Descendants of Charles * (I) SIMS



Generation No. 1


1.  CHARLES * (I)1 SIMS was born 1762 in Probably Manchester or Plymouth, England, and died August 21, 1832 in a farmer @ "Oak Hill", Hubbards, NS; NOTES.  He married ELIZABETH * CONNOR December 4, 1804 in St.Pauls Ch., Halifax, NS, daughter of TIMOTHY CONNOR and JOHANNA FANCY.  She was born Abt. 1782 in (birth sometime between 1773-1783), and died September 4, 1859 in see Notes (P.GrndPnts=John & Hannah CONNOR.


Notes for CHARLES * (I) SIMS:

Unfortunately we really can find no details about this Charles SIMS, he may be the first generation of this SIMS family in North America, but it is as yet unproven. We can not find his location of Birth. The earliest SIMS or SIMMS I could find on my July 1995 trip to NS was from copies I made of pages from "Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1749-1768" by Jean Holder & Grace Hubley.  Here can be found listed a Thomas & Sarah SIMMS who baptized their son Thomas Franklin SIMMS on December 24, 1749; Next from that same source was the burial in Halifax @ St. Paul's Ch. of Sarah SIMS, wife of Robert SIMS on December 13, 1750. These were the only entries for the surnames in this resource.  Whether any of these are ancestors of our Charles remains to be determined.  Another reference "index of deaths (NS) 1864-1877" shows a Charles SIMS died 1846, indexed to page 102, Number 24 but died in Annapolis County (on the Western side of NS). I did not have time to look this up so I have no idea if it is one of our two generations of Charles, but if so, this would explain why I could not find burials of a Charles SIMS in Halifax, Lunenberg or Queens Counties.  Terry Punch says that Charles & Elizabeth are shown in Burial records at ST. Stephen's Anglican Church in Chester, NS with dates shown on the family sheet here.

If this is our 1st Charles (B:1767) then he would have died at age 79 & if the 2nd Charles (B:1815) then he would have been 31 years at death. However it would certainly seem unlikely to be Charles II, since my records show at least 2 of his children were born after 1846! Another interesting source shows a list of "Return of settlers at St.Margaret's Bay 27 June 1817 written by Terrence Punch 1979, shown from P.A.N.S., R.G. 20, Series "C", Vol. 88, Item #174:  shows a SIMMS, Charles family included 1 man, 1 woman 5 children 12 & under, no children over 12 and no servants.  The list shows 506 persons in this emigration.  Interestingly it also showed the following others: JOLLYMORE, Geo., James & Christopher (not Christian) + WESTHAVER, John + COOLEN, Joseph and many other familiar names from that area.

  In November 1996, I hired Terry Punch to do paid research, especially to try to find more about this Charles.  Unfortunately he did find several SIMS in the late 1700s in NS, but none led to our Charles.  He stated that that marriage record to Elizabeth CONNOR is still the earliest record that Charles had in NS.  He noted several important possibilities which still deserve research, but he feels he tried and ended nowhere:  1. Robert SIMES came in 1749 with the founders of Halifax, and came with a wife & 2 boys.  He had been a bosun's mate in the navy and came to NS in the "Everley".  His wife (Sarah, in my text above) was buried 12-13-1750 in Halifax.  There was a son born late in 1749.  They were victualled by the government in May and June 1750: Robert, Sarah, Frederick & Ferdinando. Then they vanish from our records. There were none of the surname shown in the province by the return of July 1752. However a Robert SIMS shows up at Pictou much later, in 1775.  Still later, a Robert SIMS shows up living in Argyle Twp., Yarmouth Co. where he wed in 1786 Mary RAP (later I see her name as KENTON or KENDALL).  They had several children by 1796: Elizabeth (1786 or 87), Margaret (1787 or 88), Mary (1789), Sarah (1790), Robert (1792), & George (1796). Unfortunately Charles is conspicuosly missing from this list, as Robert seems to be the most likely Father for our Charles except he doesn't show up with Robert & Mary anytime.  Then there is a Robt. Sims shown dying in Argyle Twp, December 3, 1797.  This may very well be the son who was born 1792, or could it be the Father?  2. John SIMS, mariner, who came in the "Alexander" in 1749, unmarried. He does not show up in anything again.  3. The Loyalist (I think that means from New England - mag), James SIMS, granted 100 acres at Guysborough in 1785, did not settle in the province.  Terry goes on to say there were Scottish Sims' in Aberdeenshire, but except for one of his daughters, Charles' children were not given particularly Scottish names.  There were Sims' families in Massachusetts in 1790 at Medford, Roxbury and Carlisle, so there is a chance Charles came from New England. If he was from England it would have been Gloucester, Somerset, Wiltshire or Derbyshire (I will ask him why he knows that later?).

  I found a book: Religious Marriages in Halifax 1768-1842 showing the marriage of Thomas SIMS to Elizabeth HARTELL on 4-10-1797 @ St.Matthews Church.  This could have been a brother of our Charles, or could have been a second marriage to Charles' Father?  This same source showed the marriage of Charles & Elizabeth CONNOR but at St. Paul's Ch., instead of where Terry Punch had at St. Stephen's?    A book titled Deaths, Burials, and Probate of Nova Scotians 1749-1799, from Primary Sources.  The above paragraphs Sarah SIMS, wife of Robert, buried @ St. Paul's in Halifax Dec. 13, 1750.  It also shows a Robert SIMS died Dec. 3, 1797 (as I mentioned above) in Argyle Twp. & a William SIMS buried at St. Paul's in Halifax Nov. 29, 1784.  No ages for any of these.

[Broderbund Family Archive #354, Ed. 1, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, Date of Import: Nov 29, 1998, Internal Ref. #1.354.1.93314.4]


Individual: Fardinando Sims

Place: Nova Scotia

Year: 1750


Primary Individual: Sims, Fardinando


Source Code: 4742


Source Name:

"A LIST OF SETTLERS VICTUALD AT THIS PLACE [Halifax] between the Eighteenth of May & Fourth Day of June 1750, Both Days Included, with the Additions for June to Ye Last Day." In Report, Board of Trustees of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia...1941. Halifax: Provincial Secretary, King's Printer, 1942. Appendix B, pp. 21-45.


Source Annotation:

This contains the names of some New Englanders, though most were British English. It was taken from the Deschamps Manuscripts in the public archives of Nova Scotia in Halifax.


Source Page #: 26


Below is the listing from Don Shankle's website showing Charles - died at Hubbards at age 70 (I'd imagine that is an approximation of age?)




And now a most mysterious finding in Don Shankle's list - this Alexander fellow listed from Banff Scotland - born 1790 - too old to be Charles' brother ? - and too early to be his son ?

