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Descendants of Richard Odell, Of Newport

38. JEREMIAH7 ODELL (JAMES6, SAMUEL5, SAMUEL4, WILLIAM WOODHULL3, WILLIAM2, RICHARD1) was born Abt. 1763 in Shenandoah Valley, VA, and died 1820 in Overton Co., TN. He married MARY MARGARET. She was born 1768 in VA, and died Aft. 1850 in Greene Co., TN.

Notes for J
O Dell, Jeremiah VA SHENANDOAH CO. 064 1783 TAX LIST

Jeremiah migrated to Overton Co.,TN.
Overton County, TN, Deeds, Wills, Grants, Misc. Records of Overton County, Page 32
Deeds E, Page 126. Indenture 25 August 1820. John McIver of Fairfax County, Virginia, 401 1/4 acres land to Jeremiah Odle, decd, Margaret Odle. widow. John Odle, Samuel Odle, Sarah Odle, Rebecca Odle, Margaret, children and heirs at law of Jermemiah Odle, decd. of Overton County, Tennessee.
Saga of the Beatys (Portions copied here, go to address above for entire book)

Virginia and Sullivan Co., Tennessee. The Tennessee area was then known as North Carolina as was a portion of the Virginia area, now known as Washington County, Virginia. Consequently, one census record might give North Carolina as a birth place while another might give Virginia.

Washington County, Virginia near Abingdon, Virginia, or Bristol,Tennessee, as this part of Virginia was known as Sullivan County, Tennessee when the state lines were rearranged later.

Other contemporary families on the Fentress County line, who were to be connected by marriage to both groups of Beatys, were the William Travis, the Jeremiah Odle and the Crockett families. (As this book progresses it will be seen how the connections come in.)

An old deed dated August 20, 1820, from John McIver of Fairfax County, Virginia to Margaret Odle, widow of Jeremiah Odle, and John, Samuel, Rebecca, Abraham, Polly, William, Nancy, and Margaret, all being children of Jeremiah Odle, conveys to the children a tract of land on Lick Creek in Overton County, later Fentress County, Tennessee, comprising 401 acres.

The deed states that John McIver sold said land to Jeremiah Odle during his life time, that Jeremiah had paid part of it, that since his death his widow and children had paid the balance of $1000. From evidence, it is assumed Jeremiah settled on this land much earlier, perhaps in the early 1800's.
'Saga of the Beatys'
Thomas P., first child of Alexander and Catherine Beaty, was born December 22, 1802. Thomas is listed in a book on "Raccoon" John Smith who helped Reverend Campbell from Virginia, organize the Christian church in Kentucky. It is likely that Thomas was a charter member but there is no proof. He, with a partner, was in the salt petre business at one time.

Thomas P. Beaty married Nancy Odle, born April 22, 1812, daughter of Jeremiah Odle. Thomas is listed in the 1829 census of Washington County, Arkansas but the exact date of their arrival is unknown. They settled near what is now Cincinnati, Arkansas, at the foot of the mountain later known as Beaty Mountain. Here he built a large log house with a 'dog trot', or what we might call a "breezeway" today, open hall. It stood about 200 feet southeast of the little family cemetery on what is now the Gilbreath farm, in an open flat.

Thomas and Nancy's first child, was Alvin, born June 3, 1833, later known as Captain Alvin. At the beginning of the Civil War Alvin organized a volunteer company and joined General Stand Watie's Confederate Command at Fort Gibson, Indian Territory and was promoted to Captain.

His younger brothers, William J., Ollie and Travis(Bud) and a friend, Polk Crozier, served under him. It is told that William liked to stir up trouble to cause others to fight when they didn't particularly want to so Captain Alvin and the others had the added task of keeping him in the line of duty instead of mischief.

