it is assumed he came or returned to Harris Co. from the Civil war and met Julia there.
Sometime after their marriage and before their first born child James and Julia moved to AL. The 1900 Bowie Co. TX records verify or imply they lived in AL at least from 1867 through 1874 because the first three of their five children were born in AL.
Sometime around 1877 James and Julia were on the move again. This time they moved to TX. The 1880 Jack Co. census records shows James, Julia, James V, Emma, Mary and Cora Hays. Nothing is known about there time there however it is assumed James was farming there since he is listed on the census as a Farmer. Sometime before Ida Lee was born the Hays' moved again to Bowie Co. TX. They moved about 2 1/2 miles southwest of New Boston, TX. Their last two children were born in Dekalb, TX. James and Julia continued to live in New Boston until their deaths.
James was a member of a Society named Woodsman of the World. The Woodsman was actually an insurance company. James was a member of Unit 47 TX, policy # 13082. Members or policyholders were entitled to a tombstone in the shape of a tree stump. The Woodman's started furnishing the special tombstones as part of the settlement of the insurance policy when the Society began in 1870. This benefit continued up until the early 1900's. Woodman's decided to change this benefit because the cost of transporting the stones all over the United States became too expensive. They decided to pay an extra premium to the policyholder instead of providing the tombstones.
From family information the author knew James was buried in The Woodsman Cemetery located in Dekalb, TX. The cemetery has a large entrance gate with the name of the cemetery running over the top of the entrance. In 1990 my son, Mother and I went to the cemetery to locate the grave site. Jeremy was told to look for the name of James Champion Hays or James C. Hays. We separated and began looking for the grave site. Within minutes Jeremy yelled out "I think I found it". Actually what he had found was the tombstone of Julia Ann Dobbs wife of James C. Hays. Next to Julia's tombstone was a tombstone that had toppled from its footing and was laying face down on the ground. The tombstone is almost six feet tall and was so heavy we were unable to turn over the stone. I decided to dig a small trench along side of the stone and rolled the stone over into the trench. As the stone rolled over I was able to read the inscription. The inscription reads " J. C. Hays a loving husband, a father dear, a faithful friend lie buried here". The tombstone was furnished by the Woodman of the World. One of the unusual things about James's stone besides being much larger than other Woodsman's stones is the bronze plaque in the center of the tombstone. This plaque contains the seal of the Woodsman of the World. On the top tombstone is a crossed mallet and hatchet on the top of the stone. Above the plaque is a dove with an olive branch. The bottom of the stone is lined with fern branches. The stone is white marble. Of all the Woodsman stones I have seen this is by far the most beautiful. Because the stone had been lying on the ground for many years it was stained and had oak mold growing on it. With the help of other family members I contracted with a local company to upright the stone on a concrete base and sandblast both James and Julia's tombstones.

More About J
Burial: Unknown, Woodsman Cemetery, Dekalb, Bowie Co. TX785

More About J
Burial: Unknown, Woodsman Cemetery, Dekalb, Bowie Co. TX785
Children of J
211. i.   IDA LEE10 HAYS, b. November 01, 1864, AL; d. October 06, 1908, DeKalb, Bowie Co. TX.
212. ii.   JAMES VIRGIL HAYS, b. October 06, 1866, Troupe Co. GA; d. July 10, 1910, Loraine, Mitchell Co. TX.
  iii.   EMMA J. HAYS785, b. 1874785; d. Unknown.
213. iv.   MARY OPHELIA HAYS, b. 1877, AL; d. Unknown.
214. v.   CORA HATTIE HAYS, b. September 1879; d. 1912, Loraine, Mitchell Co. TX.
215. vi.   DOLPHIN DEWITT HAYS, b. January 02, 1886, DeKalb, Bowie Co. TX; d. February 23, 1954, Grapevine, Tarrant Co. TX.