SIMS","Alexander","D","1839-04-29","Banff Scotland, s/James","27-04-1839",,"49y21d","PL"




More About CHARLES * (I) SIMS:

Burial: St. Stephen's Ch.-Chester (I couldn't find grave)

Event 1: Place: Nova Scotia1

Event 2: Year: 17501

Event 4: Primary Individual: Sims, Fardinando1

Fact 7: Source Name: "A LIST OF SETTLERS VICTUALD AT THIS PLACE [Halifax] between the Eighteenth of May & Fourth Day of June 1750, Both Days Included, with the Additions for June to Ye Last Day." In Report, Board of Trustees of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia..1

Fact 8: Source Annotation: This contains the names of some New Englanders, though most were British English. It was taken from the Deschamps Manuscripts in the public archives of Nova Scotia in Halifax.1

Fact 9: Source Page #: 261

Occupation: Source Code: 47421



I had never heard the name CONNOR in my genealogy until my trip to Nova Scotia in July 1995, when I discovered a tree in the public library of Hubbards Cove, written by Terry Punch, a well known NS professional genealogist (who I actually spoke to, but now wishing I had pumped him for much more information..especially since I did not determine the exact resources for several important pieces of info (such as the CONNOR name!)   The only additional information on a CONNOR that I could find was from the Halifax' St.Paul, Church registry on Microfilm (11,551X) in the (PANS) Archives: George CONNOR, born of John & Hannah CONNOR, December 27, 1754.  The date of this Connor could place George or his male sibs as a Father of Elizabeth;but I couldn't find any definite connection as yet

Thus John & Hannah CONNOR could be the paternal Grandparents of Elizabeth?  I speculatively put George down in this tree to remind me to keep searching this line & to keep the CONNOR name active in the index.




2.                i.    JOHN2 SIMS, b. 1806.

                  ii.    GEORGE PETER SIMS, b. 1808, Christened Nov. 20, 1808; see NOTES.



He was christened Nov. 20, 1808 at St. Paul's Anglican Ch. in Halifax, but no birth date given.



3.              iii.    MICHAEL SIMS, b. 1810, christened April 5, 1811; Poss Born 1809; d. April 1891, He was on the 1881 Mill Cove census as a widower.

                 iv.    MARY SIMS, b. Abt. 1812; m. JOHN EDWARD HARNISH, January 7, 1836, St.Stephens Angl.Ch.Chester,NS;PANS15029-x; b. Abt. 1810.

4.               v.    CHARLES (II) WILLIAM * SIMS, b. March 21, 1815, Hubbard's River, Lunenberg Co.-Baptz. 4-3 or 4-21,1815; d. Aft. 1881, IGI & PANS records= christened 4-24-1815.

                 vi.    THOMAS SIMS, b. April 18, 1817; d. November 16, 1826.

5.             vii.    TIMOTHY SIMS, b. 1819, may be one in SIMS Cem. @ Sims Settlement?; d. Abt. 1897, Probably one that above says died age 78.

               viii.    GRIZZELDA SIMS, b. 1822, St. Margarets Bay; christened April 26,1822; d. November 16, 1826, at 5 years old.

                  ix.    JAMES SIMS, b. October 20, 1824, St Margarets Bay,NS;Baptized Nov. 21, 1824.



Generation No. 2


2.  JOHN2 SIMS (CHARLES * (I)1) was born 1806.  He married NANCY HANNAH "ANN" COOLEN August 30, 1834 in St.Stephens Ch.,Chester,NS;PANS 15029-x, daughter of JOSEPH COOLEN and JANE COVEY.  She was born April 30, 1818 in Fox Point, NS, and died in Married in presence: Mary Elizabeth Coolen.


Children of JOHN SIMS and NANCY COOLEN are:

                   i.    MARY CATHERINE3 SIMS, b. December 12, 1835, Baptz March 17, 1836 at St. Stephens Anglican, Chester.

                  ii.    SOPHIA SIMS, b. February 27, 1838; m. JAMES HENRY COOLEN, March 17, 1855, St. Stephen's Anglican, Chester, NS; PANS 15029-x; b. August 1, 1834; d. December 11, 1880.

                 iii.    SUSANNA SIMS, b. 1842.



3.  MICHAEL2 SIMS (CHARLES * (I)1) was born 1810 in christened April 5, 1811; Poss Born 1809, and died April 1891 in He was on the 1881 Mill Cove census as a widower.  He married CATHERINE ELIZABETH JOLLIMORE May 18, 1831 in St. Stephens Angl.Ch.,Chester NS.  She was born Abt. 1812, and died Bef. 1882 in Md. in presence of John SIMS;PANS 15029-x.



One source shows this Michael christened April 5, 1811 @ St. Paul's Anglican Ch. in Halifax., but does not have a birth date.




Burial: Buried at the Sims Cem. @ Sims Settlement



6.                i.    JOHN EDWARD3 SIMS, b. October 20, 1831, Be careful -both Charles & Michael had son John Edward.

                  ii.    ELIZABETH MARGARET SIMS, b. November 10, 1833; m. JOHN LANGUILLE, December 29, 1855, St. Stephen's Ch., Chester, NS; b. Abt. 1832.

                 iii.    MARY CATHERINE SIMS, b. October 12, 1835.

7.              iv.    MICHAEL SIMS, b. January 23, 1837.

                  v.    MARY ANN SIMS, b. August 19, 1838; m. EDWARD YOUNG, December 15, 1857, St. Stephen's, Chester, NS; b. Abt. 1838.

                 vi.    RACHEL SIMS, b. March 20, 1840.

8.             vii.    JAMES TIMOTHY SIMS, b. January 22, 1842, Info from Bedford "Bud" Cameron Sims & Joe Whitby; d. January 3, 1928, (his gravestone @ SIMS settlement: b:1838.

               viii.    JANE ELIZABETH SIMS, b. August 15, 1843; m. FREDERICK WILLIAMS, April 25, 1857, St. Luke's , Hubbards, NS; b. Abt. 1842.

                  ix.    GEORGE SIMS, b. March 9, 1845, May have been March 20; d. Note there are 2 Geo. son of Mike & Chas.2; m. ELIZA GRAVES, November 2, 1869, St. Luke's, Hubbards, NS; b. Abt. 1846.

                   x.    SARAH SIMS, b. July 4, 1846, or possibly June 4; baptz: Sept. 12, 1846.

9.               xi.    THOMAS ALFRED SIMS, b. March 13, 1850, Hubbards Cove, NS- believed to have had 3 wives ?; d. February 1928, Mill Cove, Halifax Co, NS; suicide.

                 xii.    CATHERINE LOUISA SIMS, b. October 28, 1851.



4.  CHARLES (II) WILLIAM *2 SIMS (CHARLES * (I)1) was born March 21, 1815 in Hubbard's River, Lunenberg Co.-Baptz. 4-3 or 4-21,1815, and died Aft. 1881 in IGI & PANS records= christened 4-24-1815.  He married MARIA ELIZA * COOLEN December 27, 1839 in St.Stephen's Church,Chester,NS;PANS15029-x, daughter of JOSEPH COOLEN and JANE COVEY.  She was born 1821 in Fox Point, St Margarets Bay, NS; Baptz: Nov. 28, 1821, and died 1877 in Lunenberg Co, NS; Deaths #44 pg140????.



His middle name was probably William, and he is the one probably on the 1881 census in the Liverpool area living with son John Edward SIMS.


The CD-ROM IGI collection shows Charles SIMMS (one more M than next generations wass Christened April 21, 1815 at Saint Stephen Anglican, Chester, Lunenberg Co., NS. and his Father was also Charles SIMMS and Mother Elizabeth.; The PANS reel 15029-x verifies this but adds born April 3, 1815 & states father Charles is a farmer @ Hubbards River.