Alvin married Annie West, born April 15, 1843. They owned land near his parents' until about 1877 and here the following children were born;

I--Thomas, born July 2, 1867, Sallie, born March 28, 1869, George, born June 13, 1871, Wallie, born February 14, 1874, Mary, born April 23, 1877. They then moved too farm near Audubon Texas, where Hattie was born May 7, 1879, Annie and Nannie, twins were born February 20, 1881, and Ollie was
born September 13, 1887.

page 17 -------------
II-William Jasper, second child of Thomas P. and Nancy Beaty, was born 1835 died August 14, 1912 somewhere in Texas. He served in Company E. First Battalion, Confederate Army during the Civil War. He married Mary Ann Brookshiner while living in Arkansas. Their children;
A-- Joseph, born January 18, 1875, died July 28, 1877. He is buried in their Beaty family cemetery. Soon after this the family moved to Coryell County, Texas where their second child was born-
B- -Z. T. born 1875, died February 1930.
C-- Margaret Catherine, third child of William J. and Mary Beaty, was born 1878 died 1958.
D-- Lillian, fourth child, was born 1883, married a Walker, was still living at last account, in Weatherford, Texas.
E-- Sarah Ann, fifth child of William J. and Mary Ann Beaty, was born 1886, died 1958.
F-- Mary, sixth child of William J. and Mary Ann Beaty, was born 1887, married a London, still living at last account. Letters written by William J. from Texas in 1881 indicated he was in the freighting business as well as other business in Turnerville, Texas.
III- Horton P. (Tump) Beaty, third child of Thomas P. and Nancy, was born 1838. He was killed by Pin Indians under Zeke proctor's command, at the age of 25. His sister, Catherine, stood off one member of the band with a butcher knife, at her door, threatening to slit his throat if he came nearer.
IV--Catherine, fourth child of Thomas P. and Nancy Beaty, was born 1840. She married Zebulon Pettigrew, born 1818, in 1875. Mr. Pettigrew was County Sheriff of Washington County for several years and was serving at the time of their marriage. Catherine kept a boarding house for several
years. She died August 8, 1908 and Zebulon died 1900. Both are buried in Evergreen cemetery, Fayetteville.
V--Travis L. (Bud), fifth child of Thomas P. and Nancy Beaty, was born July 22, 1842. He served in the Civil War under command of his brother, Captain Alvin. While he and his friend, Polk Crozier, were on their way to Huntsville, Arkansas to have their horses shed they were taken prisoner and kept until the end of the war, released 1866. Release papers are still in the hands of his grandson, J. Okle Beaty. They are signed by Frank Crop, Bureau RFTS 20 Regiment 22nd. Other wording is not legible. On the back of the release are ration orders for several days, a time signed by different parties. While in prison he developed "consumption" and was never well afterward.

page 18 -----------------
He served as County Deputy Sheriff, receiving his commission January 22, 1873. (paper still in the hands of his grandson) from Z. M. Pettigrew, County Sheriff.

He carried money from stores where there were no banks near, into Fayetteville, for banking. One receipt still in existence is for carrying one package of currency for J. M. Chandler to the banking house in Fayetteville, receipt signed by W. H. Etter, 1873.

He was accepted into the Cincinnati Masonic Lodge November 5, 1877, signed by N. J. Black, Secretary. He and his brother, William, were also in business in Fayetteville a short time in 1873, probably a Livery Stable known as "Beaty Brothers" One ledger entry dated 1873 is "To Hack Hire",
one day $4 to Dr. Stark. There were also entries for horse feed.

Travis L. lived with his mother until her death in 1873 then he married Martha Burkett, born December 24, 1845. They were married September 6, 1875. They lived north of Summers, Arkansas when their first child, J. Odle, was born June 30, 1876. Some time later they moved to Turnerville,
Texas where his brother, William J. had preceded him and where they operated a store and freighting business .

Here a second child, Dove, was born 1878. Dove married James English, their children, Travis who lives in Dallas, Texas, has three daughters, and James who is single and lives in Little Peck, Arkansas.

Due to Travis' ill health, the family moved to Eureka Springs, Arkansas having heard the spring water there was healing. However, his health grew worse and in a short time they returned to his old home near Summers, Arkansas where he died 1880.

