Descendants of Hannah * BECHTOLD



Generation No. 1


1.  HANNAH *3 BECHTOLD  (WILLIAM *2 BECHDOLT, JOHN1 BECHDOLL) was born July 28, 1807 in PA; (BECKTOLD,BECHDOLT, BECHDOLL) see NOTE, and died October 30, 1890 in Butler Co,OH.  She married JACOB * WOLFORD March 31, 1825 in Butler Co, OH;  from IGI OH marriages.  He was born October 21, 1800 in Lancaster, PA; (or WOOLFORD); poss. Sept. 20 ?, and died July 14, 1848 in Butler CO., OH.



On the 1850 census, pg.Butler Co, Madison Twp. Pgs 349-350, Hannah WOLFORD 40, is shown born in PA & with children: John 23, Daniel 18, Samuel 16, Jacob 14, Mary 21 (I suspect is John's wife), Sarah 12, Susanna 7, Joseph 9 & Eliza A. 4, all born in OH.  On the 1860 census, same location, she is Hannah WOOLFORD 52, born in PA living next door to John, and she is living with Samuel 26, Joseph 19.

Hannah is on the 1870 census Pg. 278 Madison Twp. living with Grandson William (Henry) Bolen, next door to son John - this is consistent with the information given to me in January 2003 by Henry Bolen's Great-Grandaughter, Rebecca Pratt, that Henry Bolen was raised by his Grandmother Hannah.   Then on the 1880 she is listed as Hannah WOLFRED census Pg.136B Roll 996.  On the latter census she lists both of her parents born in PA!  I need to check in the county to see if there is a death certificate & obituary for her, or her son John who died Jan 19, 1908.  The Butler Co., page is very extensive on the net (set up by Nancy SWEEN), and although there are several WOLFORDs there, Hannah is not shown on the deaths, but I did later have someone mail me a cemetary list showing Hannah intered at the Elk Creek cemetery, 2 miles West of Middletown, OH on Rt. 122, north side.  (also see notes on son John & husband Jacob). 

In July 1997, I visited the gravesite and the property Hannah lived 56 years on, just a mile north of Astoria, OH, and about 2.5 miles North of the Elk Creek Cemetary.  The tall gravestone lists only Hannah & Jacob, finally confirming their relationship, and is next to their son John & his two wives.  Hannah's obituary was a disappointment, and not even found in one of the papers there.


The North America IGI lists a Hannah as a BECHDOLT rather than the other spellings, It shows she was christened at the Swamp Reformed Church in West Cocalico Twp., Lancaster on July 19, 1807, so I presume that is the correct Hannah, although I have no other proof.  This CD lists her parents and sibs, and all but one of those names can be found in Butler Co. marriages between 1825-1850 (except Peter but there is a Philip mentioned).  However Hannah's gravestone reads: "died Oct. 30, 1890, age 83 years 3 mos. 2 days, wife of Jacob"; This implies a birthdate of July 28, 1807, which implies a dicrepancy of 9 days with William's daughter - could this be a difference of birth versus Baptism dates. - However I later found a Baptism date for her as July 4, 1809.


Hannah's obituary I found in the Middletown Daily Signal, November 1, 1890 reads:

  Mrs. Hannah Wolford died yesterday morning at her home near Astoria.  The deceased was one of the pioneers of Madison, being 83 years old and having lived at the place of her death for the past 56 years.  The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 3 O'clock from the Elk Creek Church, services conducted by Rev. D. C. Vance.  Internment in Elk Creek Cemetary.  (Madison is the Twp. she lived in Butler Co)


Now,  on the 1790 census of Cocalico Twp, of Lancaster Co, PA is:   John BECHDOLL (sp. is 2 Ls) - with 2 males>15,  2 males<16 & 4 females - these numbers include the head of household and presumably a mother.   Please note this history as I understand of the evolution of the church William & Magdalena had their children baptized in the early 1800s.   First it was called the Muddy Creek Reformed Church - then in the late 1700s or early 1800s became the Swamp Reformed Church - then Swamp United Church of Christ -  then in 1968  has gained the name of Peace United Church which it still retains in 2000.



Burial: Elk Creek Cem., Madison Twp, Butler Co, OH


Notes for JACOB * WOLFORD:

1848 died; Nancy Silkey sent me an email showing a will in Butler Co. for this year which fits perfectly with our Jacob.  She only was able to give the details of the number of the will:  OW63, P264, at8, P542.  I have no idea what that all means, but hopefully some later trip to OH will show this.