Last child that I could find was born 1856 @ Hubbards area.  Also see notes on his Father Charles I.

  A few good finds surfaced with the help of Linda Rafuse from the Queens Co historical museum/Thomas Raddall genealogical center in Liverpool.  She has sent me copies of the 1881 census that shows Charles II age 66 and says name was Charles William but the date fits for an 1815 birth, and he was living with son John Edward SIMS, age 29, and Lucinda, age 22 & Joseph Sims, age 15.  This family was shown living next door to another John SIMS, age 50 with his wife Caroline E., age 46 & son Enos, age 18.

She also sent written obituary from the Liverpool Advance, April 17, 1912, showing the death of Charles SIMMS @ Rosette, Queens Co, of pneumonia, son of the late Charles SIMMS of this town age 59.  When I first heard this I hoped it implied this was Chas.II, but apparently it is the 3rd generation Charles, which we have as Charles Michael SIMS.  The only discrepancy here is that we have down Charles BD as 1849, but this would put the BD as between 1852-54.

  Have discovered Albert SIMS on the registered voters of California in 1872.  He is shown born in Nova Scotia, and apparently registered to vote in 1868, at age 28,  (born 1840)??  No further details.    I have found Charles Sims (presumably II) on the 1861 census of Mill cove - showing 3 males & 5 females in the house.   On that same small 1861 census at Mill cove is James Plummer, Tim Sims & Michael Sims (I believe these 2 Sims' are siblings - sons of Charles II) & several Coolens.   So, it appears that our Charles II moved from Mill Cove to Liverpool sometime in the 20 years between 1861 & 1881.

Records seem to vary - Birth either 3-21 or 4-3, 1815 and baptized either 4-3, 4-21 or 4-24, 1815 at St. Stephen's Church, Chester.


Below  are the 2 listings for our Charles II, from Don Shankle's website showing Charles birth, showing Birth in March and christening in April


"SIMS","Charles","B","1815-03-21","Charles & Elizabeth",,"1815-04-21",,"SSAC"

"SIMS","Charles","M","1839-12-27","COULLON, Mary Eliz","Hubbards",,,"SSAC"




The CD-ROM IGI records are confusing here in that they show a Maria Eliza COOLEN christened Nov 28, 1821, daughter of Joseph COOLAN and wife Jane.

But also show a Mary Elizabeth COOLON (spelled 3 o's) christened July 10, 1814, daughter of Jospeh COOLON and wife Elizabeth.  Both are shown as christened at the Same Church (St. Stephen Anglican, Chester, Lunenberg, NS. ??  I elected to show the 1821 girl as William Archibald's  Mother because the same IGI records show his Mother as Maria Eliza, same as my cousin Dora's research shows.  I suspect the other (1814) girl is a cousin of the 1821 one? There is a Jean Nicolas Coulon on the 1752 register in Nova Scotia & a Pierre Coulon on the 1750 Northwest Range list.  The PANS reel 15029x verifies this problem the 1814 baptims on July 10 shows a Mary Elizabeth born to Joseph & an Elizabeth Coolan. My guess is that is an earlier child of Joseph & Jane and that the repeated the name Elizabeth in error for the mother. The death record for 1877 is probably not accurate since it lists her as Eliza Marie Coolen - NOT Sims!  I did not have the time to check this in Halifax.



Children of CHARLES SIMS and MARIA COOLEN are:

10.              i.    GEORGE3 SIMS, b. March 20, 1843; d. Aft. 1901.

11.             ii.    JAMES JOSEPH SIMS, b. May 13, 1844.

                 iii.    JANE SIMS, b. Abt. 1845; m. MR. MURRAY; b. Abt. 1845.

12.            iv.    WILLIAM * ARCHIBALD SIMS, SR., b. January 13, 1847, Sims Settlement, N.S.;  NOT born 1844  (bapt.4-28-47); d. March 2, 1922, Liverpool N.S.; died of TB, age 78; NOTES.

13.             v.    CHARLES (III) MICHAEL SIMS, b. May 29, 1849, Hubbards Cove, NS; twin of Mary Elizabeth; d. April 17, 1912, Rosette, Queens Co, NS (per Liverp.advance.

                 vi.    MARY ELIZABETH SIMS, b. May 29, 1849, Hubbard's Cove; twin of Charles Michael;  baptz: 8-22-49.

14.           vii.    JOHN EDWARD SIMS, b. February 2, 1852; d. This couple is @ Liverpool on 1901 census.

               viii.    PRUDENCE GRACE SIMS, b. May 16, 1854, Hubbard's Cove.

                  ix.    ELIZA SOPHIA SIMS, b. September 4, 1856, Christened 10-19-1856 @ St.Stephen,Chester.



5.  TIMOTHY2 SIMS (CHARLES * (I)1) was born 1819 in may be one in SIMS Cem. @ Sims Settlement?, and died Abt. 1897 in Probably one that above says died age 78.  He married MARY ELIZABETH SIMS.  She was born 1832 in stone in Sims Settlement Sims Cem., and died in if above correct then she died age 51.


Children of TIMOTHY SIMS and MARY SIMS are:

                   i.    SUSAN SOPHIA3 SIMS, b. October 26, 1854; d. January 25, 1923; m. JAMES JEREMIAH DOMINEY, September 14, 1878, St. James', Fox Point, NS; b. Abt. 1854.

15.             ii.    AMOS A. SIMS, b. Abt. 1862.

                 iii.    JOANNA SIMS, b. Abt. 1855.

                 iv.    REBEKAH SIMS, b. Abt. 1857.

                  v.    ELLA SIMS, b. Abt. 1859.

                 vi.    SYDNEY SIMS, b. Abt. 1861.



Generation No. 3


6.  JOHN EDWARD3 SIMS (MICHAEL2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born October 20, 1831 in Be careful -both Charles & Michael had son John Edward.  He married CAROLINE HARNISH December 29, 1861 in St. Luke's, Hubbards, NS.  She was born Abt. 1832.



16.              i.    LUCINDA4 SIMS, b. June 16, 1859.

17.             ii.    TIMOTHY ALLEN SIMS, b. August 24, 1865; d. died before married and before son Born.



7.  MICHAEL3 SIMS (MICHAEL2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born January 23, 1837.  He married SARAH SUSANNAH BOUTILIER November 21, 1861 in St. Luke's, Hubbard, NS.  She was born Abt. 1838.



                   i.    MICHAEL CYRUS4 SIMS, b. July 28, 1865, probably died young @ Fox Point, NS; d. Bef. 1881.

                  ii.    AMBROSE FREEMAN SIMS, b. November 28, 1869.

                 iii.    WILLIS JEMPTON SIMS, b. February 3, 1874.

                 iv.    JOSHUA "JONAS" HAVELOCK SIMS, b. February 15, 1876.

                  v.    CLARA MABEL SIMS, b. January 7, 1879; d. February 1883, Bur. @ Sims Settlement Cem..

                 vi.    ISABEL SIMS, b. December 29, 1867.

                vii.    ELSWORTH BERNARD SIMS, b. August 27, 1884.



