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View Tree for Hazel HardwickHazel Hardwick (b. 1727, d. Aft. Feb 1801)

Hazel Hardwick (son of Joseph Hardwick and Ann Hasel) was born 1727 in Stafford Co., Va, and died Aft. Feb 1801 in Stafford Co., Va. He married Mary Northcut on 18 Feb 1749 in Stafford Co., Va, daughter of Thomas Northcutt and Ann Etheridge.

 Includes NotesNotes for Hazel Hardwick:

Also Hasel Hardidge or Hasel Hardige; commonly spelled or suggested as Haswell Hardwick or Hazel Hardwick or Hazewell Hardwick. He may have been born / baptized at Cople Par., Westmoreland, VA. Their identified children were Ann, William, and Elizabeth were born in Stafford Co., VA according to parish records. Hasel sold his inherited land in Sept 1748 to Gerrard Hutt (See below). He patented 407 acres in Frederick Co., VA in 1753 and sold it in 1763. He then moved to SC by 1769 and is reported to have died in Chester Co., SC. Some childrens' birth or baptism dates from "The Register of the Episcopal Church of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA", 1723-1758, compiled by Geo. Harrison Sanford, 1961 [Library of VA]. Thanks to Amelia Vidrick for this and the will extracts shown for the Hardwick family.

The remainder of the notes for Hasel were provided from one researcher and cites the work of others:
HASEL HARDWICK, SR. c. 1725 -1800 - by Amelia Vidrick [1999]

"Overwharton Parish in Stafford Co. was created in 1680 or earlier. Two-thirds of Stafford Co. VA, deed and will books prior to 1860 have been lost and records are limited for this county during this period.

"The first three children are found in The Register of the Episcopal Church of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA, 1723-1758. Portions of the Parish register are not extant and the listing is probably incomplete. Hasel, Jr, James, Mary, and Susannah are found in court records of South Carolina. [Report from Twylla Teer via Internet does not show Susannah in a court record.]

"Library of VA, Westmoreland Microfilm Reel #10, DEEDS & WILLS Liber S, 1747-1753, pg. 18-19:
A lengthy handwritten document dated 23 Sept. 1748: Hasel Hardwick of Stafford Co, VA, planter sold to Gerrard Hutt of Cople Parish, Westmoreland Co, for L15 current money, 35 Acres land lying in Cople Parish, being part of the land JOSEPH HARDWICK, FATHER of said Hasel, willed to him. The deed is signed as 'Hafel Hardwich'. [The 'f' is Old English and was used within the body of a word as 's' is today.] No wife signs. In 1749 Hasel Hardwick married Mary Northcutt.

"In January 1753, Hasel receives 407 acres by deed in Frederick Co, VA and in May 1763 he leases the same land to Andrew Beard and John Tate. In May 1764, said land is sold to these two men.

"In Oct. 1758, Hasel, who was in Capt. Calemus's Militia company, was fined 10sh by court martial in Frederick Co. because he was absent from one General Muster during the previous twelve months. The following Court records pertaining to Hasel Hardwick, Sr, indicate that he knew how to write, but his wife, Mary, did not as she made her mark [M] on various records.

"ABSTRACTS OF VA's NORTHERN NECK WARRANTS & SURVEYS 1653-1781, Vol. V, compiled by Peggy Shomo Joyner, 1995
[Agents of the proprietor issued first grant 1690. Land office closed in 1781 after the death of Lord Fairfax, proprietor.]
Pg. 4: Feb 15, 1753. Hazel Hardwick listed under fees paid to Proprietor's office (as composition & deed 3.2.6) Number of acres not listed. (NOTE: Numbers= lbs shillings pence)

"FREDERICK CO, VA, DEED BOOK SERIES, V. 6, PLUS EARLY TROOP RECORDS 1755-1761, abstracted by Amelia C. Gilreath, 1990
Pg. 175 & 177: Court Martial held for Frederick Co. on Fryday (sic) 27 Oct. 1758 in presence of Lord Fairfax, &c "Ordered that Hasle Hardwick of the co. commanded by Capt. Marquis Calemus be fined 10sh for absenting himself from one General Muster within 12 months last past . . ".