   See notes on his Father John & his daughter Sue.  Jacob is found on the 1840 Ohio Census, Butler Co, Madison Twp.(Page 108), not very many doors down from Adam STOVER, just as was Hannah WOOLFORD in the 1850 (page 349) & 1860 census, then still she is on the 1870 & 1880 Butler Co. census.



   Continuing backwards, there are 2 Jacob WOLFORDs in Ohio in 1830, 1.) Ross Co, page 184, Chillicothe Twp. & 2.) Muskingham Co, 324, Salem Twp.

PLUS there is one Jacob WOOLFORD in Delaware Co. 063 Concord Twp. .. - but none in Montgomery Co. as we might expect from son, Daniel Wolford's Douglas Co, IL obituary claiming he was born there.



   In 1820 there is a Jacob WOOLFORD in Ohio @ Fairfield Co, page 079, Hocking Twp.  AND  Jacob WOLFORD @ Pickaway Co, pg. 173 Madison Twp.

AND there is a Jacob WOOLFORD in the 1820 Pennsylvania census, Bedford Co, Londonderry Twp., page 018.


   I have found (on LDS-IGI cd) a Jacob WOLFORD b. 1800 in Hampshire Co, VA, son of John WOLFORD & Catherine (?).  Will try to locate possibilities in PA.


The parents I have listed here for Jacob (John W. & Catherine HECKMAN) & generations above came from Jon WOHLFORD from Trimble, MO.  I am not convinced we know these are for sure his parents.. this is really only speculation thus far.


Don S. Wolford of 1804 Schirm Dr., Middletown, OH 45042, ph:513-422-6485 gave me (4-97) a list of deaths in Butler Co, @ Elk Creek Cemetary, 2 miles West of West Middletown, on the north side of Hwy 122.  This included death dates and ages for Jacob & Hannah, and their son John & his 2 wives and a child of Joseph's.   Don insists his name is purely coincidental with these and feels certain he is not related to this line.


In July 1997, I visited Butler Co, and this cemetary.  His tombstone reads: "died July 14, 1848, age 47 years 9 months, 24 days". Jacob and Hannah are both shown on the same tall tombstone, even though they died many years apart.  The only other data I gained on that trip was an Obituary for Hannah, which is here on her info page, but did not add anything of significance, except say that I discovered where she lived for 56 years, which means that Jacob moved there 1890 minus 56 = 1836, which correlates to his presence on the census'.   The land she and John Wolford lived on was very beautiful in 1997.   I could not find the Stover name on any property although the census shows them living close by. ??


The only suggestion as to Jacob's birthplace was given in an obituary of J.P. WOOLFORD from a biographical & Historical book of Douglas Co.  In it it says "His paternal Grandfather Jacob Woolford, was born @ Lancaster, PA, and moved from there to Butler Co. OH.  Daniel Woolford came to this county in March, 1869, and located on a farm 2 miles from Arcola.  Since 1893 J.P. Woolford has resided at Galton, and was first engaged in grain buying.  In 1894 he built an elevator of 20,000 bushels capacity, and has since become one of the most successful grain dealers in the county.


Elk Grove Cemetery Listing in Madison Twp, Butler, County,  OH:


WOLFORD,  Elizabeth d. 25 Apr 1882, age 41 yrs 9 mos 6 das, wife of John

                    Hannah d. 30 Oct 1890, age 83 yrs 3 mos 2 das, wife of J.

                    Hannah E. d. 29 Aug 1864, age I yr 9 mos 14 das dau of Jos & Catherine.

                    Jacob d. 14 July 1848, age 47 yrs 9 mos 24 das.

                    John d. 19 Jan 1908, age 81 yrs 4 das.