His son, J. Odle, then bought land near Ballard Creek southwest of Summers, known as Beaty Prairie and lived there with his mother until her death in 1922. He then married Caddie Greene, daughter of Judge H. P. Green of Prairie Grove, Arkansas. Their children:

A--J. Odle, married Ila Jean Smith. They live on a farm near Summers, Arkansas. Their children: 1--Iris Jeannie, 2--William Odle (Bud), 3--Robert Lynn.
B--Martha Jane, second child of J. Odle and Caddie, married William E.Phillips. Their children: l--Jayne Ellen, 2--Pamela Jean.
page 19 ----------------
VI--Oliver (Ollie) sixth child of Thomas P. and Nancy Beaty, was born December 1844. He never married. He owned land near his parent's home. He went to Texas for a time with his brothers but was in Arkansas when he died 1896. He served with his brothers in the Civil War.
VII--Sarah E. (Sallie), seventh child of Thomas P. and Nancy Beety, was born in 1847. She married Ewen Little, born 1843. They lived their entire married lives on a farm south of Summers, Arkansas.
Their children:
1--Ross, married Betty Thomason, their children
A--Clyde, died at age of two years.
B--Clifford, born July 10, 1893, married Millie Edith Smith. Their
l--Margaret, married Loyd Stone, two children, Lacrecia and RoyceLee.
2--Arlene, married James Holt, their children;
a--Adrian, married Betty Bottoms, two children, Donna Kaye and Adrian Lee Junior,
b--Linda, married Billy Bottoms, one child, Katrinna Evelyn, second marriage to L. D. Woods, c, one child, Verbeana June,
c--James Junior,
3--Wanda, married Willie J. Keese, three chiIdren, Linda Thresia, Mitchell Patrick and Maureene Elizabeth.
II--Nancy, second child of Sarah and Ewen Little, married Albert Funkhouser first, second marriage was to Babe Brewster, one child of this marriage, Dee Brewster.
III--Catherine (Kate), third child of Sarah and Ewen Little, died at age 13.
IV--Thomas, fourth child of Sarah and Ewen Little, never married. He spent his entire life on a farm near Summers, Arkansas.

Sarah Little died September 6, 1934, Ewen died 1903. Both are buried in Ganderville Cemetery near Summers. So ends the account of Thomas P. Beaty's line. In an obscure family cemetery near his old home lies the dust of Thomas P., his wife, Nancy, three sons, Oliver Horton P. (Thump), Travis L. and Joe, first born son of William Jasper. Thomas P. died 1847, age 45. At one time there were other discernable graves there but time has obliterated any trace of them.

Notes for M
Have found other researchers who list her as 'Mary "Polly" Menefee and that they were married in Culpepper Co, VA.
1810 VA Census - Kanawha Co., Kanawha Twp.
Odle, John - has wife, 2 sons, 1 dau
1820 TN - Overton Co.
Odle, Margaret , age 45 up - males; 2 10-15, 1 16-25 - females; 2 under 10, 1 10-15, 1, 16-25 (all children are still at             home except Wm who m. 1819)
1830 - TN Census - Fentress Co.
Odle, Margarett - age 50-59, 2 sons 20-29, 2 dau 15-19, 1 dau, 20-29
Odle, John - age 30-39, sons; 2 under 5, 1 5-9, 1 10-14, 1 20-29 daus; 1 under 5, 2 5-9, 1-10-15, wife 20-29
Odle, Margaret - age 50-59, sons; 2 at 20-29, daus; 2 1 5-19, 1 20-29,
Odle, James       TN OVERTON CO.       1820 300010-20010 (not identifed as of 9-10-2001)
Odle, John       TN OVERTON CO.       1820 100100-10010 (son of Margaret & Jeremiah?)
Odle, Margarett       TN OVERTON CO. 2 1820 020100-21101 (widow of Jeremiah)
Odle, Uriah       TN OVERTON CO.       1820 001101-01101 (not identifed as of 9-10-2001)
(Note - Fentress was previously part of Overton Co.)
Odle, John TN FENTRESS CO. 02 1830
Odle, John TN FENTRESS CO. 1832

Odle, Margaret TN FENTRESS CO. 03 1830
Odle, Margaret TN FENTRESS CO. 1832
1830 TN Fentress Odle John 30-39 1791-1800 211011-121001 Page 2
1830 TN Fentress Odle Margaret 20-29 1801-1810 00002-00021001 Page 3
1833 TN Fentress Odle Abram
1833 TN Fentress Odle Samuel
(Note: 1840 Census for Fentress County - NO ODLE'S)