68. MARY J.9 HAYS (JAMES CHARLES8, GEORGE NEWTON7, THOMAS6 HAYES III, THOMAS5, THOMAS4, PETER3, PETER2, JOHN1)785 was born March 10, 1847785, and died December 22, 1884785. She married LEMUEL WILKERSON785 1859786. He died Unknown.
Children of M
  i.   JOSEPHINE10 WILKERSON787, b. April 16, 1866787; d. March 14, 1937787; m. WILLIAM MOORE787, 1884787; d. Unknown.
216. ii.   ELIZABETH WILKERSON, b. 1868; d. February 27, 1964, Waco, McLennan Co. TX.
217. iii.   OCTAVIE WILKERSON, b. 1870; d. Unknown.
218. iv.   GEORGE WILKERSON, b. July 07, 1872; d. Unknown.
219. v.   ADA BELLE WILKERSON, b. 1874; d. Unknown.
  vi.   MARY VILETA WILKERSON787, b. 1876787; d. Unknown; m. JOSEPH L. POPHAM787; d. Unknown, Waco, McLennan Co. TX ?787.
  vii.   NINA JANE WILKERSON787, b. May 12, 1878787; d. Unknown; m. L. W. MCKELVEY787, October 02, 1925, Taylorsville, GA787; d. Unknown.
220. viii.   JAMES LEMUEL WILKERSON, b. January 25, 1880; d. Unknown.
221. ix.   THOMAS WILKERSON, b. December 01, 1884; d. Unknown, Dallas, Dallas Co. TX?.

69. GEORGE MARTIN9 HAYS (JAMES CHARLES8, GEORGE NEWTON7, THOMAS6 HAYES III, THOMAS5, THOMAS4, PETER3, PETER2, JOHN1)788 was born May 04, 1849 in Carroll County, AL788, and died January 05, 1920 in Vicinity of Bonita, Montague Co. TX789. He married LEVISA EMILY GAY790 December 17, 1868 in Bowden Co. GA790,791, daughter of ELIAS GAY and LEVISA STAMPS. She was born February 26, 1848792, and died April 28, 1930792.

More About G
Burial: Unknown, Montague Cemetery, Montague, Montague Co. TX793
Children of G
  i.   ELIZABETH REBECCA10 HAYS794, b. Abt. 1869795; d. May 01, 1872796.
222. ii.   WILLIAM THOMAS HAYS, SR., b. February 04, 1872, Sand Mountain, Marshall Co. AL; d. May 12, 1938, Montague Co. TX (Assumed).
223. iii.   MARY JANE HAYS, b. January 05, 1874; d. Unknown.
224. iv.   MARIETTA HAYS, b. January 07, 1876; d. Unknown.
225. v.   ERASTUS C. HAYS, b. March 28, 1878; d. Unknown.
  vi.   J. RAYMOND HAYS796, b. June 29, 1880796; d. Unknown; m. ALLIE MARTIN796, October 1901797; d. Unknown.
226. vii.   JAMES M. HAYS, b. March 30, 1885; d. March 05, 1918, Montague Co. TX.
227. viii.   MARTHA FRANCES HAYS, b. October 09, 1887; d. April 17, 1910.

70. TABITHA JOSEPHINE9 HAYS (JAMES CHARLES8, GEORGE NEWTON7, THOMAS6 HAYES III, THOMAS5, THOMAS4, PETER3, PETER2, JOHN1)798,799,800 was born June 13, 1851 in Bowden, Henry Co. GA800, and died July 21, 1930 in Laurel, Jones Co. MS800. She married CHARLES MUSTIN800. He died Unknown.
Children of T
228. i.   MARY LOUISE10 MUSTIN, b. May 12, 1876, Bowden, Henry Co. GA; d. Unknown.
229. ii.   JOHN BENTON MUSTIN, b. October 24, 1878, Dalton, Madison Co. GA; d. June 1985, Madison, Madison Co. GA.
230. iii.   EMMETT LEE MUSTIN, b. May 13, 1881, Rockford, Blount Co. TN; d. May 23, 1938, McHenry, Stone Co. MS.
231. iv.   NEVADA MUSTIN, b. November 25, 1883, Lincoln, Madison Co. AL; d. January 08, 1906.
  v.   CHARLES CARROLL MUSTIN801,802, b. March 08, 1887, Seddon, St.Clair Co. AL802; d. December 1963, TX802; m. BESSIE CHILDRESS803,804, 1912804; b. April 01, 1891, AL804; d. August 1971, Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, LA804.
Social Security Number: 423-01-9235804

Social Security Number: 421-42-9253804

  vi.   MAGGIE LYNN MUSTIN804, b. April 13, 1890, Vandiver, Shelby Co. AL804; d. December 30, 1908804.
232. vii.   THOMAS CLARENCE MUSTIN, b. July 08, 1893, Talladega, Talladega Co. AL; d. January 1964, Columbia, Richland Co. SC.

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