                    Mary E. d. 22 June 1863, age 21 yrs 9 mos 4 das, wife of John


January 2003:   two descendants of Jacob & Hannah's daughter, Mary "Polly" Wolford have sent me dates handed down to them showing 11 children - 3 of whom I didn't have (William, Nancy & Jacob Jr.) - and had a slightly different birthdate for Jacob - they had Sept 20, 1800 instead of mine of Sept. 21, 1800.  Here is the main part of the letter received from Jennie Quinn with letters a day ealier from her Aunt, Becky Pratt:


 Have a handwritten paper which lists the names and birth dates of the

Wolford family.  This is what is written on the paper:


-- Wolford --


Jacob Wolford born 20th of Sept 1800

married Hannah Bechdol (note the different spelling) 31st day of March 1825


their children


William Wolford born 18 Jan.  1826

John ................15 Jan.* 1827

Mary (Polly).........18 Dec.  1828

Nancy................11 Oct.  1830

Daniel Wolford.......__ Dec.  1831

Samuel...............17 Apr.  1834

Jacob................__ Nov.  1836

Sarah Ann............09 Feb.  1839

Joseph...............13 Mar.  1841

Susan................13 Jan.  1843

Eliza Ann............29 Aug.  1846


* - There is no month given for John, but the person who wrote this used

two dashes (--) to indicate what I believe to be ditto marks elsewhere on

the paper, and this falls right underneath the "Jan" for William.  She left

a blank space for Daniel's and Jacob's birthdays, so I don't think she knew

their dates.


I believe this paper was written by my great-grandmother, Rebecca's

grandmother, Pearl Bolen Smith.  Pearl was the daughter of William Henry

Bolen, who was the son of Mary (Polly) Wolford and James Bolen.  She also

had a sister named Stella.



Burial: Elk Crk. Cem., Butler Co, OH



                   i.    WILLIAM4 WOLFORD, b. January 18, 1826.

2.               ii.    JOHN WOLFORD, b. January 15, 1827, Ohio, (per 1870 census-Butler Co, MadisonTwp.; d. January 19, 1908, 2nd wife was Elizabeth STOVER, sis of Daniel.

3.              iii.    MARY "POLLY" WOLFORD, b. December 18, 1828; d. 1857, prob. died in childbirth with Henry.

                 iv.    NANCY WOLFORD, b. October 11, 1830.

4.               v.    DANIEL WOLFORD, b. December 26, 1831, Montgomery Co, OH;  to Douglas Co,IL March 1869; d. January 16, 1908, Bur. @ Arcola Cem, Arcola, IL (Douglas Co).

                 vi.    SAMUEL WOLFORD, b. April 17, 1834.

                vii.    JACOB WOLFORD, b. November 1836.

               viii.    SARAH ANN WOLFORD, b. February 9, 1839, I believe she died young ?.

5.               ix.    JOSEPH WOLFORD, b. March 13, 1841.

6.                x.    SUSAN * WOLFORD, b. January 13, 1843, Ohio; Probably Middletown, Butler Co.; d. November 24, 1911, DouglasCo,IL;Buried @ Arcola Cem; see NOTE.

                  xi.    ELIZA A. WOLFORD, b. August 29, 1846, living single with Mother age 22 in 1870.



Generation No. 2


2.  JOHN4 WOLFORD (HANNAH *3 BECHTOLD, WILLIAM *2 BECHDOLT, JOHN1 BECHDOLL) was born January 15, 1827 in Ohio, (per 1870 census-Butler Co, MadisonTwp., and died January 19, 1908 in 2nd wife was Elizabeth STOVER, sis of Daniel.  He married (1) MARY ELIZABETH ENGLE January 1, 1857 in Butler Co, OH (if so>last 2 below 2nd wife.  She was born March 18, 1841 in OH; 2nd wife =Elizabeth in 1870-, and died June 22, 1863 in Butler Co, OH;above Daniel STOVER's sister.  He married (2) ELIZABETH STOVER Aft. June 1863, daughter of ADAM STOVER and REBECCA STOVER.  She was born July 19, 1840, and died April 25, 1882 in @ Elk Grove Cem. with John & his 1st wife.



I visited John's grave at Elk creek cemetery, just South of Astoria, on Hwy 122, 2 miles West of West Middletown.  There were 3 people listed on that tall gravestone:  He and both wives, 1. Mary E. & 2. Elizabeth.  He is also shown on the 1875 platte map living adjacent north to Hannah, and in 1895 on the same property, after Hannah died.

1870 - census shown under Hannah's scrapbook - shows John living next door to Hannah, his mother and with his 2nd wife, Elizabeth STOVER - and with their children - Ellen (from 1st wife) and Charles, age 4 from 2nd wife.



                   i.    ELIZA ELLEN5 WOLFORD, b. 1859, went by Ellen on the census.




7.               ii.    CHARLES E.5 WOLFORD, b. 1866, Ohio - listed as a teacher on the 1910 census.

                 iii.    JOHN HENRY WOLFORD, b. 1872, believe he went by Harry -on 1910 census w.Chas; d. see brother Chas. scrapbook for 1910 census.