Nancy could be widow of son John;
1850 TN Census - Greene Co., Division 9
Dwelling/Family 853
Odel, Nancy - age 38, b. TN
Mary - dau, age 14, b. TN
David - son, age 12, b. TN
James - son, age 10, b. TN
Abraham - son, age 8, b. TN
Samuel - son, age 6, b. TN
Andrew - son, age 2, b. IN
Charles - son, age 10 mos, b. TN
Odel, Mary - mother in law?, age 82, b. VA
Children of J
  i.   JOHN8 ODELL, b. Abt. 1790.
  Notes for JOHN ODELL:
Any of these this John's 1st or 2nd?
ODIL, John marr. Polly KERR on June 25, 1808
ODLE, John marr. HALE, Nancy on 26-FEB-1831

Note; Unknown who's John this is, marriage was at bride's home and no father listed for either of them - she was probably a widow)
Odle, John to Sally Harmon. September 13, 1864. Married by Hardin Wilson, J.P.R.C., at Sally Harmon's. Bond: Sept. 13, 1864, James Dunbar, Sr. as surety. Witnesses: George Johnson, William Prut. 3-327,328.

Daughters of this John?:
Russell Co., KY Marriages
Literell, James W. to Lydia Odle. February 22, 1861. Married by Charles Marshall, J.P.R.C., at John Odle's. Bond: Feb. 22, 1861, William Polson (Polston) as surety. Witnesses: William Polston Jr., George W. Litterell.
Bride's father: John Odle. 3-13,14.

(Note; looks like Lydia was widowed, probably James W. Literell was lost in the Civil War?)
York, Jesse to Lydia Litterell. January 19, 1864. Married by William Roy, minister Baptist
Church, at John Odle's. Bond: Jan. 18, 1864, Jonas Bradshaw as surety. Witnesses: Jonas
Bradshaw, John Odle. 3-291,292.

Matthews, Andrew J. to Susanna Odle. May 25, 1864. Married by William Roy, minister Baptist Church, at John J.C. Harris'. Bond: May 21, 1864, John Odle as surety. Witnesses: Elijah Roy, John J.C. Harris, William Harris.
Bride's father: John Odle. 3-321,322.

Tucker, Gabriel M. to Martha A. Odle. November 10, 1860. Married by M.H. Wilson, at J.E. Wilson's. Bond: Nov. 16, 1860, Obidiah Stephens as surety. Witnesses: J.E. Wilson, Sampson Wilson. Bride's father: John Odle. 2-558,559.

  ii.   SAMUEL ODELL, b. October 1796.
  Notes for SAMUEL ODELL:
Decendants reportedly migrated to Bosque Co., TX

Samuel Odle ----------- Brother of Margaret Odle (Zeb M.) Pettigrew
Born: 17 Oct 1796
Overton, [county], Tennessee, USA
Died: abt 1845
Jacksonville, Cherokee, Texas, USA
Nancy Dalton
Born: 23 Feb 1805 in [city], Fentress, Tennessee, USA
Died: 1840 in [city], Washington, Arkansas, USA
Marriage: 23 Feb 1805
Children Sex Birth
Jeremiah Dalton Odle M 19 Dec 1822 in [city], Overton, Tennessee, USA
John N Odle M 12 Jun 1824 in [city], Overton, Tennessee, USA
Elizabeth Odle F 1826 in [city], Overton, Tennessee, USA
Carter Dalton Odle M 1830 in [city], [county], Tennessee, USA
Margaret A Odle F 27 Jun 1831 in [city], Overton, Tennessee, USA
Mary Jane Odle F 9 Jan 1833 in [city], Overton, Tennessee, USA

