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Descendants of Richard Greenland

Generation No. 3

      6. Nancy3 Greenland (Moses2, Richard1) was born Abt. 1777, and died November 12, 1808 in Cassville, Huntingdon Cty, PA. She married Amos Loughery.

Notes for Nancy Greenland:
Nancy's husband, Amos Loughery, was a Captain in Maryland forces in the Revolutionary War.

Notes for Amos Loughery:
Amos Loughery was a Captain in Maryland forces in the Revolutionary War.
Children of Nancy Greenland and Amos Loughery are:
  12 i.   Benjamin4 Loughery.
  13 ii.   David Loughery.
  14 iii.   Amos Loughery.
  15 iv.   Mary Loughery. She married Jacob Chilcott.
  16 v.   Sarah Loughery. She married David Parks.
  17 vi.   Hannah Loughery, born 1803; died 1839. She married William Smith.

      7. Joshua3 Greenland (Moses2, Richard1) was born June 19, 1786 in Maryland, and died March 11, 1841 in Trough Crk Vly, Huntingdon Cty, PA. He married Anna Stains 1794 in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.

Notes for Joshua Greenland:
Joshua lived "up the creek from Nathan."
Children of Joshua Greenland and Anna Stains are:
+ 18 i.   Aaron4 Greenland, born October 27, 1819; died 1864.
+ 19 ii.   Simeon Greenland, born March 07, 1818.
+ 20 iii.   Hiram Greenland, born May 02, 1816; died 1883.
  21 iv.   Nancy Greenland, born March 11, 1813 in Huntingdon Cty, PA. She married Hugh Madden in Batavia, IA.
  22 v.   Mary G. Greenland, born October 04, 1814. She married Reuben Madden.
+ 23 vi.   Charity Greenland, born September 14, 1821; died 1894.
  24 vii.   Nathan Greenland, born July 09, 1823.
+ 25 viii.   Daniel Greenland, born August 25, 1825; died February 24, 1907.
  26 ix.   Sarah Greenland, born August 10, 1827.
  27 x.   Robert Greenland, born June 26, 1829. He married Allie Stradley.
  Notes for Robert Greenland:
They moved to Oklahoma and had six children.

      8. Caleb3 Greenland (Moses2, Richard1) was born January 03, 1773 in Near Cassville, Huntingdon Cty, Pennsylvania, and died September 01, 1866 in Cass Twnshp, Huntingdon Cty, PA. He married Elizabeth Lovell 1805 in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, daughter of William Lovell and Mary Eno.

Notes for Caleb Greenland:
Calleb lived between Nathan, in the old homestead, and the town of Cassville.

Notes for Elizabeth Lovell:
Elizabeth was the dauther of William Lovell and Mary ENO.
Children of Caleb Greenland and Elizabeth Lovell are:
  28 i.   Margaret4 Greenland, born May 26, 1806; died July 08, 1840. She married Joshua Edwards September 18, 1827.
  29 ii.   Abner Greenland, born May 06, 1810; died March 1814.
+ 30 iii.   Mahala Greenland, born May 17, 1813; died January 19, 1896.
+ 31 iv.   Catharine Greenland, born December 07, 1815.
  32 v.   Abel Greenland, born June 08, 1818; died July 10, 1840.
  33 vi.   Mary Greenland, born January 18, 1821; died June 10, 1892.
+ 34 vii.   Amon W. Greenland, born April 15, 1825; died July 30, 1853.

      9. Nathan3 Greenland (Moses2, Richard1) was born July 08, 1775 in Baltimore City, MD, and died June 27, 1854 in Trough Creek Valley, Huntingdon Cty, PA.. He married Sarah Ruth Corbin February 09, 1797 in 1st Meth Epis Church, Baltimore, MD, daughter of Benjamin Corbin and Sarah Sias.

Notes for Nathan Greenland:
Nathan and Sarah lived on the old homestead, next to his father, Moses, in Trough Crk Vly, Huntingdon Cty, PA

Nathan taught school nearby during the winter months. In late life he suffered a broken hip. After that he walked with two canes.

It is from this Nathan that our line descends. Notice that he had a brother named Caleb, also a son named Caleb.

To Nathan and Sarah were born 10 children: 81 grandchildren.

He is buried in Old School Baptist Cemetery, Trough Creek Valley, PA.

