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John GREGORY was born 1808 in VA, moving to Lewis Co., MO 1830s. One of his son's, Alexander moved to Texas under questionable circumstances, where he died somewhere along the TX/OK border. His children were placed in an orphanage, later being taken in by an "uncle" who worked them very hard. The dust bowl brought most of this family to California and Oregon, where the descendents remain very close to this day. Surnames for this line include ANDERSON, BROWN, BURNS, RUSH, MAUPIN, HOLLOWAY, MAXIE, CARLSON, CARNES, CARPENTER, CISCO, CLARK, COLE, COOME, DENISON, DEMEYER, DIAMOND, DUNCAN, EDWARDS, EPPERSON, FEHR, GIRTNER, GREGORY, HANE, HANNAN, HINSON, JACKSON, JEFFERSON, KIESOW, KINMAN, LEECH, LENON, LETTS, MALONEY, MCLAUGHLIN, MEHAFFY, MITCHELL, MOORE, MOSIER, MURPHY, NIDA, NOVAK, PAYNE, PIERSON, POOL, PORTER, RAGAN, RAMSEYER,REYNOLDS, RHODES, RICE, RICO, RIECKE, RINGER, ROBERTS, ROSE, SAMUELS, SATTERFIELD, SCHAFFER, SEPHENSON, SHEPHERD, SIMMONS, SMITH, SQUERS, STRONG, SWENSON, TISCHER, THRASHER, WALLACE, WARD, WEATHERS, WHEELER, WHEAT, WOOD.

Rose Lindberg PRATER was born 1879 Fort Arbuckle, OK Indian Terr. Her roots go back to Chickasaw ancestors and she saw many changes in her life, from the invention of the automobile to man on the moon. Her grandfather's family, COURTNEY, were early settlers in OK in 1840. The PRATERS came to America in 1622 from England and can be traced back to the 1500s in England. Surnames for this line include BRITTENBURG, COURTNEY, DECOURTNEY, GHOLSON, HARPOOLE, HYATT, IVYE, LENTZ, MACKAY, PLOTT, PRATER, PRATHER, QUINTYNE, SWEARINGEN, WILLIAMS, YATES, YOUNGBLOOD.

Mary Lee SANDIFER was born in Live Oak, Texas in 1904, moved to California in the mid-1930s and many of her relatives are still located in Texas. Our CAIN information dates back to James Oscar CAIN, mid 1700s in South Carolina. Surnames include BAKER, CAIN, CARR, COLE, CUTHINGS, HILL, HOLLEY, HUTTO, KILGORE, KITCHENS, MUSGROVE, O'REAR, ROSSER, SANDIFER, SANDERS, SLAUGHTER, SMITH, STRAUS, STURGISS, WILSON.

Horace Earl WICKER was born in AR, fought in WWI, moving from AR to TX to CA to raise his family. Our earliest Wickers can be traced back to Henry WHICKER who lived in Colyton, England in the early 1500s. Moving to America, they changed the spelling to WICKER. Robert B. WICKER, born in Virginia in 1738, raised his family and his ancestors moved to Alabama, Georgia,Texas, then to California. Surnames include HOLLEY, GILMORE, BURKE, FARRIS, ROWE, BLEVENS, TALLEY and WICKER.


GREGORYs in the New England states such as North Carolina and Virginia migrated to Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky and adjoining states 1820-1850 or so. Many of these GREGORYs appear to have traveled and/or settled together. Were they related? Some of these Scots-Irish GREGORYs had changed their names from McGREGOR. Many of the GREGORYs use the same names over and over (William, John), making tracking them a challenge .

Lack of available records to prove parentage of these GREGORYs has been frustrating and it is thought that perhaps DNA testing can help with some hints of where to look, or not look. It is hoped that common GREGORY lines in this migration can be indentified in order to target further research. For more information and results:


SANDIFER's migrated into the United States in early history of this country. Different spellings such as SANDERFER, SANDIFUR and STANDIFER have helped make searching early records even more challenging. After exhausting early records or finding no records, many of us have hit a brick wall. It is hoped that by capturing the DNA of these early SANDIFER families, we can discover commonalities in the genetic makeup, find common genetic lines and perhaps giving us a hint of a direction to look in. For more information and results:
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  • The GREGORY Family Tree (1478 KB)