Carter Dalton Odle
Born: 1830
[city], [county], Tennessee, USA
Died: 1860
Washington, [county], Arkansas
Elizabeth Ann Gage
Born: abt 1838 in Washington, [county], Arkansas, USA
Marriage: 28 May 1857 in [city], Washington, Arkansas, USA View Info
Children Sex Birth
Hugh Odle F
Mary Sydney Odle F 17 Feb 1858 in Fayetteville, Washington, Arkansas, USA
Hugh Samuel Odle M 1859 in Illinois, Washington, Arkansas
Alice Carter Odle F 3 Mar 1861 in Illinois Township, Washington, Arkansas,
Job(E) Legacy
1) Personal Correspondence and Research of Eva J. Hall (Revised & updated Nov 2000) <>
Carter Dalton Odle
From research of Eva Hall:
"After Carter's death, the children lived with Margaret (Odle) & Z. M. Pettigrew according to the Washington Co. 1870 Census, have copies of Washington Co., AR court records where Z.M. was executor of Carter's estate and was made guardian of the children. The 3rd child, Alice Carter Odle, must have been born after Carter's death, because the first court records mentioned only Simmie & Hugh."

  iii.   REBECCA ODELL, b. Abt. 1797.
  iv.   ABRAHAM ODELL, b. Abt. 1799.
  v.   MARY 'POLLY' ODELL, b. Abt. 1800.
  vi.   WILLIAM ODELL, b. Abt. 1801; m. MARGARET SAILOR, December 25, 1819, Washington Co., TN.
  Notes for WILLIAM ODELL:
WASHINGTON COUNTY, TN - WILLS - John Saylor, 3 Nov 1854
Contributor's Note: Extracted from the WPA typescripts of the records of
Washington County, Tennessee.
1854 will of John Saylor
I John Saylor being of sound and disposing mind but weak of body & viewing the uncertainty of life do make ordain & establish this as my last Will and Testament I give my soul to god to be disposed of according to his good pleasure. My body I require my Executors herein after named to bury in a christian like manner by the side of my beloved wife
As to the estate real and personal with which providence has blessed me I do hereby dispose of the same as follows towit First as to my Grist Mill and plantation on which said Mill is situated lying on sinking Creek now occupied by my son Isaac Saylor, containing about One hundred and Fifty Nine acres more or less composed of two parcels towit the Humphrey place and a Nine acre entry made by Me. I do hereby authorise empower and direct My executors herein after appointed to expose to public sale and sell after giving due notice of time & place of sale for the most it will bring in Money say current Bank Notes One fourth of the amount of said sale to be paid down & the residue to be paid in equal installments in one two & three years. Bond and good security to be required for the sum not paid down and a Lein to be retained on the premises until the last payment is made. Upon a sale of said premises & a compliance with the terms herein stipulated my Executors are hereby fully authorised & empowered to Convey said plantation & Gristmill with a Warranty of the title retaining a Lein as herein before pointed out, or execute a ????? title after the last payment is made
Secondly, I Give and bequeath to my son Godfrey Saylor & my daughter Sarah Saylor equally my home farm & saw mill lying on Sinking Creek containing about One hundred and twenty five acres more or less composed of different parcels to be and remain their property and to their heirs and assigns forever in Fee Simple. The interest herein given to the said Sarah Saylor is for her sole use separate and apart from her husband should she ever marry with full power to dispose of the same by Will or otherwise as she may see propper
This bequest to the said Godfrey and Sarah Saylor I rate at twelve hundred dollars to the two, considering said farm & improvements worth twelve hundred dollars.
Thirdly I authorise & empower and direct my Executors herein after appointed, to sell upon the same terms & considerations that are herein before stipulated as to my Grist Mill and plantation the
plantation on which my son Godfrey Saylor now lives commonly called the Ruble place containing about one hundred and thirty four acres purchased by me of William Smith
Fourthly I Give and bequeath to Patsey Saylor widow of my son John Saylor in Trust to be equally divided between herself & the children of my son John, whose names, I do not know, Four hundred dollars in current Bank notes should any child or children of the said son John be married or hereafter marry & die leaving a child or children, then and in that event the child or children of the deceased are to represent the parents & the said Patsey is hereby required to distribute to said child or children whatever sum the said parentwould have been entitled to of this bequest should he or her be living.
Fifthly I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Howard wife of John Howard Six hundred dollars in current Bank notes with full power to receive and dispose of the same as she may see propper.