Notes for Sarah Ruth Corbin:
FROM: A BRIEF SKETCH OF CALEB GREENLAND AND HIS WIFE, CHRISTINA CURFMAN, Published in 1924 by F. W. Roher, Son of Eleanor Greenland.

The name Corbin is from the French Corbon, or Corbong. The Corbons were Huguenots. When the Edict of Nantes was revoked in 1685 they, with 400,000 Protestants, fled from France. Clement Corbin came from the west of England to near Boston, Mass., in 1637. This was 48 years before the persecution above referred to.

Benjamin Corbin, 1728-1813, the grandfather of Caleb Greenland, lived in Westminster County, Maryland. He had a brother Abram, who died without children. Another brother, William, born in 1740, married Mary Brown and to them were born eight children, Ellen, Mary, Lydia, Sarah, Nancy, John, David and William.

The elder William Corbin, is said to be the first Corbin to come from Maryland to Pennsylvania, settled in Juniata Township, Huntingdon County, about 1773. The Browns came to Southern Huntingdon County about the same time. Nine of the ten children of Benjamin Corbin came with, or followed, their Uncle William to Pennsylvania.

Benjamin and Abram, are buried in a cemetery four and a half miles N.E. of Westminster, Md.

Baltimore City records show letters testamentary on the estate of Benjamin Corbin June 16, 1813; on estate of Abram Corbin Oct. 7, 1793; and on estate of Edward Corbin Nov. 30, 1770. Edward and Richard were residents of Maryland probably as early as 1700. They may have been brothers, or Richard may have been the son of Edward.

The burial place of the first Corbin pioneer (William) to Pennsylvania is near the Corbin school house in Juniata Township -- a few miles from Huntingdon, Pa. A large iron kettle that he, William, brought with him to this settlement was used to boil water for coffee at the Corbin reunion in 1913.

Children of Nathan Greenland and Sarah Corbin are:
+ 35 i.   Sarah4 Greenland, born April 17, 1799; died September 03, 1861 in Fulton Cty, PA.
+ 36 ii.   Keziah Greenland, born February 08, 1801; died August 18, 1867 in Clarion, PA.
+ 37 iii.   Moses Greenland, born April 27, 1803; died March 31, 1883 in Cassville, Pennsylvania.
+ 38 iv.   Nathan Greenland , Jr, born February 14, 1805 in Union Twp, Huntingdon Cty, PA; died March 19, 1880 in Trough Creek Valley, Huntingdon Cty, PA..
+ 39 v.   Benjamin Greenland, born January 04, 1807; died January 04, 1886.
+ 40 vi.   Joshua Greenland, born April 20, 1808; died March 27, 1887.
+ 41 vii.   Mary Greenland, born April 02, 1810 in Huntingdon, PA; died September 08, 1877 in Cass Twnshp, Huntingdon Cty, PA.
+ 42 viii.   Caleb Greenland, born December 18, 1811; died September 21, 1893.
+ 43 ix.   Missouri Greenland, born September 13, 1815; died February 06, 1886.
  44 x.   Ezra Greenland, born October 26, 1819; died November 04, 1891 in Trough Creek Vly, Huntingdon Cty, PA. He married Elizabeth Madden.
  Notes for Ezra Greenland:
Ezra lived in Union Township, Jefferson Cty, IA in 1883. Ezra is buried in Old School Baptist Cemetery, Trough Crk Vly, Huntingdon Cty, PA

      10. Sarah3 Greenland (Moses2, Richard1) was born 1781 in Cass Twnshp, Huntingdon Cty, PA, and died August 23, 1853 in Trough Crk Vly, Huntingdon Cty, PA. She married Lawrence Swope , Jr 1799, son of Lawrence Swope and Ann.
Children of Sarah Greenland and Lawrence Swope are:
  45 i.   Ann4 Swope, born October 10, 1805. She married Daniel Turner.
  46 ii.   David Swope, born August 22, 1809 in Raystown Branch, Huntingdon Cty, PA; died July 29, 1873. He married Isabella Wright.
  47 iii.   Moses Swope, born December 02, 1809. He married Susan Leach.
  48 iv.   Mary Swope, born 1801.
  49 v.   Caleb Swope, born 1803; died 1860. He married Anne Dean.
  50 vi.   John Swope, born 1817.
  51 vii.   Sarah Swope, born 1823.

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