"VA NORTHERN NECK LAND GRANTS, Vol. II, 1742-1775, Abstracts by G. E. Gray
Pg. 21: (Bk. F, pg. 366): Only date legible is 17_?_: John Bailey of W'moreland Co. 28 A. 35 Persons in Par. (Parish?) of Washington, said Co. Surv. Wm. Price. Adj. Robt. Frank, Bailey's Path, Thompson, Bailey, Hardwick, Mattox Cr. [no HARDWICK first name listed]
Pg. 65: Jan. 2, 1753 (Bk. H, p. 245) Hazell Hardwick, of Frederick Co, VA, 407 Ac. in said Co.. Surveyor Mr. John Baylis, adj. John Evans, John Patterson, George (G. W.) Fairfax Esq., near main Rd. to Watkins Ferry, John Mendenhall
Pg. 119: May 30, 1760 (Bk. K, p. 145) John Evans of Frederick Co. 467 Ac. in said Co. on Evans Great Spring. Surveyor John Baylis. adj. John Evans survey by George Bryan, Great Wagon Rd, Hazle Hardwick, Col. Geo. Fairfax, Isaac Evans.
Pg. 133: May 5, 1762 (Bk. K, p. 419) Isaac Evans of Frederick Co. 409 Ac on Opeckon between Beason Evans & John Mendenhall in said Co. Surveyor John Bally. Adj Hazle Hardwick, John Evans.
Pg. 181: Oct. 1, 1766 (Bk. N, p. 251) Thomas Elsey of Fairfax Co. 396 A. on Tuscororah Br. or Cr. near N. Mt. in Frederick Co. Surveyor Wm. Baylis. Adj Wm. Patterson, Hazle Hardwick, Col. George William Fairfax, James Moon.
Pg. 211: May 1, 1771 (Bk. P, p. 33) Henry Bower, Jr. of Frederick Co. 370 A on Opeccon in said Co. Surv. Richard Rigg. Adj Wm. Patterson, Hugh Miller, John Mendenhall, Andrew Beard, Thomazin Ellzey, Hazil Hardwick.

"FREDERICK CO. VA DEED BOOK SERIES, VOL. 2, 1757-1763, Abstracts by Gilreath, 1990
Pg. 136: [Orig. Bk. 8, pg. 299] 2 May 1763. [Lease] Between Hasel Hardwick of County of Frederick [to] Andrew Beard and John Tate of county of Frederick. . .Consideration of five shillings. . .tract of land containing 407 acres. . .granted to said Hasel Hardwick by Deed from the Proprietor of Northern Neck the 2nd January 1753 . . . Corner of George Fairfax . . . line of John Mendenhall . . . Rent of one Paper Corn on Lady day next . . .
Wit: Magnus Tate, Benjamin Thornbrough.
/s/ Hafel Hardwick, Mary (M) Hardwi
"Pg. 136: [Bk. 8, pg. 301] 3 May 1763. [Release] Between Hasel Hardwick of Frederick County [to] Andrew Beard and John Tate of County of Frederick. . . consideration of one hundred pounds. . . 407 acres (same as above) . . .
Wit: same as above; recorded 3 May 1763. /s/ Hafel Hardwick, Mary (M) Hardwick
NOTE: The original handwritten indenture of this record is found on Microfilm Reel #2, Westmoreland Co, VA, Deeds & Wills #2, 1691-1699, Book 8, Pg. 299 and 301. He signs his name 'Hafel', old English for 'Hasel'.

"FREDERICK CO. VA DEED BOOK SERIES, VOL. 3 - 1763-1767, by Gilreath
Pg. 11: [Bk. 9, pg. 140] 1 May 1764. [Lease] Between John Tate of County of Frederick [to] Andrew Beard of said county . . consideration of seventy five pounds. . .one certain tract of land containing four hundred and seven acres lying near the main road from Winchester to Watkins Ferry which said tract of land was granted by Pattent to Hazel Hardwick and purchased from him by Andrew Beard and John Tate aforesaid . . . corner of George William Fairfax Esquire. . line of John Mendenhall . . .rent of one year of Indian corn on the last day of said term. . .
Wit: Saml. Willson, Andrew Campbell. John Tate
Recorded: 1 May 1764