This bequest is given to the said Elizabeth for her sole use separate & apart from her husband John Howard and her individual receipt should be a good voucher to my Executors
Sixth whereas I have heretofore made advancements to my son in laws George Gilley Lemuel Bogart & William Odle and in some instances hold their receipts and on some of them hold notes which notes & money receipted for was designed by me as advancements. Now it is my Will that Nancy Gilley wife of the said George Hannah Bogart wife of the said Lemuel Bogart and MARGARET ODLE wife of the said WILLIAM ODLE be each paid by my Executors such sum in current Bank notes as may be found due them on settlement rating my legacy to each of them at six hundred dollars and deducting therefrom the respective advancements to their husbands, that is to say I give to each of my before mentioned daughters six hundred dollars but the advancements heretofore made to the husbands must be deducted therefrom and be considered as an advancement to them of such portion of this my legacy as their husbands have heretofore had the respective amounts to each advanced will appear by notes & receipts now on file amongst my papers
Seventh I give and bequeath to my son William Saylor six hundred dollars but the amount of notes I hold on him must be deducted therefrom I having designed the amount of said notes as an
advancement to him
Eighth, I have heretofore advanced my son Henry Saylor Five hundred dollars & hold his receipt therefor Now to make him equal with my other children I give and bequeath to him One hundred dollars in current Bank notes
Ninth I give and bequeath to my son Abraham Saylor six hundred dollars in current Bank notes But the notes I hold on him must be deducted therefrom without any calculation of interest on said notes
the same having been designed by me as advancements
Tenth, I give and bequeath to my son Isaac Saylor six hundred dollars in current Bank notes But a note I hold on him for One hundred dollars must be deducted therefrom. My Executors are not to
count interest on said note,
Eleventh I give & bequeath to my Grand Children Godfrey Saylor & Sophrona Saylor Heirs of my son Joseph Saylor dcsd six hundred dollars in current Bank notes That is to say I give to each of them
Three hundred dollars
Thirteenth I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Saylor one of my horse beasts, she to have choice, also one cow she to have choice I also Give her as much of my household & Kitchen furniture as she may esteem necessary for her comfort & happiness, two beds, bedsteads & bed clothing to be included
Fourteenth I give and bequeath to Sophrona Smith Wife of William Smith Sarah Gilley and Catherine Gilley all children of my daughter Polly Gilley six hundred dollars in current Bank notes that is to
say I give to each of them two hundred dollars
Fifteenth The monied legacies herein given are not to be considered due until funds can be collected and are not to bear interest, but pro Rata division of funds as they may come to the hands of my
Executors from any sources must be made amongst legatees
Sixteenth, That no injustice may be done any of my children, I do hereby direct my Executors not to count interest on any advancements made by me, & should I have in any bequest omitted to state in what sort of funds legacies are to be paid, I now state that all may be on equal footing, that any current bank notes are to be receivable by legatees
Seventeenth, All my property not specifically bequeathed, I require my Executors to sell at public sale to aid in paying legacies. I wish my legacies paid by proceeds of Mill property the Ruble place
personal property on hand money due me & on hand ?????
Eighteenth, should it turn out after paying the legacies herein given that there is surplus money on hand over and above the costs of the administration of my estate then and in that event I wish the
same equally divided between my heirs except the Heirs of my son Joseph Saylor the Heirs of Polly Gilley & the Heirs of my son John Saylor as I have given them as much as I design for them
Nineteenth I do hereby revoke all former Wills made by me
Twentieth Lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my sons Henry Saylor and Abraham Saylor Executors of this my last Will and Testament, and do hereby request the County Court not to require
security of them for the administration of my estate
In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 3d day of November 1854

Signed sealed and acknowledged
in our presence
A. W. Saylor signature
Henry Johnson
T. McInt????
      Recorded page 561

Odell, William and Sailor, Margaret - m. Dec 25, 1819 in Washington Co., TN

57. vii.   NANCY ODELL, b. April 22, 1812; d. 1873, Washington Co., AR.
  viii.   MARGARET ODELL, b. 1813.

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