8.  JAMES TIMOTHY3 SIMS (MICHAEL2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born January 22, 1842 in Info from Bedford "Bud" Cameron Sims & Joe Whitby, and died January 3, 1928 in (his gravestone @ SIMS settlement: b:1838.  He married JANE SOPHIA DOMINEY January 23, 1865 in St. Luke's Ch, Hubbards, NS.  She was born November 11, 1841 in this date and above James' from Bud SIMS, and died March 15, 1937 in Gravestone @ Sims Cem.:  b.1844.


Children of JAMES SIMS and JANE DOMINEY are:

                   i.    MATILDA LAVINA4 SIMS, b. January 19, 1866.

                  ii.    EMALINE MELISSA SIMS, b. December 3, 1867.

                 iii.    JERVIS WINSLEY SIMS, b. October 5, 1869.

                 iv.    SIDNEY EDWARD SIMS, b. November 26, 1871.

18.             v.    ROLAND EVERETT SIMS, b. Abt. 1872.

19.            vi.    EDWARD BROOKLIN SIMS, b. October 15, 1876; d. May 1921, Bur. @ Sims Settlement Cem..

                vii.    ELFREDA SIMS, b. September 1, 1878.

               viii.    FLORENCE EDITH SIMS, b. January 18, 1880.

                  ix.    GRANVILLE ALBERTON SIMS, b. February 8, 1882; d. February 20, 1882, Bur. @ Sims Settlement Cem..

                   x.    HILDA BLANCHE SIMS, b. February 24, 1884.

20.             xi.    JAMES PERCY SIMS, b. November 18, 1885, info from Bedford "Bud" C. SIMS; d. May 8, 1986, Bur. @ Sims Settlement Cem..



9.  THOMAS ALFRED3 SIMS (MICHAEL2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born March 13, 1850 in Hubbards Cove, NS- believed to have had 3 wives ?, and died February 1928 in Mill Cove, Halifax Co, NS; suicide.  He married EMMA KENNEDY November 15, 1876 in Baptist Ch., Halifax, NS.  She was born Abt. 1850.


Children of THOMAS SIMS and EMMA KENNEDY are:

                   i.    IRA4 SIMS, b. Abt. 1878.

                  ii.    MARK FRANCIS SIMS, b. May 10, 1879.

                 iii.    EBER LESLIE SIMS, b. December 23, 1880.



10.  GEORGE3 SIMS (CHARLES (II) WILLIAM *2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born March 20, 1843, and died Aft. 1901.  He married ELIZA SIMS Bef. 1876.  She was born May 13, 1850 in Scottish descent, and died Aft. 1901 in this couple @ Liverpool on 1901 census.


Children of GEORGE SIMS and ELIZA SIMS are:

                   i.    CALVIN SEYMOUR4 SIMS, b. October 9, 1876.

                  ii.    IDA SIMS, b. 1880.



11.  JAMES JOSEPH3 SIMS (CHARLES (II) WILLIAM *2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born May 13, 1844.  He married ELIZA (?) SIMS.  She was born Abt. 1846.


Child of JAMES SIMS and ELIZA SIMS is:

                   i.    ELIZA JANE4 SIMS, b. July 1, 1869.



12.  WILLIAM * ARCHIBALD3 SIMS, SR. (CHARLES (II) WILLIAM *2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born January 13, 1847 in Sims Settlement, N.S.;  NOT born 1844  (bapt.4-28-47), and died March 2, 1922 in Liverpool N.S.; died of TB, age 78; NOTES.  He married EUNICE * MATILDA PLUMMER January 14, 1869 in Church of England, Liverpool NS; Rev.Gray, daughter of JAMES PLUMMER and ELIZA JOLLIMORE.  She was born June 19, 1853 in Mill Cove,Lunenburg Co., Nova Scotia; Christ:8-21-1853, and died March 25, 1943 in Liverpool, N.S. (see NOTES).



The CD-ROM collection (IGI) shows he was christened April 28, 1847 at the Saint Stephen Anglican, Chester, Lunenberg, NS.; and shows his parents as we already knew as Charles SIMS & Maria Eliza.  My Cousin Dora showed death records with his middle name as Archebar instead of Archibald?..but his baptismal record @ St. Stephens (PANS in Halifax - on micrfilm) shows Archibald, plus his sponsor at the Baptism was shown as Archibald Boutelier.  His obituary read "resident of Liverpool & buried at the Baptist Cemetary (although he was clearly not a baptist).  An adopted child of Eunice (Plummer) Sims' sister Adelaide = Myrtle (Brigley) Cleveland at age 91 in July 1995, Queensland, NS in visit with Dora Page  said "Bill Sims was a very thin, small man, but she remembers clearly that he worked for the city of Liverpool and that she recalls him pushing a cart with a large barrel filled with water that watered the downtown streets of Liverpool to reduce dust, and that she never understood how such a small man could push such a large heavy object all the way up and down the streets.  She said that if you looked at the side front of the cart you could not see Bill because the barrel was so much bigger than he was.

Wm. Sims was shown living at the beginning of Main St. in Milton just outside of Liverpool in about 1870 to 1880 on the A.F. Church Map.  I assume therefore that this is Where Arthur McPherson Sims was born & raised.  Wm. & Eunice moved to the home on 40 Jail St. (now changed to Brunswick St.) I photographed this home in July 1995; it was a beige with brown trim home and the person living there then was the step son of Albert Sims (Albert was another of Wm.& Eunice Sims' children.) whose name is Archie Huskins.  See the archives: PANS, reel #150297-x for the baptismal records from St. Stephens in Chester for both he & Eunice.  That home on Brunswick was also the home their daughter Phoebe Sims was born in & the home that Wm. & Eunice apparently died at.  Regardless of these records there apparently was some confusion about William's exact year of birth in that his gravestone shows 1844 as his Birthdate.  This happens to be the year of birth of his brother James Joseph, but it would seem more likely the church records would be more accurate than the family records at his death?                                              Some records show his middle initial as "O".               

    There is a photo of a man which many believe to be William in a city park of Liverpool, standing next to a large anchor.  The Raddell museum there denotes that man as a retired Navy man with a different name than any Sims.  I have a copy of that photo, and oddly enough the first place I saw it was in the former home of Wm. Sims on Brunswick St.  -  Archie Huskins who owned the home and lived there in 1995 brought out the only container of photos he knew about.  This is where I found the photo - Archie could not identify the person.  Naturally I jumped to the conclusion, that it was Wm. Sims, before I saw the same photo in the museum.  Since that time I have received correspondence from Dora Page who has asked several old timers there, who seemed to think it appeared to be William also.  I suspect we may never resolve this issue.  Either we need to find a known photo of Wm. to compare faces, or we need to find descendants of the man the library ascribes the photo to being and compare any other photos of that man.


Below is from Don Shankle's website with the same information I got from the church - that he was NOT born in 1844.