Burial: listed as a pharmacist on the 1910 census



3.  MARY "POLLY"4 WOLFORD (HANNAH *3 BECHTOLD, WILLIAM *2 BECHDOLT, JOHN1 BECHDOLL) was born December 18, 1828, and died 1857 in prob. died in childbirth with Henry.  She married JAMES BOLEN December 21, 1854 in Butler Co, OH.  He was born Abt. 1828 in I once had her listed as marrying James Pollard or Polard.



January 2002 - received this from Rebeca Pratt:

Thought you would like to know that we are descendants of the Jacob & Hannah Bechtold Wolford.  Their daughter Mary (Polly) was my great-great grandmother.  She was married to JAMES BOLEN (probably around 1854 or 1855), and died in childbirth (or very shortly thereafter) in 1857.   Her son, Henry Bolen, was my great-grandfather.  He was their only child.  He died in 1939 or 1940.  Henry was raised by Hannah Bechtold Wolford, known in our family as simply "Granny Wolford".  Henry Bolen married Virginia Davis of Middletown, Ohio  in about 1885-1890 and they settled in Jay County, IN, near Portland.  They had two daughters, Estella, and my grandmother, Pearl.  Pearl was born 1/24/1897 and married Elmer Everett Smith in Marion, IN in 1913.  She died in May of 1972. They had two children, Elmer Ellsworth Smith (my father), and Virginia Emmaline Smith Koegel Green.  My dad was born on 1/27/1918 and died on 7/13/83.  Virginia was born in 1922 and died in 1980 or 1981.


I once had her listed as marrying James Pollard or Polard at Butler Co, OH on December 21, 1854.   Not sure how this could be listed this way, or whether the phonetics of Mary's middle name Polly similar to Pollard has anything more than coincidence here.   Nevertheless, Rebecca above is certain her ancestor is Mary, daughter of Jacob & Hannah.



8.                i.    WILLIAM HENRY5 BOLEN, b. January 5, 1857, OH - lived near Portland, Indiana - Jay Co.-; d. May 2, 1941, Marion, Indiana - Grant Co..



4.  DANIEL4 WOLFORD (HANNAH *3 BECHTOLD, WILLIAM *2 BECHDOLT, JOHN1 BECHDOLL) was born December 26, 1831 in Montgomery Co, OH;  to Douglas Co,IL March 1869, and died January 16, 1908 in Bur. @ Arcola Cem, Arcola, IL (Douglas Co).  He married ELIZABETH ECKERT February 16, 1854 in Butler Co, OH, daughter of JOHN ECKERT and SARAH ECKERT.  She was born May 4, 1837, and died August 6, 1914 in together on the 1860 census Butler co,Pg62.



Daniel's Obit says he was a C.W. soldier with the 167th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.   This obituary claims Daniel was born in Montgomery Co, OH - implying that Jacob & Hannah lived first in Montgomery Co. in the 1830s before moving south to Butler Co.   It also says he moved to Douglas Co, IL March 1, 1869.   It lists 4 children.    Interestingly, James Skinner was a pall-bearer. 



Burial: This line seemed to prefer the spl.:  WOOLFORD



I suggest name of EMERICK because there is Henry EMERICK age 14, living with them on the 1860 census, Madison Twp. while Elizabeth is age 23.  I suspect this is her younger brother?




9.                i.    JACOB PETER5 WOOLFORD, b. February 18, 1855, Butler Co, OH; on Marriage Cert.; d. August 2, 1918, lived at Galton, Douglas Co..

                  ii.    SAMUEL L. WOOLFORD, b. November 14, 1856, OH; d. October 3, 1931, Douglas Co, IL.



Burial: Arcola Cem. with parents


                 iii.    SARAH J. WOOLFORD, b. August 19, 1860; d. December 15, 1896; m. NATHANIEL HARRY; b. Abt. 1856.

10.            iv.    JOHN C. WOOLFORD, b. March 15, 1862, OH; d. 1924.



5.  JOSEPH4 WOLFORD (HANNAH *3 BECHTOLD, WILLIAM *2 BECHDOLT, JOHN1 BECHDOLL) was born March 13, 1841.  He married CATHERINE (?) WOLFORD.  She was born Abt. 1842.



                   i.    HANNAH E.5 WOLFORD, b. 1862, OH,  Buried at Elk Grove Cem.; d. August 29, 1864, Butler Co, OH @ age 1yr.9mos.14 da..



