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Kinship of Peter Murchie

NameRelationship with Peter MurchieCivilCanon
Murchie, HerbertGrandsonII2
Murchie, JamesBrotherII1
Murchie, JamesSonI1
Murchie, JamesNephewIII2
Murchie, James (1)UncleIII2
Murchie, James (2)UncleIII2
Murchie, JanetAuntIII2
Murchie, JohnUncleIII2
Murchie, JohnGreat-grandsonIII3
Murchie, JohnBrotherII1
Murchie, John ASonI1
Murchie, Julie DeeGreat-granddaughterIII3
Murchie, Keith2nd great-grandsonIV4
Murchie, Kevin2nd great-grandsonIV4
Murchie, LaurelHartfordGrandsonII2
Murchie, LelandGrandsonII2
Murchie, MadelineGranddaughterII2
Murchie, MargaretAuntIII2
Murchie, MargaretSisterII1
Murchie, Marion MargaretGranddaughterII2
Murchie, MaryNieceIII2
Murchie, Mary JaneDaughterI1
Murchie, Merlene LoisGreat-granddaughterIII3
Murchie, Michael2nd great-grandsonIV4
Murchie, Oris EarlGrandsonII2
Murchie, Pauline RuthGranddaughterII2
Murchie, PeterFatherI1
Murchie, PeterSelf 0
Murchie, Rev Harold JohnGrandsonII2
Murchie, RobertSonI1
Murchie, Roderick LeeGreat-grandsonIII3
Murchie, Roderick Lee2nd great-grandsonIV4
Murchie, Roger2nd great-grandsonIV4
Murchie, SherryLynnGreat-granddaughterIII3
Murchie, ShirleyNieceIII2
Murchie, ThomasNephewIII2
Murchie, VeraDaughterI1
Murchie, William H.GrandsonII2
Murchie/Murchie, Louise mae/NickName TotGranddaughterII2
Nicholson, EdgarHusband of the granddaughter  
Patchell, Winona MaeWife of the grandson  
Pelloni, AnthoneyHusband of the great-granddaughter  
Pelloni, Hillary2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Pelloni, Shala2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Pelloni, Sommer2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Pellonii, Aleatha2nd great-granddaughterIV4
Plante, DonaldGreat-grandsonIII3
Plante, EmilHusband of the granddaughter  
Plante, JaneGreat-granddaughterIII3
Plante, JudyGreat-granddaughterIII3

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