Family Photos

  • Rose and William Franklin GREGORY family (140 KB)
    This picture was taken around 1915 at Sorghum Flats, Murray, Co., OK. In the background is Rose's mother, Emory Ann COURTNEY PRATER DENT.
  • Mary Lee SANDIFER WICKER (300 KB)
    Mary Lee was born 1904 Live Oak, Lee Co. TX. I believe this picture was taken about 1918.
  • Samuel Moore SLAUGHTER (7 KB)
    Unknown date or place.
  • Mary Lee SANDIFER WICKER; Clerk at Wheeler ,Texas (152 KB)
    Mary Lee graduated from secretarial school and worked as City Clerk at Wheeler, Texas. After moving to California, she also worked as the City Clerk for Live Oak, Sutter Co., CA.
  • Thomas Wicker store in Live Oak, CA (288 KB)
    Taken about 1925, Thomas Wicker and his wife operated this store in Live Oak, CA.
  • Frances Florence GREGORY and Andrew Polk ANDERSON (188 KB)
    Frances Florence "Fannie" GREGORY was born 7-12-1881 Lampassas, TX and Andrew Polk ANDERSON was born 1878 Tennessee. They were married 1901 Dais, OK IT.
  • Charlie Otho SANDIFER and Inez CAIN 1924 (45 KB)
    Charlie Otho SANIDFER was b1905 Taylor, WIlliamson Co., TX. I haven't been able to place who Inex CAIN is, but she is related somehow. Otho's mother's maiden name is CAIN. Since this Charlie Otho SANDIFER has the same name as his father, this one was referred to as "Otho."
  • Richard/Robert Leonidas CAIN (67 KB)
    Probably taken 1865-1870 AL.
  • Nora Lee CAIN and Thomas J. Wogoht CORZINE Family (90 KB)
    Nora Lee CAIN, b1876 TX married Thomas J. Wogoht CORZINE, b1872 TX. Nora Le is the daughter of RIchard/Robert Leonidas CAIN and Mary Louisa SLAUGHTER. Photo is courtesy of Pamela Cain.
  • Mary Ellen STRAUS SANDIFER (259 KB)
    Mary Ellen STRAUSS, b 5-2-1856 Bastrop Co., TX married Charlie Otho SANDIFER, b4-2-1852 Mississipi.
    Estimate date of photo 1880.
  • Mary Lee SANDIFER WICKER July 4, 1926 (66 KB)
    Mary Lee SANDIFER WICKER taken July 4, 1926
  • Nora L. CAIN CORZINE and Etta Anna CAIN SANIDFER (280 KB)
    This photo is titles Nora CAIN and Etta CAIN, sisters 1927. I have a female on census as a sister of Etta with only the initials N.L., b c1876 TX. I think this is one and the same. Etta was b 6-100-1882 Giddings, LEe Co., TX. Both are children of Richard/Robert Leonidas CAIN and Mary Louisa SLAUGHTER.
  • Thomas WICKER and Laura PONDER WICKER's store (214 KB)
    Taken around 1925, Thomas Marion WICKER and Laura Lucinda PONDER SMITH WICKER operated this store in Live Oak, Sutter Co., CA. The Dowd Furniture Store occupies the space that the store was located.
  • Hattie E. WICKER and Norman R. SLAUGHTER (204 KB)
    Hattie WICKER, b June 1892 Arkansas, married Norman R. SLAUGHTER, b c1891 Colordado. They moved to the Las Vegas, New Mexico area. Hattie is the daughter of Thomas Marion WICKER and Alice Virginia BURKE.
  • Richard Robert Leonidas CAIN (67 KB)
    Richard/Robert Leonidas CAIN was born 1843 Walker Co., Al and died 1913 Lee Co., TX. He was married to Mary Louisa SLAUGHTER.
  • Lem JONES and Charles CAIN (253 KB)
    This photo is a post card style. Also written on the top is (uncles). I believe the Charles is Charles Morgan CAIN, b2-27-1884 TX. Lem JONES, b7-1888 TX. Charles is the son of Richard/Robert Leonidas CAIN and Mary Louisa CAIN. Lem is the son of ? JONES and Mintice Ellen HALL. Richard/Robert CAIN and Mintice Ellen HALL married.
  • William Hardy DENT and family (32 KB)
    William Hardy DENT, his wife Laura Allice "Allie" SMITH and family. Taken near old Fort Arbuckle, OK IT
  • Charlie and Etta SANDIFER 1957 (182 KB)
    Charlles Otho SANDIFER and Etta CAIN. Picture was taken September 2, 1957.
  • William Henry Harrison MYERS and Mary Jane BRAWLEY (47 KB)
    WHH MYERS and his wife ran the trading post at Old Fort Arbuckle, OK IT. Mary Jane BRAWLEY was the sister of John Alexander BRAWLEY.
  • Mary Lee and Otho SANDIFER 1908 (183 KB)
    Photo says Santa Ann Texas 1908.
  • Mary Lee SANDIFER 6 months old (154 KB)
    Mary Lee SANDIFER WICKER was born January 5, 1904.
  • Etta Anna CAIN SANDIFER and grandson (69 KB)
    Etta Anna CAIN (b1882 Giddings, Lee Co.,TX, d1960 Wheeler TX) and her grandson Charles Bennett SANDIFER. This photo was taken in late 1943 or early 1944 -- during World War II. Photo courtesy of Suzanne SANDIFER.
  • Charles Otho SANDIFER (84 KB)