"SIMS","William Archibald","B","1847-01-13","Charles & Eliza Mary",,"1847-04-28",,"SSAC"


            Next is Shankle's listing for Wm & Eunice's marriage:


"SIMS","William","M","1869-01-14","Plummer, Eunice",,,,"TALP"




Burial: Baptist Cem, Liverpool

Event 1: Full name was Wm. Arbacar E. Sims

Event 2: One source says Archibald for M.Name



CD-ROM IGI shows she was christened Aug 21, 1853. I haved visited the house she & William lived & died at 40 Brunswick St. in Liverpool. We presume that my GrandFather Arthur lived there before he moved to Texas.  We do know that her daughter Phoebe SIMS (ROBERT) was born there, but she was about 18 years younger than Arthur. Her obituary from March 1943 Liverpool paper reads:  "The death occurred on Satuday noon of Mrs. Eunice SIMMS.  She was born at Mill  Cove some 90 yrs. ago and came to Liverpool as a very young girl. she was the daughter of the late Jas. PLUMMER and Eliza JOLLIMORE. She was the last member of the PLUMMER family and was loved and respected by all in her community. She is survived by one daughter Phoebe of Liverpool, & six sons William in Worcester, MA, Arthur in Galveston, TX, Dannie in Baltimore, Robert in Liverpool, and Edward in Liverpool.  She is also survived by 2 Grandchildren whom she had cared for from infancy - Grace (Mrs. Ray Boudreau) and Albert of Lowell, MA. She also has 12 Grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. Interment in the Baptist Cemetary beside her husband William SIMMS who predeceased her 22 yrs. before. I have a copy of her Baptism record from the Parish register:  Diocese of Nova Scotia, Page 13, Baptism solemnized in the Parish of St. Stephen, Chester, in the County of Lunenberg in the year 1853. It states baptism was Aug 21, 1853, & lists parents, James & Eliza PLUMMER & gives Child's Christian Name: Eunice Matilda.  This lists James Plummer occupation as a farmer.  Also the other name shown for the church they married at was Trinity Anglican Church, Liverpool.




Burial: Baptist Cem.



                   i.    MARTHA MARIA4 SIMS, b. May 10, 1869.

21.             ii.    LORENZO SIMS, b. January 10, 1871, Liverpool, NS; Children names may be error; d. September 1903, drowned at sea.

                 iii.    WILLIAM JOETH SIMS, JR., b. March 7, 1874, Liverpool, NS; d. Went to Worcester, Massuchusetts; lost?.

22.            iv.    ARTHUR * MACPHERSON SIMS, SR., b. October 9, 1878, Liverpool,Nova Scotia,Canada;or?10-10-1879; d. May 19, 1952, Galveston, TX in St. Mary's Hospital (NOTE).

                  v.    DANIEL SANDERS SIMS, b. December 29, 1880, may be 1881 or 82 even (per 1901 census); d. Went to Baltimore, lost since (poss. MA).

23.            vi.    ALBERT THOMAS SIMS, SR., b. April 29, 1886, Middlewood ?, NS (may have been 1887); d. March 29, 1977, Halifax, Camp Hill Hospital;Bur.@Liverpool.

                vii.    CHARLES ROBERT "BOBBY" SIMS, b. August 29, 1887, census of 1901 says 1885; d. October 2, 1949, Dora: "buried next to parents w NO stone"; m. EMMA (ROY) SIMS-WHYNOT, December 3, 1931, No Children; b. Abt. 1890, Bobby Sims divorced from Emma after 8 yrs.; d. her 1st husband=Chas. Whynot;.



Burial: Baptist Cem. - Paul Page had a stone placed


               viii.    JOHN EDWARD SIMS, b. January 29, 1891, Went by Edward (on 1901 census); d. 1963, Liverpool, NS; m. GWENDOLYN BUTLER, No children?; b. Abt. 1892, moved to Montreal &/or Toronto; d. Bef. 1963.



Burial: Anglican Cem, Liverpool, NS


24.             ix.    PHOEBE MAE SIMS, b. November 7, 1898, Liverpool, NS; may be 1899 (see her photo w niece Phoebe; d. January 13, 1988, Liverpool, NS.



13.  CHARLES (III) MICHAEL3 SIMS (CHARLES (II) WILLIAM *2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born May 29, 1849 in Hubbards Cove, NS; twin of Mary Elizabeth, and died April 17, 1912 in Rosette, Queens Co, NS (per Liverp.advance.  He married ELIZA SIMS.  She was born Abt. 1849 in This may not be correct parents for Joseph Nicodemus, and died in His parents are listed as Charles & Eliza - and BD correct.



His christening date is Aug. 22, 1849 @ St Stephen's Church, Chester.




                   i.    JOSEPH NICODEMUS4 SIMS, b. July 8, 1865.



14.  JOHN EDWARD3 SIMS (CHARLES (II) WILLIAM *2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born February 2, 1852, and died in This couple is @ Liverpool on 1901 census.  He married LUCINDA SIMS May 2, 1875 in Chester, NS - at TALP, daughter of JOHN SIMS and CAROLINE HARNISH.  She was born June 16, 1859.


Children of JOHN SIMS and LUCINDA SIMS are:

                   i.    FLORENCE ROSETTA4 SIMS, b. July 7, 1880.

                  ii.    JAMES SIMS, b. October 1, 1882.

                 iii.    JANE MAURICE SIMS, b. October 1, 1883.

                 iv.    HARLEY SIMS, b. July 5, 1887.

                  v.    ANNIE HILDA SIMS, b. January 7, 1994.



15.  AMOS A.3 SIMS (TIMOTHY2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born Abt. 1862.  He married SARAH JANE GRAVES.  She was born Abt. 1862.



                   i.    TIMOTHY ALBERT4 SIMS, b. December 1885; d. January 4, 1887, Bur. @ Sims Settlement Cem..



Generation No. 4


16.  LUCINDA4 SIMS (JOHN EDWARD3, MICHAEL2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born June 16, 1859.  She married JOHN EDWARD SIMS May 2, 1875 in Chester, NS - at TALP, son of CHARLES SIMS and MARIA COOLEN.  He was born February 2, 1852, and died in This couple is @ Liverpool on 1901 census.


Children are listed above under (14) John Edward SIMS.


17.  TIMOTHY ALLEN4 SIMS (JOHN EDWARD3, MICHAEL2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born August 24, 1865, and died in died before married and before son Born.  He met LAURA PLUMMER in Believed not to have actually married Tim, daughter of JAMES PLUMMER and ELIZA JOLLIMORE.  She was born August 1866 in Edward was raised by Grandparents PLUMMER, and died November 10, 1899 in Taunton, Massachusetts.



Burial: Another story says he died BEFORE Edward born ?



                   i.    EDWARD MORRIS5 SIMS, b. May 27, 1885, Liverpool, NS;  see NOTES; d. August 8, 1941, died @ age 56; he is sometimes a PLUMMER !; m. CARRIE LUCINDA BOYD, August 11, 1910, Milton, Queens Co, NS; b. January 16, 1888, Liverpool, NS; d. October 10, 1964, died @ age 76.



From notes given to me by Barbara (PLUMMER) YSSELDYK in Markham, Ontario:

Edward was born to Laura (PLUMMER) WEAGLE, daughter of James & Eliza.  Laura was apparently pregnant with Edward when her soon to be husband Tim SIMS died of an epidemic flu and she then married Lem WEAGLE after Edward was born.  Laura did not raise Edward... instead he was raised by his Grandparents Eliza & James PLUMMER.  Even though she made a new life with Lem WEAGLE, the marriage of Carrie & Edward is registered as "SIMS"... and the 1st 3 children of Edward & Carrie were also registered in the name SIMS, and were never changed, but everyone in the family went by the name PLUMMER !!   May 2000- To add to this intersting story,  I've just received a Probate on Eliza Plummer, wife of James - sent from Barb Ysseldyk which shows this Edward  Morris SIMS (no mention of his name being PLUMMER in the probate) as the primary beneficiary.  