"FREDERICK CO. VA DEED BOOK SERIES, VOL. 5 - 1771-1775, abstracts by Gilreath
Pg. 19: [Bk. 15,pg.105] 6 Aug 1771. [Lease] Between Thomazen Ellzey of County of Fairfax [to] Henry Bower of County of Frederick . .. consideration of five shillings . . tract of land situate in the said county of Frederick on Tunerora [?] Branch near the North Mountain. . corner to William Patterson line of Hazel Hardwick. . .to said Hardwick to Col. George William Fairfax. . .corner to said Fairfax to James Moon. . containing three hundred and ninety Six acres granted to the said Thomasen Ellzey by deed from the hand and Seal of the Right Hon'ble Thomas Lord Fairfax in Sept. 1767. . .yielding and paying rent of one Pepper Corn on Lady day next. Wit: none.Recorded 7 Aug. 1771, T. Ellsey
Pg. 47-48: [Bk. 15, pg. 267] 6 Nov. 1771 [Lease] Between Henry Bower and Frederick County [to] George Pender of County of York in Province of Pennsylvania. . .consideration of five shillings. . .tract of land situate lying and being near the No. Mt. on the east side there of . . corner to William Patterson . . . .to line of Hazell Hardwick to said Hardwick and George William Fairfax Esq. . . corner to Henry Bower . . .in the line of James Moon. . .Containing one hundred and ninety six acres more or less being part of a greater tract of three hundred and ninety six acres of Land granted to Thomazen Ellzey by deed under the hand and Seal of the Right Honourable Thomas Lord Fairfax the 1st Oct. MDCCLXVI [1766] . . . the said Thomazen Ellzey conveyed to said Henry Bower by Deeds of L & R recorded in the court of said county . . .yielding and paying rent of one Pepper Corn on Lady day next. . . .
Wit: Thomas Wood, 1 Wit. Signed in German
Henry Bower
Recorded 7 Nov. 1771

"Hasel still held land in Virginia as late as 1771 and the assumption has been made that he did not go to South Carolina until after that date. If so, most of his children would have been born in Virginia. However, HASEL and MARY, his wife, seem to have gone to South Carolina before 1769, as the South Carolina Archives has a record of a land grant of 200 Ac. made to Hazel Hardwick on 12 October 1769. The land was situated in Craven County, which at that time was a Colonial County, but is now known as Chester County.

[A series of earlier deeds have since been abstracted: Did Hazel buy the land before he moved? Or did he sell after he moved?
PETITIONS FOR LAND FROM THE SC COUNCIL JOURNALS, V. 5, 1757-1765, Brent H. Holcomb, 1998
pg. 269: Tues. 1 Oct. 1765 [Petition for Warrants of Survey, to Prolong Warrants & Certifying Platts] presented & read, VIZ: Hazel hardwick 500 Ac Waters of Sandy River

CITIZENS & IMMIGRANATS, SC 1768, abstracts, Mary B. Warren, 1980 pg. 55: 7 June 1768, Petition to certify platt - Hazel Hardwick 500 ac Craven Co. pg. 87: Wed. 7 Dec. 1768 - Petition to certify platt, Hazel Hardwick 500 ac Craven Co.]

"The Hardwicks definitely had migrated south by 1790 as that census for South Carolina lists 9 Hardwick families with various spellings. The families are: R. Hardick, Moses Hardrige, James Hardage, and Hazle Hardrich in Camden District; Thomas Hardick and Wm. Harwick, 96th District. In Georgetown District, Prince George Parish, we find John Hardwick, Aaron Hardwick, and Samuel Hardwick.

"Since families tended to cluster together, we might think that Hazel, James, Moses, and R. Hardick, [all in Chester County, Camden Dist.] had a kinship to each other. A Robert Haswell is also living in Camden District and a Thomas Hasell in Georgetown District in 1790. [I might note here that there were, also, 6 Elledge families in the 96th District. We will find the Elledge and Hardwick families intermarried in later years.

"The following files were sent from Twylla Teer via Donna Autrey by Internet.
"A number of land grants were made to HASEL HARDWICK after the Revolution, as anyone could apply for land that was vacant if he paid for the surveying expense. HASEL HARDWICK was a large landowner for this area. The 1790 Census of Chester Co. SC lists HASEL HARDWICK living between Hezekiah West and Stephen Siddle. HASEL HARDWICK at that time had 3 males over 16 and 5 females listed in his household.