6.  SUSAN *4 WOLFORD (HANNAH *3 BECHTOLD, WILLIAM *2 BECHDOLT, JOHN1 BECHDOLL) was born January 13, 1843 in Ohio; Probably Middletown, Butler Co., and died November 24, 1911 in DouglasCo,IL;Buried @ Arcola Cem; see NOTE.  She married DANIEL * STOVER November 17, 1864 in Ohio; her obit. says 1863, son of ADAM STOVER and REBECCA STOVER.  He was born February 7, 1838 in Ohio; moved to Douglas, Co, IL 1884, and died June 30, 1907 in Douglas Co,IL;Buried @ ArcolaCem; see NOTE.


Notes for SUSAN * WOLFORD:

I first discovered Sue was Alda STOVER's Mother when I found Alda's Death & Marriage Cert. in the Douglas Co. Courthouse in Tuscola.  I then found Susan WOOLFORD, age 17 living in Middletown, OH on the June 26, 1860 Ohio census of Butler county, Madison Twp. Roll 942. (Page 302 & 303) living with presumed Mother Hannah WOOLFORD, age 52 (Born Pennsylvania) & sibs Samuel 26, Joseph 19, & Eliza 14.  No Father was shown, however living next door to them was a Possible older brother John Woolford, 31 & a very young wife Mary E. 19, & child Eliza E. age 1.  All the children including John, list State of Birth as Ohio, So we are to presume that Hannah & ? Husband left Pennsylvania before by Hannah's age of 21 (1829) if in fact John was their older child.  So will need to check the Pennsylvania census of 1820 & 1830 to see if they were there? 

On that same census sheet (5 addresses from Sue) was an Adam Stover see  notes on his son Daniel.  I need to determine where & when she died to see if a death cert. & obit. exists.

   A wonderful CONFIRMATION of the above presumptions came from a letter Virgina (Yager) Lawrence, daughter of Lucille (Skinner) Yager, & Grandaughter of Alda Stover- sent me with a reply from my request for any information she could find. She wrote that she found a tiny amount of information about people unknown to her but whom apparently are her Great Grandparents STOVER/WOLFORD.  This told me for certain of the Wolford connection which up to that point was purely conjecture.   Virginia found the following handwritten as below in a bible at her home handed down from her Mother or Grandmother?: 

  Daniel STOVER was born Feb. 7, 1838

& Susan  WOLFORD was born Jan.13, 1843

  It also confirmed the date of their marriage, and I have a copy she sent me from that bible - see the scan of those bible pages in Susan's scrapbook.

  I was quite happy to find Hannah was with the same children plus John then was living with them at stating age 23 on the 1850 census.  Now of much greater interest is the fact that in 1850 they were living close as in 1860 to the Adam (w son Daniel) STOVER family.... AND on the 1840 census a Jacob WOOLFORD & family were living about the same number of houses from the STOVERs also.  Unfortunately Hannah & the children were not shown then due to that was that 1840 was the last year that the only name given on the census was the head of household.  I feel that strongly indicates that Hannah's husband & Sue's Father was this Jacob, shown then with the same number of children/sex & age as before except that there appears to be one extra male under age 5. That likely indicates they had one male child die in between 1840 & 1850?  In the 1870, 60 & 50 census they were shown as WOLFORD (one "O") but in 1840, Jacob was shown as WOOLFORD.  Sue was shown as Susanna.

  July 97: I did find Hannah & Jacob's grave @ Elk Creek Cem. in Madison Twp., Butler Co. showing the given dates here.  Hannah's obit. doesn't mention anything about her family (children or ancestors), but does say Hannah died at the same location she lived for 56 years (since 1836).