18.  ROLAND EVERETT4 SIMS (JAMES TIMOTHY3, MICHAEL2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born Abt. 1872.  He married ADA MAUDE MCLEAN February 1, 1896 in Ch. of Eng., Halifax, NS.  She was born Abt. 1874.


Children of ROLAND SIMS and ADA MCLEAN are:

                   i.    ALMA BEATRICE5 SIMS, b. May 8, 1895.

                  ii.    GRACE MAIRINA SIMS, b. July 1, 1896.

                 iii.    EARL ROLAND SIMS, b. October 1, 1903; m. VIVIAN ELVIRA JOLLIMORE, June 23, 1927, Trinity Ch., Halifax, NS; b. Abt. 1904.



19.  EDWARD BROOKLIN4 SIMS (JAMES TIMOTHY3, MICHAEL2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born October 15, 1876, and died May 1921 in Bur. @ Sims Settlement Cem..



                   i.    CARRIE MINERVA5 SIMS, b. May 20, 1906.



20.  JAMES PERCY4 SIMS (JAMES TIMOTHY3, MICHAEL2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born November 18, 1885 in info from Bedford "Bud" C. SIMS, and died May 8, 1986 in Bur. @ Sims Settlement Cem..  He married MARIE JUNE DAUPHINEE February 4, 1903 in St. Luke's, Hubbards, NS.  She was born 1887, and died 1972.



                   i.    RODERICK KEITH5 SIMS, b. December 6, 1818.

                  ii.    MEDEA EVELYN SIMS, b. January 7, 1913.

                 iii.    VERNON ALMON DAUPHINEE SIMS, b. December 6, 1914; m. IRENE GARLAND (?) SIMS; b. Abt. 1914.

                 iv.    HARRY VINCENT SIMS, b. July 31, 1916; d. March 22, 1988; m. AUDREY FLEET; b. Abt. 1916.

                  v.    BEDFORD "BUD" CAMERON SIMS, b. June 23, 1926; d. lives in Bedford, NS;  see notes PgDn.



 I first spoke with Bud in July 1995 while I visited Nova Scotia, however I was unable to meet him, due to distances and time restraints. He was referred to me by his relative Judy (Sims) Hopkins, who also referred me to Terry Punch.  Judy happened to be at the public library in Hubbard's Cove, NS when I was looking for Sims information there.  Luckily for me, he recalled our conversation and sent me a letter in June 1996, outlining his heritage, and his own computer genealogy endeavors. I called him from Illinois,  coincidentally during a 70th birthday party he was having with family on June 22, 1996.  He has agreed to keep in touch if any new findings develop, especially in the Charles SIMS ancestry.  He has not found any evidence for the origins of our first Charles Sims, but he too has heard they came from England in the 1700s to Nova Scotia.  As the computer trace shows Bud descended from CharlesI other son, Michael Sims, sibling of my Charles II Sims.  Bud's Father lived to over 100 years, but as with me, Bud did not get interested in geneaolgy until his ancestors were too old to help with the research.  His address is:

 20 Brockwell St., Bedford, NS  B4A2M2        and Tphone:  902-835-2277



                 vi.    SHIRLEY ALFREDA SIMS, b. August 15, 1926; m. ARTHUR HEARTZ; b. Abt. 1926.

                vii.    VELMA NOREEN SIMS, b. March 28, 1928; m. HARRY SEYMORE KING; b. Abt. 1928.

               viii.    ROSALEEN JEANETTE SIMS, b. October 22, 1930; m. DONALD O'BRIEN; b. Abt. 1930.

                  ix.    WARD ALLAN SIMS, b. September 25, 1905; d. May 1970.

                   x.    JUNE MARIE SIMS, b. September 14, 1909; d. September 10, 1973.

                  xi.    MADGE LORRAINE SIMS, b. May 28, 1903; m. GEORGE GRAHAM; b. Abt. 1902.

                 xii.    CHARLES WILLIAM SIMS, b. July 18, 1907; d. June 18, 1911, Bur. @ Sims Settlement Cem..

                xiii.    RUBY K. SIMS, b. 1921; d. 1926.



21.  LORENZO4 SIMS (WILLIAM * ARCHIBALD3, CHARLES (II) WILLIAM *2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born January 10, 1871 in Liverpool, NS; Children names may be error, and died September 1903 in drowned at sea.  He married MARY ELIZA CONRAD July 1, 1893 in Queens, Liverpool (children difficult read).  She was born March 1872 in Probably Vogler's Cove, NS, and died in lists German descent.


Children of LORENZO SIMS and MARY CONRAD are:

                   i.    STANLEY5 SIMS, b. October 24, 1893.

                  ii.    CLARENCE SIMS, b. October 8, 1895; d. Went to Australia.

                 iii.    HARTLEY SIMS, b. January 9, 1897.

                 iv.    CLAYTON SIMS, b. September 6, 1899.



22.  ARTHUR * MACPHERSON4 SIMS, SR. (WILLIAM * ARCHIBALD3, CHARLES (II) WILLIAM *2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born October 9, 1878 in Liverpool,Nova Scotia,Canada;or?10-10-1879, and died May 19, 1952 in Galveston, TX in St. Mary's Hospital (NOTE).  He married NORA MAY * BARON July 8, 1909 in Galveston, TX, daughter of HARRY BARON and JENNIE FOGERTY.  She was born February 22, 1887 in Galveston, TX; @ 723 Ave. F- see siblings on her photo, and died January 16, 1978 in Galveston, TX; Both Buried @ Calvary Cem..



My maternal GrandFather, Captain Arthur M. SIMS apparently left his home in Liverpool, Nova Scotia as a young fishing boatman as early as age 13 with one of his Uncles.  He apparently left Canada for Texas in his late teens or early 20s and wrote back to his sister Phoebe that he had found the prettiest girl (Nora BARON) he had ever seen and was going to figure out a way to get her to marry him.  He later became a Captain of a boat in the Gulf Fisheries Company. In 1900 he was listed as living at 912 Church St. (which was Nora Baron's sister Stelle's home or possibly next door to her). One boat we know that he was on for the Gulf Fisheries was the schooner MENDICINO.  He was apparently on a boat in the 1900 hurricane when he apparently missed the hurricane but the coastal city of Galveston was severly hit by it.  We believe He made several trips back to Nova Scotia, but he & Nora left little recorded historical information about their lives.  His nieces Dora PAGE & Phoebe McCLEAN of Nova Scotia have supplied most of the information that is included here on the Canadian SIMS ancestry.

    He died of post-op complications of prostate surgery, while in St. Mary's Hospital at Galveston.  It is odd and mysterious that the Hospital is very secretive about the records and I have been unable to get his hospital summary and autopsy records.  This makes me suspect that there might have been some concern the hospital has about their care of him but this remains entirely unproven. My assumption is he died of a Pulmonary embolus.