"1800 Census Chester County, S. C. [pg. 162]: HASEL HARDWICK is living between Bennett Humphries and Joseph Williams.

"Chester County Deeds from the Office of the Clerk of Court.
Old Deed Book A, page 169, signed 30 Sept. 1786: HAZEL HARDWICK and dower by MARY his wife of Chester, a land deed to Richard Taliaferro same county, 442 acres on Sandy River for L 200, bounding the lands of Christopher Loving and William Brittain, being the tract granted to said HAZEL HARDWICK 3 April l786. No witnesses, but proven in open court and ordered to be recorded.

"Deed Book A, page 171, signed 30 Sept. l786: HAZEL HARDWICK and dower by MARY his wife a land Deed to RICHARD TALIAFERRO of same $... for L 100, 390 arces on Sandy River granted to HAZEL HARDWICK on 3 April l786. No witness.

"Dd Bk A, page 2l8, sgd. 14 November l786: Leonard Pratt and John Pratt with dower by Sarah his wife, of Chester a Joint Deed to HAZEL HARDWICK $... L 46.l3/4. 250 Ac. on Sandy River bounding John Pratt, Richard Taliaferro, John Colvin, James Gore.

"Dd Bk B, page 4l3, sngd. 10 December l789: HAZEL HARDWICK of Chester and no dower.
A land deed to: (also bound for title) Peter Petrie of same.... 50 Ac Of land which HAZEL HARDWICK gives his bond that he will make over title for same to Peter Petrie but the condition is that Peter Petrie will not sell this land or otherwise dispose of it till his son HAZEL PETRIE is of age.

"Chester County Deeds, Book H, pg. 405, sg. 5 December 1797: HAZEL HARDWICK, SR. and no dower of Chester, A gift of Deed to JAMES HARDWICK, To my son, for natural love and affection 100 Ac. located on Sandy River and part of the land on which the "said HAZEL HARDWICK now resides" bounding land of John Pratt, Joseph Tibbs, and HAZEL PETREE. Witnessed by Hazel Hardwick, Jr. and John Roden.

"Note that the land which was originally given to PETER PETRIE [in 1789] bounding HAZEL HARDWICK, Sr., has by 1797 passed into the hands of his son HAZEL PETRIE.

"Deed Book H, page 406, deed dated 21 Feb. 1801: HAZEL HARDWiCK. Sr. and no dower of Chester Co. A gift deed to his son: JAMES HARDWICK .... 220 Ac. situated on Sandy River "being the whole of the land on which I now live and bounded by the lands of John Hopkins,Timms' land, HAZEL PETREE, lands of s'd James Hardwick , John Pratt.
witnesses: Peter Petree, Hazel Hardwick, Jr., Jemima Colvin

"HAZEL, Sr., whom we estimate was born ca. 1725, or earlier, is over 70 years old. The last dower signed by MARY, his wife, was signed in June of 1800. However, MARY does not sign a dower in the previous deed of gift [in 1797] to JAMES.

"The lands of HAZEL PETREE, it will be noted, are all on Sandy River. "SOUTH CAROLINA BAPTIST 1690-1910" by Leah Townsend states there was once a flourishing Baptist Church situated on Sandy River. It is possible that this was the church to which the HARDWICKS belonged and that they were buried in the churchyard there or in a family burying ground which has not been located. This area now largely belongs to the pulpwood companies and is overgrown with pines. " Amelia Vidrick, 1999.

More About Hazel Hardwick:
Baptism (LDS): Submitted
Endowment (LDS): Submitted
Record Change: 03 Sep 2005
Sealed to parents (LDS): Submitted

More About Hazel Hardwick and Mary Northcut:
Marriage: 18 Feb 1749, Stafford Co., Va.

 Includes NotesMarriage Notes for Hazel Hardwick and Mary Northcut:
1 NOTE Married Between Feb 18, 1748-49 to dec 25, 1750

1 NOTE Married Between Feb 18, 1748-49 to dec 25, 1750

Married Between Feb 18, 1748-49 to dec 25, 1750

Children of Hazel Hardwick and Mary Northcut are:
  1. +James Hardwick, b. 1770, Chester Co., South Carolina, d. 1839, Franklin Co. Alabama.
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