   In Sept. 97, I found Susan's obituary in Arcola.  On the front page of the Weekly Arcolian, Nov. 30, 1911:

  "Death occurred Fri. Morning; The cause of her death was a stoke of Apoplexy.  Mrs. Stover had been a sufferer from paralysis for over 2 yrs. and has been confined to the home of her daughter, Mrs. J.W. Skinner.  Mrs. Stover was the daughter of Jacob and Hannah Woolford and was born in Butler Co, OH, Jan. 13 1843.  She spent her early years in OH and was married to Daniel Stover there in 1863 (ed.other sources say 1864).  The couple came to Illinois 28 years ago, locating at Galton which place was their home for many years.  After Mr. Stover's death 5 years ago she continued to live in her Galton home until 2 yrs. ago last June when she was stricken with paralysis.  3 children were born to them, one of which died at age 5.  The others are:  Mrs. J.W. Skinner, ARcola and Mrs. V.V. Hartford, Port Arthur, TX."    This implies they came to Illinois in 1883 or 84, about 15 yrs. after Daniel WOLFORD came to Arcola area.                                                                                                      1910 - She is in Douglas Co. at Arcola Twp, near city of Arcola, living with her daughter, Alda and her son-in-law, Will Skinner - see John William Skinner's scrapbook for that census.                                                                                                  



Notes for DANIEL * STOVER:

 Daniel Stover is listed with his parents on the 1860 Ohio, Butler Co., (Middletown), Madison Twp. Census, Page 301 or 302.  Although I cannot be certain it is later Susan's Husband, I strongly suspect it is, especially since they were shown living 5 houses down from Susan Woolford in 1860.  He was shown as 5 years older than Susan, and listed as a laborer as was his Father.  His Birth State was shown as Ohio as was his Father Adam Stover, but the Mother, Rebecca Stover was shown from Pennsylvania. The 1850 & 1880 census shows the same thing, for the Adam & Rebecca's birth location.  They were living a few doors from the Woolford's in 1850 also.  The dates for the births of Daniel are estimated based on the census, so could be +/- one year.  Adam is also shown on the 1840 census in Butler Co., as well and near Jacob Wolford.  And probably still living in the same place, as the distance in names on the census is consistent.  The 1840 census doesn't show names of people other than head of household but the age ranges/sex of children are the same, so I am relatively certain it is the same family.

He and Susan are shown married on the 1880 Butler Co, census, he age 42, Farmer, says he is from OH, as is his Father, but says Mother was from PA.  They misspell Aldas name as Alvi? age 10 and shows Ellen, age 7. I am trying to find out if Ellen is Mrs. Vernon Hartford, listed in Daniel's obituary.  - Later proved true and I have spoken to descendants of Ellen, in the Port Arthur, TX area but they knew nothing of Ellen's sister Alda nor of any Wolford name.

   Virginia Lawrence, from Kansas reported to me she has a family bible page that shows the marriage, birth & death dates of Daniel STOVER & Sue WOLFORD.  Virginia has sent a copy of this to me (See Sue Wolford's notes)- see a copy of this in Susan Wolford's scrapbook. 

     Daniel's obituary from the Arcolian Newspaper of July 1907 says:  "A well known resident of the vicinity of Galton, passed away at his home in that village on Saturday morning of last week.  Mr. Stover came to the vicinity of Galton about 20 yrs. ago from Ohio.  He has been a successful farmer and a much respected resident of the Galton neighborhood.  He is survived by he is wife and 2 children, Mrs. Will Skinner and Mrs. Vernon Hartford.  At the time of his death he was a few months past 69 years of age.       Note:  THIS Obit. says nothing of parents or sibs names and whereabouts!   So, it appears that Daniel & Susan came to Douglas county in the mid to late 1880s, about 18 years after Susan's brother, Daniel Wolford came to Douglas Co. IL.

Also see wife, Susan's obit which says They had 3 children, (the 3rd, dying at age 5- accounting for the long gap between marriage and first living child).  Also the obit. says Mrs. Vernon HARTFORD lived in Port Arthur, Texas in 1911.  I have also found a clipping of Mrs. Vernon Hartford's mother in law in 1929 saying Vernon still lived in Port Arthur, TX, but it did not mention Ellen.   This information led me to a few descendants of Ella - one who has written me, but was unable to supply me with barely information on her immediate family - let alone any knowledge whatsoever of Ella's parents.   She did barely recall that Douglas Co. has been mentioned, but had no clue where it fit in and had no idea they came from Ohio.   This woman did recall that Ella, her Grandmother was sort of a saintly woman, but didn't have good things to say about Ella's husband as the family implied that Ella was mistreated by her husband.    See the 1875 map in Hannah Wolford's scrapbook.   It shows a parcel of land immediately West of Hannah and her son John's property that  appers to say (almost illegible) D. S. Stover 7.5 -  I assume that was Daniel Stover's property.   I've never been able to find Adam's name on anything in the county, but feel he must have been there, since he was on every census 1840-80 living near to the Wolford property.