   My Mother Marion says her Dad was called "Captain","Cap" or "Cappy" by his friends, she doesn't recall him being called by his actual names.  A Galveston newspaper clipping from October 22, 1920: "A cargo of 20,000 pounds of red snapper was brought in the holds of the Gulf Fisheries schooner FORTUNA, Capt. Sims which completed a 25 day trip to the banks off Campeche, Yucatan."  His children tell me that he was often gone for long periods on routine fishing expeditions in the Gulf of Mexico.


July 1995, Nova Scotia trip to visit Dora & Paul Page:  His birth record was hard to find because it was not in the Trinity Anglican Church records as we had thought they would be, but was in the microfilmed files of the Liverpool Zion United (formerly Methodist Church) Reel #1. and adds confusion because it clearly shows the date of birth as Oct 9, 1878 (instead of Oct 10, 1879 as his gravestone shows) and the baptism on Dec 27th, 1878 !...but more mysterious is the first name of JAMES? = James Arthur McPherson SIMS?  It must be the correct person..lists parents as William & Eunice Sims. of Liverpool.  His Children insist they never heard the name James before - but that was the given name of his Maternal GrandFather, James PLUMMER.  Interestingly when I was traipsing through Liverpool graveyards I came upon a grave bearing the name of James MacPherson, who died in 1910 and was then 78 years old.  This would put him at the prime of his life at the time Arthur was born, thus I think it likely this was a good friend of William Sims and therefore likely named our Arthur after his friend.  It is possible the recorder at the church added an erroneous name, or Arthur just dropped the original first name when he came to the U.S. 


Apparently he was out to sea during the 1900 storm.  I doubt that he had been in Galveston long, but we cannot determine the ship name in that era or who he worked for, etc.   That was 7 years before he married Nora.   See notes on her about the 1900 storm also.



Burial: Calvary Cem., Galveston, TX

Event 1: Died after a T.U.R.P.

Event 2: Probably had a Pulmonary Embolus


Notes for NORA MAY * BARON:

I remember my Grandmother Nora Sims - although most of my cousins in Galveston called her "Nana".    I wish I had asked Nora many questions when I was young, but by the time I had an interest in genealogy she was dead and for a few years before she seemed to not be very clear in mind and retrospectively probably had some degree of Alzheimers at least in her last few years.    I never had the chance to ask her husband, my Grandfather Arthur as I was only 5 years old when he died. -- See notes on him also.    Nora was born on the same property she lived at for all of her life - as did her daughter Phoebe at 723 Ave F or Church St. -   BUT it was not the same house as the one Nora and her siblings were born in was totally destroyed by the 1900 storm.   The story goes that her parents Jennie & Harry BARON waded through waist deep water to reach the safety of the Rosenberg School which apparently still stands as of year 2000.    I've also be told a story that Harry moved the family to another section of the school during the storm because they were under some sort of chimney structure -  and later that period during the storm that section of the building collapsed killing many people who were in the same area that our Baron family was initially at.  

Nora was baptized Nov. 13, 1887, about 9 months after Birth.   Her sponsor was Cora Murphy - a name I have never heard of.   The minister was Rev. John O'Shannon, S.J. - Vol #1, Pg. 53 - her mother's name is listed as Joanna Fogerty, but Nora's siblings were listed with mother's name as Jennie and Jeannie, the Mother's name we are more familiar with.


More About NORA MAY * BARON:

Burial: Calvary Cem. w. Arthur and next to her parents


Children of ARTHUR SIMS and NORA BARON are:

                   i.    GERTRUDE EUNICE5 SIMS, b. June 14, 1910, Galveston, TX; d. both children adopted; m. MICHAEL WILLIAM FAHERTY, July 19, 1937, Sacred Heart Church, Galveston, TX; b. August 13, 1902, Memphis, TN; d. November 5, 1958, Houston, TX; Buried Mt.Olivet, Dickinson.

                  ii.    PHOEBE MAY SIMS, b. May 9, 1912, Galveston, TX; d. Living @ 723 Church St.(Ave F) Galveston.

                 iii.    ELENORA LOUISE SIMS, b. October 7, 1916, Galveston, TX; @ 723 Ave.F; d. Lives @ 22 Manor Way, Galveston; m. RICHARD FRANCIS PETERS, October 11, 1941, Galveston, TX, Sacred Heart Church; b. April 2, 1917, Dallas, TX @ 4000 Bryan St..

                 iv.    MARION ADELL * SIMS, b. December 13, 1919, Galveston, TX; 723 Ave F. (Church St.); d. See NOTES; Lived with Harold til 1998, then Nursing Hm; m. HAROLD * MARTIN GRIFFITH, May 4, 1942, Lake Charles, LA; b. December 23, 1912, Terre Haute, IN, NW corner 13th & Mulberry; d. Living @ 7180 Rio Grande Rd., Terre Haute, IN 47805.



   NOTE: also see PgDn notes for Harold in the GRIFFITH ftm Database.


Marion was Born in 1919 on the same building lot as her Mother Nora May BARON  @ 723 Ave F (Church St.) However they were different homes since the 1st home was destroyed in the infamous 1900 hurricane.  Unfortunately most of the family photos and written materials about the Baron family at that first house were destroyed during the Storm.  Reportedly Jennie (BARON) HARDY (daughter of Jennie FOGERTY BARON) wanted to carry many of those photos with her when the hurricane was coming but her Mother & Father Harry Baron would not allow her to carry anything that would slow there fleeing the storm.

   Marion was the last daughter and 2nd youngest child born to Captain & Nora SIMS.  Her Father was frequently gone out to sea for 1 to 2 months @ a time until the kids were older.  Marion was raised at the same address until she left home to marry Harold Griffith in May 1942.  In 1933 (age 13) she was elected the honor of the May Queen at her school Sacred Heart in Galveston.  She graduated from High School (St. Ursuline Academy) in 1937.  She then stayed with her oldest sister Gertrude & her Husband Michael Faherty in Dallas TX to allow her to go to beauticians college there.  She finished after 9 Months (1938).  She then worked in Galveston as a Beautician for about 4 years.  Marion met Harold's Mother Grace Griffith in 1941 before she met Harold because Grace happened to be visiting at neighbor Mrs. Black's home when Marion was fixing the hair of Mr. Ellis Black's wife, Alvenia.   Harold wooed her attention by playing "I can't get started with you" on trumpet from the window in the next door home where he was staying with his friend Ellis Black.  Marion was nearly engaged to another man when Harold met her and attempted to steal her away.  Harold & Marion dated for about a year before getting married in Lake Charles, LA. -  Initially living in Pensacola, FL for approx. a month til about July with his brother Dick Griffith.  They didn't appreciate the rough Navy life the others were living and found it necessary to move and so elected to move north to Terre Haute, IN because he had better job certainties back in his home town.  They lived @ Harold's parents home @ 1354 Chestnut for a few weeks until they found an inexpensive home they could buy @ 3951 Hickory Ave.  They moved to the Chestnut St. home after Harold's Father, William died in late 1947, and remained there til selling the home in 1968 and moving to the Sandcut area, NE of Terre Haute on a 3 acre lot, after Harold's Mother died in 1967.  