    Charlie Otho Sandifer at his home in Wheeler, TX (Wheeler County). This photo was taken by granddaughter Suzanne SANDIFER on July 19, 1959. He married Etta Anna Cain on August 30, 1899 Adine, TX (Lee County, TX). He was born on December 1, 1877 in Elgin, TX (Bastrop County, TX) and died in the hospital in Wheeler, TX on December 17, 1960. Charlie & Etta Sandifer are burried in the Wheeler Cemetery in Wheeler, TX in the Gossett family cemetery lot. The Gossetts and the Sandifers were very close friends and Charlie & Etta sold their own cemetery lot and these friends of many years are burried together.
  • Etta Anna CAIN and husband Charles Otho SANDIFER (33 KB)
    Etta Anna Cain Sandifer & husband Charlie Otho Sandifer - probably winter of 1943 into early 1944 - Taken at their home in Wheeler, TX. Photo courtesy Suzanne SANDIFER.
  • Charles Otho and Etta SANDIFER (400 KB)
    Taken at Cross Plains, Texas.
  • Etta and Charles Otho SANDIFER with Suzanne (68 KB)
    Etta Anna CAIN, husband Charles Otho SANDIFER and granddaughter Suzanne SANDIFER. Photo taken around 1944 at their home in Wheeler TX. Photo courtesy Suzanne SANDIFER.
  • Etta CAIN SANDIFER and Family (270 KB)
    Left back row: Otho, Charlie, Etta, Weldon and Ormond. Mery Lee is in the front.
  • Henry DECOURTNEY aka Henry D. COURTNEY (1356 KB)
    Henry DECOURTNEY, born in WV 1826, enlisted in the army in Cleveland OH 1845. While assigned to Fort Kearney, Nebraska, he fought in the Mexican War and was discharged in 1850. He then married Mary Ann WILLIAMS VREDENBURG, raised a family and worked as an agent at several forts in the Indian Territory before purchasing land near what is known today as the town of Courtney, Love Co., OK IT. Photo Courtesy of Eula Mae MANNING ROGERS.
  • Etta CAIN 16 Years Old (472 KB)
    Taken in Adina, Texas where her father lived approxiamtely 1898.
  • Mary DENSON BURKE and sons (241 KB)
    Mary DENSON BURKE and WIlliam Palmore BURKE's sons. I am guessing that this may have been taken just shy of 1900 when William Palmore BURKE died.
  • Etta Anna CAIN SANDIFER and son Otho 1908 (161 KB)
    Taken in Santa Ann, Texas.
  • Emory Ann COURTNEY PRATER DENT and Family 1892 (234 KB)
    Probably taken at Emory Ann's place at Fort Arbuckle, OK 1892. Left to right: Emory Ann COURTNEY PRATER DENT (b1859 OK IT, d1925 Davis, OK), William Hardy DENT (b1885 OK IT, d1951 Biggs, Butte Co., CA), Artie Mae DENT (b1887 OK IT, d1964 San Diego, CA), Thomas Henry DENT (b190 OK IT, d1964 Cado, LA), and Rose Lindberg PRATER BRAWLEY GREGORY (b1879 OK IT, d1976 Gridley, Butte CO., CA).
  • Otho, Ormond, Etta and Mary Lee Sandifer 1908 (141 KB)
    Photo says that it was taken in C0llin Co., TX in 1908.
  • Beulah and Etta CAIN (34 KB)
    Beulah, b 1880, and Etta, b 1882 Lee Co. TX were the daughters of Richard/Robert Leonidas CAIN and Mary Louisa SLAUGHTER.
  • Etta Anna CAIN SANDIFER and daughter Mary Lee (172 KB)
    Taken 1908 Santa Ann, Texas.
  • Ormond, Otho and Mary Lee SANDIFER 1907 (146 KB)
    Ormond was b1901 Adina, Lee Co., TX; Otho was b 1905 Taylor, Williamson Co., TX; and Mary Lee was b 1904 Live Oak, Lee Co., TX. They are the children of Etta CAIN and Charlie Otho SANDIFER.
  • Laura PONDER WICKER and Children (384 KB)
    Laura "Lorry" Lucinda PONDER married Park Matherson SMITH and had 6 children. Thomas Marion WICKER married Alice Virginia BURKE and they had 7 children. Both of their spouses died and they married and had 3 more children. Back Row left to right: Loa SMITH, Dennis SMITH, Rennie SMITH. Front row left to right: A Friemd. Laura PONDER WICKER with Charles Morgan WICKER, Horace WICKER.
  • Mary Ellen STRAUSS SANDIFER (and Wanda) (48 KB)
    Mary Ellen STRAUSS was b1856 Bastrop Co., TX and d1926 Lexington, Milam Co., TX. She was married to Charles Otho SANDIFER. I don't have any informaiton on "Wanda" (the hog).
  • Etta Anna CAIN SANDIFER 1925 Wheeler, Texas (186 KB)
    Etta Anna CAIN SANDIFER, taken at Wheeler TExas in 1925.
  • Weldon Woodrow SANDIFER, 2 years old (91 KB)
    Weldon Woodrow SANDIFER was b 1911 Temple, COleman Co., TX. He was two years old when this picture was taken, standing somewhere near the County Clerk's office in Wheeler, TX (Wheeler County, TX) as the safe in the background (on right) has the words "Clerk's Office, Wheeler County" on it.
  • Charles Columbus and James Wade GREGORY (148 KB)
    "Charlie" was born 1887 OK and "Wade" was born 1882 OK, both probably near Davis, OK IT. They are the sons of Sarah E. "Sally" SMITH and Alexander A. GREGORY.

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