11.              i.    ALDA E. *5 STOVER, b. December 31, 1871, Middletown, Ohio - Butler Co.; 1900 census says 1873; d. June 23, 1937, Arcola, Douglas Co. IL; see NOTES.

12.             ii.    ELLA STOVER, b. 1873, Actually Ellen ?; d. 1951, Port Arthur, TX; @ age 78; or 1950 ?.



Generation No. 3


7.  CHARLES E.5 WOLFORD (JOHN4, HANNAH *3 BECHTOLD, WILLIAM *2 BECHDOLT, JOHN1 BECHDOLL) was born 1866 in Ohio - listed as a teacher on the 1910 census.  He married ELIZABETH (?) WOOLFORD.  She was born 1875.



                   i.    JOHN6 WOLFORD, b. 1909.



8.  WILLIAM HENRY5 BOLEN (MARY "POLLY"4 WOLFORD, HANNAH *3 BECHTOLD, WILLIAM *2 BECHDOLT, JOHN1 BECHDOLL) was born January 5, 1857 in OH - lived near Portland, Indiana - Jay Co.-, and died May 2, 1941 in Marion, Indiana - Grant Co..  He married VIRGINIA DAVIS.  She was born Abt. 1858.



Note, William Bolen listed on 1870 census living with Hannah at age 13.    He went by "Henry"  This is consistent with


This note from Rebecca Pratt:


- Henry Bolen's obit.  His name is listed as simply "Henry Bolen", "born in

 Butler County, Ohio January 5, 1857 the son of James and Polly (Wolford)

 Bolen".  He died in Marion, IN (Grant County) on May 2, 1941.



                   i.    ESTELLA6 BOLEN, b. Abt. 1895.

                  ii.    PEARL BOLEN, b. January 24, 1897, This is the Grandmother of Rebecca Smith Pratt; d. May 1972; m. ELMER EVERETT SMITH, 1913, Marion, Indiana; b. Abt. 1896.



9.  JACOB PETER5 WOOLFORD (DANIEL4 WOLFORD, HANNAH *3 BECHTOLD, WILLIAM *2 BECHDOLT, JOHN1 BECHDOLL) was born February 18, 1855 in Butler Co, OH; on Marriage Cert., and died August 2, 1918 in lived at Galton, Douglas Co..  He married CAROLINE "CARRIE" KELSO December 24, 1879 in Arcola, Douglas Co., IL, daughter of WILLIAM KELSO and CARRY CURRY.  She was born April 10, 1860 in IL, and died July 13, 1931 in both are buried at the Arcola Cem., Douglas Co, IL.



                   i.    ROSCOE MARCHANT6 WOOLFORD, b. November 1880; d. 1947; m. VIVIAN IRENE HALBERSTADT; b. Abt. 1880.

                  ii.    ALFRED JACOB WOOLFORD, b. February 1894.

                 iii.    SAMUEL WARD WOOLFORD, b. April 1897; d. 1980; m. BESS CARROLL; b. Abt. 1898.



10.  JOHN C.5 WOOLFORD (DANIEL4 WOLFORD, HANNAH *3 BECHTOLD, WILLIAM *2 BECHDOLT, JOHN1 BECHDOLL) was born March 15, 1862 in OH, and died 1924.  He married MARY SUSAN HOOD.  She was born October 1864 in OH.



                   i.    ROBERT HUGH6 WOOLFORD, b. January 1893, source: his daughter, Rebecca Baker, Charleston, IL; d. 1941, Arcola, IL; m. CHARLOTTE CECILIA LYONS; b. 1893; d. 1970.



Burial: Arcola Cem.



Burial: Arcola Cem.



11.  ALDA E. *5 STOVER (SUSAN *4 WOLFORD, HANNAH *3 BECHTOLD, WILLIAM *2 BECHDOLT, JOHN1 BECHDOLL) was born December 31, 1871 in Middletown, Ohio - Butler Co.; 1900 census says 1873, and died June 23, 1937 in Arcola, Douglas Co. IL; see NOTES.  She married JOHN * WILLIAM SKINNER August 22, 1895 in Galton, Arcola Twp, Douglas Co.IL, son of JAMES SKINNER and ANNA CHENEY.  He was born February 20, 1872 in Douglas Co, IL ; maybe Born: Feb.23rd -went by "Will", and died August 24, 1942 in Arcola, IL in a Mausoleum there.