   Marion lived a selfless life for her family.   She was always putting her family before her.    By their 50th wedding anniversary in 1992, (age 72) there were some retrospective signs of her developing dementia... presumably Alzheimer's disease.   Sadly this progressed despite attempts to delay worsening and by July 9th, 1998 she was so helpless and did not really know her family that we all decided it safer to have her live at the Alzheimers unit of the Meadows Mennonite Nursing Home near Chenoa, IL.   My Father, Harold tried very hard to manage her at home before that, but became so difficult by 1998, that his own health was deteriorating due to the strain.    She remained at Meadows (half way between Gridley & Chenoa, IL) for nearly 3 years with a gradual deterioration continuing.    On May 24th, we moved Mother to the Manor Care Nursing Home facility in Normal, IL.











Medical Information: No Heart disease, No High blood pressure, No Stroke, Cancer, No Addictions, No Alzheimer's, No Mental illness, No Diabetes



See NOTES on him on the GRIFFITH datafile



                  v.    ARTHUR MCPHERSON SIMS, JR., b. January 24, 1927, Galveston, TX @ 723 Ave.F; d. Lives in Texas City, TX; 1526 Ave. North; m. WILMA LAVERNE WRIGHT, January 3, 1948; b. February 4, 1928, Daisetta, TX.



23.  ALBERT THOMAS4 SIMS, SR. (WILLIAM * ARCHIBALD3, CHARLES (II) WILLIAM *2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born April 29, 1886 in Middlewood ?, NS (may have been 1887), and died March 29, 1977 in Halifax, Camp Hill Hospital;Bur.@Liverpool.  He married (1) LOTTIE WEAGLE in this was Albert's 1st wife, Myrtle was 2nd, daughter of JETHROE WEAGLE and JANET MEISNER.  She was born Abt. 1890, and died Abt. 1913.  He married (2) MYRTLE HADDIE in Archie was from Myrtle's 1st marriage..  She was born 1900 in Haddie may have been her 1st marriage name, and died 1981 in Liverpool.



another source says he was born in 1889 rather than 1886.


Nov. 2001:

Barbara Boudreau Eddy (Albert's Grandaughter) has given me much data on Albert's descendants - she is from British Columbia and wrote the following:


   "The reason that Albert and Lottie were living in the states, at the time that Mom was born, was because Grandpa Sims apparently was playing baseball with the Boston Red Sox

but I haven't been able to verify that information. I remember that when I was growing up, he was a baseball fanatic and never missed a game locally or on the radio. I have done a bit of a search on the internet but no success as yet as I can't seem to find a list of the team's players from 1910 -1913 or 14, if one does exist at all. I do know that he (Albert Thomas)  brought the two children (Mom and her brother Albert William) back and left them with the Weagle's, Lottie's parents for a short time.. Then the story goes that mom and her brother Albert went to live with William A. & Eunice Matilda (Plummer) Sims."




Children of ALBERT SIMS and LOTTIE WEAGLE are:

                   i.    ALBERT WILLIAM5 SIMS, b. September 18, 1909, Liverpool, NS Canada; d. March 2, 1995, Lowell, MA; Lived in Dracut, MA; see notes; m. IRENE ROSE FERRON; b. March 12, 1912; d. June 23, 1986, lived@ 236Varnum Rd.Dracut,MA;508-957-1763.



I wrote a letter to Albert Wm. Sims in November 1995.  His youngest son, Raymond Sims wrote back to me explaining that his Father Albert had died earlier that year, and that Albert Wm. was in fact the son of Albert Thomas Sims.  Unfortunately he offered no other information on the Sims' back in Nova Scotia.  He did write the names of Albert Wm.' 4 Grandchildren & 9 Great Grandchildren as well as Alberts 3 children Shirley, Robert & Raymond.  I presume that Raymond's 2 siblings are still alive but there were no more details given.  Dec.95, I phoned Raymond to ask if he came up with more information; Unfortunately he knew nothing but did tell me his Father came to Massacusetts because he (Albert Wm.) came to U.S. initially with his Father, Albert Thomas Sims to work on constructing power lines and Al.Wm. returned to the U.S. due to lack of work in N.S. 



                  ii.    GRACE EUNICE SIMS, b. June 6, 1912, Lynn, Masschusetts; was a nurse @ Queen's Genl. Hosp; d. October 26, 1978, Halifax, NS; died of cancer; m. JOSEPH RAYMOND BOUDREAU; b. November 7, 1907, Louisdale, Nova Scotia; he was a commercial fisherman; d. April 2, 1981, Nova Scotia; died of cancer.



Burial: Anglican Cem, Liverpool, NS




                 iii.    ARCHIE5 HUSKINS, b. Abt. 1920.



24.  PHOEBE MAE4 SIMS (WILLIAM * ARCHIBALD3, CHARLES (II) WILLIAM *2, CHARLES * (I)1) was born November 7, 1898 in Liverpool, NS; may be 1899 (see her photo w niece Phoebe, and died January 13, 1988 in Liverpool, NS.  She married WILLET LEROY ROBART March 1924 in Liverpool, NS, son of CHARLES ROBART and ALICE FREEMAN.  He was born May 28, 1904 in Sable River, Nova Scotia, and died 1997 in lives @ 301 Waterloo, Liverpool, NS (1995).



Burial: Anglican Cem, Liverpool, NS



Burial: Anglican Cem., Liverpool, NS


Children of PHOEBE SIMS and WILLET ROBART are:

                   i.    CHARLES ALBERT5 ROBART, b. June 3, 1925, Liverpool, NS; d. March 2, 1991, Halifax, NS Canada;of Cancer; m. JACQUELINE ROSS; b. 1937, Liverpool, NS; d. Lives in Middle Sackville, NS.

                  ii.    DORA EUNICE ROBART, b. September 4, 1929, Liverpool, NS; d. June 2000, NS; Cremated - Stone; m. PAUL WILLIAM PAGE, March 27, 1947, Liverpool, NS; b. March 24, 1930, Liverpool, NS; d. Lived in Liverpool with Dora.



I had heard of Dora & her sister Phoebe - and their mother Phoebe for years but didn't meet them until 1991 when they visited Galveston TX when I was also visiting.   This was the first time they were ever able to visit Galveston - the home their mother's older brother moved to when he was young and she was just a child when Arthur sailed to Texas for his permanent home.    Dora was enthusiastic in genealogy and helped me learn all I know about my Nova Scotian

family heritage.    Thier mother Phoebe Robart died long before I came to Nova Scotia - as my only visit was in 1995 when I stayed with Dora and Paul PAGE.     Phoebe and Dora visited Terre Haute, Indiana to come to my parents 50th Wedding anniversary in 1992.    Dora became ill in the spring of 2000 and initially was assumed a minor hepatitis but turned out to be terminal liver cancer from which she succumbed very quickly to.



Burial: stone is at the Baptist Cem.


                 iii.    PHOEBE MAE ROBART, b. April 16, 1933, Liverpool, NS - lives in Bridgewater, NS; m. DANIEL MCLEAN, March 19, 1955, Liverpool, NS; b. September 6, 1935, Verdun, Quebec; d. 1991, Liverpool, NS.






1.  Broderbund Family Archive #354, Ed. 1, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, Date of Import: Nov 29, 1998, Internal Ref. #1.354.1.93314.4