Notes for ALDA E. * STOVER:

Initially there were other versions of her name (STOKER), but both her marriage certificate and her death certificate show it as STOVER.  What is different about the 2 certificates is the 1st name of her Father: the death Cert. reads David and the Marriage C. reads Daniel.  The Marriage C. would seem to me to be more likely correct.  Both show her Mother as being Sue WOOLFORD, and both parents born in Ohio, and her being born in Middleton, OH.  I suspect this is Middletown, (between Dayton & Cincinnati), However I have discovered a tiny town named Middleton on the far Eastern border of Ohio, south of Youngstown, just SE of Columbiana; & NW of Pittsburgh, PA.  I need to get her obituary from June 1937 to finalize her research.   Later I found solid data showing her family in Butler Co, OH, thus making the correct town that of Middletown in Eastern Butler Co.    I've also been in contact - analog mail - with descendants of Alda's only sibling (a brother died at age 5), her sister Ella.   Apparently Ella & her husband moved to Port Arthur, TX from Douglas Co., about the turn of the century - and some still live there.




John is on the 1920 census with his age erroneously corrected to 58 when it should be 48, same as Alda's.   That census is from the city of Arcola, and it correctly lists his parents birth places.    Virginia LAWRENCE in Pittsburg, KS tells me her Grandfather, John William went by "Will".


Children of ALDA STOVER and JOHN SKINNER are:

                   i.    JAMES * CLIFFORD6 SKINNER, b. May 12, 1898, Arcola, IL; d. May 6, 1962, Decatur, IL 6 days short of 64 years old of Emphysema; m. EDNA * VIOLA BROTHERTON, June 1, 1921, Mattoon, IL; b. July 4, 1900, Mattoon, IL; d. October 18, 1994, Lakeland, FL - at 94 y.o..



J.C. was on the 1920 census of the city of Arcola at age 21, still living with John W. & Alda and his younger sister, Lucille.   He was Vice President of Crown Cork & Seal in Decatur, IL.   He was a heavy smoker.  



Burial: Fairlawn Cem., Decatur, IL



When I first met my wife's Grandmother, Edna in 1976, she was a very frail, small, friendly lady who lived in Decatur, IL. She had been widowed for 14 years by then and seemed quite capable of being independent and seemed to enjoy remaining so.  However, as she became older, and somewhat demented, her only living child, Kenneth (Ann's Uncle) moved her next door to he & his wife in Connecticut.  She continued to deteriorate and needed to be moved to a nursing home.  In her last 5 years she usually did not recognize her family, and had major medical problems, kept alive in an unnatural state by modern medicine.  She died after Kenneth elected to move her to Florida where they were also moving to.   -  Allan Griffith




Burial: Fairlawn Cem., Decatur, IL

Event 1: 1925, Clifford Stanton = Stillborn

Event 2: 1927, Donald Ray Stanton= Stillborn


                  ii.    LUCILLE ELIZABETH SKINNER, b. April 29, 1903; d. March 12, 1972, Terre Haute, IN; m. SYLVAN AUSTIN YAGER, Arcola, IL; b. February 18, 1896; d. August 23, 1970, They lived @ 2227 S.8th St. Terre Haute,IN.



Burial: Roselawn Cem., Terre Haute, IN



Burial: Roselawn Cem.



12.  ELLA5 STOVER (SUSAN *4 WOLFORD, HANNAH *3 BECHTOLD, WILLIAM *2 BECHDOLT, JOHN1 BECHDOLL) was born 1873 in Actually Ellen ?, and died 1951 in Port Arthur, TX; @ age 78; or 1950 ?.  She married VERNON V. HARTFORD in See NOTES of her Father, Daniel, son of WILLIAM HARTFORD and MARGARET VANDEREN.  He was born Abt. 1872, and died 1930 in lived in Port Arthur, TX at least 1911-29.



                   i.    HAROLD6 HARTFORD, b. Abt. 1900.

                  ii.    SELMA PEARL HARTFORD, b. Abt. 1902; d. 1990; m. MR. STAFFORD, 1st Husband surname McKENZIE; 2nd STAFFORD; b. Abt. 1880.

                 iii.    WAYNE HARTFORD, b. Abt. 1905.

                 iv.    PALMER HARTFORD, b. Abt. 1908.

                  v.    EDWIN CLIFFORD HARTFORD, b. February 10, 1915, Port Arthur, TX; m. ALMA HARTFORD; b. Abt. 1916.